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Quebec Passes Bill to Block Online Gambling Operators ‘ IPs – Now What?

For over a year members of Quebec’s parliament have been debating proposed legislation that would force local servers to block unauthorized online gambling sites. Now, the legislation has become law and a legal fight is looming, pitting the provincial government against local internet service providers (ISP) and free Internet advocates. Canadian Casinos   On May 17, Bill 74 was approved by the Quebec legislature. The bill authorizes the ministry of finance to order ISPs to IP-block any online gambling site that competes with EspaceJeux, the site run by provincial LotoRead More

Drop in Sales of Lotto Max and 6/49 Tickets for OLG

  OLG reports that, based on the figures in its annual report, there’s been a sharp drop in sales of Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 tickets. Additionally, there’s been a drop (albeit a smaller one) in sales of scratch-and-win tickets, All totaled, for the 2014-15 fiscal year the lottery revenues from Ontario Lotteries and Gambling sales were $259.7 million lower than expected. Playing Canadian Lotteries The corporation’s annual report was made public last month. OLG explains the slump by saying that winners won jackpots more frequently than expected which prevented the prizes fromRead More

Winning the Lottery – a Lifechanging Event

Just ask a group of Canadians from around the country to tell you how the unexpected wins changed their lives Quebec Jessica Lefrancois almost never plays the lottery. But to celebrate the end of the school year, the 19-year-old bought a Gagnant a vie! ticket along with her ice cream cone as a celebratory treat at the Dépanneur de la Piste on Rue Notre-Dame in Montreal. Now, Jessica can look forward to receiving $1000 for life which will be a great help to her as she pursues her studies inRead More

How to Play Keno at the Canadian Lottery

Keno is one of the most popular games at the Canadian lottery. All of the regional lottery corporations offer keno options which give local gamers the opportunity to play this fun-filled game as part of the lottery. It’s easy to learn how to play Keno and once you learn, you’ll never forget. Check out Freemarket Keno East Meets West When you play keno you’ll experience the exhilarating feeling of East meeting West as you compete in this ancient Chinese game challenge. Keno is a game of chance – winning isRead More

More Lottery Myths

We received a lot of response from people who had read our Lottery Myths post that was published a few weeks ago, and we realized that we weren’t finished yet. There are a lot of misconceptions that surround lottery gaming activities, especially in Canada where corporations which are affiliated with the provincial governments manage the province’s lotteries. Some Truths about Lotteries Some additional myths include: Myth: the government uses the lottery as a form of taxation. It’s an implicit tax, with high administrative costs, which directs money to institutions whichRead More

Manitoba Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery

  Have you ever considered buying a lottery ticket but hesitate, because you don’t want to pay money with only a small percentage of possibility that you’ll see a result from the outlay? Charity lotteries are the answer. Dozens of charities for good causes operate in Canada on a regular basis, giving you multiple opportunities to put your money towards a good cause as you hope for a win. Some of the most exciting Canadian charity lotteries include: Read about Canada’s Freemarket Casinos Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery of Manitoba Three WinnipegRead More

Lottery Myths

  Playing the lottery isn’t for everyone. Some people are simply not comfortable playing games of chance while other people are aware that they’re susceptible to excessive gambling when they start betting on games, causing them to simply stay away.   Everyone should proceed with playing the lottery in the way that they feel most comfortable. But, you shouldn’t refrain from playing the lottery because you believe some of the lottery myths that circulate. You can always check these myths at a fact checking website, such as To makeRead More

Atlantic Lottery Warns Players about Scam

  In July of 2015 the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, which operates casinos, lotteries and other gambling activities in the Atlantic provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland/Labrador and Prince Edward Island, found itself at the heart of the newest lottery con. Scammers were using ALC as a backdrop for a scam. The incident, which was widely reported in the press in July of 2015, serves as an example of what can happen when individuals accept the word of an official-looking letter and send money without investigating the circumstances of theRead More

World Lotteries Association Responsible Gaming Awards Winners

  Since 2006 the World Lotteries Association, a recognized international lotteries association of more than 140 member organizations which promotes responsible play along with policies that will grow sales and returns to good causes , presents yearly awards for lotteries that actively promote responsible lottery play through its Responsible Gaming Framework. WLA Awards In 2014 the WLA presented two Canadian lotteries with coveted awards. These included Best Overall Responsible Gaming Program Awardto the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Best Innovation in Responsible Gaming to the Atlantic Lottery   – Award-Winning Online GaingRead More

New Procedures in Canadian Lotteries Inspire Customer Confidence

Ever since the Ontario lottery scandal of 2007 the Canadian lottery corporations have been doubling and tripling their efforts to ensure that players will enjoy a safe and fair lottery experience. The scandal, which triggered ticket recalls, the firing of some OLG executives and the demotion of others, resulted in a massive police investigation which involved allegations of fraud and suspicious insider wins. – Try real money online Lotteries at All Slots Casino – CBC broke the scandal in late 2006 when they reported on the ordeal of Bob EdmondsRead More