Loto-Quebec Wants To Streamline Reporting

Ben Hamill - February 26, 2020

Crown Corporation is on a mission to streamline its financial reporting model. And even though it does seemingly make sense to want to simplify systems in order to make revenue reports more abridged and to the point, there is a negative ...Read More

Loto-Quebec Under Fire Over Wages

Ben Hamill - December 03, 2019

Doug Ford isn’t the only power-that-be with a special interest in how our Lotto overlords are choosing to spend taxpayers’ money. Much of the same of what has been happening in the land of the OLG is also going down in the ...Read More

Bragg Gaming Enjoys Q3 Revenue Surge

Ben Hamill - November 14, 2019

Toronto based iGaming group Bragg Gaming have finally made public their third quarter report for 2019, covering the three-month period ending on the 30th of September. A quick look reveals that the period sa...Read More

Canadians Spill Their Happiness Beans

Ben Hamill - June 30, 2019

Happiness may come mainly from within, but as it turns out, and if a recent broad-based online survey is to be believed; it is after all still affected by certain external factors. Age, reveals the survey, is a biggie. According to survey...Read More

CGA Report Reveals Vital Data About Casinos

Ben Hamill - June 26, 2019

The gambling industry is a major contributor to Canada’s economy. This is no secret. But even so, and despite the fact that this is widely recognised to be true, few people realise the extent of the casino sector’s immensely p...Read More

Steve Wynn Set to Sue Own Hotel Brand

Ben Hamill - November 13, 2018

Vegas casino tycoon Steve Wynn has decided to sue his former company and gaming regulators in Massachusetts in an attempt to block the publication of a report on his alleged sexual misconduct. Wynn recently filed suit in the city of Las ...Read More

888 Profits From US Expansion

Ben Hamill - October 03, 2018

has brought about a change in fortunes for the online gambling operator. Its Q2 report showed 2017’s $17 million pre-tax profit loss turned into a gain of $60.1 million this year. The new market also meant 24% and...Read More

The Stars Group to File BAR on September 17

Ben Hamill - September 13, 2018

Canada’s has now revealed that it plans to file on Monday, September 17, its business acquisition report (BAR) on . The BAR was reportedly set to include, among other details, SkyBet’s audited fiscal statements for the financ...Read More

Yggdrasil Reports 65% Revenue Hike in Q2

Ben Hamill - August 20, 2018

Online and mobile gaming brand so far. Now, adding further to its winning streak, the company has revealed an impressive 65% year-on-year increase in its operating revenues for the second quarter of the year. According to the firm&rsquo...Read More

Strong Results for Stars Group in Q2 2018

Ben Hamill - August 15, 2018

Canadian analysts have praised The Stars Group’s ‘impressive momentum’ in Q2 this year, which was driven by a busy period of mergers and acquisitions. The news of the Group’s second quarter success has come after t...Read More

GCGC to Release Q2 2018 Results in August

Ben Hamill - July 30, 2018

After a fruitful year of operations so far, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (GCGC) has revealed that it will release its official financial results for the three months ended June 30, 2018 after market close on August 14. The natio...Read More