Canadian Court Rules On Taxable Tips

Ben Hamill - February 14, 2020

Canada may not impose taxes on winnings generated by gambling activities but according to recent court ruling, the same doesn’t apply when it comes to tips earned by local casino workers. The reason for winnings not being taxed is t...Read More

Gateway To Host Job Fair For Casino Sarnia

Ben Hamill - November 26, 2019

Exciting times are headed towards patrons of Gateway Casinos and Entertainment’s newly revived Gateway Casino Sarnia at Hiawatha Horse Park once the slots entertainment venue reopens its doors to the general public come January 3...Read More

Microsoft Declare 4-Day Work Week A Winner

Ben Hamill - November 07, 2019

Working four days a week instead of the standard five is a concept that at first sounds obviously counter-productive. Because surely working 32 hours instead of a typical 40-hour week translates to less work being done...Read More

Hastings Group Now Headed Back To Mexico

Ben Hamill - August 28, 2019

The group of at least 25 workers recently arrested and questioned by immigration police at Vancouver’s Hastings Racecourse will in all likelihood be ordered to return to the country of their origin, being Mexico. The...Read More

UK Worker Says Lottery Will Change His Life

Ben Hamill - March 26, 2019

It’s always positive news when someone wins the Lottery, but when it’s a downright ordinary everyday worker employed in a UK factory, it’s just so much more special. Lives are changed by Lottery wins, and this particular...Read More

Gateway Casinos Hits Unions With Legal Action

Ben Hamill - October 06, 2018

Gaming operator Gateway Casinos and Entertainment will take two workers and several individuals to court over claims striking workers at four of its venues engaged in unlawful behaviour. The operator filed a notice of civil claim at the S...Read More