Gordon Ramsay To Launch Branded Casino Games

Ben Hamill - January 10, 2020

Hell’s Kitchen Group owner and potty-mouthed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is supposedly planning on launching a series of casino games and online casino offerings based on and themed around his Hell’s Kitchen restaurant and ce...Read More

Why Pumpkin Spice Is More Than A Trendy Flavouring

Ben Hamill - October 23, 2019

Whilst pumpkin spice may not actually contain any pumpkin; much to its own ridicule at the hands of the online slammers and the creators of sarcastic memes; it does contain a list of ingredients worthy of mention becau...Read More

Canada Making Its Mark In iGaming

Ben Hamill - September 07, 2019

We are an innovative nation, as attested to by our innovations in food-tech, our raw material exports, our unique approach to and keen interest in space exploration and even our absolute commitment towards preserving t...Read More

Beyond Meat Launches No-Meat Bacon & Steak

Ben Hamill - July 30, 2019

Imagine a world where it’s no longer necessary to send any animal to the slaughter; a world where alternative foodstuffs exist to replace every conceivable variety of real animal meat. It may not be necessary to imagine such a world...Read More

Chances Casino Does Its Bit For Food Aid

Ben Hamill - July 12, 2019

There’s nothing quite like good food to set the mood; and that goes for every occasion imaginable. Abbotsford’s Chances Casino had the right idea this Canada Day when visitors were motivated to support Gateway Casinos & En...Read More

Why Salal Is Nature’s Best Kept Non-Secret

Ben Hamill - July 06, 2019

The cancer-preventing, anti-ageing powerhouse properties of the salal berry may be the latest big-news heart-health reveal responsible for currently populating medical health headlines, but as it turns out, its heavenly properties aren&rs...Read More

Talking Food With Dream-Team Virtue And Moir

Ben Hamill - May 22, 2019

Canadian ice-skating duo Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue know all about making magic on ice, but what about life away from the competitions and the arena? Ever since the ice dancing pair became known as Canada’s dream-team, Canadians ha...Read More

How 2019 Is Shaping Health And Eating

Ben Hamill - May 18, 2019

The healthy-food, healthy-lifestyle movement has gained popularity as well as a whole lot of momentum and 2019 is shaping up to be a year that will completely change the trajectory of the worldwide health movement. The bulk of the transit...Read More

Comedian George Lopez Opens Casino Eatery

Ben Hamill - May 10, 2019

Authentic Mexican cooking straight from grandma’s recipe books, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, healthy food and an even healthier dose of humour. This, says comedian George Lopez, is what his brand new restaurant, Chingon Kitchen,...Read More

Nanaimo Bar Tops Popular Postage Stamps

Ben Hamill - April 26, 2019

Canada’s Nanaimo Bar isn’t just any old sweet treat. In fact, so popular is the bar that consists of graham crackers, custard, coconut and chocolate, that it’s earned its rightful place in Canadian post-stamp history. Ca...Read More

Canada Soon To Own Lab-Grown Meat Market

Ben Hamill - April 26, 2019

Meat grown from animal cells in a lab environment may seem strange at first, but when considering that this completely eliminates the need for even one animal to be slaughtered ever again, one is automatically urged almost naturally in on...Read More

Alo Tops Canada’s 100 Bests For Third Year

Ben Hamill - April 25, 2019

Good food breeds more good food, and by default; according to magazine editor Jacob Richler; attracts money, people, and the world’s top chefs. According to the latest Top 100 Canadian restaurants list, Montreal and Toronto are home...Read More

Living Healthy – Look For What Works For You

Ben Hamill - April 16, 2019

Information overload. It’s nothing new, its everywhere and most of all, its exceptionally frustrating, not to mention demotivating. The healthy food industry, perhaps more so than any other industry, is especially prone towards lend...Read More

Controversial Artist Creates Cheesy US Border Installation

Ben Hamill - April 08, 2019

United States president Donald Trump might get his Mexico border wall after all, even if it is not built entirely according to spec. Montreal-born artist Cosimo Cavallaro started building the wall on 25 March, using little more than 200 b...Read More

Top Food Trends You Need to Instagram in 2018

Ben Hamill - August 22, 2018

Every year sees trends come and go. No aspect of life is immune to them, and that goes for food as well. Not that many people mind, because, let’s face it – trendy foods give us something to Instagram. 2017 gave us post after...Read More