Why Disney Appears To Be Stuck On Repeat

Ben Hamill - June 07, 2019

Disney’s recent re-make marathon has raised the question of whether the company has finally officially run out of good ideas. But apparently the reason behind all of the re-imaginations is slightly more sinister; and yet in a way, g...Read More

Disney Set To Compete With Netflix

Ben Hamill - April 23, 2019

Disney may have its sights set on younger viewers, but that doesn’t mean that keeping up with the tech-times isn’t necessary. The Walt Disney Co. recently revealed its intentions of giving popular streaming platform Netflix a ...Read More

Ex Disney Director To Build Sin City in Spain

Ben Hamill - December 08, 2018

For all of the Walt Disney Co.’s refusal to be involved with anything even vaguely smacking of casino games, it’s quite obvious that not all of their top guns share their archaic views. Former Disney Director and top businessm...Read More

Genting Heads To Court With Fox And Disney

Ben Hamill - December 04, 2018

World-renowned casino operator superpower, the Genting Group, which also happens to be the only legal operator in Malaysia, has made known its intention to claim damages to the tune of a cool $1 billion from 21st Century Fox an...Read More

Seminole, Disney Fight FL Casino Expansion

Ben Hamill - October 24, 2018

Together, the Seminole tribe of Florida and Walt Disney have donated $36 million towards ensuring that the US state of Florida does not become as populated with land-based casinos as other gambling hubs like over in Nevada. Mid-term ele...Read More