How The Last Dance Sparked A Twitter Frenzy

Ben Hamill - April 21, 2020

If Twitter is nuts over prime television viewing content, then it’s going absolutely bonkers over ESPN’s new documentary series documenting the life and career of NBA enigma Michael Jordan, with a special focus on Jordan&rsquo...Read More

Donald Trump Appoints 4th Secretary Of Press

Ben Hamill - April 13, 2020

U.S. is hogging news headlines yet again. The businessman and former Apprentice reality-TV star now turned president continues to lead one of the most controversial White House communications operations to date, having just hired one of ...Read More

All My Children Actor John Callahan Dies

Ben Hamill - March 30, 2020

Long-time veteran soap opera actor John Callahan has died at the untimely age of only 66. The All My Children star played a number of leading roles in various other popular soaps too, including Days of Our Lives, Falcon Crest and even San...Read More

Donald Trump Wants An Open Easter

Ben Hamill - March 26, 2020

U.S. has said that he wants the country open and functional to the point of folks being able to pack churches to the brim on Easter Sunday. To be clear, Easter Sunday is less than 3 weeks away. Trump spoke about his dreams for a “n...Read More

Zoom Makes Working From Home Easy

Ben Hamill - March 25, 2020

Since many of us are suddenly home-bound and having to not only stay indoors, but also, for the first, time work from home instead of from a tech-supported office, things can get daunting on the technology front. But thankfully, help is a...Read More

David Doc Sands Tests Positive For Covid-19

Ben Hamill - March 24, 2020

Poker pro David “Doc” Sands this week became the first high-profile Poker player to test positive for the Coronavirus. The Poker champ took to  to share the news with his followers and said that he hoped that by providing...Read More

Workers Say CSEC Move A Slap In The Face

Ben Hamill - March 18, 2020

The Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation took quite a bit of rap over the weekend on social media following a prior announcement and email to hourly staff informing of the fact that in view of a possible full-on season suspension...Read More

Katy Perry Reveals Her Pregnancy in New Music Video

Ben Hamill - March 08, 2020

A four-second teaser clip is all it took to convince Katy Perry’s fans that she may in fact be pregnant. The 35-year-old music superstar teased her latest music video “Never Worn White” on Twitter and Instagram earlier o...Read More

Why Social Media Wants Our Games

Ben Hamill - March 02, 2020

They’re where we go to connect and where we sometimes go to hide behind the anonymity of an alias not altogether unlike your typical avatar. They help us to vent and say our say without the immediate blow-back of having to “s...Read More

Ninja Advocates Anger And Rage In New Tweet

Ben Hamill - February 22, 2020

Not unlike the Trumpster, streamer Ninja isn’t doing the Internet any favours with his tweets. Ninja recently pulled yet another idiotic stunt when he proclaimed on social media that the only way to learn from your mistakes (presum...Read More

Lack of Nintendo Direct Updates An Issue

Ben Hamill - February 14, 2020

Google search “Nintendo Direct” and you’re bound to see results like, “When is the next Nintendo Direct?” and, “Will there be a Nintendo Direct in November 2019?”. It would be an understatement to...Read More

Rapper Nelly Involved in Mohegan Sun Casino Brawl

Ben Hamill - February 11, 2020

Rapper Nelly is no stranger to making news headlines for all the wrong reasons. The latest grubby news on the airwaves involves an incident involving the famous “Hot in Herre” rapper getting involved in a heated confrontation ...Read More

Dan Bilzerian Loses $1M in MMA Bet

Ben Hamill - January 28, 2020

The fact that Irishman and king of MMA had not set foot in the ring; at least not to officially fight; for 14 months prior to Saturday’s stand-off with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, proved the undoing of a supposedly massive...Read More

Streamers Swapping Twitch For YouTube

Ben Hamill - January 22, 2020

It’s nothing short of a walk over, but its one that’s part of the game in a booming market. earlier on this week announced that it had acquired the talent of three popular live-stream gamers. Gamers who will all three be movi...Read More

Twitter Goes Nuts Over Royal Split Announcement

Ben Hamill - January 11, 2020

How times have changed. Instead of reacting in a manner typical of 1950s British disappointment, upon having learnt of the announcement by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that they had reached the decision that the best thing for them invo...Read More

theScore Celebrates 1M YouTube Fans Mark

Ben Hamill - November 18, 2019

Accessibility and making everyone to feel welcome to engage in eSports is the ultimate key to its success; and this includes the fact that the company now enjoys the support of more than one million YouTube subscribers...Read More

Why Hollywood Seems Stuck On Repeat

Ben Hamill - October 29, 2019

And so Hollywood reboots are a thing right now. This has been true for most of 2020 and experts predict that it’s a trend that will continue into 2021 and beyond. We were this year treated to more than one re-make of...Read More

Railway Bingo A Hit On Twitter

Ben Hamill - October 23, 2019

A London commuter who goes only by the name of “Mike” has taken common issues experienced on the London’s railway lines and turned them into a rather creative outlet for the typical frustrations experienced on a daily...Read More

Social Media To Play Bigger Role In Law

Ben Hamill - October 18, 2019

When lawyers representing Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc. in a matter involving damage caused to one of the power company’s hydro poles eventually came to the conclusion that they had exhausted all possible remedies of trying to hunt...Read More

House Hippo Returns To Warn About Fake News

Ben Hamill - October 13, 2019

A beloved childhood icon from way back when has been resurrected by Media Smarts; and for a very honourable purpose too. House Hippo is back, and this time round wants to create awareness about cyber-scams like fake ne...Read More

Blizzard Under Fire For eSports Player Ban

Ben Hamill - October 11, 2019

Blizzard Entertainment, the US video games giant that owns big-name games like Warcraft, Starcraft and Overwatch, is taking a real rap following its having banned an eSports player from Hong Kong for having shouted out...Read More

Mike Postle Treading Hot Water Over Cheating

Ben Hamill - October 03, 2019

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Or in Poker talk, questionable decisions cannot lead to streaks of success 30 times out of 30, not even if your name happens to be Mike Postle. Or more to the point, esp...Read More

Dubas Learnt Of Matthews Charge On Twitter

Ben Hamill - September 28, 2019

If only Maple Leafs star player Austen Matthews had been as bad at keeping secrets as what he appears to be able to keep his behaviour when out in public in check, then General Manager Kyle Dubas and the rest of Matthe...Read More

Lacey Evans Traffic Rant Was Staged

Ben Hamill - September 27, 2019

Viral social media video footage showing WWE wrestler Lacey Evans flying off the handle and tearing into an Edmonton RCMP traffic law enforcement officer has been confirmed as having been staged. Or rather, Evans’ pe...Read More

Phil Galfond Offers A Word Of Money Advice

Ben Hamill - September 24, 2019

Career Poker-pro Phil Galfond knows what he’s talking about when talking bankroll management. The Poker legend recently took to social media to warn others about the dangers of poor bankroll management. According to ...Read More

Twitter Abuzz After Brits Play Money List

Ben Hamill - September 18, 2019

There’s no need to be constantly aware of Britain’s high stakes Poker schedule, at least not when you’re a Twitter user. Twitter users are notorious for taking to the platform to vent about especially the equalit...Read More

Hanks Pays Impromptu Visit To Grinder Coffee

Ben Hamill - September 16, 2019

Tom Hanks is a rare breed of Hollywood actor. A “genuinely nice guy” is how Joelle Murray, owner of Toronto-based coffee shop Grinder Coffee describes Hanks. And with good reason too considering the star recently t...Read More

How Social Media Does Its Bit For Earth

Ben Hamill - August 26, 2019

Social media, not unlike most other things in life, isn’t all good. But then again, the opposite is true too in that it most definitely isn’t all bad either. Many regard social media as the ultimate go-to for narcissists, but...Read More

Instagram Trial-Runs A Healthier Platform

Ben Hamill - August 20, 2019

Instagram wants to help us quit our fixation on likes. And it plans on doing so by hiding the number of likes attracted by posts. Or as least, hiding them to the public eye. You will still be able to see the likes on y...Read More

Facebook Making Big Whatsapp & Instagram Changes

Ben Hamill - August 15, 2019

The word on the street; and by street we mean Bloomberg; is that WhatsApp is getting a brand new name. Facebook, forever eager to stamp its territorial mark of ownership all over its belongings, has reportedly announced that the messaging...Read More

Facebook Wants To Read Your Mind

Ben Hamill - August 06, 2019

Not only did Facebook show itself to be completely inept and grandiosely incompetent at playing the self-appointed custodians of our private data, but it now wants to have a go at reading our minds too. As if outsourcing everything from o...Read More

$5Bn Fine Likely On The Cards For Facebook

Ben Hamill - July 25, 2019

Social media giant Facebook will in all likelihood as soon as during the course of the next couple of days learn what the exact nature of its Cambridge Analytica fate will be. The expectation is that the social media giant will have to co...Read More

Apple To Release New Inclusive Emojis

Ben Hamill - July 24, 2019

Celebrating diversity is one of life’s privileges. How very mundane an existence we would lead if we all came issued in standard format, so to speak. But fortunately for us, this isn’t the case. The human race is a many splend...Read More

US Comedian Calls Sour Grapes On Caesars Ban

Ben Hamill - July 23, 2019

US comedian Doug Stanhope has by his own submission been banned from entering any of Caesars Entertainment’s properties worldwide. Stanhope recently took to social media to rant about the fact that the entertainment giant had addres...Read More

The FaceApp Controversy – Friend Or Foe?

Ben Hamill - July 19, 2019

FaceApp isn’t exactly a new craze but it is in fact enjoying new popularity among users of social media. The app initially surfaced about 2 years ago when it enabled users to upload a photo of their face and discover what they would...Read More

Twitter Canada Announces Premium Sport Deals

Ben Hamill - June 24, 2019

Canadian fans just love getting their daily sports fill on social media platform Twitter. And this, says Twitter’s Global Head of Content Partnerships, Kay Madati, is the main reason behind the social media giant’s multiple n...Read More

Navigating Loneliness In The Digital Age

Ben Hamill - June 22, 2019

The fact that loneliness may be compared to a debilitating disease when considering the possible after-effects is no secret. Whilst most of us have at some stage experienced a measure of loneliness, a constant feeling of loneliness; isola...Read More

Facebook Rolls Out Electoral Safeguards

Ben Hamill - June 19, 2019

It appears as if Facebook is finally stepping up to the challenge of a fair and untampered-with Canadian elections process. The social media giant has announced that it has officially rolled out what it refers to as it...Read More

Cosmopolitan Casino Issues Meek Mill Apology

Ben Hamill - June 14, 2019

Rapper Robert Mihmeek Williams, or “Meek Mill”, being his preferred name, has received a formal apology from the Cosmopolitan casino in Las Vegas. The apology follows a May 25 incident during which the rapper and two of the me...Read More

YouTube Poker Video Takedown Under Fire

Ben Hamill - June 09, 2019

Pro-Poker players and popular channel streamers Evan Jarvis and Jaime Staples were recently forced to add their voices to the YouTube content controversy. For Evan Jarvis, it all started on the morning of June 1st. Jarvis tells...Read More

YouTube Gaming Discontinued

Ben Hamill - June 08, 2019

May 30th has marked the end of an era. YouTube Gaming is officially no more. Last year, YouTube made the announcement that it planned to shut down its games-only division due to the fact that it had been the making of a lot of ...Read More

Miss Thea’s Drag Queen Bingo Makes a Difference

Ben Hamill - June 03, 2019

Its true: everything is prettier in drag. Even Bingo. Just ask the hundreds of fans and players who regularly support Miss Thea Trix, the eloquent star of Miss Thea’s Drag Queen Bingo. Drag queen Bingo has at its heart a selection o...Read More

Trudeau Announces New Digital Charter

Ben Hamill - May 29, 2019

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said in no uncertain terms that the time for online hate speech without consequence is officially over; as is the shameless propagation of fake news. The minister spoke frankly about his views on...Read More

Why Streamers Are Earning The Big Bucks

Ben Hamill - May 25, 2019

Professional gaming. The industry that officially conjured the era of crazy sponsorship deals into existence. And we’re not talking small-time fashion-house Kardashian-style deals here either. A new Wall Street Journal report detail...Read More

Internet Sensation Grumpy Cat Has Died

Ben Hamill - May 24, 2019

The cat that, according to US news giant CNN achieved more in 7 years than most people do in a lifetime has died. Grumpy Cat’s human family recently took to photo and media share platform Instagram to announce that the Internet&rsqu...Read More

Trump-Tweet Leads To Tribal Casino Delay

Ben Hamill - May 23, 2019

The casino industry has an enemy in Trump, it seems. Not that Trump is in need of any more enemies, what with his already being at odds with just about every non-republican living being, including China. Trump’s latest social media ...Read More

William Hill’s Tinder Ad Banned

Ben Hamill - May 23, 2019

Love to gamble? Not a problem. Eager to take a gamble on love? Nothing wrong with that either. You probably won’t have to look very far, because online dating service Tinder is but a few clicks away. Just don’t bargain on find...Read More

Dispute Threatens To Taint Bongo’s Bingo

Ben Hamill - May 23, 2019

A bitter ownership dispute is threatening the future existence of the popular Bongo’s Bingo brand. Bongo’s Bingo is a true Liverpool-based success story, and over the course of the last 4+ years, the brand has grown into one o...Read More

Why The WhatsApp Hack Is A Cause For Concern

Ben Hamill - May 22, 2019

A recent WhatsApp cyber attack affecting both Apple as well as Android smart phone users is suspected to be the work of a private agency that has in the past been used by governments in order to deliver spyware. The Facebook-owned chat se...Read More

Chinese Video-Share App TikTok Hits The US

Ben Hamill - May 17, 2019

There’s a new video-sharing app on the global block and its conquering hearts wherever it goes. TikTok is originally a Chinese creation, and in China it’s known as Douyin. The app has been making its way into the US in the mos...Read More

How Tech Is Potentially Downgrading Humanity

Ben Hamill - May 17, 2019

In October last year, disaster struck as Lion Air Flight 610 crashed mere minutes after take-off. 189 people on board the Boeing 737 Max did not survive the crash. Then, on March 10, the unthinkable happened. A Boeing 737 Max belonging to...Read More

Instagram Wants To Hide Your “Like” Count

Ben Hamill - May 13, 2019

Most social media users are familiar with the feeling: the rush of blood to the head when a photograph or a video or just about any old post is “liked” by other social media users.  But photo and video sharing platform In...Read More

Kim Kardashian’s Mirrored Sunglasses Cause Poker Uproar

Ben Hamill - April 30, 2019

Fake news is now a major problem, and it is often hard to sort out the true from the false and the sublime from the ridiculous. A recent story about Kim Kardashian wearing mirrored sunglasses while playing Poker has made headlines on ente...Read More

Social Media Blurring Lines Between Gambling and Gaming

Ben Hamill - April 25, 2019

A pressing need for a better regulated gambling system in Ireland is manifesting itself in far-reaching ways, including new questions being raised about social media platforms, and specifically the fact that the system, which is essential...Read More

Facebook In Hot Water Over Micro-Targeting

Ben Hamill - April 23, 2019

Facebook’s marketing filters may have come back to bite the social media giant in a very unexpected way. A prominent law firm in Montreal, IMK LLP, has filed an application to institute a class action lawsuit against Facebook for wh...Read More

Government Not Fooled By Empty Tech-Promises

Ben Hamill - April 17, 2019

If tech giants Facebook, Google and Twitter hope to enjoy free regulatory reign in Canadian territory to the extent that they have up until now, then they had better shape up and start to take the value of the country’s democracy a ...Read More

Prince Harry Calls For Complete Fortnite Ban

Ben Hamill - April 16, 2019

It certainly seems as if the bonds of marriage has had a sobering effect; for lack of a better word; on Prince Harry, the affable Duke of Sussex. The prince recently took to his and Megan Markel’s new joint Instagram account to expr...Read More

Bret Hart’s Hall of Fame Speech Marred By Attacker

Ben Hamill - April 15, 2019

Whether it was out of anger or as a desperate attempt at short-lived fame, nobody knows for sure, but a ramped-up spectator made headlines on Saturday when he tackled Canadian wrestler Bret “The Hitman” Hart in Brooklyn, New Y...Read More

First Global Poker Awards A Golden Success

Ben Hamill - April 15, 2019

20 Trophies awarded to the absolute cream of the Poker world. And the legendary Aria in Las Vegas the charming host venue. Does there even exist anything more fanciful that that? It all went down on April 5 when the very first Global Poke...Read More

Snapchat Launches Social Gaming Feature

Ben Hamill - April 14, 2019

Popular private messaging platform Snapchat first gained popularity as a discreet messaging service allowing users the peace of mind of knowing that once a message has been viewed on the intended recipient’s screen, it is immediatel...Read More

Facebook Refuses To Confirm EU Election Policy

Ben Hamill - April 12, 2019

No-promises Zuckerberg. Facebook’s co-founder and CEO is, as always, covering for the social media platform’s wickets and refusing to really commit to anything; all the while ensuring that his words are carefully chosen in ord...Read More

WSOP Kicks Out Catherine Valdes

Ben Hamill - April 08, 2019

Social media celebrity Catherine “catrific” Valdes has expressed her deep dissatisfaction at the manner in which she was allegedly treated on the weekend by a World Series of Poker official at the World Series of Poker Bally&r...Read More

Facebook Policies Under Fire Ahead of Elections

Ben Hamill - March 26, 2019

Facebook’s privacy policies and advertising strategies have been hot topics of discussion for quite some time now. Whilst the social media giant is doing everything in its power to be seen walking the straight and narrow, especially...Read More

Social Media Gives Bingo A Brand New Lease On Life

Ben Hamill - March 07, 2019

It was around 2012 that Bingo made its first appearance as a social sub-genre on Facebook. Since then, it has exploded into a royal frenzy, and we’re not in the least bit surprised. In fact, anyone willing to give it a spin would mo...Read More

Daniel Negreanu Causes Controversy On Social Media

Ben Hamill - February 06, 2019

Daniel Negreanu appears to have opened a right royal can of worms when he recently commented on the current state of Poker, and specifically looking forward into 2019. The Canadian, who in 2014 was recognized by the Global Poker Index as ...Read More

Restaurant Bingo Hits Instagram

Ben Hamill - January 28, 2019

It’s easy to see why bingo and social media are a match made in heaven. While the game is highly social in nature and also extremely versatile, websites like Facebook and Instagram have enough of a following to take the pastime to n...Read More

DJ Solveig Under Fire For Inappropriate Ballon d’ Or Joke

Ben Hamill - December 10, 2018

Social media pages erupted into an absolute frenzy of offense after DJ Martin Solveig asked the very first female winner of the Ballon d’Or whether she knew how to twerk. The presenter later apologised to Ada Hegerberg as well as on...Read More