Vancouver’s Moth Influx No Cause For Panic

Ben Hamill - September 17, 2020

They’re not exactly butterflies and represent to many people somewhat of an “acquired taste” as far as in-house hospitality goes. And what’s worse – they’re literally all over Vancouver from seemingly o...Read More

Newfoundland Family Find An Ally In Seaweed

Ben Hamill - September 14, 2020

What had originally started out as no more than a business on the side run by Newfoundland family Terrance (49), Courtney (42), and Phoenix (11) Howell, the family now hails the unlikely answer to their financial worries brought about by ...Read More

How Denim Jeans Could Be Polluting Our Water

Ben Hamill - September 07, 2020

A trusted pair of jeans is to many people the ultimate go-to clothing item. Whether the requirement is to dress up or down, given the right accessory or t-shirt, there simply isn’t anything quite like it.  Which is why most pe...Read More

Bee Shortages Affecting Crops In B.C. & U.S.

Ben Hamill - August 03, 2020

Bees are among the hardest-working creatures on earth, ensuring the reproduction of a variety of wild and cultivated plants by pollination, thereby protecting everything from biodiversity to global food production and security. And accord...Read More

Old Alberta Wells May Become Energy Hotspots

Ben Hamill - May 09, 2020

Alberta isn’t at all happy to allow its redundant and old out-of-use crude oil wells to simply sit there now that they’re no longer in action. And since there are literally tens of thousands of these sites sprinkled all over t...Read More

Science Reports Biggest Supernova Ever Seen

Ben Hamill - April 16, 2020

have just discovered the biggest supernova ever detected, and one radiating nearly five times the amount of explosion energy released by a typical supernova. This in itself is an unprecedented occurrence when considering that the amount o...Read More

Home-Based Search For Alien Life On A Break

Ben Hamill - March 12, 2020

For the past 21 years [email protected] has been relying on personal users and their personal computers (at home!) to collect chunks of data hoping to ultimately prove; or disprove as it were; the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligent alien ...Read More

Plans for Toronto Smart City Ignite Privacy Concerns

Ben Hamill - March 03, 2020

Various privacy concerns have been raised ever since Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs (a sister-company to Google) first announced its plans for creating a “smart city” along ’s eastern waterfront area back in October of 2...Read More

New Tyrannosaurus Found in Canada

Ben Hamill - February 15, 2020

Two fossilised skulls on Canadian soil proved a charm to researchers trying to figure out what one of the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex’s cousins must have looked like when having first prowled the badlands of Alberta. Not that the gu...Read More

Climate Chaos to Blame For Bumblebee Decline

Ben Hamill - February 11, 2020

Bumblebees face an uncertain future. And according to a new study led by climate change and specifically region-specific heat waves, are to blame. Bumblebees are less abundant in areas that have become hotter in recent times and research...Read More

BC Telescope Provides Insight Into FRBs

Ben Hamill - February 01, 2020

Trying to figure out the exact nature of what they are and where they originate from is not all that different to a celestial game of Clue. Astrophysicists all around the world have been playing a cosmic game of cat and mouse ever since f...Read More

Malindi Elmore May Be Headed For Tokyo

Ben Hamill - February 01, 2020

B.C. native Malindi Elmore made her Olympic debut some 16 years ago. The year was 2004 and Elmore had qualified to run the 1,500 at the Olympic Games that was hosted by the city of Athens that year. But Elmore missed qualifying for the se...Read More

Scientists Date Dust Older Than The Sun

Ben Hamill - January 23, 2020

Whatever your personal belief system about how Earth was made or came to be, scientists believe that the material discovered inside the meteorite that crashed into Australia’s rural outlands back in 1969, is older still. So old in f...Read More