Air Pollution Warning Issued For Vancouver

Ben Hamill - September 22, 2020

A high-risk health warning has been issued for Metro Vancouver. Issued as part of a special air quality statement, Environment Canada has issued said warning as a result of wildfire smoke caused by wildfires burning in the United States h...Read More

Vancouver Canuck Micheal Ferland Sent Home

Ben Hamill - August 07, 2020

Canucks forward Micheal Ferland has been declared unfit to play by Vancouver and has been ordered to leave the Edmonton bubble and return home. This of course means that the star forward will miss out on the remainder of the Vancouver Can...Read More

Saanich Junior Braves To Change Name & Logo

Ben Hamill - July 12, 2020

The Saanich Junior Braves, a team and division of the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League, will be changing its name out of respect for local Indigenous communities. The name and logo of the Saanich Junior Braves have been in use ever s...Read More

Ryan And Blake Celebrate Remembrance Day

Ben Hamill - November 18, 2019

Popular Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds; most recently adored for his persona as the amicably lopsided Marvel superhero Deadpool; may have seemingly effortlessly reached the highest rung of success on the film industry...Read More

E-Cargo Bikes Pedalling Deliveries Into the Future

Ben Hamill - November 10, 2019

Online shopping may appear to be a solution to road traffic congestion, but the reality is quite the opposite. Its easy to lose track of the fact that even though the shopper hasn’t had to leave his or her home, some...Read More

Why Canada Has Embraced The Greta Factor

Ben Hamill - October 31, 2019

Greta Thunberg isn’t your average teenage hero; in fact, she isn’t even your average any hero. And yet, the phenomena now known as “The Greta Factor” has made it so that the 16-year-old Swede isn’t only the n...Read More

Hybrid Salmon Discovered On Vancouver Island

Ben Hamill - October 17, 2019

An interesting Vancouver Island discovery has led two scientists to believe that climate change has taken its toll on the landscape surrounding and including the Cowichan River. Victoria University PhD biology student Will Duguid and A...Read More

Brock Boeser Signs 3-Year Deal With Canucks

Ben Hamill - September 19, 2019

Brock Boeser will be Canuck-ing it up for 3 more years. The restricted free agent has signed a 3-year extension deal to the tune of US$17,625M with the Vancouver Canucks. The 22-year-old forward was forced to miss trai...Read More

Bo Horvat Ready To Take the Reigns

Ben Hamill - September 09, 2019

The Vancouver Canucks are currently sans captain, but 24-year-old Bo Horvat says that if the stars were to so decide, he is able and willing to take on the responsibility of wearing the “C” on his attire. It would require no ...Read More

Ryan Reynolds Gets The Gift of Vancouver from Blake

Ben Hamill - August 24, 2019

Ryan Reynolds, aka Marvel’s Deadpool, loves Vancouver. In fact, he absolutely adores the city. Reynolds grew up in Vancouver and to celebrate his adoration for the city and the fond memories of his childhood home, wi...Read More

Gold Medal Could Fetch $50k On Open Auction

Ben Hamill - July 18, 2019

A 2010 Vancouver Olympic gold medal is about to be auctioned off to the highest bidder and if predictions turn out to be correct, then the sale is about to give new meaning to what it means for something to be worth its weight in gold. T...Read More

Pettersson Wins Rookie Of The Year Trophy

Ben Hamill - June 26, 2019

Elias Pettersson has become the first Canuck to win the prestigious NHL’s Calder Trophy for rookie of the year in almost 3 decades of NHL history. The 20-year-old Swede and Vancouver Canucks centre staked out his claim to the covet...Read More

Parq Vancouver Welcomes Reprieve

Ben Hamill - May 23, 2019

Canada’s Parq Vancouver casino has had to face its fair share of problems since opening its doors in September of 2017. It’s been a case of disastrous timing for the casino, as its launch coincided almost perfectly with Britis...Read More

Parq Vancouver At A Loss For Business

Ben Hamill - May 15, 2019

British Columbia’s money laundering problem is a monster with many arms. Local citizens want answers from government following former Mountie Peter German’s condemning reports, Attorney General David Eby very obviously cannot ...Read More

AI and Smart Systems To Offer Player Support

Ben Hamill - March 19, 2019

Attendees of the New Horizons in Responsible Gaming Conference are being educated about the innovative solutions that are at their disposal concerning the fight against problem gambling. Some of the topics up for discussion include artifi...Read More

Vancouver Titans Hungry for eSports Glory

Ben Hamill - February 25, 2019

The Vancouver Titans aren’t the type to take to the ice, hit the turf, or play between carefully painted lines. Instead, the Canadian city’s newest professional sports team works with keyboards, mice and HD monitors from withi...Read More

Paragon Sells Parq Vancouver to PCB Group

Ben Hamill - February 09, 2019

The long-time owner of Canada’s iconic Parq Vancouver casino has now sold the property to a real estate agency and investment firm based in Ottawa. Parq owner Paragon Gaming, which is headquartered in Las Vegas, recently announced ...Read More

NHL Season Heads In To Last 10 Weeks

Ben Hamill - February 05, 2019

Now that its all-star break has concluded, the National Hockey League’s regular season has just 10 weeks remaining. The Toronto Maple Leafs, Winnipeg Jets and Calgary Flames are among the league’s most powerful gro...Read More

Hard Rock Gets Green Light for Vancouver Hotel

Ben Hamill - December 08, 2018

Seven years is a long time. Just ask the owners of the Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver.  A 7-year wait is what it took before an application to construct a hotel to complement the existing casino, was finally approved. City officials ...Read More

Architects Celebrate Parq Vancouver’s Design

Ben Hamill - November 29, 2018

In collaboration with IBI Group, Canadian firms ACDF Architecture and Architecture 49 put great thought into the design of their latest major project – the popular Parq Vancouver casino. The urban oasis boasts a 72,000 square foot ...Read More

Parq Vancouver Reveals Huge Financial Loss

Ben Hamill - November 27, 2018

The Canadian casino that last month has just revealed that so far this year, they have lost many millions of dollars in profits. Parq Vancouver is a luxury hotel and gambling establishment which has long aspired to be a ‘new intern...Read More

David Eby Speaks Out About BC Casino Laws

Ben Hamill - November 13, 2018

If you’re au fait with the Canadian casino scene, you’ve undoubtedly read news headlines about the stir local rapper of racial profiling. Naturally, the musician’s fans were less than happy about the situation, taking t...Read More

Drake Accuses Casino of Racial Profiling

Ben Hamill - November 09, 2018

The Parq Vancouver has issued a formal apology and stated that it is strongly against racism after some heated accusations from Canadian rapper Drake. Just a few days ago, the musician used his official Instagram account to call the casi...Read More

Exploring BC’s Infamous ‘Vancouver Model’

Ben Hamill - November 07, 2018

It was just days after David Eby started his new role as British Columbia’s attorney general (AG) in 2017 that local casino operators issued a warning to him. “Get ready,” they said, informing him upfront that what they ...Read More

Richmond Commuters Want Free Parkade Back

Ben Hamill - October 31, 2018

A Richmond community member and daily commuter has dedicated herself to trying to convince River Rock Casino to re-open a parking lot that was previously both free to use and fully operational. Until very recently, Canadian Catherine Mil...Read More

BCLC Enlists Third Party Auditor

Ben Hamill - October 31, 2018

In the latest Canadian land-based casino news, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has recently revealed that it has enlisted the services of a third-party auditor. The move comes as part of the company’s bid to ensure t...Read More

Parq Vancouver Contractors Honored

Ben Hamill - October 29, 2018

The Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA) recently held its 2018 Awards of Excellence Ceremony. Among the major winners this year is Parq Vancouver, whose developers have faced significant setbacks.

Challenges to Constru...Read More

Science and Sweets Make the Perfect Mix

Ben Hamill - October 11, 2018

Mapmaker and tech whizz Karen Morley became interested in chocolate after moving to Canada from the USA and being diagnosed with cancer. She was given only a 30% chance of survival, but survive she did, and...Read More

Starlight Casino Edmonton Opening Soon

Ben Hamill - September 21, 2018

Over in Western Canada, Limited has now revealed that its $43 million revamp project of the Palace Casino into its upcoming Starlight Casino Edmonton has finally been completed. The new gaming venue is set to officially open its doors in...Read More

Hydrogen Set To Replace Fossil Fuels

Ben Hamill - August 23, 2018

Hydrogen has been drawing hype as a potential replacement for gasoline and diesel for decades now. And while its use as a substitute for fossil fuels is still in its early stages, hydrogen’s popularity is burgeoning rapidly in Canad...Read More

Vancouver-Approved Delta Casino Angers Mayor

Ben Hamill - August 13, 2018

The Vancouver city council has approved plans for a brand new casino complex in the suburb of Delta. However, if nearby mayor Malcolm Brodie gets his wish, the project will not take off under its current layout at all. The potential cons...Read More

Money Laundering Issues in British Columbia

Ben Hamill - August 08, 2018

Just how much money laundering is actually happening in British Columbia? Rumor has it that the Canadian province has laundered a minimum of $100 million through its casinos in just over ten years! The exact amount won&r...Read More