No Casino And Hotel For Ontario Place

Ben Hamill - June 08, 2019

Toronto’s Ontario Place will for the foreseeable future, remain casino-free. This is the latest news in a long line of developments following a push by Premier Doug Ford to include a casino as well as an accommodation hotel tower in...Read More

Toronto Calls On Ont. To Discuss OP Venue

Ben Hamill - June 07, 2019

With the decision that Toronto’s Ontario Place will remain casino-free now having been finally made and officially announced, Toronto’s provincial government has again invited Ontario to enter discussions with regards to suita...Read More

Ontario Place’s Many Contentions Continue

Ben Hamill - January 13, 2019

Ontario Place is without a doubt one of the most contentious casino projects in the Canadian province. There seems to be a constant stream of developments on its wake, and the latest worrying move for opponents of the property has been th...Read More

Ford Government Mulls Ontario Place Plans

Ben Hamill - November 21, 2018

The government of Premier Doug Ford has taken yet another step towards seizing control of the future of Ontario Place over the past week. However, some opponents are arguing against the planned redevelopment, saying that it is not necessa...Read More

Premier D. Ford Plans Ontario Place Casino

Ben Hamill - September 24, 2018

Canadian Premier Doug Ford’s plans to revamp Toronto’s waterfront has garnered plenty of interest in the gambling industry. Now, it seems that a downtown casino complex could once again be o...Read More