Epic Releases Free Matrix Awakens Tech Demo

Ben Hamill - December 15, 2021

Although the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have been out for some time now, they have yet to showcase particularly impressive capability. In fact, many would say that the consoles landed with a rather hollow thud, doing little to convin...Read More

Sony’s Spartacus To Challenge Xbox Game Pass

Ben Hamill - December 06, 2021

There’s an all-new games subscription service about to hit the video games scene, according to documents leaked to a US news giant. Code-named Spartacus, the latest subscription service to enter the market belongs to none other than...Read More

Secret Playable Games On Xbox Game Pass

Ben Hamill - December 01, 2021

Xbox Game Pass is widely regarded as having unbelievable value for money. Hundreds of games are offered, all of which can be played without limit, for just a small subscription fee. Though, it turns out, bizarrely, that Game Pass has even...Read More

VP Of Microsoft Gaming Calls NFTs Exploitive

Ben Hamill - November 22, 2021

As far as video games are concerned, the new horizon being explored is non-fungible tokens (NFTs.) But executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, is not currently interested. In a recent interview he went so far as to ...Read More

Game Pass Blowing Up With Releases In September

Ben Hamill - September 18, 2021

Video game enthusiasts all generally agree that the Game Pass subscription is incredibly good value for money. The Microsoft run service provides hundreds of games, all of which can be downloaded and played as the player sees fit, for ju...Read More

Xbox To Finally Launch Cloud Gaming Services

Ben Hamill - August 27, 2021

It has been hinted at for some time that video game hardware will become a thing of the past, replaced instead by cloud streaming services. Microsoft certainly seems to think that this is the future, given their announcement that such ser...Read More

Microsoft Launches xCloud Gaming For PC

Ben Hamill - August 13, 2021

Software giant Microsoft has officially launched xCloud gaming for Windows PCs via its Xbox app. While still in beta form, this means Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, or Xbox Insiders, are now able to access games previously unavailab...Read More

Xbox TV May Be The Way Of The Future

Ben Hamill - June 17, 2021

If the rumours are true, Microsoft is on the verge of changing the gaming industry forever. The release of built-in Xboxes, or Xbox TVs, may further disrupt and push the gaming industry continuously forward. While Sony might have the spot...Read More

Latest Xbox Report Not Exactly Good News

Ben Hamill - April 19, 2021

One would think that a report detailing the many big exclusives coming soon to the Xbox Series X would be good news all around. But the fact that a new report from Xbox Game Studios clearly states that none of the exclusive big releases t...Read More

Xbox Game Pass Hits 18M Subscribers Mark

Ben Hamill - January 28, 2021

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service, cleverly dubbed the Netflix for video games has just passed the 18 million subscribers-mark, up more than 3 million since September. The service is subscription-based and offers to custom...Read More

Xbox Series X Is Quick & Quiet, But It’s Also Too Hot

Ben Hamill - October 14, 2020

So hot to the touch is the Microsoft’s Xbox Series X that some reporters, influencers and creators who have managed to get their hands on an early release, found themselves using the hardware as a makeshift fireplace, with others ye...Read More

Microsoft Launching New Xbox Connect For iOS

Ben Hamill - October 03, 2020

An upcoming new update by Microsoft will enable iOS users to stream Xbox One games directly to their iPhones. The update will form part of a big new Xbox App update created specifically for iOS. Scheduled to be available soon via Apple&rs...Read More

Livestream Reveals All About Xbox Series X

Ben Hamill - May 10, 2020

A recent livestream allowed a sneak-peek into what we can expect to play once the new Xbox Series X console is released later on this year. Microsoft previously let on that it would be available in the run-up toward Christmas 2020 and no...Read More

Xbox Series X Hailed The Dawn Of A New Era

Ben Hamill - May 03, 2020

So confident is Microsoft in the pure work of genius that is its new Series X console, that Xbox big boss Phil Spencer has described the latest Xbox innovation as a piece of equipment that will usher in the biggest change in gaming since...Read More

Online Gaming Outages As Covid-19 Spikes

Ben Hamill - March 20, 2020

Social distancing may seem like a whole lot of boredom to some, but to gamers, it’s the perfect opportunity to play catch-up with all of the latest titles as well as with long-time favourites. So much so that online gaming platforms...Read More