Winner Of CA$60M BCLC Jackpot Comes Forward

Ben Hamill - August 24, 2019

Its official, the search for the winner of the largest ever Lottery jackpot ever won in British Columbia is finally over. For nearly a month, the BCLC went at it on every conceivable public platform, reminding ticket holders to check the...Read More

Bryn Kennedy Is The $55 Million Dollar Man

Ben Hamill - August 14, 2019

Bryn Kennedy is Poker’s very own moneymaking machine. The man who not too long ago, despite having finished second in the wealthiest game on earth, the £1,050,000 Triton Million – A Helping Hand for Charity, still manage...Read More

Studying Millionaires – The Roads To Wealth

Ben Hamill - August 09, 2019

Want to create financial wealth? Then study the rich and emulate their behaviour, says self-made millionaire Steve Siebold in his book, “How Rich People Think”. Interesting to note is that the book isn’t titled, “H...Read More

OLG Excited About Meeting New Millionaire

Ben Hamill - July 10, 2019

Canada’s Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is not only one of the world’s top recognised Lottery operators, but its also an institution that takes great pride in and derives a lot of joy from making possible life-changing...Read More

Millionaire Plans His UK Lottery Bid

Ben Hamill - May 30, 2019

British millionaire Richard Desmond is royally rich for a reason. The 67 year-old is obviously not in the habit of waiting on the money to come to him. Despite the fact that the current licence for the British National Lottery only runs o...Read More

Local Kindersley Store A Lotto Hot-Spot

Ben Hamill - December 16, 2018

It’s a Lucky Number 6 for Midtown Foods and Confectionery, a convenient store in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada. Owned by Indo-Canadian Neil Patel, the store has just been the making of the sixth Lottery millionaire in as many yea...Read More

Lottery Winner Seeks Boyfriend for $100k

Ben Hamill - November 14, 2018

A woman who in 2013 became the UK’s youngest-ever lottery winner at just 17 is now reportedly looking for a ‘loyal’ boyfriend. Nothing out of the ordinary there – except that she is also willing to pay him a $100,0...Read More

The Man Who Cracked Roulette in the 1970’s Dies

Ben Hamill - August 14, 2018

Richard Jarecki, a researcher who cracked the mysteries of roulette back in the 70’s, has passed away at the age of 86. Jarecki managed to become an international icon by taking advantage of imperfect roulette wheels and earning m...Read More