GVC CEO Agrees To Pay Cut To Save Brand

Ben Hamill - June 11, 2019

GVC’s Kenneth Alexander has an old habit of infuriating the operator group’s investors. In March, when Alexander and former chairman Lee Feldman jointly off-loaded $25.2 million in shares on the stock market, causing the value...Read More

GCGC Reports Impressive Figures To Investors

Ben Hamill - May 17, 2019

It’s that time of the year again. As we move towards the second half of the year, all and sundry are eager to inform investors of the state of their investments and what to expect when looking ahead to the second half of the year as...Read More

Bitcoin Finally On The Up

Ben Hamill - May 14, 2019

Bitcoin appears to be on the road to recovery. According to information released by CoinDesk, Bitcoin’s market value has climbed from $5,000 to $5,975 in a question of two weeks. And, says prime dealer SFOX, the cryptocurrency has s...Read More

Evolution Gaming Celebrates Past Investments

Ben Hamill - May 02, 2019

Good investments always pay in good time. This, according to live casino specialists Evolution Gaming, is the real reason behind the fact that the provider is growing at a rate and scope that appears to be shadowing the rest of the live c...Read More

Stadia Rival Polystream Gets Cash Injection

Ben Hamill - April 09, 2019

There’s a lot to be said for striking the iron while it’s still hot. But more often than not, there is actually something there to strike away at. Meet Polystream; the service intent on giving Google’s new games streamin...Read More

Playtech Appoints Two New Non-Exec Directors

Ben Hamill - April 09, 2019

In an attempt to set the pace and keep up with global investment changes, Playtech has made the call to appoint two new non-executive directors to its board. Anna Massion and John Krumins will be acting in their capacities as independent ...Read More

Drake Lends Helping Hand To eSports Start-Up

Ben Hamill - April 02, 2019

Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, is well known for his interests in sports and gambling. It now seems as if Drake has found the perfect combination; the world of professional video gaming, also known as eSports....Read More

Concerns Over Flopped BC Money-Laundering Probe

Ben Hamill - December 10, 2018

Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are taking the rap for having failed the fight against crime. In fact, the whole of British Colombia has been under intense scrutiny for some months now following a growing suspicion that autho...Read More

Investors Called On To Support Cannabis

Ben Hamill - October 15, 2018

Investors who have avoided the in the past out of concerns about the possible implications of legalization for Canada should consider buying in to help boost the industry and control how it operates, according to impa...Read More

Investment Fraud Learning Made Fun With Moneywise Bingo

Ben Hamill - August 09, 2018

Connie Lawson, the Secretary of State for Indiana, recently played host to a Bingo evening with a fun twist aimed at educating its participants. Lawson was lecturing about investment fraud at the Zionsville American Legion Building with h...Read More