Toy Store Worker Bags $1M Lotto Max Win

Ben Hamill - September 08, 2022

A man from Mississauga recently discovered for himself the joy of beginner’s luck when he decided to purchase a lottery ticket for the first time in his life. Lucky Lotto winner Nathaniel Marksman bagged a massive $1 million in Maxmi...Read More

Edmonton Man Wins $17M In Lotto Draw

Ben Hamill - September 08, 2022

While a resident of Edmonton, Canada, has every reason to break out the bubbly and celebrate in a huge way after bagging a massive Lotto 6/49 Jackpot, he insists that he is a simple man, and will continue to be one. Pritpal Chahal won a st...Read More

Lucky Group Wins $100k In Encore Draw

Ben Hamill - August 24, 2022

A group of enthusiastic lottery players recently won big following their purchase of an Encore ticket from the and Gaming Corporation (OLG). The group of eight, who hail from the Greater Toronto Area, purch...Read More

Man Can’t Believe His Luck With Lotto Win

Ben Hamill - August 17, 2022

A Canadian man from Saskatchewan this week told the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) that he had checked his winning ticket eight times before he believed that he had won. Bradly Collins, a resident of Regina, won a cool $100,0...Read More

New Lotto 6/49 Jackpot Launching in September

Ben Hamill - August 16, 2022

In September 2022, Canadians will have the opportunity to play for not one, but two multi-million dollar prizes – every Wednesday and Saturday. The upcoming promotion will include the brand-new Gold Ba...Read More

Toronto Resident Wins CA$30 Million Jackpot

Ben Hamill - March 19, 2022

What can be said about winning the Lotto Max jackpot that isn’t already obvious? Patrick Hale, resident of Toronto, doesn’t have to say much of anything. Especially not considering that he is now a staggering CA$30 million riche...Read More

Loto-Quebec Q3 Repost Indicates Recovery

Ben Hamill - March 14, 2022

Canadian gaming giant and Crown corporation Loto-Quebec recently released its latest financial figures. The good news is that the corporation appears close to fiscal recovery following the unprecedented effects of the worst of the global he...Read More

High 5 Games Join Forces With Loto-Quebec

Ben Hamill - March 13, 2022

Loto-Quebec is clearly on a mission to expand its catalogue of content. The company announced that it has finalised a partnership with High 5 Games, thereby getting access to a ton of new products. This is, of course, good news for locals l...Read More

Two Manitoba Residents Now CA$1M Richer

Ben Hamill - March 09, 2022

Manitoba residents have been luckier than usual lately. At least, this pair has, having both managed to walk away with CA$1 million in their pockets. Jim Konowalchuk and Conrad Hykawy both managed to hit a million dollar lottery payout, a...Read More

Winnipeggers Strike It Big With BIG SPIN

Ben Hamill - March 08, 2022

When it comes to winning big the lottery can sometimes defy expectations. In this case a pair of Winnipeg residents went head to head with THE BIG SPIN lottery game, courtesy of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. Though, it seems as if...Read More

New Yorker Wins 2nd US$10 Million Lotto Jackpot

Ben Hamill - March 04, 2022

The chances of winning a single lottery jackpot are very slim. So, what are the chances of winning two jackpots in three years? Probably so slim as to be virtually impossible. But be that as it may, this lucky New Yorker has done exactly th...Read More

$21 Million Jackpot Won By Ontario Resident

Ben Hamill - March 02, 2022

Sometimes the lottery wins handed out in Ontario defy belief. Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) recently declared that a local will have a staggering CA$21 million injected straight into their bank account. The cash comes courtesy of Lotto 6...Read More

Relax Gaming Formally Partners With LottoLand

Ben Hamill - February 27, 2022

Relax Gaming is a well-known development studio in the world of legalized iGaming, recognized for its impressive software contributions. However, it seems as if the company is taking things to the next level. It was revealed in an announcem...Read More

Loto-Quebec Exploring Crypto As An Option

Ben Hamill - February 26, 2022

With Crown corporation Loto-Quebec known to be constantly looking for new ways to improve the offerings and services brought to the people of the province, technology has been a huge focus point for the organisation. The Crown corp. this ...Read More

Big Lotto Max Winner Finally Comes Forward

Ben Hamill - February 22, 2022

It was announced in January that a winner had been found for a massive Lotto Max jackpot. But, against expectations, the winner was not coming forward. Who wouldn’t want their more than CA$22 million? It turns out that the winner, G...Read More

CA$36 Million Jackpot Waiting To Be Claimed

Ben Hamill - February 19, 2022

Imagine knowing that CA$36 million was waiting for you, only to have lost the key to get it. That may be the case with last month’s Lotto 6/49 jackpot. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has reminded locals that an enorm...Read More

British Columbia Woman Wins CA$1 Million

Ben Hamill - February 17, 2022

What is the correct response for learning that you are an instant millionaire? No one knows for sure, but for this British Columbia woman the correct response was running out on her hair appointment. Unfortunately for her she ran out with h...Read More

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Partners With NFL

Ben Hamill - February 11, 2022

The National Football League (NFL) and Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) are now officially partners. This is big news for a number of reasons, not in the least due the fact that this is the first time an Ontario sportsbook has partnered w...Read More

New ALC Scratch And Win Promotional Concept

Ben Hamill - February 02, 2022

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) has officially introduced a new Scratch and Win ticket concept. The concept is referred to as Retro Combo 3 In 1, and as the name suggests incorporates several fun retro ideas. Those interested can pic...Read More

Pollard Banknote’s Success With Texas Lotto

Ben Hamill - January 25, 2022

North American Lottery scratch-ticket leader Pollard Banknote requires no introduction. The Canada-based industry leader is constantly growing in prominence and acclaim, and recently celebrated the incredible success the Texas Lottery has h...Read More

Big CA$70M Lotto Max Winner Steps Forward

Ben Hamill - January 21, 2022

A father from Brampton has now come forward to claim the incredible prize money awarded in the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.’s Dec. 17, 2021, Lotto Max draw. 54-year-old Manoharan Ponnuthurai says he won the incredible CA$70 millio...Read More

Saskatoon Resident Hits Big Lotto Max Draw

Ben Hamill - January 14, 2022

January 7th’s Lotto Max Jackpot prize was the result of several weeks of roll-overs. Since nobody had managed to claim the prize money for quite some time, it had increased all the way to a life-changing CA$50,000,000. An...Read More

Toronto Family Wins $44M Lotto Max Jackpot

Ben Hamill - January 11, 2022

Incredible luck has befallen an ex-couple from the city of Toronto, Canada. The couple recently discovered that they had won a massive and life-changing $44,023,273.40 in the Lotto Max draw of July 20, 2021. The ex-couple, Elizabeth and ...Read More

BCLC Reports Record Breaking Lottery Year

Ben Hamill - January 06, 2022

While 2021 has been something of a challenging year across most industries in Canada as well as the world over because of the ongoing global health crisis, it has now emerged that Lottery players across British Columbia enjoyed quite the ...Read More

Lottery Tips For Canadians

Ben Hamill - December 31, 2021

Millions of Canadians play provincial and lotteries every week. Given the number of players and possible combinations of winning numbers, the odds aren’t exactly in their favour. However, as most players know, that doesn’t mea...Read More

WCLC Significantly Expands Product Range

Ben Hamill - December 30, 2021

The Western Canadian Lottery Corporation (WCLC) and Scientific Games have been partnered for some time. But now it seems as if the partnership is paying off in a big way, with a host of new betting options t...Read More

Lotto Max Makes A New Multimillionaire

Ben Hamill - December 28, 2021

Another Ontarian has become a multimillionaire thanks to the popular Lotto Max. According to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), the player won an incredible CA$70,000,000 in the draw on 17 December. At the time of writing, ...Read More

Scratch Cards Not For Children Says BCLC

Ben Hamill - December 23, 2021

It turns out that many parents have been buying scratch tickets for their children. At least they have according to the forcing the company to remind everyone that gambling products aren’t for minors....Read More

ALC & Casino Company Everi Digital Join Forces

Ben Hamill - December 18, 2021

The (ALC) is making big strides. The company recently signed a massive content distribution partnership, meaning that offered content is about to increase significantly. The partnership struck was with the digital branch of Everi Holding...Read More

Latest eInstant Lottery Feature Debuts In BC

Ben Hamill - December 14, 2021

Instant Win Gaming (IWG) is breaking new ground yet again. The developer is known for being an industry leader as far as lottery games are concerned, providing over 250 games to numerous companies around the world. The company is also kno...Read More

Huge Lotto Max Jackpot Climbs Ever Higher

Ben Hamill - December 12, 2021

The Lotto Max jackpot has once again failed to find an owner. This is bad news for those that were hoping to be winners, but very good news for those that are still hoping to win. Of course, since the jackpot went unclaimed, it has again ...Read More

Pollard Banknote To Develop New Lottery App

Ben Hamill - December 07, 2021

Development studio Pollard Banknote, based in Manitoba, is set to create a new Minnesota Lottery app. The company made the announcement recently, having finally secured a Mobile Convenience App Development Services Contract with the entit...Read More

CA$21M Jackpot Shared Between Ontario Friends

Ben Hamill - December 02, 2021

When it comes to grabbing a lottery jackpot, most would be happy with anything above CA$1 million. But as far as these three Ontario friends are concerned, they’ll be getting significantly more than that. The lucky lottery players m...Read More

Alberta Woman Grabs CA$16.5 Million Lotto Win

Ben Hamill - November 26, 2021

It seems like barely a week goes by before another Canadian multi-millionaire is announced. The Western Canadian Lottery Corporation (WCLC) has confirmed that a lucky woman from Alberta has managed to grab a big one. It was via Lotto 6/49...Read More

Saskatoon Residents Are Lottery Lucky

Ben Hamill - November 23, 2021

Everyone loves the national lottery, of that there is no question. But most also have a healthy respect of what their chances are for hitting it big. Which is to say; the chances aren’t especially good. At least they aren’t es...Read More

Quebec Resident Wins Massive $50 Million Lotto Jackpot

Ben Hamill - November 18, 2021

Canadians have watched as the Lotto Max lottery jackpot has rolled over week after week. The amount has, of course, grown along the way, finally reaching the staggering sum of CA$50 million. It was only a matter of time before someone fin...Read More

New Lotteries Act May Hurt Gambling Addicts

Ben Hamill - November 12, 2021

New legislation for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is on the horizon, referred to as the Lotteries Act. It is currently on route to the House of Assembly, ready for a third reading, meaning that it could be implemented soon. Bu...Read More

BCLC Unveil Holiday Themed Online Casino Promotions

Ben Hamill - November 10, 2021

The holidays are going to be particularly festive if the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has anything to say about it. The company has officially launched a holiday themed online casino promotion, allowing players to grab some...Read More

OLG Reveals Q2 Payments To Municipalities

Ben Hamill - October 26, 2021

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has been an ongoing beacon of financial support for the local municipalities of Ontario. Even despite intermittent closures and capacity limits, the Crown corporation has kept up its side o...Read More

Another Lotto 6/49 Player Wins CA$10 Million

Ben Hamill - October 25, 2021

Another week and another lottery millionaire. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) announced that yet another local is to be handed multi-millions, courtesy of the popular Lotto 6/49 draw. In this case the ticket holder will be...Read More

OLG In Hot Water After Audit Results Revealed

Ben Hamill - October 20, 2021

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) was subjected to a federal audit, with the final phase having been completed in December 2020. But the results of that audit have only recently been published, and the findings are less tha...Read More

Lottery Scratch Ticket Pays Out Over CA$600k

Ben Hamill - October 18, 2021

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) have reported yet another major lottery winner. In this case it was in the Set for Life scratch card department that the win occurred, with the winners due to be paid out an impressive CA$67...Read More

ALC Now On Track For Ground-Breaking Year

Ben Hamill - October 14, 2021

It has been a difficult time for most, with the world health crisis causing dire financial hardships. But, despite these difficulties it is turning out to be a bumper year for the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC.) The company, which spe...Read More

Ontario’s Latest Lottery Millionaire Revealed

Ben Hamill - October 13, 2021

There are a number of lotteries that Ontarian residents can choose from, including Ontario 49. Ontario 49 is considered a localized alternative to Lotto 6/49, not paying out as much per draw, but available on a daily basis. In the latest ...Read More

Lottery Millionaires Yet To Claim Jackpot Win

Ben Hamill - October 11, 2021

Another week has passed and as such the national lotteries have again held their draws. It isn’t uncommon for no big winners to be declared, but in this case a pair of lucky Canadians managed to strike it lucky. The British Columbia...Read More

CA$20 Lotto Max Jackpot Keeps On Growing

Ben Hamill - October 08, 2021

The Lotto Max jackpot just keeps on growing, heading into the stratosphere. Since it was not claimed the amount has rolled over, meaning that it will now be exceeding the already impressive CA$20 million. How large it will get remains to ...Read More

Lucky Canadian Wins Second Big Lottery Prize

Ben Hamill - October 06, 2021

Many say that it is extremely unlikely to win in a lottery game, and this is indeed true to a certain extent. Some Canadians, however, manage to win not just once when playing the lottery, but twice. This is the case with 76-year-old Leo ...Read More

British Columbia Millionaire To Go Public

Ben Hamill - October 01, 2021

There is little as life changing as suddenly realising that you are $70 million richer. It is the sort of money that can buy almost anything, including and beyond an entirely new life. But, on the other hand, what if that millionaire had ...Read More

Saskatchewan Player Wins $1 Million Lottery

Ben Hamill - September 23, 2021

Wayne Gramracy’s dream of owning a new truck is coming true, thanks to his $1 million lottery win. The Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, player purchased his lucky ticket at Shoppers Drug Mart on Lillooet St. West and returned to the store t...Read More

$21 Million Lottery Ticket Scheme Bust

Ben Hamill - September 14, 2021

The United States District Court in Massachusetts has revealed that a lottery ticket scheme, which ran for over 8 years, has finally been brought down. Ali Jaafar and his sons, Mohamed and Yousef, are being charge with 12 counts of tax ev...Read More

BC Mom Lands CA$1m Maxmillion Lotto Win

Ben Hamill - September 10, 2021

For one lucky British Colombian mother, finances have certainly taken a turn for the better. It was announced by the British Colombia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) that Eiko Yamase managed to grab a Maxmillion CA$1 million prize, making her ...Read More

WCLC Announces CA$15 Million Lotto Max Winner

Ben Hamill - September 08, 2021

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) has announced another lucky winner, this time in regard to the legendary Lotto Max. The March 26th draw came up with the name Andrew Weninger, who, for some time, did not even know ...Read More

Ontario Lottery Winners Share CA$1M Jackpot

Ben Hamill - September 04, 2021

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has reported on yet another massive jackpot payout. This time the cash went to a group of work friends in Ontario, counting them all as amongst the luckiest the country. The sum in question...Read More

Quebec Resident Grabs CA$11m Lotto Prize

Ben Hamill - September 01, 2021

When it comes to lotteries, Loto-Quebec is amongst the most generous in the world. Each week another potential winner may become an instant millionaire, though they must overcome some pretty extreme odds in the process. Regardless, even w...Read More

ALC Wants To Lure Players Back Home

Ben Hamill - June 30, 2020

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) is losing upwards of CA$100 million in annual revenue to illegal foreign operators. And according to ALC president and chief executive officer Chris Keevill, the Crown corporation is doing everything...Read More

Atlantic Lottery Corp’s Online Migration Causes Job Cuts

Ben Hamill - June 29, 2020

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation says that a shift in favour of digital gaming has been the main catalyst behind its decision to lay off about 9% of its work force, or 61 employees. Folks not being permitted to enjoy in-person gaming ente...Read More

Ontario’s LHRA Says About Live Horse Races

Ben Hamill - June 08, 2020

Ontario’s horse racing industry certainly faces challenging times as it continues to try and navigate towards a public health-compliant new normal. Following a strategy similar to what Woodbine Entertainment has begun implementing, ...Read More

Atlantic Lottery Reports Online Gaming Surge

Ben Hamill - May 13, 2020

has said that it has seen a definite surge in online gaming over the course of recent weeks. The corporation puts this down to folks having been ordered to stay safe by staying at home. The surge has according to Atlantic Lottery CEO Chr...Read More

Amazon’s Interest In Gambling Is Evident

Ben Hamill - March 23, 2020

Amazon’s recent talks with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) over a possible bid for the UK National Lottery is possibly the clearest indication yet of the tech-giant’s interest in entering the global gambling industry. Local ...Read More

Good Shepherd Players Win $1M Playing Lotto

Ben Hamill - February 05, 2020

Doing good unto others; especially those who are down and out or less fortunate; acts like a boomerang and that it always comes back round. Just ask the pool of 14 co-workers at Hamilton’s Good Shepherd Centre because it’s a l...Read More

IGT Rolls Out Powerbucks In Ontario

Ben Hamill - January 29, 2020

International Game Technology (better known as IGT) is making massive progress in leaps and bounds in the world of online slots games. The latest news is particularly exciting, as IGT has just rolled out its smash-hit Powerbucks wide area...Read More

Lotto MAX Pays Out Big – Again

Ben Hamill - January 27, 2020

It certainly seems as if the lucky Brampton player who recently won the colossal CA$70 million jackpot has opened the floodgates for others to rake in their own slice of the Lottery pie. It happened ahead of the January 17th d...Read More

Lighthouse Keeper Lotto Winner Ready for Bright Future

Ben Hamill - January 24, 2020

Ivan Dubinsky, a lighthouse keeper who works near Port Hardy in British Columbia, has just claimed a $1 million nest egg in the nationwide Lotto 6/49. The draw is held every Wednesday and Saturday, after 7:30 pm Pacific Time, and offers a...Read More

OLG Does Its Bit For Local Communities

Ben Hamill - January 24, 2020

The OLG has been an on going boon of financial support to the communities hosting its various casinos and gaming venues across Ontario. Canadian casino legislation determines that all operators donate regular allocations to their individu...Read More

BCLC Offers GameSense For Free To North America

Ben Hamill - January 21, 2020

Lining up a unified Lottery games community of partners with a shared commitment to player health. Such is the nature of the motivation behind the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s decision to permit all members of the North Am...Read More

National Lottery Hacker To Serve Prison Time

Ben Hamill - January 20, 2020

No crime is ultimately without a victim. And nobody should ever think that they’d end up just automatically getting away with it, even if the crime in question was committed online. So cautioned National Crime Agency (NCA) senior in...Read More

Lottoland Launches Its Very 1st Sports Book

Ben Hamill - January 15, 2020

Online Lottery betting giant Lottoland has confirmed having sealed a deal whereby the operator will for the first time ever be in a position to offer sports betting offerings to its customer base. Lottoland recently confirmed that as a di...Read More

Two Men Arrested For Attempted Lotto Fraud

Ben Hamill - January 10, 2020

Winning the Lottery is a stroke of luck not destined to befall everyone during their lifetime. People embrace a variety of good-luck superstitions and charms in an attempt to make those winning numbers drop and some have even claimed repe...Read More

Lotto 6/49 Winners Aim To Stay Down To Earth

Ben Hamill - January 04, 2020

Big lottery wins are almost always life-changing events. As exciting as they are, they can also bring their fair share of challenges. Winners can have friends and relatives demand money, and can spend irresponsibly until their fortune ...Read More

BCLC Appoints New Chief Financial Officer

Ben Hamill - January 03, 2020

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has appointed Alan Kerr as the new Chief Financial Officer as well as the new Finance & Corporate Services Vice President. His official duties, which he’ll discharge from the BCLC head...Read More

15 Friends To Share In Lotto Prize Pool Win

Ben Hamill - January 02, 2020

Office Lottery pools are exceptionally popular among Lotto enthusiasts, mainly because these enable players to increase their chances of winning as a result of either being able to afford to play more often, or getting in on the action o...Read More

What Type of Lottery Player are You?

Ben Hamill - December 28, 2019

As social beings, people are interested not only in what their fellow humans are doing, but in how and why they are doing it. Professional (and armchair) anthropologists study different behaviours and try to put reasons and numbers to ...Read More

The Different Lottery Types Explained

Ben Hamill - December 27, 2019

Lotteries have been popular games for hundreds of years, so the fact that different varieties have developed is unsurprising. The market is full, but most games fall into 1 of 5 main categories outlined, below. Read More&helli...Read More

Crazy Lottery Spending Sprees

Ben Hamill - December 26, 2019

While choosing winning lottery numbers can be difficult, for many players this is actually the easy part. Deciding how to spend their payouts is where they run into issues. There are many stories of successful ticketholders who blow th...Read More

2019’s Biggest Slots Payouts

Ben Hamill - December 25, 2019

2019 is drawing to an end, and it has certainly been a busy year for online casinos and their players. Some truly remarkable jackpots have been won so far this year – and there are still a few weeks left, so more cou...Read More

Amazing and inspiring Stories of Lotto Wins

Ben Hamill - December 25, 2019

Buying a lottery ticket, carefully checking the numbers, celebrating your win and then claiming your prize is exciting enough. However, the stories of when the simple process has a few unexpected twists in it can make the payouts seem ...Read More

OLG Joins The Ranks Of Top Integrity Force

Ben Hamill - December 24, 2019

The Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation (OLG) has become the 33rd global organisation and only the 2nd Canadian entity to have joined international Lottery and sports betting integrity watchdog GLMS (Global L...Read More

Making New Year’s Resolutions That Stick

Ben Hamill - December 23, 2019

New year’s resolutions: good or bad idea? This is a surprisingly contentious issue for people, especially near the end of the year. Almost everyone is familiar with that burning desire to start the new year off “be...Read More

Game-Changing Lottery Innovations

Ben Hamill - December 23, 2019

Lottery games have been popular for hundreds of years; Keno slips dating all the way back to Han Dynasty have been found in China and the importance of the lottery for civil works in Europe dates back to Augustus Caesar. Today the gam...Read More

SG Secures 4-Year Ohio Lottery Contract

Ben Hamill - December 16, 2019

Scientific Games has announced itself to be the lucky beneficiary of a 4-year contract deal awarded to it by the Ohio Lottery Commission. The deal involves Scientific Games supplying to the National Lotto its full-house instant game ma...Read More

Spain’s Amazing Christmas Lotto

Ben Hamill - December 15, 2019

It’s the second oldest Lottery in the world; beat to the time post by the Netherlands’ De Lotto only; having survived a civil war and even an outbreak of global influenza that wiped out millions; and nothing says Christmas ...Read More

Multi-Million Arizona Lotto Ticket Unclaimed

Ben Hamill - December 13, 2019

Folks lucky enough to win millions playing the Lottery mostly get to sample the sweet taste of victory but once in their lifetime, whilst many others never do. But there’s a third category also, and it’s hard to decide if t...Read More

Pollard Banknote Acquires mkodo Limited

Ben Hamill - December 12, 2019

Some significant business deals have been inked lately, and its interesting to note that the latest of these relate to the Lotto industry; not unlike many of the other recent big-name deals. Breaking news is that Pollard Banknote has o...Read More

Big Lotto Wins Hurting Ticket Sales

Ben Hamill - December 11, 2019

Playing Multistate Lottery games like Powerball and Mega Millions is generally an activity enjoyed with a single goal in mind: to win the jackpot. Nobody in their right mind would enjoy playing the Lotto for the sake of playing and not...Read More

The Superstitions That Help Us Win The Lotto

Ben Hamill - December 07, 2019

You just gotta love superstitions. And especially the colourful, interesting and at times absolutely whacky ones perpetuated by Lottery players as their personal secrets to jackpot success. And its not only Lotto players who hold on to...Read More

How the OLG Gives Back

Ben Hamill - December 06, 2019

We love to play the Lotto and we love to play games. But how often do we actually think about where all of the money ends up going? Obviously, a large chunk of the money generated by Lotto ticket sales and other games end up going back...Read More

Loto-Quebec Under Fire Over Wages

Ben Hamill - December 03, 2019

Doug Ford isn’t the only power-that-be with a special interest in how our Lotto overlords are choosing to spend taxpayers’ money. Much of the same of what has been happening in the land of the OLG is also going down in the ...Read More

Quebec Player Nabs Millions In Lotto MAX

Ben Hamill - December 02, 2019

A very lucky Quebec resident will have no worry in the world this silly season following the Lotto MAX November 26 draw. CA$50 million gets you quite the Christmas party, after all! The lucky player matched all of the numbers generated...Read More

Lottoland Limited Creates Separate B2B Leg

Ben Hamill - November 29, 2019

Leading online Lottery games provider Lottoland Limited has announced that it has officially rebranded its business-to-business division as a separate industry entity. Alot Solutions Limited will going forward be managed by its own tea...Read More

MUSL Settles With Eddie Tipton Lotto Victim

Ben Hamill - November 28, 2019

Lottery-rigging fraudster Eddie Tipton’s 2011 stunt at “fixing” the Multistate Lottery Association’s (MUSL) Hot Lotto draw saw to it that a legitimate winner; one by the name of “Lucky” Larry Dawson;...Read More

Lightning Box Launches With Loto-Quebec

Ben Hamill - November 27, 2019

Top Australian slots studio Lightning Box has just signed in on a deal that ticks all of the boxes on an expansion dream come true. The company has, thanks to an integration deal with SG Digital, concluded a games distribution agreemen...Read More

Richmond Player Celebrates A Lotto Birthday

Ben Hamill - November 27, 2019

Richmond Lottery player Marlon Coronado won’t be likely to forget his 36th birthday. The lucky man celebrated another year in the land of the living right ahead of the Lotto 6/49 draw that saw him win a fantastic CA$1 ...Read More

Ford To Ensure OLG’s Affairs Are Above Board

Ben Hamill - November 26, 2019

The fact that Ontario Lottery & Gaming (OLG) CEO Stephen Rugby recently saw it fit to spend money on a complete redesign of his office as well as on the construction of a massive boardroom most probably had a great deal to do with ...Read More

Gold TV ISP Ruling May Mean iGaming Changes

Ben Hamill - November 25, 2019

A recent federal court ruling stipulating that local Canadian ISPs are to block all online traffic to and from Gold TV may mean significant implications for local and foreign online gaming providers. Gold TV has officially been added t...Read More

Scratch Cards Setting Guinness Book of World Records

Ben Hamill - November 21, 2019

If there’s one itch that demands to be scratched, it’s without a doubt the Lottery scratch off itch! Scratch Off tickets are very popular, mainly because of the fact that they are quite cheap and readily available at just a...Read More

Ontario Group Wins CA$1 Million Lotto 6/49 Prize

Ben Hamill - November 19, 2019

Ontario has become known as the land of big Lotto wins. No surprises there either given the fact that Canadians have been literally pocketing millions each week playing popular Lottery games Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49. The latter, especi...Read More

Jamaican Lottery Scam Costs Woman Life Savings

Ben Hamill - November 15, 2019

Edna Schmeets, a 90-year-old woman living in North Dakota, has lost her entire life savings to a Jamaican lottery scam. In a compelling case for players to make sure that they purchase their lottery tickets from reputable land-based an...Read More

BC Winners Disbelieving Of Lotto Luck

Ben Hamill - November 13, 2019

Two separate draws made for much disbelief recently in British Columbia and this is exactly how it tends to go when folks discover that they’ve actually won a life-changing sum of money by playing the Lotto. Kenneth and Susan Salte...Read More

Canada’s Unclaimed Lottery Jackpots

Ben Hamill - November 09, 2019

It’s a strange and baffling notion indeed to think that a Lottery win would go unclaimed. Especially when that win runs into the millions. And yet, according to operators all over Europe and even the world, it happens more often ...Read More

2 More Lotto MAX Big Wins Announced In B.C.

Ben Hamill - November 06, 2019

Lottery excitement is at an all time high in the provinces as Lotto MAX continues to do its thing. British Columbia is the focus at present as there are currently not one, but two, big draw jackpot prizes awaiting the claim. Lottery pr...Read More

Quebec Players Treated To Super Jackpot Wins

Ben Hamill - October 31, 2019

Quebec players are treated to the very best that the casino games, Lottery and Poker world has to offer. Poker recently paid it forward to one of its loyal players when Fadi Seeman grabbed hold of a really lucky opport...Read More

Loto-Quebec’s Latest Report Reveals Player Preferences

Ben Hamill - October 30, 2019

Canadian operator Loto-Quebec has released its latest financial and revenue report. According to the first-half of 2019/2020 assessment, Quebec players are now more than ever before choosing to spend time and money on casino gaming ent...Read More

Scientific Games & BCLC Ink Extended Deal

Ben Hamill - October 29, 2019

Scientific Games will be providing the BCLC with its range of tech products and support services for another 5 years, a recent press release confirmed. This thanks to the two parties having recently entered into an extended contract th...Read More

Michigan Grandfather Wins $80M Powerball

Ben Hamill - October 28, 2019

Michigan resident and grandfather of 21 Phillip Chippewa has always deemed himself to be rich with family, despite not having had all the world’s riches at his disposal. But now that the 54-year-old family man has won $80 million...Read More

Quebec Celebrates Two Massive Lotto Wins

Ben Hamill - October 27, 2019

It hits when you least expect it to. Pure Lotto magic. Which is part of what makes Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 so exceptionally popular among Canadians. The world was out for days as to the unknown identity of Quebec’s latest Lotter...Read More

Casino Contributions Support Municipalities

Ben Hamill - October 24, 2019

Many people don’t realise that much of what they see in terms of improved road infrastructure, general repairs to roads, the beatification of cities even, are funded by casinos and other gambling organisations such a...Read More

Exes Wage War Over Lotto Winnings

Ben Hamill - October 23, 2019

Winning the Lottery is supposed to be an outright joyous celebration. And the truth is, 99% of the time it is. Unless you’re Maurice Thibeault or Denise Robertson from Chatham. The former pair has been going at a legal dispute ev...Read More

Player From Quebec Yet To Claim CA$32M Win

Ben Hamill - October 22, 2019

Milton player Subramaniam Jeyakumaran is literally rolling in the dough following the October 9 Lotto 6/49 draw that saw him bagging a hefty CA$25 million jackpot. But the lucky player displayed a financially responsible attitude by ta...Read More

Quebec Lotto Winners Rolling In the Money

Ben Hamill - October 17, 2019

Quebec Lotto players have really been living it up in Lotto 6/49 land, and this Thanksgiving had just a little bit extra to be grateful for, following the recently spate of big-money wins to have befallen the province’s residents...Read More

CGA Wins Motion To Intervene In ALC Appeal

Ben Hamill - October 16, 2019

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) is exceptionally pleased with the country’s Supreme Court’s decision that the association will be allowed to intervene in the matter between the Atlantic Lottery Corporation Inc. (ALC) an...Read More

EuroMillions Pays Out Largest Jackpot Ever

Ben Hamill - October 13, 2019

Tuesday night’s EuroMillions draw started off just like any other. Many assumed that the roll-over jackpot would yet again do the same; having rolled over a total of 4 times in a row since it was last won on July 11. But the draw...Read More

Lotto Winner Waits 10 Months Before Claiming

Ben Hamill - October 11, 2019

A Lotto 6/49 winner spent some 10 months checking and double checking her winning ticket before approaching Saskatchewan Lotteries in order to claim her CA$248,296.10 in jackpot prize money. One Duc Tran from Saskatchewan had purchased...Read More

Alberta Residents Celebrate Big Lotto Wins

Ben Hamill - October 10, 2019

What a time to be alive and living in Alberta. Weekly Lotto draws are all the rage right now and Canadians are literally walking away with millions of dollars in their pockets every single week. Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX are two of the ...Read More

OLG Satisfied With Annual Performance

Ben Hamill - October 09, 2019

The Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation (OLG) has released its latest financial standing and happily reports that not only has the past year been the makings of it meeting its corporate targets, but also exceeding those targets by...Read More

Calgary Player Confirmed $65M Lotto Winner

Ben Hamill - October 08, 2019

A very lucky Lottery enthusiast from Calgary has just entered the history books as having landed one of the largest jackpot wins ever secured on Canadian soil. The size of the jackpot is also a new record for the province of Alberta. T...Read More

Instant Games Are Warming Canadians’ Hearts

Ben Hamill - October 07, 2019

Instant win scratch card Lottery games are a thing. And its certainly not difficult to see why either, especially considering the massive wins regularly claimed by Canadian Lotto players. Themed instant win Lottery games are especially...Read More

WCLC Commissions New Native App From mkodo

Ben Hamill - October 07, 2019

The WCLC is getting in line with the times and this time round is thanks to the sterling expertise of a team of top app developers by the name of mkodo. The development team will for the benefit of the WCLC created a full-function reta...Read More

Creative CityPlace Resident Has A Lotto Plan

Ben Hamill - October 05, 2019

Torontonians are well known for their hospitable nature and a true sense of community. One Torontonian has dreamt up a rather genius plan for uniting his local CityPlace neighbourhood with the help of weekly Lottery draws. Alphonso Nguy...Read More

Couple Leads the Way By Striking Lottery Gold

Ben Hamill - October 04, 2019

A classic 1966 Jaguar XKE has the name of one half of a very lucky Port Alberni couple written all over it. Harold and Madelaine are now able to turn their wildest dreams and desires into a reality because the Port Alberni couple are the...Read More

Lottery Luck Strikes Three Times In One Place

Ben Hamill - October 02, 2019

Loto-Quebec recently revealed the identity of another big winner, but this winner is a little more unusual than most. Jeannine L’Esperance Drolet has just bagged her third big lottery jackpot win. That’s right, it’s win...Read More

Langley Couple Discover Lotto Win Months On

Ben Hamill - October 02, 2019

The majority of Lottery enthusiasts will agree that if any one thing is capable of unleashing a royal wave of panic then it’s the thought of a massive win ticket expiring because of a no-claim. But the other side of the coin is true...Read More

Lotto MAX May Soon Reach CA$70 Million

Ben Hamill - October 01, 2019

It’s no use waiting around to be burgled by a charming burglar when looking for love. One actually has to leave the house. The same logic applies to winning the Lottery. You actually have to buy a ticket. And there really is no tim...Read More

Why We Love Playing The Lottery

Ben Hamill - September 30, 2019

Granted, the probability of winning a Lottery jackpot prize is significantly smaller than most other games of chance but even so, when that big-win money does hit all the way home, it changes life as we know it in the blink of an eye. Th...Read More

Instant-Win Lotto Games Making Headlines

Ben Hamill - September 27, 2019

Canadians have been smiling all the way to the bank following weekly big cash Lottery jackpot wins. Lottery scratch card games have been making headlines all over the country and are proving especially popular among Canadian nationals; a...Read More

Lotto Winner Claims Prize Despite Tech Mishap

Ben Hamill - September 26, 2019

When Jason Bernier recently decided to make use of a mobile app to buy and scratch away at an online instant-win Lottery ticket he discovered that he had won a tremendous windfall totalling CA$1,000 every week for the rest of his life. B...Read More

Lotto MAX Winner Acted On Gut Feeling

Ben Hamill - September 20, 2019

Its quite prominent, and even to the point of being uncanny, how often big-jackpot Lottery winners refer to having had a “gut feeling” about a specific draw or set of numbers. Roblin resident Dianna Bahrey is especially pleas...Read More

Lotto 6/49 And MAX Players Too Lucky For Words

Ben Hamill - September 18, 2019

A big Lotto or instant scratch card win can change a life. Even though it sometimes at first appears way too good to be true. Just ask William and Margaret Dumas, a couple from Thompson. The couple recently won a massive cash windfall pl...Read More

Mattawa Man And Others Celebrate Lotto Wins

Ben Hamill - September 18, 2019

A family from Ontario has had their lives changed for the better thanks to the recent September 11 Lotto 6/49 draw. Mattawa resident Robert Jupp has bagged the jackpot win of CA $5 million. Jupp wasted no time before heading on down to t...Read More

MLB-Lotto Partnership Unveils Baseball Bucks

Ben Hamill - September 17, 2019

Introducing Baseball Bucks. It’s the next best thing to just about anything and it’s the result of a partnership between the MLB and Lottery tech-company EquiLottery. The premise is simple and at the same time exciting and in...Read More

Greg Moore Appointed BCLC Acting President

Ben Hamill - September 15, 2019

British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) board director Greg Moore will be the man occupying the hot seat in the organisation’s top management structure during the coming months. Moore has temporarily stepped down from his board...Read More

Lottery Games Turn Canadians Into Winners

Ben Hamill - September 15, 2019

Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 have turned Canadians into a Lottery-crazed people. Its no surprise either, considering the incredible cash jackpots won every week. Both games feature regular weekly draws and each week the names of more lucky p...Read More

Lucky Bus Drivers Bag CA$1M Guaranteed Prize

Ben Hamill - September 13, 2019

Surrey residents Arlana Morse and James McLauchlan spend a lot of time together. Both are bus drivers and derive great joy from the fact that they get to move their passengers around the city in a safe and effective way. But their spendi...Read More

IGT Inks 7-Year Deals With Mississippi Lotto

Ben Hamill - September 11, 2019

IGT has inked a new 7-year supply deal with the Mississippi Lottery Corporation. This is in addition to its existing similar-term contract. The latest deal involves the supply of mainly instant-win ticket systems, distribution channels a...Read More

ALC Warns Players of Technical Glitch

Ben Hamill - September 11, 2019

A technical system glitch is causing a bit of excitement on the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) front. Lotto MAX winners residing in the Atlantic regions will have to wait just a little longer than usual in order to successfully verif...Read More

$60M Winner Played Same Numbers For 30 Years

Ben Hamill - September 10, 2019

If ever there was an argument in favour of solid consistency, then this one take’s the cake as well as the candles. The Canadian landscaper who recently showed up at the offices of the WCLC a few days short of two months before the ...Read More

Record Prize Awarded To BCLC Jackpot Seller

Ben Hamill - September 05, 2019

B.C. resident Verna Holmes owns the Seafair Smoke and Mixers smoke shop on No. 1 Richmond and has been serving the local retail market for going on all of 35 years. Which makes it all the more special and befitting that she should have b...Read More

Washington DC Says Yes To Sports Betting

Ben Hamill - September 04, 2019

Washington DC is officially joining the sports betting party. Just days ago, the District of Columbia Lottery announced that sports enthusiasts would soon be able to legally wager on sports events and competitions. According to DC Lotter...Read More

Loto-Quebec Lives Up To Budget Expectations

Ben Hamill - September 03, 2019

Loto-Quebec remains at the top of its game despite a slight decline in Lotto MAX ticket sales as result of fewer multi-million jackpots having been paid out over the course of the last 12 months. But despite the decline, the operator stil...Read More

$60 Million Lotto MAX Winner Knew All Along

Ben Hamill - September 02, 2019

There’s a lot to be said for remaining cool-headed to the point of winning CA$60 million and then waiting 10 months before cashing in, and all in the spirit of wanting to mull things over so as to ensure a responsible approach. The...Read More

CA$60M Winner Steps Forward After 10 Months

Ben Hamill - August 30, 2019

An Edmonton player who 10 months ago became one of the luckiest people alive after having won one of the biggest Lottery prizes in the history of Lotto MAX has finally come forward to lay claim to the prize money. A Lotto win is only a do...Read More

$5M BCLC Lotto Win Must Still Be Claimed

Ben Hamill - August 27, 2019

There appears to be no end to what Lottery games Lotto 6/49 and the equally popular Lotto MAX have to offer. And, says the BCLC, there is a brand new supposedly unsuspecting $5 million-strong millionaire roaming the streets of Nanaimo fol...Read More

Kid Reassures New Lotto Millionaire Mom

Ben Hamill - August 23, 2019

Children are often wise beyond their years. This certainly proved true for a couple from Saint-David-de-Falardeau. Pamela Fradette and Michael Lapointe recently cashed in on a superb CA$1 million Lottery jackpot prize, but not before the...Read More

IGT Expands Minnesota Lottery Supply Deal

Ben Hamill - August 20, 2019

IGT, thanks to an extended service agreement having been signed with the Minnesota State Lottery, will be providing its tech-services to the latter for a further period of 3 years. The casino and Lottery tech supplier will serve the Lott...Read More

Lottery Cottage Winners Dream Turns To Nightmare

Ben Hamill - August 20, 2019

It was in May of 2018 when a couple in Nova Scotia won the lotto prize of their dreams: a luxury cottage, which was won in the QEII Foundation lottery. However, since then the pair’s dream has turned into more of a nightmare, with t...Read More

Canada Revels In The Lottery Money

Ben Hamill - August 13, 2019

One can hardly even believe the magnitude of the Lottery and slots jackpots currently falling down like rain on various Canadian provinces. Just ask slots player Brenda Lloyd, a player from Lloydminster. Lloyd is officially CA$1.8 million...Read More

Lottery Games Cause Cash Fever In Quebec

Ben Hamill - August 12, 2019

Quebec has become a regular Lottery land of milk and honey. It’s been a absolute win-fest for locals thanks to top Lottery games Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX. Lotto MAX is way ahead of the global Lotto popularity pack thanks to the shee...Read More

Money Management Skills Crucial for Lotto Winners

Ben Hamill - August 10, 2019

Winning the Lottery is supposed to be; and certainly can be; a life-changing event that literally lasts for life. And especially so when we’re talking sums of cash running into multiple millions. But the tragic truth is that for man...Read More

Canada Celebrates Major Lotto Wins

Ben Hamill - August 09, 2019

The second week of August 2019 is positioned to go down in history as one of the most successful weeks in the history of Canadian Lotteries. Thanks to the cash jackpots paid out by operators Loto-Quebec, the British Columbia Lottery Corpo...Read More

Pennsylvania Lottery Posts Record Profits

Ben Hamill - August 08, 2019

The Pennsylvania Lottery has been having its cake and eating it too. And if the latest revenue report is anything to go buy, then the digital online marketplace is once again responsible for the bulk of the operator’s sterling succe...Read More

$60M Lotto Jackpot Remains Unclaimed

Ben Hamill - August 05, 2019

The excitement continues to mount in Lotto circles as the July 26th $60 million Lotto 6/49 big-jackpot winner continues to fail to step forward and claim is or her winnings. Players often forget to check the numbers on their ti...Read More

Winnipeg Dad Honours Lotto Vow With Son

Ben Hamill - August 02, 2019

It’s one thing to make a promise of sharing one’s Lottery winnings with someone else on the off chance of such a wondrous thing actually ever coming to pass. But it’s quite another to make good on that promise when it ac...Read More

Loto-Quebec Signs Exciting New Inspired Deal

Ben Hamill - July 31, 2019

Loto-Quebec has confirmed having inked yet another milestone deal and this time round it will enable the operator to offer a range of casino and virtual sports betting games and offerings developed and managed by Inspired Entertainment. T...Read More

BCLC Releases Record Figures For 2018-2019

Ben Hamill - July 26, 2019

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation recently released its latest revenue and income figures and as it turns out, a collective sigh of relief is perfectly in order. The BCLC, despite having noticed and reported a slight decline in the...Read More

One Londoner Now CA$9.1M Richer Says OLG

Ben Hamill - July 24, 2019

Residents of London, Ontario had better drop what they’re doing and make good on checking their Lotto 6/49 numbers against those generated by the Saturday 20th draw. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has announce...Read More

Pharmacy Worker Shouts With Lotto Joy

Ben Hamill - July 22, 2019

Its not exactly the norm to hear shouts of abundant joy coming from your local pharmacy. And yet, this was the very scene that recently played itself out at a local pharmacy in Gatineau. There was just no stopping the shouts of glee when ...Read More

Biggest Scratch Card Ever Debuts In Britain

Ben Hamill - July 22, 2019

Nothing says “I was born British” quite like pork pot pie, Yorkshire pudding and a propensity to profusely apologise even when one isn’t at all in the wrong. A recent addition to the list, confirmed as worthy of being as...Read More

UK To Decide On Legal Age For Scratch Cards

Ben Hamill - July 18, 2019

In many world countries, 18 is the magic number; whether it is to consume alcohol, to gamble or to drive. The UK is no exception. Except for playing the Lotto that is. In the UK, one is considered ready to participate in National Lottery ...Read More

Court Rules Against Casinos In Lottery Suit

Ben Hamill - July 17, 2019

Pennsylvania State is reaping oddball rewards following a gesture of leniency made in favour of casinos and the state’s national Lottery operator. The state in 2017 legalised online slots as well as online Lottery games, and it wasn...Read More

Ottawa Man Plans To Invest Bulk Of Lotto Win

Ben Hamill - July 16, 2019

What better way to ensure that one is able to retire on time and to do so in comfort too than by winning the 6/49 Jackpot Lottery draw? Just ask already retired Ottawa citizen and self-professed regular Lotto player Richard Sobkowicz. The...Read More

Massachusetts To Host First Lottery Week

Ben Hamill - July 15, 2019

The very first Lottery ticket sold in the state of Massachusetts was sold in 1972. Which is why its quite surprising that for the first time ever this year, the state will be celebrating the positive impact that Lotteries are having; and ...Read More

BCLC VP Robert Kroeker Steps Down

Ben Hamill - July 11, 2019

The first of the heads connected to British Columbia’s money laundering nightmare has started to roll, albeit this time round supposedly self-inflicted. The BCLC has announced that its Vice President of Corporate Compliance, Robert ...Read More

Twin River Outraged By IGT Rhode Island Deal

Ben Hamill - July 10, 2019

If a new 20-year no-bid state Lottery deal currently being pushed forward by Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo were to be signed sealed and accepted, it will not only create a monopoly in favour of terminal and service provider IGT, but...Read More

Lucky Couple Tell of Their CA$15M Lotto Win

Ben Hamill - July 09, 2019

When Lotto enthusiasts and business owners Kim and Michael Verkerk, regular Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 players from Sundre (Alberta), got back home on the day of their having purchased a ticket that would ultimately turn out to be worth CA$...Read More

Next Triple Crown Stop – Prince Of Wales

Ben Hamill - July 06, 2019

The 160th Queen’s Plate trophy is in the bag and the honour of winning this historical event this year went to 3-year old Thoroughbred One Bad Boy. The horse, jockeyed by Flavian Prat, finished in 1st...Read More

Florida Government Vetoes Lotto Ticket Warnings

Ben Hamill - July 04, 2019

It’s no secret that national Lotteries officially contribute more towards providing affordable healthcare and education than what most local governments are able to. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is acutely aware of the fact, especi...Read More

WCLC Iqaluit, Rankin Lotto Terminals Suffer Outage

Ben Hamill - July 02, 2019

A network upgrade intended to serve the Western Canada Lottery Corporation’s Iqaluit and Rankin Inlet communities in a more efficient manner backfired ever so slightly when players from the local communities were unable to purchase ...Read More

Court Rules Against Colorado Lotto Claim

Ben Hamill - June 27, 2019

Boulder resident Amir Massihzadeh should thank his lucky stars for having been permitted to hold on the $568,990 that was received by him as a settlement portion of his initial $4.8 million Colorado Jackpot Lottery win, and has been advis...Read More

Oregon Lottery Chooses SBTech As Bet Partner

Ben Hamill - June 24, 2019

The US state of Oregon could see a legalised sports betting market in full swing by September. Eager to launch a host of retail and mobile online products, Oregon State Lottery has contracted the services of sports betting tech giant SBTe...Read More

SG Corp Renews Fremantle TV Game Show Rights

Ben Hamill - June 24, 2019

When talking entertaining Lottery games it’s hard to find a team more dedicated to the cause than Scientific Games (SG). Over the years, SG has come up with more than 100 Lottery games featuring Fremantle’s legendary TV shows ...Read More

Loto-Quebec Revenue Breaks Records

Ben Hamill - June 24, 2019

Loto-Quebec President Lynne Roiter hasn’t much of a care in the world as it stands in business at the moment. Especially not after the provincial Lottery operator recently revealed a 3.1% year-on-year increase in terms of overall re...Read More

How Lotteries Offer An Alternative Support System

Ben Hamill - June 17, 2019

Lotteries all over the world have become experts at boosting their jackpots. During October of last year, to name but one of many examples, a woman from North Carolina won a heart-stopping $1.6 billion playing Mega Millions. Lotteries lik...Read More

BC Lottery Retailers In Hot Water Over ID Checks

Ben Hamill - June 15, 2019

British Columbia has strict age-related lottery and gambling restrictions in place, but retailers are coming under fire for not enforcing them. Since 2016, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation or BCLB has issued warnings to several of...Read More

Man Wins Powerball Thanks To Fortune Cookie

Ben Hamill - June 15, 2019

Many of us would not even think about actually playing the “lucky Lottery numbers” often found on the inside of a fortune cookie. But judging by the story of how a retiree from North Carolina won $344.6 million playing the Pow...Read More

Pennsylvania Casinos Call For iLottery Games Removal

Ben Hamill - June 13, 2019

Pennsylvania’s casinos want regulators to do away with what they have described as “slot-style” iLottery games offered by online Lottery operators. The casinos are of the opinion that the games are too close for comfort ...Read More

The Story Of The Powerball Scam Now A Book

Ben Hamill - June 13, 2019

Anyone who has wondered whether a national Lottery has ever been scammed out of millions will enjoy a new book that has just hit the shelves. The book details how famous fraudster Eddie Tipton had very almost managed to defraud America&rs...Read More

SG Plans To Expand Lottery In North America

Ben Hamill - June 10, 2019

If there’s any one reason behind Scientific Games Corporation’s success, it’s because it is a business that tends to really read its markets and customers for any tendencies or changes. And it’s for the very same r...Read More

Quebec AG Surprised By Loto-Quebec Salaries

Ben Hamill - June 09, 2019

Some of Quebec province’s most prominent Crown corporations may not be in the position to be offering the extravagant salaries that they have to up until this point to their top hands in leadership positions. In fact, the scope of t...Read More

WCLC’s $500k Scratch Ticket Makes History

Ben Hamill - June 09, 2019

The Western Canadian Lottery Corporation (WCLC) understands that player engagement paves the road to success. The WCLC, in partnership with Pollard Banknote Ltd., has launched a number of very popular instant-win Lottery scratch card comp...Read More

Lotto Winner Says He Won’t Stop Working

Ben Hamill - June 07, 2019

According to Filipino and Surry resident Vito Halasan, who now permanently lives in Canada and works as a janitor, he won’t be quitting his job anytime soon despite having won CAD$7 million in the Lotto 6/49. The Surrey resident&rsq...Read More

Supreme Court To Rule On ALC Class Suit

Ben Hamill - June 06, 2019

Musgrave Harbour resident Fred Small says his application to institute a class action lawsuit against the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) with regards to its Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) is more than a mere attempt to call a corporat...Read More

mkodo Confirms Associated WLA Membership

Ben Hamill - June 04, 2019

Apps and digital user experience supplier mkodo is living proof that hard work and commitment towards the industry of one’s trade always pays off in the end. The company recently announced that it was proud to confirm its having bee...Read More

Winning Lotto Ticket A Mother’s Day Gift

Ben Hamill - May 24, 2019

A woman from North Carolina was recently treated to just about the best Mother’s Day gift that anyone could ask for. Veilka Roman has her sister to thank for the what she has described as “the gift of a lifetime” as it w...Read More

WCLC Announces Bigger Better Lotto MAX

Ben Hamill - May 21, 2019

Lotto MAX players want more Lotto and more jackpots and the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) is about to give them what they have asked for. Lotto MAX, one of most popular Lottery games in Canada, is undergoing a major revamp and...Read More

May 4 LottoMax Winner Yet To Claim CA$2M

Ben Hamill - May 21, 2019

Winnipeg has an unsuspecting millionaire on the loose. According to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC), a winning ticket to the tune of CA$2 million remains unclaimed, following a May 4 Lottery draw. The corporation has taken t...Read More

Lotto Max Player Continues To Deny Pool-Scam

Ben Hamill - May 20, 2019

The Surrey Lotto Max player who made news headlines a number of months back when he had supposedly scammed his co-workers out of a shared prize pool, is sticking to his story that his co-workers were in fact not entitled share in the proc...Read More

Loto-Quebec Class Action Denied Yet Again

Ben Hamill - May 19, 2019

Martha Karras, a disgruntled Lottery player from Montreal, has had her application to institute a class-action lawsuit against Lottery operator Loto-Quebec, turned down for a second time; this time around by Superior Court judge Pierre No...Read More

Zeal Posts Positive Outlook Despite Revenue Dip

Ben Hamill - May 16, 2019

Frankfurt-listed Lottery broker-operator Zeal Network has posted positive figures despite a massive drop in revenue income. The roughly €7 million year-on-year decline in revenue is something that wasn’t completely out of the b...Read More

The ALC Wants You To Park For Free For A Day

Ben Hamill - May 14, 2019

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation wants to make life easier, if just for a day. The ALC recently approached St. John’s Council, asking to rent 100 parking spaces for a day. But renting the space wasn’t all there was to it. The ...Read More

Husband Unbelieving Of Wife’s Lotto Win

Ben Hamill - May 13, 2019

Allan Coe, the husband of a Lottery winner from Creighton in Saskatchewan, was so surprised at having been informed by his son that his (Allan’s) wife had just won $1,000,000 in the Saskatchewan Lottery thanks to a Western Max ticke...Read More

Surprising Lottery Stories

Ben Hamill - May 09, 2019

It’s been said that the human mind simply isn’t geared to compute the kind of probabilities at work in Lottery-style games. As a result, the odds fall outside of what our brains are capable of understanding. And yet, those of ...Read More

Lotteries Lash Out At DOJ And Wire Act

Ben Hamill - May 06, 2019

The US Department of Justice has responded to a lawsuit filed by the New Hampshire Lottery Commission concerning the DOJ’s statements concerning the illegality of Lottery games in the state (as well as most other US states) followin...Read More

Macomb County Woman Wins $300,000 Bingo Prize

Ben Hamill - May 06, 2019

Gone are the days when winning at Bingo meant leaving with a bag of prize sausage and a smile on one’s face. And we’re in no way suggesting that there’s anything wrong with sausage and smiles. But when compared to a $300...Read More

Amanda Hobson To Step Down As BCLC CFO

Ben Hamill - May 05, 2019

Following the recent bout of news about the BCLC’s supposed involvement in government’s perceived inability to eradicate dirty money from British Columbia’s ranks, it’s about time to read about something entirely d...Read More

Long-Time Tumbler Ridge Woman Hits the Lotto

Ben Hamill - April 30, 2019

Winning the Lottery was probably the very last thing that long-time Tumbler Ridge resident and grandmother Vivienne Mills had seen coming. It was in fact such an unlikely thought to Vivienne’s mind that, upon having opened the email...Read More

ALC Set To Retire Its Balls On May 14th

Ben Hamill - April 30, 2019

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation is one of the last remaining Lottery operators in Canada that still makes use of old-fashioned coloured balls in order to determine the winning numbers for any given draw. But despite the fact that the cla...Read More

Canada’s Unclaimed Lottery Millions

Ben Hamill - April 29, 2019

A winning Lottery ticket, purchased by an unidentified player in Guelph, is worth a cool CAD$1 million. The ticket’s winner is unidentified not because the player has asked to remain anonymous, but because the winnings have not yet ...Read More

Arizona Latest To Allow Lotto Anonymity

Ben Hamill - April 28, 2019

Whilst its perfectly reasonable that Lottery operators would want to reveal the names of winners in order to show that Lottery games are fair, it’s also understandable that some players may want to remain anonymous in the interest o...Read More

Possible Lotto and Sports Betting Collaboration On The Cards

Ben Hamill - April 24, 2019

ust when you think that sports betting in the US has managed to be all that it can be since the strike-down of its PASPA chains, an event regarded as being nothing short of historical, the industry presents yet another untapped area of im...Read More

Lansing Man Wins $1M After $100 Windfall

Ben Hamill - April 23, 2019

A man from Lansing enjoyed the feeling of having won $100 in an instant Lottery game so much, that he purchased another ticket during the following week. Good job that he did too, because that time round the player, who has requested to r...Read More

Ontario To Open Up The Online Playing Field

Ben Hamill - April 23, 2019

Ontario may soon follow in the footsteps of Sweden. Canada’s biggest province has indicated that it plans on ending its current online gambling monopoly by allowing private operators to enter the game. As it stands at the moment, on...Read More

Lotto Winner Sues Son For Incompetence

Ben Hamill - April 21, 2019

A 90-year old Lottery winner from the US has decided to cast the ties that bind to the wind, and is suing her own son for what she claims was a gross mismanagement of her fortune. Her son’s financial advisors have been added as cont...Read More

Lucky Utica Man Scratched His Way To $5M Win

Ben Hamill - April 20, 2019

One very lucky New York Lottery scratch-off player has won a $5 million jackpot cash prize after he purchased a winning “100X the Cash” ticket from the Price Chopper store in Genesee Street, Utica. The 49 year-old Michael Shep...Read More

High Lottery Sales Highlight Need For Warning Label

Ben Hamill - April 14, 2019

The order of things at times makes one to think that for every silver lining there is also a cloud. Last Thursday saw a vote in favour of an addiction warning being affixed to all Lottery tickets sold in Florida state, survive yet another...Read More

Newfoundland And Labrador Love The Lottery

Ben Hamill - April 12, 2019

The Atlantic Lottery Corp. has revealed that residents of Newfoundland and Labrador appear to love playing the Lottery just a little bit more passionately than any other province in all of Atlantic Canada. In 2018 alone, they managed to w...Read More

Quebec Couple Nearly Forfeit Lottery Win

Ben Hamill - April 11, 2019

It’s the type of eventuality capable of making just about anyone feel two degrees short of insanity. For Quebec couple Nicole Pedneault and Roger Larocque, it was sheer luck that had; a second time round; saved the day by offering a...Read More

Michigan Lottery Continues Record Spree

Ben Hamill - April 08, 2019

The Michigan Lottery has been focused on providing aid to public schools ever since it was first established back in 1972. This may seem like just another statistic, but when that statement is put into actual numbers, it makes a world&rsq...Read More

Lotto Max Jackpot Now Worth $55 Million

Ben Hamill - April 05, 2019

$50 million. That was the size of Friday night’s Lotto Max jackpot. What’s more, no winning ticket was recorded, which means that the draw scheduled to take place on Friday, April 5, has the potential of bestowing upon a very ...Read More

BCLC Issues Office Lottery Prize Pool Alert

Ben Hamill - April 02, 2019

A lawsuit filed against a Lottery player from Surrey who had allegedly made off with a Lottery office pool’s $1 million windfall, has shed new light on the importance of properly administrated office pools. The BCLC, on its part, ha...Read More

ALC Fighting VLT Ban in Canada’s Supreme Court

Ben Hamill - March 31, 2019

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) has made its intent to fight for its right to continue to operate Video Lottery Terminals (VLT’s) across Canada as clear as day. The corporation has been fighting more than one fire on the cont...Read More

Lotto MAX Approaches The CA$50 Million Mark

Ben Hamill - March 28, 2019

The joy of becoming an instant millionaire is most probably one of the most life-changing experiences that any person can have. Thanks to Lottery games, the possibility exists for literally everyone. It’s a revolutionary considerati...Read More

Ontario Horse Racing To Receive Major Boost

Ben Hamill - March 27, 2019

Ontario’s horse racing field is about to receive financial aid to the tune of an annual CA$10 million contribution. The province’s Minister of Finance and pro-sportsbetting advocate, Vic Fedeli, recently made the announcement....Read More

$4 Million Lotto Winner Proves Perseverance Pays Off

Ben Hamill - March 26, 2019

South Carolina thrift store worker Larry Fitzgerald is a firm believer in perseverance paying off, even when it comes to something like playing the Lottery. Whether Larry actually ever believed that he would win, especially a $4 million j...Read More

UK Worker Says Lottery Will Change His Life

Ben Hamill - March 26, 2019

It’s always positive news when someone wins the Lottery, but when it’s a downright ordinary everyday worker employed in a UK factory, it’s just so much more special. Lives are changed by Lottery wins, and this particular...Read More

Statesville Man Wins Lotto Prize On A Whim

Ben Hamill - March 24, 2019

A man from North Carolina recently headed towards what could in all fairness be referred to as the best cup of coffee in the world. And no, it has nothing to do with where the beans came from. In fact, this particular cup of Joe was merel...Read More

Mega Millions Mega Winner Pays It Forward

Ben Hamill - March 22, 2019

Kindness seems to be a quality that is worthy of a reward. Not only did the winner of the biggest Lottery win paid out in the history of the US Lottery allow a stranger to step up ahead of her in the ticket sales line at the time of havin...Read More

IGT Signs Offer Of Extended Loto-Quebec Deal

Ben Hamill - March 21, 2019

If luck is indeed a thing capable of turning, then gaming-tech supplier International Game Technology (IGT) has stumbled upon the Holy Grail. Not too long ago, the brand was struggling to keep their ship from sinking, but it certainly app...Read More

Office Lottery Pools – The Good And The Bad

Ben Hamill - March 21, 2019

Office Lottery pools are all the rage and it makes perfect sense to want to improve one’s odds at winning, even if that means having to share the prize pool with 10 or 12 other people. And when millions are at stake, sometimes even ...Read More

Pollard And BCLC Ink 10 Year Extension

Ben Hamill - March 21, 2019

Award-winning Lottery games provider Pollard Banknote Ltd. has been working in partnership with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) for the last 30 years. Instant Lottery is Pollard’s speciality, and Canadian players are...Read More

UK Launches First Ever Lifetime-Win Lottery

Ben Hamill - March 19, 2019

Most of us would grab at the opportunity of a guaranteed £10,000 monthly income for life. And not having had to have performed a stitch of labour or effort for the privilege is something that most of us can only dream of. For the fi...Read More

Community Receives First Shorelines Funding

Ben Hamill - March 18, 2019

It’s payday for the Peterborough community and mayor Diane Therrien could not be more chuffed at having received the very first contribution from the Shorelines Casino Peterborough. In most parts of the gambling world, it’s be...Read More

Man Wins $1M Lottery Twice In Two Years

Ben Hamill - March 18, 2019

It’s an argument in favour of the belief that some people are in fact born lucky. Well, either that or Sam’s Mini Stop in Concord is somehow founded on luck itself. A lucky player Concord in North Carolina could not believe hi...Read More

Kelowna Man’s $1 Million Quick Pick Win

Ben Hamill - March 15, 2019

Life’s pleasures are all around us, and more often than not, they are surprisingly small. But what brings us joy is a very personal matter and it’s not the same for everyone. Just ask Ross Kulak from Kelowna. A man of simple ...Read More

Virginia Woman Wins Lotto 30 Times

Ben Hamill - March 14, 2019

Deborah Brown, a Lottery player from Virginia in the US who had recently struck it very lucky indeed by having had, at the time of the draw, 30 winning tickets to her name, remembers a distinct sensation that she was about to have a heart...Read More

Lotto Player Finally Claims October Jackpot

Ben Hamill - March 10, 2019

One very lucky Lottery player has won the largest jackpot ever awarded to a single ticket-holder in the history of the United States, and has finally claimed the prize too. The South Carolina Lottery has confirmed that the prize has been ...Read More

Lucky Aunt And Nephew Gift Winning Tickets

Ben Hamill - March 08, 2019

ticketIt’s a story that almost sounds too good to be true! And yet, as is so often the case, the truth really does tend to be stranger than fiction. Just ask Thomas Munro and his aunt Yvonne from south-western Saskatchewan. Six year...Read More

Illinois Lottery Glitch Prompts Over-Payment

Ben Hamill - March 07, 2019

Who doesn’t enjoy getting more than their money’s worth? Most of us have at some point fantasized about winning the Lottery; and some have even done just that thanks to a major stroke of luck. But what about being paid more th...Read More

OLG Insider Win One Step Closer To Payment

Ben Hamill - March 06, 2019

One can hardly even begin to imagine the disappointment: winning a smashing cash prize only to be told that payment won’t be possible due to the presence of the red tape of bureaucracy. Hard luck has probably never been quite as dif...Read More

That Lottery Winning Feeling Explained

Ben Hamill - March 04, 2019

Winning the Lottery. One of life’s rare pleasures and certainly not the kind of good fortune that happens to just anyone. Most of us dream about winning millions, but we never actually expect that we will. We consider it to be somet...Read More

Sisters Split a $5m Lotto 6/49 Jackpot

Ben Hamill - March 01, 2019

Throughout their entire lives, a pair of sisters in New Brunswick have shared almost everything they own. Now, to continue that streak, Paulette and Lorraine Hache will be sharing an incredible $5 million lottery prize after hitting the j...Read More

Polly Craik Officially Vacates Liquor & Lotteries Chair

Ben Hamill - February 28, 2019

A fundamental disagreement. This was the only official reason offered by Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister for Polly Craik’s having exited the chair of Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries. The premier did kindly hint at the fact that her s...Read More

Retired DE Winner Scores $69k Lotto Prize

Ben Hamill - February 25, 2019

A retired, 70 year old lotto player from Bear, Delaware has landed the win of his dreams after purchasing a Multi-Win Lotto ticket from a local retailer. The lucky retiree managed to scoop $69,032 for his efforts, according to officials a...Read More

Florida Proposes a Full Online Lottery Ban

Ben Hamill - February 24, 2019

As online gambling opportunities continue to arise in the USA, one individual from the state of Florida is aiming to slow down the trend at hand. Senator Will Robinson of FL has now filed House Bill #629, which, if passed into law, would ...Read More

Port Alberni Couple Hits $5m Jackpot

Ben Hamill - February 21, 2019

February has been another thrilling month on Canada’s lotto front! In the latest lottery-related news, a couple living in Port Alberni, Vancouver Island are now $5 million in the green after winning big in last week’s Lotto 6/...Read More

Lotto Winner Dons Scream Mask To Stay Anonymous

Ben Hamill - February 16, 2019

A lotto winner over in Jamaica has taken the innovative route to keep his identity a secret. Although using a mask at a check handover ceremony is not unheard of, this player’s particular choice of mask has had fellow punters across...Read More

NH Lottery Considers Launching a Lawsuit

Ben Hamill - February 15, 2019

It was just a few weeks ago when the US Department of Justice changed its stance on a variety of popular forms of iGaming, essentially making the sale of online lottery tickets illegal in America. Seemingly, however, the New Hampshire Lot...Read More

Calgary Man Wins $16.3m in January 2nd Draw

Ben Hamill - February 13, 2019

A man from Calgary has seen his luck change overnight thanks to his winning a $16.3 million Lotto 6/49 jackpot. Most people in his position would immediately set about making some extravagant changes to their lives and their possessions, ...Read More

IGT To Launch e-Bingo Across Ontario

Ben Hamill - February 13, 2019

International Game Technology, known industry-wide as IGT, is a celebrated and recognized leader in iGaming the world over. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently became the first Canadian operator ever to partner with IGT an...Read More

KY’s Keeneland Races Coming to Equilottery

Ben Hamill - February 12, 2019

The historical Keeneland racetrack and Equilottery Games, a popular live sports lotto title supplier, have inked a deal to feature races from the 2019 Keeneland Spring Meet as part and parcel of Kentucky’s upcoming Win Place Show tr...Read More

Big Weekend for Canadian Lotteries

Ben Hamill - February 08, 2019

The past weekend was the making of more than one celebration as two giant-sized Lottery wins were registered, followed by millions in Canadian Dollars being paid out the lucky winners. One of the winning Lotto tickets were sold in Quebec,...Read More

$50,000 Lotto Win Paid for with Stolen Credit Card

Ben Hamill - February 07, 2019

Canada’s latest big lottery winner is a 33-year-old woman from Newfoundland who thought that she had struck the jackpot of a lifetime. Unfortunately, she ended up losing it all – and then some – when the Royal Newfoundla...Read More

Identical US Lotto Numbers Raise Concerns

Ben Hamill - February 06, 2019

Could the lucky winning numbers drawn in American lotteries be less random than they seem? In dozens of games throughout the US, identical sets of winning digits have been generated within months – or even weeks – of each othe...Read More

Calgary Man Wins $1m in Maxmillions Draw

Ben Hamill - February 04, 2019

One fortunate man from Calgary managed to win the favor of Lady Luck last December when he purchased a ticket for a Maxmillions draw. The man is now one million dollars wealthier for putting his trust in the lotto numbers, according to lo...Read More

Ontario Woman Pockets $100k Lotto Win

Ben Hamill - February 02, 2019

The list of big lottery wins is seemingly never-ending in Canada. Most recently, one fortunate woman from the town of Hastings in Ontario managed to strike it rich with just a single winning ticket and a generous helping of luck! Hasting...Read More

Michigan Lotto Player Wins $100,000 Online

Ben Hamill - January 31, 2019

Could you imagine a 10-minute break from shoveling snow in the cold turning into a hundred thousand dollars? Most people don’t associate snow shoveling with money of that magnitude, but for one lucky Michigan man, this association q...Read More

NY Truck Driver Wins $289m in Powerball

Ben Hamill - January 30, 2019

On January 26, one extremely lucky Jamaican man became an instant multi-millionaire. The Jamaican-turned-US resident became the winner of the second biggest Powerball jackpot in the history of the New York Lottery, claiming an unbelievabl...Read More

$1m Lotto Winner is Still Unnamed

Ben Hamill - January 29, 2019

According to lotto officials, someone on Prince Edward Island is just a few steps away from millionaire status. However, judging by the fact that they have not stepped forward to claim their win, it’s likely that they haven’t ...Read More

$1 Lotto Winner Treated Like a Millionaire

Ben Hamill - January 27, 2019

Lottery jackpot winners are usually given the royal treatment the minute their wins are confirmed. Most of the time, the winners in question have indeed become overnight millionaires, or the new owners of thousands of dollars at the very ...Read More

OL’s Mega Millions Online Sales Prohibited

Ben Hamill - January 25, 2019

Last month, the Oregon Lottery (OL) over in the US agreed to end a profitable partnership that allowed local retailers to sell Mega Millions tickets online through a Maltese digital company called This is the same company tha...Read More

Canadian Lotto Players Win Big in January

Ben Hamill - January 18, 2019

Each new week brings even more exciting developments in the world of Canadian lottery. Earlier this month, it was revealed that a record breaking $60 million win had been scooped by a group of 9 workers at a Guelph auto parts factory. No...Read More

Michigan Woman’s $300k Super Bingo Win

Ben Hamill - January 17, 2019

Although bingo is known for delivering some huge wins, most players expect a few hundred dollars in prizes at best when they take a trip to their favorite local halls. However, this is a game that is always full of surprises, so it should...Read More

US Shutdown-Affected Family Wins $140k

Ben Hamill - January 16, 2019

A family that has been battling to make ends meet after the US government shutdown has seemingly managed to win the favor of Lady Luck herself. The wife of the clan recently won a cool $140,000 in a local lottery, giving them a much-neede...Read More

9 Co-workers Grab Lotto Max’s $60m Prize

Ben Hamill - January 15, 2019

Nine co-workers who work together at a Guelph auto-spares manufacturing plant have taken the plunge and quit their jobs together. Of course, they did have a backup plan; that being a record-breaking $60 million Lotto MAX cash jackpot! Th...Read More

Surrey Mom Scores $39.5m Jackpot

Ben Hamill - January 14, 2019

The new year has already brought a few sizable lotto wins to lucky players across Canada. Most recently, a well-deserving mother of three in Surrey, British Columbia managed to swing the odds in her favor and cash in on her very own multi...Read More

Alberta’s $60m Jackpot Still Unclaimed

Ben Hamill - January 10, 2019

If you’ve stashed away last year’s lottery tickets in a dusty hiding spot, officials are hinting that it might be a good time to double-check your numbers. The record-breaking $60 million Lotto MAX jackpot ticket that was sol...Read More

$16 Million Lotto Winner Drawn

Ben Hamill - January 08, 2019

Sometimes we need a reminder of just what is at stake when we buy lottery tickets – and a massive jackpot is often just the ticket! Most recently, one extraordinarily lucky player over in Calgary managed to score a jackpot worth many ...Read More

Evolution Gaming Inks Deal With Loto-Quebec

Ben Hamill - January 08, 2019

In a bid to improve its offerings and further up its game, Canadian operator Loto-Quebec has partnered with Evolution Gaming according to an official press release posted on Monday, 6 January. The new partnership aims to introduce live c...Read More

Alberta’s Gaming Revenues On the Rise

Ben Hamill - January 07, 2019

Following two years of concerning revenue decline, gambling revenues in Alberta have managed to turn themselves around of late. Earnings grew by $4 million during the course of 2018, driven primarily by increased use of video lottery term...Read More

$5 Million Lotto 6-49 Jackpot Still Up For Grabs

Ben Hamill - January 07, 2019

According to officials in Toronto, no winning ticket has been sold for the mouth-watering $5 million jackpot on offer in Saturday night’s Lotto 6-49 draw. For gambling enthusiasts who still want a shot at the dream prize, now is the...Read More

Quebec Cancer Patient Wins $1 Million

Ben Hamill - January 06, 2019

Success stories of people winning lottery jackpots are always welcome. They show just how diverse the player pool in Canada really is, and how many different types of people are willing to take the plunge in the hopes of landing a life-al...Read More

Long Island Player Wins $425m on Jan 1st

Ben Hamill - January 05, 2019

At this time of the year many people make resolutions to try their luck playing the lottery in search of a better, richer future. As it turns out, lotteries also seem to pay out heftier jackpots around the start of January, which has been...Read More

2018 Delivers One Final Multimillion Lotto MAX Prize

Ben Hamill - January 04, 2019

The festive season was seemingly particularly kind to lottery players across Canada. Towards the end of 2018, two massive jackpots were landed just days apart, giving locals something more to be thankful for as the year drew to a close. ...Read More

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against VLT’s

Ben Hamill - January 02, 2019

Most of us are familiar with the term “cognitive distortion”. Magicians refer to its effects as sleight-of-hand and its generally accepted that this kind of visual deception only works because of each person having a number of...Read More

Cannabis License Lotto Set for January 2019

Ben Hamill - December 28, 2018

For many weeks now, cannabis producers and retailers have been preparing their documents to apply for the licenses needed to open marijuana shops in Ontario this coming April. Last week, that work was effectively shredded as the provincia...Read More

Cryptocurrency Lottery Revolution On The Cards

Ben Hamill - December 27, 2018

By now, maximising the potential of the Lottery business is second nature to Mark Hutchinson, CEO of GG World Lottery. He has been at it for going on three decades and familiar with all of the ins and outs of the business. Hutchinson cons...Read More

Islands Lotto Adds Wazdan’s Games

Ben Hamill - December 26, 2018

Being the preferred partner of the New Jersey Gambling Commission, Islands Lotto is an online gaming operator that is independently owned and run. Boasting a wide selection of slot machines and instant win games, the company has now taken...Read More

Scratch Card Winner Accused of Fraud

Ben Hamill - December 20, 2018

56-year old Eric Walker from Sheffield is calling foul on a decision by UK Lottery organisers Camelot to not proceed with a jackpot payout to the tune of £200,000. According to Sheffield, he had legitimately managed to match three s...Read More

The Lotto’s Most Unusual Results

Ben Hamill - December 18, 2018

There are countless lotto draws taking place all over the world at any given point in time. Each of them offers players the chance to win jackpots beyond their wildest dreams, but the actual winning numbers of each draw don’t get ne...Read More

Lotteries Facing A Lack Of Millennial Interest

Ben Hamill - December 17, 2018

Meet Sarah Rogalsky, a 32-year old millennial living and working in Winnipeg. Sarah is no different from most other millennials in that she doesn’t consider playing the Lottery enough of an incentive to even buy her own ticket. In f...Read More

Local Kindersley Store A Lotto Hot-Spot

Ben Hamill - December 16, 2018

It’s a Lucky Number 6 for Midtown Foods and Confectionery, a convenient store in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada. Owned by Indo-Canadian Neil Patel, the store has just been the making of the sixth Lottery millionaire in as many yea...Read More

No Anonymous Wins for New York Players

Ben Hamill - December 16, 2018

If you win a lotto jackpot over in the US state of New Jersey, it is guaranteed to be something of a public affair. Should you win hundreds of millions of dollars, the state’s lottery commission has legal jurisdiction to publicize ...Read More

Florida Lottery Winner Pays It Forward

Ben Hamill - December 15, 2018

What do you do when you’re a man familiar with standing around in the parking lot of the Sun Dome for 12 hours straight just to take home a measly $6.25 in wages so that you can keep the hope of getting a proper education alive and ...Read More

Microgaming’s Poker Network Launches in Bulgaria

Ben Hamill - December 14, 2018

Isle of Man iGaming giant Microgaming is back with news of yet another exciting expansion into European terrain. This time, the world’s leading software provider has revealed that it has gone live with the National Lottery AD in ord...Read More

OLG To Put Sports Betting Plans Into Motion

Ben Hamill - December 11, 2018

Sports betting is, for the most part, illegal in Canada. Operators are not permitted to run retail betting shops or on-location kiosks. This is quite ironic, as Canada is a sports-loving nation. As a result, Canadian players have had to ...Read More

Lottery Winner Implicated In Drug Bust

Ben Hamill - December 10, 2018

One would think when you’ve been lucky enough to win the Lottery there would be no need to have to find creative and dubious ways of boosting our income. But apparently it’s true that some people will never have enough money. ...Read More

NSGC Warns Against Lotto Ticket Stocking Fillers for Minors

Ben Hamill - December 09, 2018

The Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (NSGC) has issued a stern warning against the gifting of Lottery tickets to minors. The tickets are popular as Christmas stocking fillers, especially since they are usually branded in all kinds of festiv...Read More

Business Booms for Bede Gaming in 2018

Ben Hamill - December 07, 2018

Bede Gaming, the popular developer of online and mobile gaming software, has hailed 2018 as its ‘most successful year’ to date, thanks in part to its completion of no less than ten content integration deals. Another developme...Read More

BC Childhood Friends Win a $19.8m Jackpot

Ben Hamill - December 07, 2018

Never did John Prpich and David Dubbin, two long-time childhood friends from Nanaimo, BC ever think that they would win a life-changing lottery jackpot – and even less one that would be shared equally between them. However, that is...Read More

GCE May Regret Recent Orillia Deal

Ben Hamill - December 07, 2018

Too many cooks spoil the broth, or so the old saying goes. Sadly, it now appears as if one of Canada’s most prominent and successful gaming and entertainment groups, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment (GCE), will be learning one of l...Read More

Four Euro-Lotteries Combine Forces

Ben Hamill - December 06, 2018

A recent announcement published by European Gaming Media and Events confirming the details of a major cross-country Lottery pool is just the kind of news that’s needed to ensure that the year draws to a perfect close. The official ...Read More

Lotto Winner Heads to Hawaii To Escape Win

Ben Hamill - December 01, 2018

Upon learning that they have won the lotto, most people head straight to their local operator’s offices to pick up their giant checks with massive grins on their faces. However, according to lottery officials across Canada, it is no...Read More

NC Resident Scores Unexpected Lotto Win

Ben Hamill - November 30, 2018

There has been plenty of news out of North Carolina of late when it comes to gambling. at the Vidant Children’s Hospital to keep patients’ and their families’ spirits high during difficult times, and now, an exceptional...Read More

$60m Lotto Max Winner Yet to Step Forward

Ben Hamill - November 28, 2018

The winner of a record-smashing $60 million Lotto Max jackpot during the month of October has still not come forward to claim their fortune, according to local officials. However, surprisingly, this kind of occurrence is far from rare. I...Read More

Louisiana Couple Score $1.8 Million Prize

Ben Hamill - November 27, 2018

A couple over in Louisiana, USA, have discovered just how lucky they really are after finding their winning lotto ticket mere weeks before it was set to expire. The pair is now significantly wealthier than they ever could have dreamed of...Read More

BCLC’s Hobson Among CA’s Leading Ladies

Ben Hamill - November 26, 2018

Amanda Hobson, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s (BCLC) Chief Financial Officer and long-time VP of Finance and Corporate Services, has officially been dubbed one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women. This is acco...Read More

Gateway Completes Phase 1 of Langley Revamp

Ben Hamill - November 23, 2018

Just after it was revealed that its $70 million Cascades Casino Delta project had received final approval from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment has announced that the first phase of its $18 milli...Read More

Virginia Set to Legalize Lotto & Betting

Ben Hamill - November 23, 2018

A bill aiming to repeal Virginia’s current online sports betting and lottery bans was reportedly pre-filed with the Virginia General Assembly (VGA). The bill was filed by Delegate Mark Sickles on November 20, 2018. As it is pre-fil...Read More

California Lottery Winner Guilty of Fraud

Ben Hamill - November 22, 2018

The latest news out of the American lottery industry is a tale of fraud from a past winner. A woman from California who won $5.2 million has reportedly now pleaded guilty in a South Dakota federal court to scamming six different people ou...Read More

Homeless Man Finds Winning Lotto Ticket in Dumpster

Ben Hamill - November 21, 2018

Over in Michigan, USA, a homeless man reportedly had to get down and dirty before he could claim one of the luckiest wins of his life. After realizing that he had won the state’s Lotto 47 ultimate jackpot game, the man thought nothi...Read More

Canada’s Lottery Luck Continues to Shine

Ben Hamill - November 20, 2018

September, October and the first half of November were all extremely lucky months for lottery players in both Canada and the USA. After the record breaking $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot was struck by a lucky punter over in South Car...Read More

Ontario Pair Score $9.6m Lotto 6/49 Win

Ben Hamill - November 19, 2018

It was just under two weeks after the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) revealed that the winning ticket for its November 3 had been sold in London that a thrilling announcement was made. It was then when the provincial opera...Read More

Largest Ever Powerball Win Breaks Records

Ben Hamill - November 18, 2018

Last month, the largest lottery jackpot in New York State’s history was struck. A retired government employee from Harlem stepped forward a few weeks ago to claim his windfall – an unbelievable Powerball jackpot prize of $343....Read More

Alleged Lotto Betting ‘Threat’ Disproved

Ben Hamill - November 14, 2018

Online ‘lottery betting’ operators across the pond in Ireland are systematically disproving the notion that they are negatively impacting the revenues earned for good causes by the Irish National Lottery (INL). A recent repor...Read More

Loto-Quebec Enjoys H1 iGaming Revenue Rise

Ben Hamill - November 12, 2018

The provincial gambling operator of Quebec, Loto-Quebec, has reported an increase of almost one third in its online gambling revenue for the first half of the 2018 fiscal year. Recently, the gambling monopoly posted revenues of $1.39 bil...Read More

Nebraska Lotto Player Misses Out on $1,000

Ben Hamill - November 09, 2018

Over in Nebraska, US, when Friend resident Chris Wood purchased a lottery ticket and discovered that he had won a cool $1,000, he immediately tried to claim his prize at his local retailer. Unfortunately for him, however, there was actual...Read More

Iowa Woman Claims Lotto Win After Finding Lost Ticket

Ben Hamill - November 08, 2018

A woman in central Iowa over in the US stepped forward this week to claim a massive $343.9 million – the largest of its kind to ever have been won in the state. Lotto officials in the state confirmed on Monday that Lerynne West ha...Read More

$9.6m Lotto Jackpot Won by Ontario Ticketholder

Ben Hamill - November 07, 2018

CBC News Canada has just made an announcement that will come as a particularly exciting one if you’re an avid lottery player. According to officials and the national news agency, a winning Lotto 6/49 ticket was recently sold in Lon...Read More

Hamilton Couple Scoop Latest $1m Lotto Win

Ben Hamill - November 05, 2018

The streak of lucky Canadian lottery wins continues! This time, two Hamilton-based residents managed to scoop the guaranteed $1 million prize offered in the October 20 Lotto 6/49 draw. Paula Rouleau and Frank Reeves both work for the loc...Read More

IWG and BCLC Sign Exclusive Content Deal

Ben Hamill - November 02, 2018

Premium supplier of online instant-win lotto games, Instant Win Games (IWG), has reportedly entered into a new content deal with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. The partnership agreement will see the provider supplying its compl...Read More

BCLC Enlists Third Party Auditor

Ben Hamill - October 31, 2018

In the latest Canadian land-based casino news, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has recently revealed that it has enlisted the services of a third-party auditor. The move comes as part of the company’s bid to ensure t...Read More

$60m Lotto Max Winning Ticket Has Been Sold

Ben Hamill - October 31, 2018

Are you one of Canada’s millions of avid lottery players? If you were clever enough to buy yourself a Lotto Max ticket in Edmonton for this week’s upcoming draw, be sure to check your ticket twice! According to the Western Ca...Read More

Record Breaking $1.6bn Lotto Prize Won

Ben Hamill - October 30, 2018

One very lucky lotto ticket holder in South Carolina has been named the winner of the largest cash jackpot in American history. has now confirmed that there has been one winner for the life-changing $1.6 billion prize. The winning numbe...Read More

Lotto Wins that Smashed Previous Records

Ben Hamill - October 29, 2018

Although it’s rare for someone to win the grand prize in any given lotto game, it does indeed happen. Of all the world’s largest-ever jackpots that smashed previous records and left our jaws agape, most of them belong to the U...Read More

US’s Mega Millions Jackpot Value Soars

Ben Hamill - October 25, 2018

Lotto fever has struck the US as players scramble to get their hands on tickets – and the jackpot of a lifetime. The current pool is standing at an unbelievably tempting $1.6 billion. Thousands of potential billionaires have been ...Read More

The Fate of Unclaimed Lottery Jackpots

Ben Hamill - October 24, 2018

Almost every real money lottery in the world has a specified time window during which you can collect your winnings. No matter how much you have won, the general time frame varies from 6 months to a year – and after that, the ticket...Read More

The History of Lotteries in Canada

Ben Hamill - October 21, 2018

If there is one thing Canucks love, it is playing the Lottery. And there have been some huge winners in the past. Casting lots in one form or another has been part of society for thousands of years – there are even references to it ...Read More

Edmonton’s Latest Lotto Millionaire

Ben Hamill - October 17, 2018

Diana Becker, a resident of Edmonton, AB, has become the city’s most recent . A press release on Friday October 12 confirmed that she won $1 million in the September 8 edition of Lotto 6/49<...Read More

Ajax Downs Casino Gets Permission to Stay

Ben Hamill - October 15, 2018

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has announced an agreement that would give permission for two local casinos in extremely close proximity to each other to operate simultaneously. The decision was made in a bid to appease two dif...Read More

New Revenue Record for OLG

Ben Hamill - October 15, 2018

The have contributed a whopping $2.8 billion to local coffers over the past twelve months. The bulk of these impressive earnings have reportedly stemmed from casino game and slots offerings, according to recent reports. As noted by new ...Read More

The Art of Picking Lucky Lotto Numbers

Ben Hamill - October 14, 2018

Everyone knows that the outcome of lotto games is based purely on luck. It is for this exact reason that so many superstitions and unique practices have arose from players over the decades, based on anything from where th...Read More

Lotto Ticket Leads Feds to Bank Robber

Ben Hamill - October 12, 2018

When lotto games and lottery tickets come to mind, most people think of lucky wins, huge cash jackpots, and the inevitable wealth and fortune that comes with striking the juicy jackpot of their dreams. However, for one ra...Read More

Kroeker Resigns Amid Regulatory Pressure

Ben Hamill - October 11, 2018

Robert Kroeker, the gambling industry veteran who has long been the chair of the Justice Institute of British Columbia’s Board of Governors, has now opted to resign from his current role. Kroeker...Read More

$1.75m Lotto Jackpot Claimed Just in Time

Ben Hamill - October 11, 2018

A man hailing from Montreal was cleaning out his closet looking for old clothes to donate, when he stumbled upon a lottery ticket that he had bought in December last year. It was tucked in to the pocket o...Read More

Help! I Won the Lottery – What Now?

Ben Hamill - October 10, 2018

Having the good luck to is one thing. Having the financial savvy that lets you make the most of them for years to come is quite another, so just what are you supposed to do?

Two Types of Winners

When part-time trash collector Mi...Read More

Craziest Lottery Stories

Ben Hamill - October 09, 2018

Lotteries are famous for , but sometimes the stories of how people chose their lucky numbers; how they spent their winnings are just as crazy. Here are the top 5 craziest.

Trying Luck in Atlantic City

Avid player Evelyn Adams d...Read More

Newfoundland and Labrador’s Lottery Spend

Ben Hamill - October 07, 2018

Newfoundland and Labrador is the only one of the Maritime Provinces where the Atlantic Lottery Corporation failed to reach its targets for this year. In fact, the company’s Chief Financial Officer Patrick Daigle says profits are a l...Read More

Man Wins $1M With Fortune Cookie Numbers

Ben Hamill - October 05, 2018

It’s a good thing Ronnie Martin pays attention to what Confucius say, because playing the lottery numbers from a fortune cookie won him a cool $1 million jackpot. The Pennsylvania man said he broke open the crisp, sugary confection ...Read More

$560M Lottery Winner Sues for Anonymity

Ben Hamill - October 04, 2018

A New Hampshire Powerball lottery winner went to court in a bid to claim her $560 million win anonymously, and won. Judge Charles Temple ruled that, while the woman named as Jane Doe has the right to keep...Read More

Idemia to Supply Canadian Lottery Terminals

Ben Hamill - October 04, 2018

Enhanced gaming is coming the way of Canadian players in retail outlets around the country. Augmented identity leader Idemia has been chosen by the to provide 10 700 new lottery terminals. According to reports, the OLG hopes the camera-...Read More

NetEnt to Enter Regulated Canadian Market

Ben Hamill - October 02, 2018

After reporting exceptional growth in its latest financial report, Stockholm-listed expert in casino software development NetEnt has recently revealed its entry into two new, regulated iGaming markets. In...Read More

How One Economist Won 14 Lottery Jackpots

Ben Hamill - October 02, 2018

Every lotto player has imagined what they would be able to do with their millions of dollars should they ever get lucky enough to win. With that said, admittedly for most players, these are simply pipe dreams which very rarely come to fru...Read More

Gateway Hanover Casino Renovation On the Cards

Ben Hamill - September 30, 2018

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited, Canada’s largest private gambling operator, has recently revealed that it will be pumping $14 million into the renovation of its casino in the small Ontario town of Read More

What Are Your Odds of Winning the Lotto?

Ben Hamill - September 30, 2018

If you’re like the majority of Canadians, you will likely have dreamed of being incredibly rich at least once. Money opens up so many doors to the lucky few who have it – and one way to come across it is to play the lottery! ...Read More

The Luckiest Lotto Numbers Revealed

Ben Hamill - September 27, 2018

Just like any other popular casino game, lottery is very clearly a game of chance. However, according to science and years’ worth of statistics, it seems that some numbers are obviously luckier than others, coming u...Read More

$10m Lotto Jackpot Won in USA

Ben Hamill - September 26, 2018

Over in the USA, a 66-year-old man who has been playing the lottery practically his entire life has struck jackpot gold. The Hartsdale, New York native has become the state’s newest lotto-made millionaire, pocketing...Read More

N.L. Scratch Card Players Win $1 Million

Ben Hamill - September 25, 2018

Newfoundland and Labrador’s newest lotto-made millionaires celebrated their life-changing win with an impromptu dance on the side of the road, just beside Newfoundland’s south coast. Read More

Canada’s Love Affair with Lottery Games

Ben Hamill - September 24, 2018

Canada and its residents have long had a love affair with lotto games, dating back to the very first national lottery launch back in 1974. That first jackpot of $1 million was split among nine lucky ladies hailing from Quebec – but ...Read More

Premier D. Ford Plans Ontario Place Casino

Ben Hamill - September 24, 2018

Canadian Premier Doug Ford’s plans to revamp Toronto’s waterfront has garnered plenty of interest in the gambling industry. Now, it seems that a downtown casino complex could once again be o...Read More

$6.1m Lotto Winner to Travel the Globe

Ben Hamill - September 22, 2018

There are millions of folks in Canada alone who would love nothing more than to pack a suitcase and jet across the globe for a few years, seeing some of history’s greatest landmarks, trying exotic foods, and having a generally fanta...Read More

Family Lotto Feud Settled

Ben Hamill - September 21, 2018

A court battle in Nova Scotia between a over a $1.2 million Chase the Ace windfall was finally settled on Monday following a five hour long meeting. Barb Reddick decided to sue Tyrone MacInnis, her nephew, for $611,319 after he claimed ...Read More

Bede Gaming Inks Content Deal with OLG

Ben Hamill - September 19, 2018

Newcastle software firm Bede Gaming has reportedly struck a huge deal with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation – one of the world’s largest lottery operators. The exclusive new agreement will see it launch its products ...Read More

Store Owner Sentenced for $257k Lotto Fraud

Ben Hamill - September 18, 2018

As helpful as lottery games are as a tool to help a few lucky punters win huge, they are also often a conduit for fraudulent activity. Most recently, one of Canada’s largest lotto-related fraudsters has officially been sentenced to ...Read More

UK Man Dupes Lottery Out of £2.5m

Ben Hamill - September 17, 2018

In the UK, a local British man has officially been charged with fraud after allegedly using a fake national lottery ticket to claim a sizable cash prize. The value of the jackpot in question was a whopping £2.5 million, which will n...Read More

Mohegan Wins Niagara Gaming Bundle License

Ben Hamill - September 17, 2018

In local Canadian gaming news, US firm like Caesars Entertainment Corporation and Hard Rock International in the tender process to operate Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort and Casino Niagara for the next 20 years. According to an officia...Read More

Mohegan Gaming Enters Canadian Industry

Ben Hamill - September 13, 2018

Popular tribal gaming operator Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment (colloquially known as just Mohegan) has finally begun its expansion into Canada. The move was revealed after the operator was chosen by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corpor...Read More

Lucky Winnipeg Man Lands Two Lotto Prizes

Ben Hamill - September 12, 2018

Over in Winnipeg, one exceptionally lucky local man has claimed a fantastic $2 million lottery prize. While there is nothing particularly notable about this event, it should be kept in mind that the win was landed by the same man just fiv...Read More

The US’s Biggest Lottery Scam

Ben Hamill - September 10, 2018

In 2005, an innocent comment set events in motion that would eventually culminate in one of the largest lottery scams that the world has ever seen to date. American local Eddie Tipton, a Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast and employee at the...Read More

Lotto Fraud family Goes To Prison

Ben Hamill - September 08, 2018

A father, son and daughter trio who won a hefty $12.5 million on a free lottery ticket they had scammed off a customer at their variety store were officially sentenced by Canadian courts on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. The father of the f...Read More

BCLC’s Record-Breaking 2018 Earnings

Ben Hamill - September 06, 2018

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation earned record-breaking revenues in its most recent financial year, thanks to an exceptional performance from its online gaming arm. The BCLC recently revealed its fiscal results for the 2017-18 pe...Read More

GCGC Accused of Shredding Financial Records

Ben Hamill - September 05, 2018

The Western Canadian operator of River Rock Casino Resort was given a warning in 2017 that some of the establishment’s staff members may have violated federal financial reporting laws by allegedly shredding paper records detailing h...Read More

Lotto Winner Mysteries Solved

Ben Hamill - September 04, 2018

After nearly a year of searching, the mysteries of the two outstanding Lotto Max MaxMillions wins in the Northern territories have been solved! Earlier this year in July, Janice and Bradley McNeill were on their drive home from Edmonton ...Read More

Judge Freezes Lotto Prize as Feud Proceeds

Ben Hamill - September 03, 2018

A judge of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court has now ruled that half of the value of a $1.2 million Chase the Ace lottery prize should be frozen while the case surrounding the win is dealt with by the Canadian justice system. The court order...Read More New Partner To Two Major FC’s

Ben Hamill - August 29, 2018

The recent abolishment of PASPA is bringing about exciting new changes in the US and is having a ripple effect on the industry as a whole. Now, mobile Lottery company, has been appointed as the official digital partner of New ...Read More

Big Lotto Winners Who Gave it All Away

Ben Hamill - August 27, 2018

When most people think about winning the lottery, they fantasize about the luxury homes, sports cars and exotic vacations they could buy with their newfound wealth. However, – and some big-hearted winners have actually gone as far...Read More

Maxmillions $1m Winning Ticket Unclaimed

Ben Hamill - August 26, 2018

In Alberta, the winning . So far, the purchaser of the ticket bought in Edmonton has not yet stepped forward to claim a whopping $1 million prize. Just to deepen the mystery even further, a $250,000 Extra Prize won on exactly the same da...Read More

Bad Behavior Delays California Lottery Conference

Ben Hamill - August 20, 2018

Over the border in the USA, the California Lottery has reportedly opted to postpone a long-planned sales meeting in light of some concerning allegations regarding its upper management. The allegations stem from an anonymous employee&rsquo...Read More

Lucky Teen Bags Weekly Winnings for Life

Ben Hamill - August 19, 2018

It is around the age of 18 when most teenagers start to wonder how they will earn their own money and pay their way in an increasingly expensive world. Rent, food and leisure activities all tax one’s pocket, and for young people wit...Read More

5 Steps to Take When You Win the Lottery

Ben Hamill - August 15, 2018

If you love playing the lottery, you’ve likely given some thought to what you might do with your new windfall should you get lucky enough to win. However, if you ever become one of the lucky few to do so, the future may not all be a...Read More

WCLC Inks Lotto Content Deal with IGT

Ben Hamill - August 13, 2018

The Western Canadian Lottery Corporation (WCLC) has reportedly inked a new major deal with gaming products supplier IGT, which will now provide 700 CrystalDual 27 Video Lottery Terminals for the Saskatchewan market. The VLTs are set to be...Read More

Why Some Lotto Winners Stay Anonymous

Ben Hamill - August 11, 2018

is a dream come true for anyone. It’s a solid indication that days of toiling for a living are gone, and the future holds nothing but spending, relaxing, and enjoying life to the fullest. Though, why is it then that most lottery wi...Read More

Smart Tips for Lotto Winners

Ben Hamill - August 10, 2018

Recent reports of may seem strange to some players. However, keeping cool, calm, and quiet is something the experts recommend. The Winnipeg-based lotto winner was not the first to take his time in collecting his winnings. Among others w...Read More

The Craziest Lottery Wins Ever

Ben Hamill - August 09, 2018

Anyone can play the lottery, and anyone can win, as the individuals on this list prove! If you’re ever lucky enough to take home the big prize, you’ll be joining a long list of interesting characters. The winners on this list ...Read More

Wells Fargo Office Workers Hit Mega Jackpot

Ben Hamill - August 08, 2018

What could change a life like hitting a jackpot worth $543 million? Very little, but the team at Wells Fargo & Co. in California, have just had that very experience. The matter has not publicly been declared, but a source close to win...Read More

The Biggest Lottery Wins in History

Ben Hamill - August 07, 2018

Who among us hasn’t had a daydream or 2 about a big Lottery win? It’s always fun imagining the house you’ll buy, or the dream vacations you could take after hitting it big. Everyone who plays it has the same chance of wi...Read More

Lottery Winner Waits Weeks to Claim Prize

Ben Hamill - August 03, 2018

There were no big announcements to nearest and dearest, or rounds of celebratory drinks when Winnipeg-based Larry Leadbeater won $1 million in an 8 June lottery. Instead, he put his winning ticket in a safety deposit box, and waited a few...Read More

Kitchener Grandmother Scoops Lotto Jackpot

Ben Hamill - August 02, 2018

Carol Knipfel of Kitchener, Ontario, doesn’t usually buy lottery tickets, but she did on the day she retired. This spur-of-the-moment decision won $1 million for the grandmother of 6, which probably made her work leaving party much ...Read More

Players Win Combined $5m in Lotto 649 Draw

Ben Hamill - August 01, 2018

Canadian lottery news has been packed with big winners of late, including some notable shared wins between and a . However, as revealed by the Canadian Press just days ago in a fresh report, yet another $5 million in winnings will soon b...Read More

Friends Win Friday 13th $60m Lotto Jackpot

Ben Hamill - July 31, 2018

Friday the 13th has always traditionally been regarded as a day of bad luck. However, that definitely wasn’t the case for five Ottawa-based friends in the federal government’s IT department, who managed to win a who...Read More

Shared Lotto Jackpot Causes Family Strife

Ben Hamill - July 30, 2018

A local Canadian woman has stirred controversy this month by taking her nephew to court over an impressive $1.2 million lotto jackpot. Speaking about her nephew, Barbara Reddick publicly noted as the duo was presented with a large ceremon...Read More

Lottery Casino Games

Ben Hamill - December 25, 2016

Lottery type games have entertained humans since pre-historic times. Anthropologists and archaeologists have found ample evidence of lottery-type gambling activities that date back thousands of years in almost every area of the world. Thr...Read More

Drop in Sales of Lotto Max and 6/49 Tickets for OLG

Ben Hamill - July 14, 2016

  OLG reports that, based on the figures in its annual report, there’s been a sharp drop in sales of Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49tickets. Additionally, there’s been a drop (albeit a smaller one) in sales of scratch-and-win t...Read More