Phil Ivey To Release Royal Flush Poker NFTs

Ben Hamill - July 02, 2021

It was back in April that the World Poker Tour (WPT) decided to take an unexpected step. Namely, getting into the business of non-fungible tokens (NFTs.) Those familiar with NBA Top Shot will already know what an NFT is. Namely, a digital...Read More

Phil Ivey Teases Return To Pro Poker

Ben Hamill - June 21, 2021

As the winner of 10 World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and one of the game’s most iconic faces, every move that Phil Ivey makes is one of great interest to the Poker community. He recently sat down for a lengthy, revealing inter...Read More

Joe Ingram’s Phil Ivey Interview Digs Deep

Ben Hamill - June 15, 2021

For many Poker fans, ten-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) winner, Phil Ivey, has always been a mysterious figure. Despite being one of the most famous Poker players in history, very little is actually known about him. Throughout the cour...Read More

Backers Claim Ivey’s WSOP Money Is Theirs

Ben Hamill - September 13, 2019

Whether or not Ivey-style shenanigans are at play is anyone’s guess but backers Daniel Cates and IIIya Trincher have filed an objection to the Borgata Casino garnishee attachment order that saw more the more than $12...Read More

New Jersey Players Spot Flaw In Popular Slot

Ben Hamill - March 07, 2019

It smacks of Phil Ivey’s edge sorting shenanigans; only this time around, it isn’t Baccarat. This time around, its online slots. A group of New Jersey-based online slots players recently discovered a very nifty flaw that allow...Read More

Aria Removes Ivey’s Name From Poker Room

Ben Hamill - March 03, 2019

Phil Ivey’s glory days are over. Once the golden boy of high-stakes Poker, Ivey has managed to disgrace his good name; and possibly his good fortune too; by having committed the unforgivable sin in the casino world: stealing from th...Read More

Phil Ivey’s Edge Sorting Partner Heading to the Silver Screen

Ben Hamill - February 24, 2019

It wasn’t long ago when the world was abuzz with news of poker star Phil Ivey’s controversial edge sortingedge sorting scandals. Now, Ivey’s edge-sorting partner in crime, Cheung Yin Kelly Sun, is back in the headlines &...Read More

Borgata Going After Phil Ivey’s Nevada Assets

Ben Hamill - February 16, 2019

It’s true; some people do manage to escape and run from the reach of the law for a very long time, some even indefinitely. But what’s also true is that disgraced Poker-pro Phil Ivey isn’t one of those people. For the ben...Read More

Borgata Scrutinizes Ivey’s Nevada Assets

Ben Hamill - October 17, 2018

The Borgata’s latest filing after its longstanding is a motion to have the casino’s docket and its $10.13 million judgement filed in Nevada. It is in this US state where Ivey currently lives and has identifia...Read More

Borgata Appeals Phil Ivey Edge Sorting Ruling

Ben Hamill - October 07, 2018

The legal battle between has intensified. This comes after the famous venue reportedly filed a cross-appeal against US District Judge Noel L. Hillman’s initial 2016 ruling. Shortly before that, Ivey and co-defendant Cheung Yin Kel...Read More

Phil Ivey Ventures Back Into Live Poker

Ben Hamill - October 01, 2018

Phil Ivey is commonly regarded as one of the in the world – and also one of the planet’s strongest professional gamblers. With that said, his controversial gaming tactics have landed him in various sticky situations, one of w...Read More