Rogers Enters Bid Of The Year For Shaw Comms

Ben Hamill - March 16, 2021

Telecommunications giant Rogers Communications has reportedly entered a bid to acquire Shaw Communications Inc. for a whopping CA$20 billion. Should the deal be approved by local competition regulators, it could very well see the formatio...Read More

Canada Joins The Push For Paid Content

Ben Hamill - February 26, 2021

Australia is no longer alone in its drive to make tech giants pay for news and other media utilised to their advantage. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday agreed to co-ordinate the country’s own efforts with that of Au...Read More

Clearview AI and RCMP In The Wrong

Ben Hamill - February 23, 2021

While what companies like Clearview AI do is illegal and a gross infringement on the privacy of Canadians, a pending class action lawsuit currently being considered against the RCMP highlights the fact that mass surveillance technology wo...Read More

What GM’s EV Plans May Mean For Oil Patch

Ben Hamill - February 12, 2021

U.S. automobile manufacturer General Motors a couple of weeks ago shocked the industry when it announced that by 2035, the majority of vehicles produced at its factories will be electric. The Detroit manufacturer said it would be investin...Read More

Canada Wants Tech Giants To Pay For News

Ben Hamill - February 08, 2021

Tech giants such as Google and Facebook may have played a significant and positive role in making news more readily and widely accessible, but this doesn’t mean publishers should not be compensated for their work. News isn’t f...Read More

Clearview AI In Breach Of Canadian Privacy Laws

Ben Hamill - February 06, 2021

American facial recognition software developer/provider Clearview AI’s mass surveillance of Canadians amounts to the violation of federal as well as provincial laws regulating the use and distribution of personal and private informa...Read More

Hyperloop May Prove Too Big A Deal For Canada

Ben Hamill - December 19, 2020

2020 witnessed high-speed ground level transportation history in the making when humans for the first time ever travelled at airline speeds in a hyperloop pod across a half-kilometre stretch of Nevada terrain. Success meant that the Virgi...Read More

9Stacks Unveils Voice-Enabled Poker Table

Ben Hamill - July 16, 2020

9Stacks, India’s leading and fastest-growing Poker operator, has just launched the world’s first voice-enabled tables on its premium online platform. Voice-enabled Poker tables are according to 9Stacks, the opportunity for pla...Read More

Google Reveals Plans To Pay For News Content

Ben Hamill - June 28, 2020

So dedicated is to high-quality news content, that the search engine giant intends to start paying qualifying news publishers for their stories beginning later this year. The plan, announced Google on Thursday, is to launch the licencing...Read More

Clearview AI Refuses To Delete Canadian Images

Ben Hamill - June 13, 2020

Whether or not facial recognition technology is ethically sound is a hot topic of global interest at present. The value of facial recognition technology used without consent undoubtedly has its safety benefits from a citizens’ polic...Read More

Zoom Makes Working From Home Easy

Ben Hamill - March 25, 2020

Since many of us are suddenly home-bound and having to not only stay indoors, but also, for the first, time work from home instead of from a tech-supported office, things can get daunting on the technology front. But thankfully, help is a...Read More

Online Poker in Favour Of Facial Recognition Technology

Ben Hamill - February 11, 2020

When businessman and partner Rob Young recently posted a poll on Twitter requesting votes in favour of facial recognition technology being employed by the site in order to rule out issues related to ghosting, multi-accounting and general...Read More

Canada’s AI Boom A Foreign Free-For-All

Ben Hamill - February 07, 2020

Artificial Intelligence is without a doubt the next big creator of wealth. So much so that Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban famously pointed out that in his opinion, the world’s first trillionaires are bound to be those who master the ...Read More

CWA Launches Major Gaming Labour Initiative

Ben Hamill - January 11, 2020

Major US labour union Communication Workers of America (CWA) has just launched a controversial but supposedly long-overdue new initiative aimed at supporting the “organisation efforts” by those working in the areas of tech and...Read More

3D Printing Reveals Dinosaur’s Secrets

Ben Hamill - January 05, 2020

The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta is among the growing number of institutions that are using 3D printing technology to replicate dinosaur bones. The printed bones complete skeletons in a way that has not been possibl...Read More

Online Casino Predictions for 2020

Ben Hamill - December 26, 2019

Technology is developing at an incredible rate, and this growth is affecting almost every industry. Online casinos are no exception, and as the decade draws to a close many insiders are looking ahead to what next year ...Read More

Mobile Tech Making a Major Impact on Gambling

Ben Hamill - December 22, 2019

Managing weight and health, dealing with work documents, and sharing news on social media sites are now all daily activities that are possible in mobile browsers and on apps. As well as these and services for almost ev...Read More

Why Live Dealer Casinos Are Becoming So Popular

Ben Hamill - December 21, 2019

The continued growth in popularity of live dealer casinos has been one of the biggest gaming trends in 2019. Just one example was Evolution Gaming’s reporting that its annual revenue rose by 38% to €245.4m in 2018,...Read More

New App Leverages Indigenous Inuit Knowledge

Ben Hamill - December 14, 2019

As apps become more commonplace it is time, in the words of Nunavut elder and former MLA Peter Kattuk, for “the harpoon and the computer to work together”. The late hunter, who also previously served as Sanikiluaq...Read More

3 Innovations That Advanced Online Casinos In 2019

Ben Hamill - December 09, 2019

From newly regulated markets to huge mergers, and from new site launches to new games, 2019 has been a thrilling year for the online casino industry in Canada and abroad. One of the most exciting aspects of this year i...Read More

Local Schools No Longer Dissecting Animals

Ben Hamill - December 06, 2019

The nightmarish practise of dissecting real animals at school level is one that haunts many people well into adulthood. Its inhumane, it’s particularly disturbing and according to the Windsor Essex Catholic District ...Read More

Project Understood Improves Google Accessibility

Ben Hamill - November 15, 2019

By 2020, 50% of all Internet searches are expected to be undertaken with voice commands alone. To date an estimated 52 million Google Home devices have been sold but just 4 years from now, in 2023, it’s expected that...Read More

Google Splashes Out $2.1bn To Buy Fitbit

Ben Hamill - November 08, 2019

And so it turns out that the rumours and online nudges are true. Google has acquired Fitbit for $2.1 billion. Which is in a way just a little bit like suddenly acquiring an over-sized friend able to knock all of one’...Read More

How Gaming Technology Is Paying It Forward

Ben Hamill - October 28, 2019

It’s a versatile sector, and a giant global success at that. It’s rated a top form of entertainment and relaxation, and at $131 billion in revenue generated every year, it now officially generates more money than w...Read More

Sobeys Inc. Teases New Smart Trolley

Ben Hamill - October 27, 2019

Long gone are the days of pushing one another around in squeaky-wheeled grocery shopping carts, much to the annoyance of our parents who only wanted to navigate the grocery isles and get done with it. There’s a new b...Read More

Konami Gaming To Roll Out Facial Recognition Tech

Ben Hamill - October 24, 2019

Casinos face a daily battle trying to suss out and keep tabs on folks either trying to cheat the system or violating exclusion or self-exclusion rules. In order to embrace a system way more effective than a typical loy...Read More

Calgary City’s CA$4m Tech-Talent Ad Campaign

Ben Hamill - October 20, 2019

Calgary Economic Development is preparing a CA$4 million ad and awareness campaign for launch. The campaign will focus specifically on attracting tech-talent to the city as at any given time, there are between 2,000 an...Read More

River Rock Casino Rolls Out Safety System

Ben Hamill - October 14, 2019

In a show of commendable commitment towards the safety of its workers Richmond River Rock Casino & Resort has launched a new initiative aimed at creating a safe and positive work-environment for all of its employee...Read More

MADD Canada Has A Clever VR Trick Up Its Sleeve

Ben Hamill - September 30, 2019

It’s one thing to be teaching kids about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, but now that cannabis has been legalised in Canada, it’s important that the concept behind the lesson be extended so as to includ...Read More

Apple Extends September Native iOS Deadline

Ben Hamill - September 14, 2019

Apple has postponed its 3 September native iOS deadline by six months. The tech-giant had the entire casino games development industry running around in flat panic when it announced a slew of significant App Store poli...Read More

Seniors Tackle Ageism in Technology

Ben Hamill - September 12, 2019

Seniors are doing it for themselves. Or at least, they very badly want to. Technology is notorious for its want of selectively excluding older members of society, a tendency referred to as “ageism”. But seniors, bl...Read More

The Many Hidden Dangers Of The “Gig” Economy

Ben Hamill - August 14, 2019

Fancy enjoying the freedom of being your own boss and banging your own drum? Then “partnering” with companies the likes of DoorDash and Uber probably isn’t for you, even though at first glance, they may appear to be perf...Read More

Digital Era Dawns For Board Games

Ben Hamill - August 12, 2019

Gen Con is board games heaven. And this year’s annual board gamers’ conference really struck a chord with tech-lovers too. The transition from analog to tech has been a slow one in the board games department but judging from t...Read More

CA Government To Invest $20M In Health Tech

Ben Hamill - August 05, 2019

Canada is moving along swiftly in a committed attempt to ensure a leading role in the medical-tech marketplace of the future. And government is doing all it can to ensure that the country remains relevant and prepared to assume this role,...Read More

Canada Brain Gain About Much More Than Trump

Ben Hamill - July 29, 2019

The Trump administration is making it increasingly more difficult for foreign nationals to obtain the H1-B visa necessary to apply for tech-based employment in the US. Many US companies rely heavily on outside expertise to fill the US tec...Read More

Toronto Teen Creates Alzheimer’s Health App

Ben Hamill - July 26, 2019

There’s much to be learnt from a person’s gait. More than just each individual’s unique style of forward movement, one’s gait contains valuable telltale information about an entire catalogue of health issues and po...Read More

Apple To Release New Inclusive Emojis

Ben Hamill - July 24, 2019

Celebrating diversity is one of life’s privileges. How very mundane an existence we would lead if we all came issued in standard format, so to speak. But fortunately for us, this isn’t the case. The human race is a many splend...Read More

Asus To Release Phone Made In Gamers Heaven

Ben Hamill - July 21, 2019

It’s more than just a visual masterpiece; it’s a celebration of mobile gaming performance and its officially expected to be its closest competitor on steroids. Wondering what we’re on about? Introducing the new Asus ROG ...Read More

BCLC Not Yet Ready To Roll Out AI Tech

Ben Hamill - July 17, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is a many-faceted thing; some would even go as far as calling it a many-headed monster. But whether you are impressed by the technology for its many uses in terms of safety and security features made easier and mor...Read More

Oculus Co-Founder Jack McCauley Loses Faith

Ben Hamill - July 17, 2019

The co-founder of Oculus VR has lost faith in the concept of VR being the future of gaming. Jack McCauley left Oculus in 2014, shortly after it was acquired by social media giant Facebook and cites his loss of confidence in the product as...Read More

Aristocrat To Challenge Ainsworth In Court

Ben Hamill - July 12, 2019

Major casino tech and games giant Aristocrat Technologies is more than just calling the bluff or blowing the whistle on industry rival Ainsworth Game Technology for what Aristocrat has described as “more than just copyright infringe...Read More

Clean Fuel Co. Receives Millions In Funding

Ben Hamill - July 11, 2019

anada is home to some of the world’s brightest minds in Science. The focus on clean technology is currently at an all-time high and Canadian clean air company Carbon Engineering Ltd. is pioneering the kind of technology that re-pur...Read More

Local Tech-Corp May Win The Hyperloop Race

Ben Hamill - July 02, 2019

Hyperloop technology has been a hot but also very controversial topic of debate for quite some time. Tech-companies have been running the race with vigour, hoping to be the first to come up with the technology needed t...Read More

Sidewalk Labs Big Tech Plans For Toronto Waterfront

Ben Hamill - July 01, 2019

A run-down section of the Toronto Waterfront is in for a major tech-first city revamp, if Google sibling-company Sidewalk Labs has any say in the matter. But what Sidewalk is proposing is much more than what most peopl...Read More

Apple’s New Rules Wreaking Havoc

Ben Hamill - July 01, 2019

When tech giant Apple announced some weeks ago that it had planned to make important changes in order to better align itself with being primarily an entertainment provider instead of throwing all of its resources at manufacturing and hard...Read More

Nova Scotia’s Ocean-Tech Sector Booming

Ben Hamill - June 26, 2019

Canada’s Nova Scotia province has boomed into nothing short of an ocean-tech powerhouse hub. But the journey hasn’t been without its particular challenges, say local industry experts. The proverbial fly in the wine...Read More

New Solution For Wasted Eye Drops

Ben Hamill - June 24, 2019

Waste not, want not. There’s been an increase in “no waste” awareness all over the world, but it generally relates to either not wasting water or food. But there’s another valuable resource that goes to waste l...Read More

Mobile Gambling Doubles In 2018

Ben Hamill - June 23, 2019

It’s no secret by now that mobile technology and new advances in tech in general are completely re-shaping the way we do gaming. And it’s really quite obvious that this would be the case, what with mankind each year discoverin...Read More

IGT Wins London Award For Women In Gaming

Ben Hamill - June 14, 2019

Gaming and tech distribution giant IGT has won a very special and prestigious award at this year’s Women in Gaming Diversity Awards. The company has been recognised for its outstanding achievements in diversity and inclusion, and re...Read More

US-China Tech-Divorce – Consumers Will Pay

Ben Hamill - June 08, 2019

If the US and China were to go ahead with what is shaping up to be a dirty tech-divorce, just like with any other nasty divorce, it will ultimately be the children who will face the brunt of the consequences; with “children” i...Read More

Apple Hints At CA Heart Health App Approval

Ben Hamill - June 05, 2019

Apple smart watch owners in Canada will eventually; and supposedly soon; be joining the tech giant’s heart health revolution. Apple’s heart health app is geared to track Electro Cardio Gram (ECG) signals, as well as to alert w...Read More

How Tech Is Potentially Downgrading Humanity

Ben Hamill - May 17, 2019

In October last year, disaster struck as Lion Air Flight 610 crashed mere minutes after take-off. 189 people on board the Boeing 737 Max did not survive the crash. Then, on March 10, the unthinkable happened. A Boeing 737 Max belonging to...Read More

Caesars Partners With UNLV To Create Edu-Hub

Ben Hamill - May 10, 2019

Some would say that it’s been coming for quite some time: casinos catching up with the times in terms of new technological advances. And it now seems as if casino giant Caesars Entertainment has answered to the call. The entertainme...Read More

PC Games And A Possible End To An Era

Ben Hamill - May 09, 2019

According to gaming-focused research firm Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the days of traditional computer games and gaming tech may be numbered. Players, according to JPR, are expected to make a near-complete transition from traditional gamin...Read More

Evolution Gaming Launches Live Super Sic Bo

Ben Hamill - May 09, 2019

Fans of dice-style games (aren’t we all?) take heed! There’s a new live casino version of Sic Bo that is coming to town courtesy of Evolution Gaming. Live Super Sic Bo is officially live and can be accessed from all major oper...Read More

Study reveals Smart Home Devices Are Creepy

Ben Hamill - May 09, 2019

According to a recent Ipsos MORI poll, many people; as many as 67% of all survey-participants; deem smart home devices “creepy”. The study purposefully involved people who own smart home devices as well as those who did not. V...Read More

Microsoft Joins The $1 Trillion Club

Ben Hamill - May 04, 2019

Thursday the 25th of April was a good day; in fact, depending on whom you ask, it was a great day. It was after all the day on which Microsoft officially became the third big-tech company to have reached the $1 trillion mark; t...Read More

New Research To Restore Faculty Of Speech

Ben Hamill - May 04, 2019

Patients who, for whatever reason, suffer from any form of impaired speech may soon receive the gift of getting back their ability to speak and vocalise their thoughts and feelings in natural way. The speech of millions all over the world...Read More

New Xbox Does Away With Optical Drives

Ben Hamill - May 03, 2019

The wait is over and Microsoft has spoken. The news is just out that the computer and games software giant’s new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will be solely reliant on downloadable content. In other words: sudden death to optical ...Read More

PokerStars Makes Major Tech & VR Changes | Gaming Post CA

Ben Hamill - April 30, 2019

PokerStars first announced its own giant leap for Poker-playing mankind when in 2018 it adopted Virtual Reality technology into its forte for the very first time. Not much more came of it all at the time, save for the grand and elaborate ...Read More

Microsoft And Sony To Ditch Optical Disc Drives

Ben Hamill - April 25, 2019

The future of gaming consoles is now. Or rather, it was back in 2013, but the realisation of what the future of gaming consoles is supposed to look like, is now. Both Sony and Microsoft recently revealed important information about the ha...Read More

Social Media Blurring Lines Between Gambling and Gaming

Ben Hamill - April 25, 2019

A pressing need for a better regulated gambling system in Ireland is manifesting itself in far-reaching ways, including new questions being raised about social media platforms, and specifically the fact that the system, which is essential...Read More

Gaming Gear May Set New Records In 2019

Ben Hamill - April 16, 2019

Mobile tech may very well be working its magic for the global games market, but desktop computer technology will in all likelihood reclaim the bulk of the gaming kingdom for itself. This is the opinion of Jitesh Ubrani, research manager a...Read More

China Closes In On Illegal Gambling By Using Drones

Ben Hamill - April 12, 2019

Asian countries are continuously coming up with new ways to implement advanced high-tech equipment in order to fight crime and combat black-market trade. It wasn’t too long ago that we ran a story on Japan’s plans to install f...Read More

Why More US Tech Companies Are Heading to Canada

Ben Hamill - April 09, 2019

HR leaders love them, Canada embraces them, and the Trump administration does everything in its power to keep them out: foreign tech workers. But, as the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Never has th...Read More

Canada’s High Speed Internet Conundrum

Ben Hamill - April 05, 2019

Broken promises and politics appear to go hand in hand, whatever the nature of the intentions behind the promises. It would certainly be unfair to say that all politicians are in the habit of making far-fetched promises for the sole purpo...Read More

Transport Canada Considers Hyperloop Tech

Ben Hamill - April 03, 2019

Some call it a sci-fi fantasy come true; others, too fantastic to be true. Hyperloop technology has been a hot topic of conversation for a few years now, with many tech-companies having hinted at having made headway with the futuristic mo...Read More

Bingo Continues To Bring In The Money

Ben Hamill - March 27, 2019

Bingo has been around for a very long time. The question as to why it still, to this day, enjoys the levels of popularity that it does, is interestingly enough, also the answer to the question as to whether it will remain the solid income...Read More

New Satellites Shed New Light On Emissions

Ben Hamill - March 27, 2019

The use of satellite technology in determining which countries are responsible for sending the highest volumes of greenhouse gasses into earth’s atmosphere is nothing new. But up until recently, this was no particula...Read More

MGM Looks To Tech To Cut Staff Costs

Ben Hamill - March 15, 2019

Somewhere, way deep down inside, we always knew that smart machines would someday come back to bite us. When rumours about job losses due to certain tasks now being performed by machines start doing the rounds, we can’t help but fee...Read More

2 Canadian Techies To Receive Industry Award

Ben Hamill - February 08, 2019

What to do when you’ve been classified, and quite rightly so, as a techie-style nerd and manage to live up to all of the quirky stereotypes when it becomes apparent that you have no idea who Rachel Adams or Jessica Alba are? Well, n...Read More

Smart Devices May Outpace TV Sales in 2019

Ben Hamill - January 09, 2019

In 2019, finding a fridge that simply stores food might become as challenging as buying a television that only allows you to flick between channels. Interconnected ‘smart’ systems are making their way into thermostats, refrig...Read More

SLT Launch New Blockchain eSports Platform

Ben Hamill - January 07, 2019

In the latest industry news headlines, local Canadian company Ubique Networks has teamed up with Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) in order to launch a brand new eSports platform powered by blockchain. The agreement was officially inked on November...Read More

Bingo And The Tech That Drives It Forward

Ben Hamill - December 17, 2018

The story of Bingo deserves more than just an honorable mention. The game truly has stood the test of time, having started out being played on the streets, then onward into Bingo halls all over the world, and after that, onto the online a...Read More

Floplay Set To Revolutionize Poker at Home

Ben Hamill - December 16, 2018

Every once in a while, someone comes up with a piece of technology that when released, no one can imagine ever having lived without. We have a strong suspicion that is going to be the story of Floplay, a useful bit of Poker technology tha...Read More

IGT Electronic Bingo Comes to Canada

Ben Hamill - November 16, 2018

On Wednesday, November 14, it was officially announced that New York Stock Exchange-listed firm International Game Technology (IGT) (NYSE:IGT) had entered the Canadian electronic bingo market for the first time ever. Thanks to an exclusi...Read More

Wheel of Fun Debuts at FunFair Casinos

Ben Hamill - November 14, 2018

By fusing together a combination of highly popular game mechanics, the developers at FunFair Technologies have supplied players with a thrilling new online casino game packed with winning potential. Called Wheel of Fun, the brand new rel...Read More

Galactus’ MPL App Attracts Major Funding

Ben Hamill - November 14, 2018

According to a report published by VCCircle, India-headquartered Galactus Funware Technology PVT Ltd has finally finished a Series A funding round that attracted some big-name investors into the mix. Galactus operators a virtual skill-ba...Read More

Blockchain’s Massive Potential in Gaming

Ben Hamill - November 01, 2018

The world of gaming is focused heavily on Blockchain technology at the moment – but what does this mean for the industry and its future? Plenty of news agencies have been speculating on the futures of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin ...Read More

How 5G Will Change the World

Ben Hamill - October 28, 2018

Over the past few months we have been hearing a lot of talk about 5G and how it is going to revolutionize mobile broadband and pave the way for an enhanced technological society. But is this just overly hyped advertising for communication...Read More

VR Casinos Bring the Future Forward

Ben Hamill - October 27, 2018

Anyone who was around long enough to have seen the classic science fiction movies of the 80’s has been asking the same question; where is my virtual reality world, why is it not yet standard, and how long until I can pretend to be J...Read More

Trustly and GiG Partner Up

Ben Hamill - September 27, 2018

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) recently teamed up with premium payment supplier Trustly to incorporate its cutting-edge Pay N Play system to its gaming platforms. The new system allows pla...Read More

2018 GGA Las Vegas Voting Opens

Ben Hamill - September 06, 2018

The voting period for the  is now in session after the list of final nominees was distributed to this year’s expert judging panel. Now in its fifth edition, and with the largest judging panel the event has had to date, this ye...Read More

Drive-Thru Supermarkets Coming Right Up

Ben Hamill - September 05, 2018

The concept of the drive-thru is about to be taken to the next level, and we are all invited along for the ride. Especially if we need to stop for milk, bread, and loo paper long the way. According to reports, a few companies as well as ind...Read More

Canadian Hospital Turns to VR Therapy

Ben Hamill - September 04, 2018

A pioneering new wound and injury treatment at Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary is allowing patients to remove their minds from their painful conditions with the help of virtual reality. Rockyview is the very first hospital in Canad...Read More

Wazdan and Relax Gaming Team Up

Ben Hamill - September 01, 2018

Award-winning iGaming software developer Wazdan has now revealed yet another exciting partnership for its thriving business. The popular supplier has launched its range of boutique titles with Relax Gaming, an omni-channel gaming software...Read More

The Unstoppable Growth of Online Gaming

Ben Hamill - August 27, 2018

Over the past decade alone, the online gaming world has expanded exponentially, with the industry valued at an unbelievable $41.78 billion by the end of 2016. This figure is set to reach $80 billion or more by the end of 2020, while 11% o...Read More

Could Multiplayer Games Make Casinos More Relevant?

Ben Hamill - August 16, 2018

One of the heftiest challenges currently facing casino operators is the question of how to stay relevant to players of all ages. Unlike in the past, when real money casino games were the only available option, operators now find themselve...Read More

Malls Bust for Tracking Customers Via Mobile Phone

Ben Hamill - August 13, 2018

A former employee of Cadillac Fairview has revealed that he is aware of at least one of the firm’s Canadian shopping centres having a system installed to track mobile phone movement throughout one of its malls. The system was appare...Read More

Canadian Athletes Test New Pill Technology

Ben Hamill - August 06, 2018

Word has got out that Canadian athletes participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be testing a new pill technology. But, despite the fact that the object looks like no more than a vitamin supplement, it happens to be cutting edge engi...Read More

Bingo’s Technological Evolution

Ben Hamill - July 31, 2018

There’s no denying that bingo has come along way since its inception in the 1930’s. Traditionally enjoyed on a large scale in dedicated halls, the future of bingo now seems to lie in the realm of the Internet thanks to the emerg...Read More

How Blockchain & Bitcoin are Changing Gambling

Ben Hamill - July 31, 2018

As the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has had a large impact on several industries. Many would argue that the impact of the blockchain technology behind it has been even more influential. Online gambling is among the most affected secto...Read More