Astronauts Complete 2nd Battery-Spacewalk

Ben Hamill - July 03, 2020

NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy and Bob Behnken have just completed their 2nd spacewalk in under a week – this time round to replace old and worn-down batteries outside the International Space Station. The bulky box-batteri...Read More

Canadians Tune In As Bob & Doug Go To Space

Ben Hamill - June 04, 2020

Space adventure enthusiasts from Canada and all over the world huddled together separately but in solidarity on Saturday as they tuned in for a historic NASA and SpaceX launch. The Falcon 9 rocket was a successful lift-off from pad 39A at...Read More

Covid-19 Travel Bans Causing Chaos And Uncertainty

Ben Hamill - March 17, 2020

In an attempt to drastically slow the spread of the dreaded , governments across the globe have rapidly imposed various travel bans. U.S. President Donald Trump is even considering domestic travel bans and believes that this will help sto...Read More

Trump Announces EU Travel Ban

Ben Hamill - March 14, 2020

U.S. President is playing the blame game yet again and has now said that the European Union, to his mind, has failed horribly regarding halting the spread of the Coronavirus. Trump has furthermore said that as from 11:59 p.m. (eastern ti...Read More

4 Rovers Set for 2020 Mars Missions

Ben Hamill - January 08, 2020

For many of us, the imminent arrival of 2020 meant one thing and one thing only: getting to fly around in inner city space in our very own flying car. Complete with UFO-style sunroof of course. This was what had been p...Read More

Space Flight Celebrates 50 Years On The Moon

Ben Hamill - May 20, 2019

Commercial space flight, much like a volatile romance, has experienced its ups and downs and despite major advances and gazillions of test flights, it still is. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the fi...Read More

New GO Station To Be Funded By Gaming Group

Ben Hamill - March 15, 2019

If it’s true that a country is only as strong as its public transit system, then Toronto-based Woodbine Entertainment is to the region as what spinach was to Popeye. A brand new GO station is in the pipeline for the community in the...Read More

Groundbreaking Space Ventures Set for 2019

Ben Hamill - January 05, 2019

In terms of space exploration, 2018 was quite a prestigious year. The SpaceX Falcon Heavy was successfully launched, and NASA’s InSight spacecraft landed on Mars for the first time ever. Another NASA spacecraft, OSIR...Read More

Time Travel Tigers Hit GVC Online Casinos

Ben Hamill - December 14, 2018

Tigers seem to be the theme of the month among online slots developers, and Yggdrasil Gaming has now joined the party with a brand new slot: Time Travel Tigers. This totally unique title appeared at online casinos early in December, and ...Read More

Top European Travel Destinations

Ben Hamill - August 23, 2018

As the year is now well past the halfway mark, adventurous travelers are already picking out their Christmas holiday destinations. But this can be a tricky task. With so many incredible locations to visit, settling on just one can be chal...Read More