EA Dragged To Court Over Loot Box Controversy

Ben Hamill - August 20, 2020

The UK government isn’t the only institution drawing new attention to whether or not loot boxes such as those offered by video games giant EA’s Ultimate Team Packs constitute real-money gambling. A class action lawsuit claimin...Read More

UK To Call On Evidence Regarding Loot Boxes

Ben Hamill - June 10, 2020

Discussions focused on the controversial nature of loot boxes are on the rise again. The UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has said that it will what is expected to be within the week, launch a call for evidenc...Read More

Loot Boxes Are (Finally) A Dying Breed

Ben Hamill - March 11, 2020

The loot box controversy has been making waves for quite some time now. But whilst product owners like EA have been defending loot boxes (loot, loot crates) tooth and nail, some others are very clearly beginning to move away from the pay-...Read More

UK MPs Have Their Damning Say On Loot Boxes

Ben Hamill - September 16, 2019

A few days ago UK MPs took time off and away from Brexit discussions and fixed their collective gaze on a different topic, albeit one nearly as controversial. Loot boxes and whether or not they constitute gambling has been a hot topic of...Read More

Sony & Microsoft Enforce Loot Box Changes

Ben Hamill - August 20, 2019

The loot box controversy has been raging on for what feels like years and years. And those governments who have been tirelessly trying to make sense of it all and also limit the effects of loot boxes in terms of a possible gambling-relat...Read More

EA Compares Loot Boxes To Kinder Eggs

Ben Hamill - June 28, 2019

EA Vice President of Legal, Kerry Hopkins, has defended loot boxes by drawing a comparison with Kinder Eggs; the chocolate eggs with the hidden toy in the center. Hopkins recently, along with a number of representatives from other role-pl...Read More

Google Deals Loot Boxes Another Blow

Ben Hamill - June 10, 2019

The ongoing controversy surrounding loot boxes isn’t showing signs of dying down any time soon. The latest blow to be dealt to the in-game purchase of “undisclosed” assets has come from the ranks of none other than Alpha...Read More

Nintendo Pulls Two Games From Belgian Market

Ben Hamill - May 28, 2019

Up until recently, games giant Nintendo had two soldiers fighting in Belgium’s loot box war. But according to a recent statement, the company has made the decision to recall Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in ord...Read More

The Loot Box Controversy Rages On

Ben Hamill - May 17, 2019

The control of in-game spending lies with parents and not with children. This is one of the arguments offered by the global video industry’s Entertainment Software Association as part of its loot box defence, and why loot boxes, in ...Read More

NY Senate Passes Pro-Minor Bingo Law

Ben Hamill - March 22, 2019

A game of Bingo isn’t exactly what one would refer to as a typical gamble. But, and for good reason, it does classify as gambling because, much like the Lottery, winning is exclusively dependent on the luck of a typical draw. Which ...Read More

EA Releases FIFA 19 Loot Box Odds

Ben Hamill - October 12, 2018

Loot boxes in video games are a hot topic around the world. The arguments are on going about whether or not they should be classified as gambling, with staunch supporters on both sides. Up until very recently, Ele...Read More

Global Regulators Clamp Down on Loot Boxes

Ben Hamill - September 20, 2018

Gaming firms have been seeking out increasingly creative ways of earning extra cash from gamers over the past couple of years, and now, they have turned their sights to video games to achieve this. The sector’s latest trend is the ...Read More

Belgium Investigates EA for Loot Box Saga

Ben Hamill - September 17, 2018

The government of Belgium is reportedly conducting a criminal investigation on popular video game developer Electronic Arts (EA). The probe stems from the fact that EA has continued to offer loot boxes in its games FIFA 18 and FIFA 19, de...Read More