Zwift Reveals Pro Cycling eSports League

Ben Hamill - January 25, 2019

January 23 marked the Facebook launch of a new pro eSports league established by multi-player training and racing platform Zwift. The London company is currently leading the gamification process of professional cycling, and in December se...Read More

OverActive’s Equity Funding Raises $22m

Ben Hamill - January 16, 2019

OverActive Media, the eSports firm behind the popular Toronto Defiant Overwatch League franchise, has been highly successful in its most recent round of equity funding. The company has reportedly raised more than $22 million through its l...Read More

Women Battling Bias in eSports

Ben Hamill - January 12, 2019

Among many of her peers, Susie Kim thinks that female gamers are definitely out there. She would know, too, being the general manager for an iconic championship eSports team. However, Kim is still not surprised that none of these ladies a...Read More

OverActive Media Signs European LoL Team

Ben Hamill - December 02, 2018

Owners of Toronto’s newest Overwatch franchise, OverActive Media Group, revealed that they have now added a European League of Legends (LoL) team to their growing eSports portfolio. The signing of the deal has come through an agree...Read More

First eSports Law Firm Launches in Canada

Ben Hamill - November 12, 2018

When it comes to , careers can be made in just a few months. Almost anyone (although they are usually younger in age) with a PC and a high level of skill in video gaming can secure themselves a million-dollar contract and huge sponsorship...Read More

Global Regulators Clamp Down on Loot Boxes

Ben Hamill - September 20, 2018

Gaming firms have been seeking out increasingly creative ways of earning extra cash from gamers over the past couple of years, and now, they have turned their sights to video games to achieve this. The sector’s latest trend is the ...Read More

Belgium Investigates EA for Loot Box Saga

Ben Hamill - September 17, 2018

The government of Belgium is reportedly conducting a criminal investigation on popular video game developer Electronic Arts (EA). The probe stems from the fact that EA has continued to offer loot boxes in its games FIFA 18 and FIFA 19, de...Read More

Belgium Game Developers Remove In-Game Loot Boxes

Ben Hamill - September 05, 2018

The loot box-gambling debate is one that seems on going, and now, the Belgian Gaming Commission’s strong negative opinions on the topic have seemingly had an impact on game developers that sell their products on local soil. Now, the...Read More

US eSports Scholarships Soar in Popularity

Ben Hamill - September 02, 2018

As eSports’ popularity continues to soar in the US and globally alike, a growing number of American colleges are beginning to offer eSports programs and scholarships to their students. However, in the UK, universities have not yet t...Read More