Brave Billionaire Heads Back Into Outer Space

Ben Hamill - February 25, 2022

It’s difficult for the average person to imagine what they would do with billions, if they had it. But tech entrepreneur Jared Isaacman seems to know exactly what he’s doing with his billions. Namely heading off on SpaceX flig...Read More

Claim Tax Credit With A 2022 Ontario Staycation

Ben Hamill - January 04, 2022

Ontarians who support local tourism by enjoying staycations within the province between January 1 and December 31 2022 can claim a tax credit. The provincial government’s staycation tax credit offers a 20% return on accommodation ex...Read More

No More Elephant Rides At Accredited Canadian Zoos

Ben Hamill - December 29, 2021

Elephant rides at Canada’s accredited zoos have become a thing of the past. The country’s zoo certification body made the move to ban the rides at all facilities that it has accredited. The decision was welcomed by animal welf...Read More

Rapper Drake Withdraws From Grammy Awards

Ben Hamill - December 08, 2021

For most musicians getting a Grammy nomination is a moment of incredible honor. But for popular Canadian rapper Drake it seems to be something that can be shrugged off entirely. The 35-year-old received a pair of nominations, including Be...Read More

Shopping Habits Are Key To Climate Change

Ben Hamill - November 16, 2021

It is common to hear anxious calls for governments to make changes in the fight against climate change. But, according to a sustainable design expert, the real key to preventing climate change lies in the hands of the average person. In a...Read More

Ford Pushes Ontario As Electric Car Future

Ben Hamill - November 13, 2021

Premier Doug Ford has a plan, and it involves turning Ontario into the future of electric car manufacture. His goal is to lure manufacturers to the southern part of the province, declaring that the site will soon be a global hub. But he d...Read More

Bridesmaid Attends Wedding Via Hologram

Ben Hamill - August 24, 2021

The world health crisis is still limiting travel around the world, including in Canada. But that didn’t stop a sneaky bridesmaid from attending a wedding in Ontario. Though, the crafty lady didn’t have to break any rules in or...Read More

Food Day Canada To Remember Anita Stewart

Ben Hamill - July 29, 2021

July 31 is the date set for this year’s Food Day Canada. The event promises to be a truly memorable one as it marks the first Food Day in the history of the event to not be spearheaded by Anita Stewart. The founder, who is also a c...Read More

Indiana Jones Collection Sets New Record

Ben Hamill - July 23, 2021

Les David, a resident of Manitoba, has been amassing memorabilia related to the Indiana Jones franchise for the last 40 years. And in the process, he may well have collected more items than anyone else and will thus be eligible for entry ...Read More

CES Adds New Categories To Official Schedule

Ben Hamill - July 19, 2021

The popular Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is officially set to take place in Las Vegas in January. Though, it seems as if the scope of showcases allowed has finally been broadened. This year space and food are now included categories, al...Read More

Can A Four-Day Workweek Work Everywhere?

Ben Hamill - July 13, 2021

In Zorra, a rural township just to the east of London, Ontario, the largest public-sector trial of four-day workweeks in Canada is currently underway. All 14 of the township’s municipal staff have been participating in an eight-mont...Read More

Post-Lockdown Anxiety Poses Problems

Ben Hamill - July 09, 2021

As provinces around Canada are rushing to re-open and lift as many restrictions as possible, some citizens are feeling apprehensive about finally being able to venture out. What once seemed like easy tasks, such as going into a coffee sho...Read More

Sockeye Salmon Return To Okanagan Lake

Ben Hamill - July 03, 2021

It has been at least five decades since sockeye salmon have been spotted in Okanagan Lake, but thanks to conservation efforts, the body of water is now once again home to the long-lost species. The fish is usually found in the North Paci...Read More

Wolfville Welcomes Vegas-Style Wedding Chapel

Ben Hamill - June 20, 2021

Wolfville, Nova Scotia has something a little bit different on offer for couples planning their nuptials. Those who are eager to walk down the aisle now have the option of doing so at Wolfville Wedding Chapel, a newly opened venue that of...Read More

Local Food Week Comes To Canada

Ben Hamill - June 14, 2021

The first full week of June means a celebration for Ontario. The Local Food Act declares these seven days, otherwise called Local Food Week, as a time to acknowledge farmers who make sure all Canadians have access to the best quality frui...Read More

Uber Pioneer Opens Own Self-Driving Company

Ben Hamill - June 10, 2021

Raquel Urtasun, one of Uber Canada’s self-driving vehicle pioneers, has left the tech giant and is now focusing on starting Waabi, her own self-driving company. Since the global health crisis turned the demand for travel upside down...Read More

Local Cities Rank In Top 20 For Work-Life Balance

Ben Hamill - June 04, 2021

Out of 50 cities ranked for helping their residents achieve the best work-life balance globally, four of them are Canadian. According to a new index released by Kisi, a US-based tech firm, Ottawa ranked sixth, Vancouver ranked eighth, Cal...Read More

How Co-Working Spaces Are Transforming The Workplace

Ben Hamill - June 03, 2021

Canada is slowly emerging from the global health crisis and seeing vaccinations roll out across the country. With this, businesses and their employees are coming to terms with the fact that they will soon need to leave their work-from-hom...Read More

Alberta Designer Creates Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Ring

Ben Hamill - May 28, 2021

The Bachelor alum Kaitlyn Bristowe has become something of a household name. While she didn’t find love on the reality TV show, she has now become engaged to Jason Tartick, who also featured on a season of the show. To mark...Read More

Lego Unveils New Everyone Is Awesome Set

Ben Hamill - May 21, 2021

Lego has become the playground not only of young brick-building fans, but also of adults interested in living their creativity in new ways. Fans can build everything from castles to entire cities – complete with moving parts and wor...Read More

Why Your Phones Blue Light Isn’t Stopping You Sleeping

Ben Hamill - May 17, 2021

For several years now we’ve been told that the blue light emitted from our smartphones can be detrimental to our sleeping patterns. And, that if we can’t put our phone away, using a blue light-reducing feature for at least an ...Read More

Not Everyone Loves Tim Hortons’ New Drink - {{mm-yy}}

Ben Hamill - May 11, 2021

Tim Hortons, Canada’s most famous coffee and donut chain, is facing a great deal of criticism for its newest offering, a cold brew coffee drink. The chain is unfortunately finding out the hard way that the phrase “everyone&rsq...Read More

Rise in Homesteaders after Global Health Crisis

Ben Hamill - May 09, 2021

The recent global health crisis saw many people located outside of New Brunswick buying up large tracts of land in the province and working to become more self-sufficient. This was because the land here is very well-priced, and people can...Read More

Comic Creators From Montreal To Sue Marvel

Ben Hamill - May 05, 2021

Montreal-based comic book company founders Ben and Raymond Lai are suing Marvel Entertainment – again. This time over the suit worn by Iron Man in the 2018 movie Avengers: Infinity War. The brothers and founders of Horizon ...Read More

Athleta To Enter Canadian Market

Ben Hamill - April 27, 2021

Athleta, the Gap Inc. lifestyle brand, has announced that it will enter the Canadian market later this year. This marks its first expansion outside of the United States. The brand will also launch an e-commerce platform later this summer,...Read More

Canada Facing A Shortage Of Boba

Ben Hamill - April 27, 2021

Of all of the difficulties that the world has faced since the start of the global health crisis, Canada’s shortage of tapioca pearls was certainly not one at the front of people’s minds. However, the Taiwanese export, also kno...Read More

Human-Kind Bracelet Feeding BC’s Hungry

Ben Hamill - April 19, 2021

Countless ways exist in which to show and spread a little kindness. And wearing a bracelet that represents an idea and tells a story is one of the best ways achieve exactly that. Just ask Vancouver-based real estate advisor Karim Virani a...Read More

Officials Say B.C. Light Show Wasn’t A Meteor

Ben Hamill - March 29, 2021

Weather officials now say that despite its uncanny meteor-like appearance, the fiery show of light that on Thursday night lit up British Columbia’s night sky, wasn’t a meteor after all. Pacific coast residents late last week s...Read More

Pizza Hut’s KFC Collab Breaks The Internet

Ben Hamill - March 25, 2021

An exciting new collaboration between Pizza Hut Canada and KFC is being branded as an Internet-breaking collab. A recent tweet shows Pizza Hut going bonkers for a new cheese pizza that has been infused with KFC’s signature gravy and...Read More

The Rock Says Canada Loves His Tequila

Ben Hamill - March 20, 2021

He has a finger in every pie, including the tequila manufacturing pie. And according to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, nowhere has the demand for his new ultra-premium, small batch tequila Teremana been more prominent than on Cana...Read More

Poll Shows Canadians Don’t Need The Queen

Ben Hamill - March 19, 2021

Most Canadians believe Meghan Markle was treated in a horrible and unfair manner by Britain’s royal family because of the fact that she’s a Black woman. And according to a new Ipsos poll, many – if not most – would...Read More

Trudeau Dodges Questions About Head Of State

Ben Hamill - March 14, 2021

Other than a shocking exposé about what really goes on behind closed doors within the machinery of a traditionally excluding British Crown and monarchy, Sunday night’s Oprah Winfrey interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Mark...Read More

Crown Cast Moved By Prince Harry’s Response

Ben Hamill - March 06, 2021

Golden Globe winner Emma Corrin, crowned winner for her stunning performance of playing Princess Diana in the fourth season of award-winning Netflix series The Crown, says she’s moved by Prince Harry’s take on the popular show...Read More

Why The Golden Globes Is A Sham

Ben Hamill - March 03, 2021

The annual Golden Globe Awards have never actually been regarded a study in integrity, with rumours of corruption plaguing the event every year. They’re decided on by a group of unnamed international journos based in Southern Califo...Read More

2020 Job Losses Were All In Low-Paid Work

Ben Hamill - February 22, 2021

During 2020, thousands of jobs were lost due to the economic downturn sparked by the global health crisis, and new research suggests all Canadian job losses had something prominent in common: they all paid CA$27.81 an hour, or less. But w...Read More

Research Shows The Canadian Dream Is Fading

Ben Hamill - February 15, 2021

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to realise the ideal of improving your material well-being for the sake of giving your children a better shot at success than you had, new research seems to suggest. This means it’s be...Read More

Twitter Outraged By Britney Spears Doccie

Ben Hamill - February 11, 2021

The Twitter community wants former boy-bander Justin Timberlake to “pay” for the humiliation he’s caused Britney Spears. Responsible for sparking the latest outrage is a recently released documentary about the superstar ...Read More

Shania Twain Celebrates Women At Super Bowl

Ben Hamill - February 10, 2021

Canadian superstar songstress Shania Twain this year celebrates the 26th anniversary of the release of her smash-hit “The Woman in Me” album, which sold over 20 million copies worldwide. Featuring smash hits like, &...Read More

Tika The Iggy Is Montreal’s Own Fashionista

Ben Hamill - January 19, 2021

Montreal has a new best-dressed celeb and ultra-cool fashion icon. With more than 200 outfits in her Ville-Émard  closet, Tika the Iggy is the most fashionable Italian greyhound on the block. Tika’s Instagram posts about...Read More

Charles Spencer Buys Property In Muskoka

Ben Hamill - December 31, 2020

Residents of Ontario’s famously untouched Port Carling area have expressed anxiety following the news that Princess Diana’s younger brother has purchased a strip of forest land in Muskoka. Earl Charles Spencer and Canadian wif...Read More

Women Exiting Workforce As Men Enter Jobs

Ben Hamill - December 24, 2020

A new Royal Bank report reveals that men are entering the job market at three times the rate of their female colleagues amid the challenges and new opportunities created by the global health crisis. In terms of the actual figures, the rep...Read More

Cree Artist Creates Indigenous Ikea Showroom

Ben Hamill - December 09, 2020

Indigenous representation has finally come to Ikea. The world-famous retailer’s Edmonton location has bunched up with Bigstone Cree Nation visual artist Lance Cardinal to create the big brand’s very first Indigenous showroom. ...Read More

Netflix December Line Up Delivers The Goods

Ben Hamill - December 02, 2020

It’s December and celebrating the holiday season with even more Christmas releases than those launched in November is Netflix Canada. Also coming our way are several non-Christmassy highlights - include the George Clooney-directed T...Read More

Troubled Teen Schools Under Fire For Abuse

Ben Hamill - November 26, 2020

U.S. boarding schools for so-called troubled teens are thought to currently house roughly 40,000 children across their facilities – many of whom are Canadian children sent south of the border by parents in search of secure housing a...Read More

Actor Michael J. Fox Announces Hit Retirement

Ben Hamill - November 23, 2020

Edmonton-born Hollywood actor Michael J. Fox is retiring from acting to focus on his health. The beloved Spin City actor, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at only 29, revealed his retirement plans in his new memoir, No Tim...Read More

Bagsful Of Christmas With Netflix November

Ben Hamill - November 12, 2020

Netflix Canada’s November line-up is all about the magic of Christmas. Barring the fourth season of The Crown, a show about Brazilian drag queens, and the odd crime dramady, it’s pretty much a jingle-belling show planned for t...Read More

New Witches Movie In Trouble For Making Disabilities Scary

Ben Hamill - November 10, 2020

A Warner Bros. remake of Roald Dahl’s scary children’s classic “The Witches” is causing quite the upset among social activists and people living with disabilities. Now out on HBO Max in the U.S., and coming to Cana...Read More

Tim Hortons To Trial Reusable Containers

Ben Hamill - October 29, 2020

Canadian fast food restaurant chain Tim Hortons is on a mission to reduce single-use waste. The multinational chain says it hopes to achieve this through a new partnership with private recycling giant TerraCycle’s Loop, a zero-waste...Read More

Verley Calls Out Nyx Dream Catcher Video

Ben Hamill - October 20, 2020

The message from Canada’s Drag Race queen Ilona Verley is clear; Indigenous cultures aren’t costumes and should be respected as such. Verley and several others were recently seen calling out Nyx Professional Makeup for cultura...Read More

Shania Twain And Harry Styles Dreaming About Collab

Ben Hamill - October 14, 2020

Canadian superstar and Music Hall of Famer Shania Twain was hitting the highest notes of her career when disaster struck. Lyme disease would ultimately keep her from singing and performing for 15 years. But before that, she had already ma...Read More

Facebook QAnon Ban Left Too Late

Ben Hamill - October 13, 2020

Facebook’s recent announcement regarding its planned removal of any accounts associated with or affiliated to conspiracy theory QAnon is necessary and welcome – but at the same time also a case of too little, too late, say exp...Read More

Canada Experiences Massive Retail Marijuana Boom

Ben Hamill - October 09, 2020

Canada’s adult-use Marijuana retail market now stands valued at a phenomenal CA$2.8 billion per year. The latest annual projection follows a record July and a 15.2 per cent improvement over June’s record – in July all th...Read More

Why Caring About Your Looks Isn’t Being Vain

Ben Hamill - October 08, 2020

There exists a terrible misconception that if true beauty comes from within, then by some strange and twisted logic, it must also be true that spending too much time looking our outer best must be vain. This isn’t true and is actual...Read More

What’s Coming To Netflix In October?

Ben Hamill - October 02, 2020

October is here. This means Halloween, the final stretch before the holidays, and curling up in front of the TV to a series and a movie, or two. Which is why the good folk at Netflix appear to have gone to great lengths to bring us some o...Read More

How Therapy Is Helping Men Become Mentally Healthy

Ben Hamill - September 25, 2020

Nearly four times more men die each year by suicide than women. And in Canada, almost as many men die by suicide than by prostate cancer. This is obviously a crisis that’s been made only all that much worse by the endless challenge...Read More

Why Tatiana Maslany Is The Perfect She-Hulk

Ben Hamill - September 23, 2020

Those who marvelled (yes, literally) at all fourteen characters played by her in the award-winning series “Orphan Black” will know that it was only a matter of time before Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany landed a master role ...Read More

WNBA Star Marries Ex-Prisoner She Helped Free

Ben Hamill - September 20, 2020

WNBA superstar and two-time Olympic gold medalist Maya Moore is married to Jonathan Irons, a man she’s spent the last 13 years helping to free from prison. Moore, named the league’s Most Valuable Player in 2014, in February 2...Read More

Canadians To Enjoy A Longer Fall This Year

Ben Hamill - September 16, 2020

Prominent weather forecasting service The Weather Network predicts that this year, Canadians can look forward to a lengthy fall – with winter and storms expected to come knocking significantly later than usual. The forecast obvious...Read More

Court Ruling A Telecoms Win For Canadians

Ben Hamill - September 14, 2020

A recent Federal Court of Appeal dismissal is described not only as being a victory successfully claimed by the country’s smaller independent internet service providers (ISPs), but in actual fact also a massive win for Canadians. O...Read More

Tesla Narrowly Escapes Russian Hack Attempt

Ben Hamill - September 08, 2020

The FBI has reportedly foiled an attempt by a team of Russian hackers to extort millions from Elon Musk’s Tesla factory in Sparks, Nevada. The hackers had allegedly offered to a member of staff employed at Tesla’s Gigafactory ...Read More

Quebecer Campaigns For Lip Reading Masks

Ben Hamill - September 06, 2020

Face masks, though necessary and potentially lifesaving, aren’t exactly bags full of fun to wear. They tend to be hot and stifling, have been known to slide all over the show when not correctly sized, and even cause our specs to bec...Read More

Canadians Are Over-Drinking - Here’s How To Stop

Ben Hamill - September 05, 2020

To many people, life is stressful enough as it is even without having to spend extended periods of time cooped up at home, or worse, constantly worrying about issues related to work and income and being furloughed whilst at the same time ...Read More

Netflix Releases September Menu

Ben Hamill - September 02, 2020

Cooler weather may be on an unexpectedly fast approach this year but lucky for us, Netflix has just whipped out the big binge guns for September. Not only has the year flown by, but judging by a content-packed September Netflix agenda, so...Read More

Residents Concerned Over Toronto Shelters

Ben Hamill - August 27, 2020

The Toronto residents voicing ongoing concerns over incidents and altercations experienced alongside and with those living in shelters for the homeless, say they’re more upset by a lack of consultation and mental health support rega...Read More

Canada’s Last Remaining Ice Shelf Collapses

Ben Hamill - August 22, 2020

Canada’s final remaining intact ice shelf present in the Canadian Arctic has collapsed, environmental researchers have confirmed. Located on the outskirts of Ellesmere Island, The Milne Ice Shelf reportedly lost in excess of 40% of ...Read More

Canadians Mourn The Departure Of Ragu Sauce

Ben Hamill - August 21, 2020

Broken supply chains and the subsequent unavailability of certain products are most likely the driving force behind foodstuffs giant Ragu’s decision to no longer distribute its pasta sauces north of the US border. And judging by the...Read More

Quebec Teen Takes To TikTok Over Poutine Travesty

Ben Hamill - August 20, 2020

A TikTok user and wholesome quality food-appreciating teen from Quebec has taken it upon himself to right an important culinary wrong.  Quebec teen Hugo Vezina can in a recent TikTok video response be seen reacting to Seattle chef M...Read More

Canadian Cases Of Salmonella Linked To U.S. Onions

Ben Hamill - August 14, 2020

Some 239 cases of Salmonella contamination in Canada have now been confirmed as linked to a recall of U.S.-grown onions, the country’s Public Health Agency said late last week. Of the reported cases, at least 29 people have been hos...Read More

Ryan Reynolds Pledges Salary To Group Effort

Ben Hamill - August 07, 2020

Vancouver-born Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds, a celebrity known for his giving and super supportive nature, has pledged his salary to be earned from the making of his next film (he didn’t name the film) to an initiative that wil...Read More

Florida Teen Behind July Twitter Hacks

Ben Hamill - August 05, 2020

A 17-year-old teen from Florida in the US has been identified as the alleged mastermind behind the massive July Twitter hack that saw the accounts of several high-profile individuals and corporations compromised. The alleged teen masterm...Read More

Netflix Wants To Make Big Films By Big Names

Ben Hamill - August 05, 2020

According to its VP of original films, Netflix is eager to pursue new ideas and in future create exciting new Jumanji-type content with the help of big-name directors. These are just some of the thoughts shared by Netflix’s Tendo Na...Read More

Authorities Issuing Warning About Mystery Seeds

Ben Hamill - August 04, 2020

Canadian agriculture and food inspection authorities are cautioning local gardeners about unsolicited seeds received by post, ordering recipients not to plant anything they did not specifically order. Reports related to packages of which ...Read More

New Shows Coming To Netflix In August

Ben Hamill - July 30, 2020

Netflix is going about this coming August in a cutting-and-pasting kind of way, and so some binge-worthy content won’t be available for much longer. Lucky for us, the streaming giant is at the same time bringing back quite a few all...Read More

CES 2021 Called Off – Bad News For Vegas

Ben Hamill - July 30, 2020

Rising concerns over a second massive wave of global health crisis-induced infections have left the organisers of CES with no other option but to call off the 2021 in-person instalment of the world’s largest consumer electronics sho...Read More

Deciphering The Meaning Of Cancel Culture

Ben Hamill - July 29, 2020

The internet is awash with a new piece of terminology. And even those who claim to understand its meaning seem to be largely straddling the fence of confusion as to a proper definition the rest of us can get our heads around. It’s c...Read More

Keep The Distance With Tall Canadian Celebs

Ben Hamill - July 27, 2020

Having trouble keeping the recommended 6-feet distance from your fellow humans in a queue or while shopping for essential items? Not exactly keen on whipping out the old tape measure when out in public? Don’t fret, because since we&...Read More

Walmart Canada To Invest $3.5bn Locally

Ben Hamill - July 23, 2020

Walmart Canada has announced major investment plans for the next five years. The retail giant has declared itself in the position to invest at least $3.5 billion in improving its online service offerings as well as in-store service offeri...Read More

Canadian Museum Wronging The Rights

Ben Hamill - July 20, 2020

It’s a museum wholly dedicated to celebrating human rights. And in a time of physical distancing especially, it’s supposed to be a safe haven inviting people out of living in the shadows for fear of discrimination and being sh...Read More

How Research Is Changing Solar Energy Yield

Ben Hamill - July 13, 2020

In an industry racing toward sustainable, green, and affordable solar energy, the measure of whether that which should be achieved is actually being achieved, has always been solar panel efficiency. And that efficiency is measured in whet...Read More

Ad Boycotts Will Hurt Companies – Not Facebook

Ben Hamill - July 04, 2020

Smaller businesses and companies pulling their ads from Facebook in support of a cause, even for a month, is tantamount to someone cutting off their own nose in an attempt to spite their face. This according to several business analysts o...Read More

Sussexes Hit Trademark Paperwork Snag

Ben Hamill - June 22, 2020

If life as ordinary citizens were what former royals the had been hoping for, then they’ve just had yet another prayer answered because according to several British news outlets, the registration of their new non-profit trademark a...Read More

Canadians Need To Learn How To Trust Again

Ben Hamill - June 15, 2020

Canadians are known for a surprisingly positive stereotype; that of extreme politeness. But the global health crisis has even the politest nation on earth on edge. We’re surrounded by precautionary health measures promising to prote...Read More

Why Zoom Fatigue Is A Real Concern

Ben Hamill - June 01, 2020

  It’s a strange new world out there at the moment. And come to think of it, it’s an even stranger new world ‘in here’. And while our reasons for feeling this way may vary, much of what we&rsqu...Read More

The Comfort Foods That Aren’t Comforting

Ben Hamill - May 29, 2020

Ever notice how comfort meant to make you feel ‘better’ and, well, comforted, often only does the trick for literally a couple of minutes before the familiar old lag, slug and bad mood sets in as if with renewed vengeance? Ex...Read More

Greta Thunberg Calls Out Sonya Savage For Honesty

Ben Hamill - May 28, 2020

Swedish climate- and environmental activist isn’t exactly impressed with Alberta energy minister Sonya Savage’s sense of timing. Savage in a recent podcast proclaimed people’s inability to protest amid a global health c...Read More

Queen’s Brian May Tells Of Heart Attack

Ben Hamill - May 27, 2020

Queen’s Brian May has reportedly revealed details around his recent emergency trip to hospital after the legendary suffered what he described in typical May-form as his having had a “small” heart attack. The famous guit...Read More

How Facebook Plans To Move In On E-Commerce

Ben Hamill - May 25, 2020

Not only does Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook own Instagram, and more recently too, but the social media mogul now wants to control the online shopping experience as well, a privilege currently enjoyed mainly by Jeff Bezos’ Amazon...Read More

How Bumper Tables Are Keeping Diners Safe

Ben Hamill - May 23, 2020

A Baltimore company has come up with a rather ingenious plan to get diners to keep their distance whilst engaged in eating and chatter at outdoor-style and café venues. Revolution Event Design & Production debuted their bumper...Read More

40th Terry Fox Anniversary Shoes A Huge Hit

Ben Hamill - May 22, 2020

The timelessness of Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope in support of research exactly 40 years ago has once again been reaffirmed. Fox ran his 1980 cross-country marathon passage in a pair of Adidas sneakers of royal blue and thanks to a...Read More

Museums Helping Folks Lock Down Artfully

Ben Hamill - May 20, 2020

Kintsugi is the centuries-old art of repairing broken pottery with gold. It’s a method based on the powerful idea that by embracing flaws and imperfections, something stronger than the original design can be created. Something stro...Read More

Tell All Book About Harry & Meghan Coming In August

Ben Hamill - May 19, 2020

Whether or not the upcoming book revealing all about Harry and wife s official royal-capacity exit will unveil hidden Royal Family secrets remains to be seen. But what is pretty much a done deal is that the August 11 release of the Harper...Read More

Why Canadians Are Loving Working from Home

Ben Hamill - May 16, 2020

A recent Angus-Reid survey carried out on behalf of employment firm ADP Canada indicates that nearly half of survey participants working from home are perfectly happy adopting working from home as a permanent new normal. And since nearly ...Read More

Frozen Star Kristen Bell Talks Parenting

Ben Hamill - May 16, 2020

During a recent instalment of her web series “#Momsplaining With Kristen Bell” Frozen star Kristen Bell got up close and real personal with the issue of double standards in parenting. A question particularly perplexing appears...Read More

Actor Jerry Stiller Dies Aged 92

Ben Hamill - May 12, 2020

Celebrated actor Jerry Stiller, perhaps best known for his role playing the hilariously borderline-offensive father of George on the comedic television sitcom Seinfeld, has died.  Actor and son Ben Stiller confirmed the news of his p...Read More

Boris Johnson Reveals Meaning Behind His Baby’s Names

Ben Hamill - May 10, 2020

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and girlfriend Carrie Symonds have officially announced the name of their son to be Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson. And, the couple added, the names pay tribute to the couple’s grandfathers as ...Read More

George Street Festival Confirmed Cancelled

Ben Hamill - May 05, 2020

The annual George Street Festival draws thousands of festivalgoers to St. Johns. Ironically, it’s for exactly this reason that what would have this year been the 36th anniversary of the festival, has now been cancelled fo...Read More

Stay-At-Home Netflix Magic Coming In May

Ben Hamill - May 02, 2020

Judging by the inward-bound and the outward-bound shows presented to subscribers by Netflix Canada this May, staying at home promises to be more than just blissfully bearable. We’ll be treated to everything from the dramatic to the ...Read More

RevenueWire Ordered To Pay Millions To FTC

Ben Hamill - May 02, 2020

A Victoria-based e-commerce facilitation support and service provider has been ordered to part with $6.75 million by a B.C. Federal Court. The court ruled that according to evidence presented in the civil action matter between the U.S. Fe...Read More

Celebrities Giving Viewers an Eyeful

Ben Hamill - April 28, 2020

It turns out there’s a term for it. For why we’re so fiercely fascinated with the lives of celebrities.  Oscar psychology. And since we recently graduated from a controlled sneak peek into celebrity homes every once in a ...Read More

Meghan Markle Is Back On The Small Screen

Ben Hamill - April 25, 2020

Now that the of Sussex are free to decide for themselves how to spend their time, we’ll hopefully start to see a whole lot more of Meghan Markle on the platform that first introduced her to the world: television and the small scree...Read More

Vancouver Aquarium In Dire Need Of Funding

Ben Hamill - April 23, 2020

The Vancouver Aquarium, which is not only Vancouver’s largest aquarium, but also Canada’s largest, is in desperate need of financial relief. The sea-life facility houses not only marine life like sea otters and jelly fish, but...Read More

Harry & Meghan Fed Up With British Tabloids

Ben Hamill - April 21, 2020

British tabloids have eventually managed to tick of to such an extent that the couple on Sunday announced that their private relations team will no longer engage in any way with four separate British tabloids. The couple gave new meaning...Read More

Schitt’s Creek Says Thank You

Ben Hamill - April 20, 2020

When the stars of Schitt’s Creek recently let fly a stream of lives that has so far raised more than $200,000 for Canadian and U.S. food banks, the idea was to do something truly meaningful as a way to say thank you for six seasons...Read More

Zoom Hires Former Facebook Security Chief

Ben Hamill - April 17, 2020

The last thing anyone wants to see popping up in a videoconference is a naked adult male blabbering racial slurs. And even more so when said naked racist pops up during a password-protected high school online meeting possibly involving h...Read More

Why Biking Is Getting a Popularity Boost

Ben Hamill - April 13, 2020

We all, at some point or another, need to move from point A to point B. And since social (physical) distancing guidelines imposed certain limits on the way we get around, there’s no time like the present to do it on a bike.

Read More

Cannabis Curbside Deliveries Now Authorised

Ben Hamill - April 11, 2020

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has following a former complete lockdown order, now said that authorised cannabis stores will be permitted to sell and deliver by way of curbside pickups for the remainder of the declared emer...Read More

Ezra Miller Seen Choking A Woman In Iceland

Ben Hamill - April 08, 2020

American actor Ezra Miller appears to be more beast than what he is fantastic. The hunky future Flash actor has been doing the rounds in the worst possible way on Reddit and Twitter after a slightly confusing video showing him choking a w...Read More

Fans Treated To Special Country Music Awards

Ben Hamill - April 07, 2020

  Americans may have to wait until September 16th for this year’s in-person live Academy of Country Music Awards, but that doesn’t mean that fans will have to go without all of the special performances that ha...Read More

Covid-19 Takes a Bite Out of Apple

Ben Hamill - April 07, 2020

Apple’s appetite for cheap labour is starting to pay off. As in getting what they paid for. Despite various warnings by a hidden few Apple executives regarding the tech-giant’s unhealthy dependence on as far back as 2015, Tim...Read More

Covid-19 Puts UK PM Boris Johnson In Hospital

Ben Hamill - April 06, 2020

No. 10 Downing Street has confirmed that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to hospital on Sunday evening. Johnson has been in self-isolation since having started displaying symptoms caused by Covid-19 about 10 days ago. A spoke...Read More

Live Shows Cancelled All Over Ontario

Ben Hamill - April 06, 2020

Having to cancel or reschedule any major event is a headache under perfectly normal circumstances. But rescheduling events during a time when nobody is able to realistically predict what future dates may be suitable for postponement purpo...Read More

Luckin Coffee A Financial Fake

Ben Hamill - April 05, 2020

There are vital lessons to be learnt from ’s Luckin Coffee disaster. Most importantly perhaps that the simplest explanation nearly always tends to be the correct one. Or in layman’s terms: if it seems too good to be true, it p...Read More

Draper James Gifts Free Dresses To Teachers

Ben Hamill - April 05, 2020

So touched has Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon been by the creative and exceptionally selfless efforts displayed by teachers in the U.S. in order to enable children to keep on learning even when stuck at home during the Coronavirus pa...Read More

Why It’s OK Not To Do Anything During Quarantine

Ben Hamill - April 03, 2020

The old adage rings more true now than ever before; its OK if simply getting through the day is all you’ve managed to do. Consider the idea of quarantine and the growing sensation that many people really are living their best lives ...Read More

Why Essential Services Vary From Place to Place

Ben Hamill - April 03, 2020

The global Coronavirus pandemic has bestowed upon the world what certainly feels like a whole new vocabulary. We’re each day confronted with terms like flattening the curve, social distance and the concept of essential services. And...Read More

Harry & Meghan Announce Instagram Interval

Ben Hamill - April 02, 2020

For the past number of weeks, Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle have been providing regular updates regarding their work as well as their personal journey via their Sussex Royal Instagram account. The pair however announced on Monday th...Read More

Idaho Hit By Biggest Earthquake In 40 Years

Ben Hamill - April 02, 2020

An earthquake measuring a magnitude of 6.5 hit the state of Idaho on Tuesday evening. The earthquake’s epicenter appeared to be located about 80 miles northeast of Boise and just outside of Stanley and was the state’s most pro...Read More

How Covid-19 Quarantine Cooking Is Saving The Day

Ben Hamill - March 31, 2020

To many people, cooking simply doesn’t come naturally. It could be a case of never having needed to cook before now, or simply having fallen out of practice because of busy schedules involving a balancing act between work and raisin...Read More

Tornado Sows Mayhem In Jonesboro, Arkansas

Ben Hamill - March 30, 2020

The world – and in particular the U.S. – is in a state of absolute chaos and crisis due to the death and destruction caused by the deadly Coronavirus. And as if a global pandemic threatening to completely destroy entire econom...Read More

All My Children Actor John Callahan Dies

Ben Hamill - March 30, 2020

Long-time veteran soap opera actor John Callahan has died at the untimely age of only 66. The All My Children star played a number of leading roles in various other popular soaps too, including Days of Our Lives, Falcon Crest and even San...Read More

Earthquakes Leave West Texas Slightly Rattled

Ben Hamill - March 29, 2020

Earthquakes centred in a remote area of West Texas shook the region on Thursday, March 26th, 2020. The first occurred early in the morning and was followed six hours later by a larger tremor, according to the scientific agency ...Read More

Ryan Reynolds Responds to Trudeau’s Covid-19 SOS

Ben Hamill - March 26, 2020

Ideas like “flattening the curve” and “social distancing” are new to the human race and yet the current coronavirus global pandemic have brought these and other curiosities right to our doors. Canadian Prime Minist...Read More

Covid-19 Pick-Up Lines Offer A Much-Needed Laugh

Ben Hamill - March 24, 2020

So apparently social distancing has a funny side too. As in hilariously funny. Covid-19 pick-up lines may very well be the funniest thing to have come out of social distancing yet as singles get creative in the absence of being able to da...Read More

Country King Kenny Rogers Dies

Ben Hamill - March 23, 2020

Long-time country music and industry sweetheart Kenny Rogers has died. Rogers (81) died of natural causes at his home in Sandy Springs, George, on Friday night, the family has confirmed. The three-time Grammy awards winner is the 10...Read More

GoT’s George R.R. Martin Marks Himself Safe

Ben Hamill - March 23, 2020

Game of Thrones penman George R.R. Martin has declared himself “safe” amid the Coronavirus global pandemic. The 71-year-old Martin this week provided an update regarding his current state of health after Indira Varma, who play...Read More

Sophie Trudeau Tests Positive For Covid-19

Ben Hamill - March 16, 2020

The wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tested positive for the . Sophie Gregoire Trudeau began experiencing mild flu-like symptoms upon her return from a public speaking engagement in the UK on Wednesday. The Prime Ministe...Read More

Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek Talks About His Health

Ben Hamill - March 09, 2020

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek recently updated his fans about his general state of health after having been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer about a year ago. The 79-year-old is loved and revered by fans of the gameshow, which he has ...Read More

Why Your Fitness Routine Should Evolve With Age

Ben Hamill - March 06, 2020

Aging may not be optional (yet) but aging poorly or even badly certainly is. Most of us are aware that regular exercise helps fight a variety of diseases and even helps the body to stay mobile and younger for longer. In fact, calculations...Read More

Canada Loses Ground On Hurun’s Billionaires List

Ben Hamill - March 04, 2020

Rich lists. You got to love ‘em. Unless you’re no longer on them, of course, which appears to be what is happening to Canada. If a new report published last week by Shanghai-based Hurun Research Institute is anything to go by,...Read More

Clare Crawley Is The New Bachelorette

Ben Hamill - March 04, 2020

Many 28-year-olds can only dream of looking anything like Clare Crawley. The 38-year old has just been named the next star to feature on The Bachelorette, and ironically, her age is exactly what drew the producers to her. Aside of course ...Read More

Pete Buttigieg Quits Presidential Race

Ben Hamill - March 03, 2020

Pete Buttigieg, for reasons mostly known to him only, has exited the race for Democratic presidency, saying not too much more than his stepping down had been motivated by his desire to help bring the party and the country back together. B...Read More

Harry & Meghan To Pay Their Own Way In Canada

Ben Hamill - March 02, 2020

Now that Megxit appears to be a done deal, even to the point of Harry and having had to agree to no longer make reference to the word “royal’ in any of their future brands, whether commercial or philanthropic, all that remain...Read More

Netflix Line Up For March

Ben Hamill - February 28, 2020

It’s hard to believe that we are entering March, but here we are. And as for what to expect to find on during the month, as well as what to expect not to find, March appears to be solid mix between nostalgia and modern-day contempo...Read More

My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising Hits Screens

Ben Hamill - February 28, 2020

Love ? Who doesn’t? And what better way to spend time anime-ing away than by indulging in the latest creation by Kohei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising. This is a theme that lends itself to anime across the anime-engageme...Read More

Mazzy Star’s David Roback Dead At 61

Ben Hamill - February 28, 2020

Mazzy Star co-founder, guitarist, songwriter and the haunting but velvety voice that can be heard in what is perhaps the band’s biggest hit, Fade Into You, David Roback, has died of metastatic cancer. Roback’s management team ...Read More

Be A Lady They Said – Nixon Video Goes Viral

Ben Hamill - February 27, 2020

We may no longer be oppressed to the extent of not being permitted to drive a car or even not being allowed to leave the house without a father or brother by our side; at least not in most parts of the world; but despite the liberties we ...Read More

Jeff Bezos Pledges $10bn To Earth Initiative

Ben Hamill - February 24, 2020

The richest man on the planet remains convinced that despite the magnitude of the threat that is climate change, Earth can be saved. So much so that CEO Jeff Bezos is willing to throw a cool $10 billion at the problem. Bezos some days ago...Read More

Why Fitness Is A Deeply Personal Thing

Ben Hamill - February 23, 2020

The hardest part about anything is constantly showing up. Getting started isn’t nearly as daunting as faithfully keeping at it, day after day (after day!) over a long period of time.  This is true whether we’re talking sh...Read More

B.C. Locals Want Terry Fox To Grace $5 Bill

Ben Hamill - February 20, 2020

The search for a new face to grace Canada’s $5 bill is officially on. And according to the residents of Port Coquitlam, B.C., no face is more deserving of the honour than their own Terry Fox. The news that federal government would s...Read More

Online Thrift Revolution Brings In The Big Bucks

Ben Hamill - February 19, 2020

Thrift has officially gone . E-commerce sites have been around for many years, but their main target market didn’t exactly regard a second-hand pair of classic sneakers or even a vintage coat to be anything close to a “main at...Read More

Beware The Free Charge for Your Smartphone

Ben Hamill - February 19, 2020

Nothing free truly ever is. Not even the smart phone charging stations offered “for free” to travellers and shoppers who pass through airports and big city shopping centres. And if you thought that the term “juice jackin...Read More

How Lyme’s Disease Nearly Broke Shania Twain

Ben Hamill - February 18, 2020

Lyme disease may have caused a substantial amount of damage to her vocal chords and voice, but singer-songwriter Shania Twain wasn’t about to allow anything to get the better of her ability to sing, let alone a disease caused by an ...Read More

Why Therapy Is Good For You, Even If You’re Happy

Ben Hamill - February 17, 2020

Most of us could do with a good old reality check from time to time. And sometimes, that check is best delivered by a trained therapist. But whilst for some people the decision to check in with a specialist in the field of understanding t...Read More

Wholehearted Living – The Key To Happiness

Ben Hamill - February 14, 2020

Barring extreme exceptions, most of us deeply and desperately want to be happy. We want to live our best possible. But what not everyone knows or thinks to consider is that a non-negotiable prerequisite to being happy is to live wholehea...Read More

Parasite Actor Choi Woo-shik A Real Canadian

Ben Hamill - February 13, 2020

A life of growing between two cultures and of having to face the multitude of challenges associated with is daunting, to say the least. But at the same time, challenges are particularly useful when it comes to forming our identities as h...Read More

Amazon Names Fort McMurray The Most Romantic City

Ben Hamill - February 11, 2020

The owl and the pussycat went out to Fort McMurray. Apparently. That’s Fort McMurray, Alberta. And no, we’re not attempting to re-write classic English poetry. But it is interesting to note that according to what folks are spe...Read More

Canada’s Grocery Delivery Wars In Full Swing

Ben Hamill - February 10, 2020

More and more folks are cashing in on saving time as well as money by doing their shopping online. And whilst less than 2% of Canadian shoppers are currently making use of online grocery shopping services, this figure is expected to grow...Read More

Kobe Bryant And The Psychology Of Grief

Ben Hamill - February 07, 2020

Basketball legend touched us all. And it did so in the most unexpected of ways. And whilst it’s definitely true that there’s no right or wrong way to mourn or to grieve, the practice of shaming those who grieve remains a tren...Read More

Netflix Using Cues from The Adult Entertainment Industry

Ben Hamill - February 04, 2020

Video streaming giants , Amazon Prime and even YouTube are coaxing people into watching their content on an ongoing and near-obsessive schedule by taking the cue from what the adult entertainment industry is doing. This according to Unive...Read More

Unicode Reveals Gender-Inclusive Emojis For 2020

Ben Hamill - February 04, 2020

The Unicode Consortium, i.e. the good folks responsible for each year greenlighting the roll-out of relevant new , has just released some pretty exciting information regarding what to expect of this year’s additions. The fresh new 2...Read More

How You Can Beat The Winter Blues

Ben Hamill - January 27, 2020

Fighting off the general low mood and varying degrees of lethargy during the cold winter months can be a dreary affair indeed. The winter blues isn’t anything uncommon and according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, at leas...Read More

Why Harry & Meghan Will Be Happier In Canada

Ben Hamill - January 27, 2020

If the are primarily concerned with escaping a life that involves being constantly ostracised by the press (case in point: typical British journalism) then their planned move to Canada may very well prove to be the best thing for them ye...Read More

Why Lying When Dating Is A Bad Idea

Ben Hamill - January 24, 2020

We’re all familiar with “white lies” and whilst its true that the majority of us do not see anything wrong with saying, “I’m fine” when we’re actually not, or telling a fib as to why we’re l...Read More

Why A Sincere Compliment Goes Both Ways

Ben Hamill - January 24, 2020

Receiving a sincere compliment does wonders not only for the soul and for a feeling of being connected to those around us but it also infiltrates every aspect of , including our level of performance at work, to name but one example. The t...Read More

How Chat Apps Are Saving Dads Sanity

Ben Hamill - January 23, 2020

It is said that but that at the same time, in a truly ironic twist of fate, only technology can save them. It’s all about balancing the good with the not-so-good. But it’s a balancing act of time vs. tech that has left many o...Read More

McDonalds & The Coffee Cup Conundrum

Ben Hamill - January 23, 2020

Canadians have over the course of the past number of years grown increasingly more concerned about the environment, and specifically about the impact of single-use plastics on the . The fact that coffee cups and lids are among the top 5 i...Read More

Mama Duck To Return To Canada In June

Ben Hamill - January 21, 2020

When organisers of Toronto’s annual Redpath Waterfront Festival announced 2 years ago that the star attraction set to make an appearance at Canada’s birthday celebrations was not only six storeys tall, weighed some 13,600 kilo...Read More

Twitter Goes Nuts Over Royal Split Announcement

Ben Hamill - January 11, 2020

How times have changed. Instead of reacting in a manner typical of 1950s British disappointment, upon having learnt of the announcement by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that they had reached the decision that the best thing for them invo...Read More

Fitness Need Not Be Daunting – Here’s Why

Ben Hamill - January 08, 2020

The majority of us know the drill. We’re fully aware of the mental and physical benefits associated with regular exercise, but we just can’t get ourselves to get out there and get started. All in all; for many of u...Read More

Why A Booze-Free January Isn’t A Bad Idea

Ben Hamill - January 06, 2020

We aren’t exactly famous for being a people terribly fond of complete abstinence. Especially not when abstinence refers to having to abstain from the occasional drink. If truth be told, booze connects us in a variety...Read More

3D Printing Reveals Dinosaur’s Secrets

Ben Hamill - January 05, 2020

The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta is among the growing number of institutions that are using 3D printing technology to replicate dinosaur bones. The printed bones complete skeletons in a way that has not been possibl...Read More

Alberta Makes An Impact In Ghostbusters Trailer

Ben Hamill - January 02, 2020

Canadians; and especially those living in Alberta; have been taking to Twitter for days on end and saying their piece about having immediately recognised those terribly telling “big Alberta skies and wheat fields” ...Read More

Why You Need To Keep Tabs On Browser Tabs

Ben Hamill - January 01, 2020

Time –sucks. Don’t you just love to hate ’em? And as far as prominent usurpers of available time go, multiple open browser tabs are the bomb. In a very uncool “da bomb” kind of way, of course. The “state of...Read More

Glassdoor Ranks Microsoft As Top Employer

Ben Hamill - December 31, 2019

At the end of each year, career website Glassdoor lets the cat out the bag about which companies are the best ones to work for, as nominated by the folks who actually work or used to work for those businesses. The fact...Read More

The Darker Side to New Year’s Resolutions

Ben Hamill - December 24, 2019

The festive season is fast approaching, and once Christmas and Boxing Day are over, New Year’s Day is the next big event on the calendar. This is the time of year when we all start to make our list of New Year’s resolutions...Read More

Making New Year’s Resolutions That Stick

Ben Hamill - December 23, 2019

New year’s resolutions: good or bad idea? This is a surprisingly contentious issue for people, especially near the end of the year. Almost everyone is familiar with that burning desire to start the new year off “be...Read More

The Most Popular December Baby Names

Ben Hamill - December 22, 2019

Many people feel quite stuck when reaching the point of having to pick a new baby’s name, perhaps realising the permanence of it all what with there being no possibility at all of changing one’s mind later on. And ...Read More

Best Gambling Movies For The Festive Season

Ben Hamill - December 21, 2019

So what to do when you simply love to play games and have more free time than the usual on your hands this December holidays. There’s no need to lie around being bored and frustrated, because there’s a long list of...Read More

Nova Scotia To Ban Flavoured Vape Juice

Ben Hamill - December 18, 2019

Nova Scotia’s decision to ban all sales of flavoured e-cigarettes and flavoured vaping juices is rooted in its attempt to reduce youth smoking rates. This is according to Health Minister Randy Delorey. The changes to...Read More

Christmas Traditions In Canada

Ben Hamill - December 17, 2019

Colonists, immigrants, and first nation peoples have all played a role in shaping Canada’s many Christmas traditions. Some are religious, some are not, but they all help to make the holiday season what it is. This is...Read More

2019 Word Of The Year Revealed

Ben Hamill - December 16, 2019

Most of us have probably played a variation of the game in which we need to use one word to describe something. takes it to the next level every year, when the website selects the one word that best desc...Read More

Festive Foodie Christmas Gift Ideas

Ben Hamill - December 13, 2019

High prices, a crush of frantic shoppers, and a lack of inspiration can turn Christmas shopping into an unbelievably stressful experience. Why not escape all that this festive season by giving fabulous foodie gifts to ...Read More

Electric Scooters Headed For Ontario In 2020

Ben Hamill - December 10, 2019

Ontario Province recently announced that electric scooters will be allowed on the province’s roads come 2020 and will remain legal for an initial pilot period spanning 5 years; a sort of test-phase if you will. For t...Read More

Canadians Are Dead-Set On Living Healthy

Ben Hamill - December 09, 2019

Canadians are more now than ever before particularly concerned about the state of their health. This is according to a report on consumer trends compiled by BDC, a local bank famously dedicated to entrepreneurs. A stud...Read More

Why Intentions Are The New Goals

Ben Hamill - December 08, 2019

It was South Africa’s Desmond Tutu who famously quoted 1921 Detroit Superintendent of Schools Frank Cody when he said, “there is only one way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time”. Cody during his orig...Read More

The Surprising Benefits Of Walking A Dog

Ben Hamill - December 07, 2019

It’s no secret that having a best friend is damn good for the soul, especially if that best friend has a furry coat and loves to play fetch. The benefits of dog ownership have been comprehensively documented. Not onl...Read More

Being Canadian – This Is What It Means

Ben Hamill - December 05, 2019

Many folks have at some point or another seriously considered giving it all up and moving to Canada. And really, why on earth not? The home of maple syrup sure beats the heck out of any variety of milk and honey. There...Read More

The Story Behind Black Friday

Ben Hamill - December 05, 2019

It’s the biggest sales event of the year. Bar none. Each year, on the Friday following Thanksgiving, a significant number of bargain hunters set out en masse and heading in their drones to key retail stores, popular ...Read More

Masculinity The Public Enemy To Eating Clean

Ben Hamill - November 27, 2019

Meat is meat and man must eat. Or so the old (out dated) saying goes. But out dated or not, men all over the world are for whatever reason or more, despite the harrowing and absolutely gruelling cost to the environment, opting in on pl...Read More

Canadians Living It Up At The Grammys

Ben Hamill - November 23, 2019

Time has positively flown by and its time again for the annual Grammy Awards nominations. The really great news is that Canada is right up there with the best of them for the 2020 instalment of the event. Subtly interw...Read More

The Beauty And Value Of A Gratitude Jar

Ben Hamill - November 22, 2019

If Marie Kondo has taught us anything other than the central theme that tidying up helps to make space for things that are way more important than “things”; people, experiences, the space to breathe and really live...Read More

Bookmakers Right About A Friends Reunion

Ben Hamill - November 21, 2019

Bookies have been running a special betting market on a yes/no question that’s pretty much grown into an unhealthy obsession for many people ever since the word first started doing the rounds back in 2015 that Jennifer Aniston, L...Read More

Ryan And Blake Celebrate Remembrance Day

Ben Hamill - November 18, 2019

Popular Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds; most recently adored for his persona as the amicably lopsided Marvel superhero Deadpool; may have seemingly effortlessly reached the highest rung of success on the film industry...Read More

Why Bibliotherapy Offers a Health Boost

Ben Hamill - November 15, 2019

Bibliotherapy is a modern word for an ancient practice – reading texts that are prescribed, as medicine might be, to help with healing. The material can be nonfictional or fictional, depending on the “patient’s...Read More

Study Reveals Depression Can Be Linked To Poor Nutrition

Ben Hamill - November 14, 2019

Results of a new study of the Canadian population, overseen by the University of Toronto, have been released. Among the numerous statistics revealed, two key points have raised concern. The first is that senior citizen...Read More

Why Canadians Are On A Go-Slow This Christmas

Ben Hamill - November 11, 2019

The harsh reality is that many Canadians are drowning in debt. According to Statistics Canada, the typical Canadian household owes CA$1.79 for every CA$1.00 earned in disposable income. It must also be said that debt i...Read More

The Mood-Lifting Potential Of Smell & Scent

Ben Hamill - November 09, 2019

Most people agree that they are more likely to remember experiences somehow connected to a specific emotion than otherwise. And the same goes for a specific scent. It all stands to perfectly good reason too as psycholo...Read More

Pharrell Williams Develops Condos In Toronto

Ben Hamill - November 08, 2019

Singer-songwriter and recently also producer Pharrell Williams has tried his dab design hand at everything from sneakers to wearables. But his recent stint of teaming up with property developers to develop a pair of re...Read More

Microsoft Declare 4-Day Work Week A Winner

Ben Hamill - November 07, 2019

Working four days a week instead of the standard five is a concept that at first sounds obviously counter-productive. Because surely working 32 hours instead of a typical 40-hour week translates to less work being done...Read More

Rogue Otter Wreaks Havoc In Vancouver Koi Garden

Ben Hamill - November 07, 2019

When all is said and done, only one question remains, are you behind #TeamKoi or are you behind #TeamOtter? The otter suspected of having terrorised the koi fish community of permanent residents at Vancouver’s Dr. Su...Read More

Meghan Markle Seen Wearing Canadian-Brand Jewelry

Ben Hamill - November 04, 2019

It may seem insignificant a gesture when viewed in the context of the world’s massive environmental crisis, but the fact that the Duchess of Sussex has been photographed wearing two gold rings designed by Canadian je...Read More

Older People Are New Cannabis Fan-Base

Ben Hamill - November 02, 2019

It used to be that older people were the ones dead-set on vilifying the use of Cannabis; irrespective of whether for medicinal or recreational purposes. But the tables have mostly turned, according to Statistics Canada...Read More

Plain Cigarettes Coming To A Store Near You

Ben Hamill - November 01, 2019

Manufacturing and selling cigarettes in Canada? Well then any colour packaging is a good one, just as long as it’s dab-brown. The colour for the new ciggie-season is popping up all over the nation on retailer-shelves...Read More

Climate Change Becomes a Sticky Political Issue

Ben Hamill - October 31, 2019

If ever there were a situation that actually fits the bill of being an actual “sticky situation” then it’s a recent unfortunate series of events that have led to government-mandated anti-carbon stickers falling o...Read More

Why Canada Has Embraced The Greta Factor

Ben Hamill - October 31, 2019

Greta Thunberg isn’t your average teenage hero; in fact, she isn’t even your average any hero. And yet, the phenomena now known as “The Greta Factor” has made it so that the 16-year-old Swede isn’t only the n...Read More

Idris Elba Likes His Bagels St-Viateur Style

Ben Hamill - October 31, 2019

It would be perfectly excusable to be drooling over actor Idris Elba much in the same way as one would say, drool over a Montreal St-Viateur bagel. Elba was after all named the sexiest man on earth. What’s more and n...Read More

Why Hollywood Seems Stuck On Repeat

Ben Hamill - October 29, 2019

And so Hollywood reboots are a thing right now. This has been true for most of 2020 and experts predict that it’s a trend that will continue into 2021 and beyond. We were this year treated to more than one re-make of...Read More

Backbone To Enjoy A Canadian Hall Of Fame Moment

Ben Hamill - October 28, 2019

The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame isn’t easy pickings. Those doing their thing on the local rap music scene will be the first to confirm the fact. After all, no rap song has ever been inducted into the league of ...Read More

Sobeys Inc. Teases New Smart Trolley

Ben Hamill - October 27, 2019

Long gone are the days of pushing one another around in squeaky-wheeled grocery shopping carts, much to the annoyance of our parents who only wanted to navigate the grocery isles and get done with it. There’s a new b...Read More

Halloween Becomes An Environmental Nightmare

Ben Hamill - October 24, 2019

When a Facebook post back in 2011 showed an owl completely entangled in a fake Halloween spider web decoration, it nearly broke the Internet. Social media users were outraged, with many vowing to steer clear of anythin...Read More

Why Pumpkin Spice Is More Than A Trendy Flavouring

Ben Hamill - October 23, 2019

Whilst pumpkin spice may not actually contain any pumpkin; much to its own ridicule at the hands of the online slammers and the creators of sarcastic memes; it does contain a list of ingredients worthy of mention because of each ingred...Read More

Air Canada To Ditch All References To Gender

Ben Hamill - October 21, 2019

Air Canada has deviated from the beaten path. The airline has announced that in an attempt to adopt a more inclusive approach, it will no longer be referring to “ladies and gentlemen” when greeting passengers and m...Read More

Cannabis Edibles Now Legal In Canada

Ben Hamill - October 19, 2019

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes, including the process of cultivation and drying, was legalised exactly one year ago in Canada. And as of October 17, so is selling and consuming what is commonly referred ...Read More

Social Media To Play Bigger Role In Law

Ben Hamill - October 18, 2019

When lawyers representing Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc. in a matter involving damage caused to one of the power company’s hydro poles eventually came to the conclusion that they had exhausted all possible remedies of trying to hunt...Read More

Margret Atwood Awarded Booker Prize

Ben Hamill - October 17, 2019

Canadian author Margaret Atwood and British-based Bernardine Evaristo have won the Booker Prize. And yes, they’re sharing. Organisers this year threw all tradition into the wind when they named Atwood as well as Evar...Read More

Hybrid Salmon Discovered On Vancouver Island

Ben Hamill - October 17, 2019

An interesting Vancouver Island discovery has led two scientists to believe that climate change has taken its toll on the landscape surrounding and including the Cowichan River. Victoria University PhD biology student Will Duguid and A...Read More

Study Shows Millennials Put Mental Health First

Ben Hamill - October 14, 2019

Not only are millennials more discerning about which boundaries to lay down in the workplace, a recently published study shows, but more than half of those who participated in the US study have quit their jobs due to o...Read More

House Hippo Returns To Warn About Fake News

Ben Hamill - October 13, 2019

A beloved childhood icon from way back when has been resurrected by Media Smarts; and for a very honourable purpose too. House Hippo is back, and this time round wants to create awareness about cyber-scams like fake ne...Read More

Extinction Rebellion Gaining Momentum

Ben Hamill - October 12, 2019

A London-based group going by the name of Extinction Rebellion (XR) is risking livelihood and legal limb in an attempt to awaken the minds of government officials as well as civilians to the fact that essentially, time...Read More

Canadian Government Worried About Connected Cars

Ben Hamill - October 11, 2019

Autonomous cars may hold a lot of promise for the future of road safety, but we’re nowhere near completely taking our hands off the proverbial wheels. And whilst it may be true that Rome wasn’t built in a day and ...Read More

PayPal Withdraws From Libra Association

Ben Hamill - October 09, 2019

Facebook’s Libra Association is down from 28 international members to 27. This following PayPal’s recent announcement that it had decided to withdraw from the social media giant’s cryptocurrency association becau...Read More

Student Housing Is A Real Crisis In Canada

Ben Hamill - October 08, 2019

Let it never be said of Canadians that we prefer to stick our heads in the sand hoping for a situation to be resolved all on its own. We’re instead a rather tenacious bunch and generally quite willing to problem-solv...Read More

Justin And Hailey Go All Out On Big Day

Ben Hamill - October 07, 2019

Justin and Hailey Bieber may not have opted in on tying the knot (for the second time round) in the singer’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario, but there was quite the Canadian presence at the South Caroline wedding cer...Read More

Fancy Pet Furniture A Hot New Trend

Ben Hamill - October 04, 2019

Whether or not Marie Antoinette’s royal pooch Coco had the luxury of occupying his royal kennel for the remainder of his days after his mistress was made to meet her doom isn’t quite clear, but that Coco enjoyed li...Read More

Unisex Baby Names On The Rise

Ben Hamill - October 03, 2019

Gender-neutral names like Harper, Charlie and Parker are experiencing a significant rise in popularity in the United States, a recent survey published by Net Credit reveals. In fact, so popular have unisex names become...Read More

Dr. Seuss Is Coming To Mississauga Ontario

Ben Hamill - October 03, 2019

The time leading up to the holidays and to Christmas is practically a highlight on the annual Canadian calendar and this year is shaping up to be no different. An interactive experience based on the books and stories o...Read More

Forever 21 To Close All 44 Canadian Stores

Ben Hamill - October 02, 2019

Fashion name brand retailer Forever 21 is closing the book on Canada, effectively leaving at least 2,000 local workers without an income. The retail chain has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US and will as a res...Read More

Fancy Tea Bags Filled With Micro Plastics

Ben Hamill - October 01, 2019

It now appears as if there may be more than just a smidgen of British pomp and pleasure swimming around in your cup of tea, and especially so if your hot drink of choice happens to be of the fancier variety. A recent s...Read More

Right To Be Forgotten Ruling Under Fire

Ben Hamill - September 30, 2019

It appears natural an assumption that we should all be at liberty to decide about a right of access to our own personal data. Some would refer to this as a right to privacy. But not everyone agrees that we should be gr...Read More

Lacey Evans Traffic Rant Was Staged

Ben Hamill - September 27, 2019

Viral social media video footage showing WWE wrestler Lacey Evans flying off the handle and tearing into an Edmonton RCMP traffic law enforcement officer has been confirmed as having been staged. Or rather, Evans’ pe...Read More

Canada Celebrates Schitt’s Creek At Emmys

Ben Hamill - September 25, 2019

Canadian co-production Schitt’s Creek may not have won an actual Emmy following its four nominations, but that doesn’t mean that Canadians aren’t positively beaming with pride over the achievement. And needless t...Read More

Why Retirement Is Trending with Millennials

Ben Hamill - September 22, 2019

It was Mark Twain who referred to (old) age being a thing of mind over matter; if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Whether or not the same may be said for retirement, is another question altogether. When #Millenn...Read More

Haviah Mighty Awarded Prestigious Polaris

Ben Hamill - September 20, 2019

Canadian rap artist Haviah Mighty has been awarded the prestigious Polaris Prize for her album “13th Floor”, making her the first female rap artist ever on whom Polaris recognition has been bestowed. Her...Read More

Apple TV Plus To Launch In Canada On November 1

Ben Hamill - September 19, 2019

Apple TV Plus is joining the Canadian television content streaming war come November 1st. The tech-giant hopes to lure subscribers away from competitors like Netflix by offering more original content in retu...Read More

Drake Unhappy About Folks Showing Up At Home

Ben Hamill - September 19, 2019

If you’re going to be flaunting your built-to-NBA-regulations full-size basketball court, which just so happens to be literally inside your home to anyone who is everyone on social media, then you had best expect som...Read More

Amazing Race Winners Want To Raise Awareness

Ben Hamill - September 14, 2019

Canadians are a resilient and positively tenacious lot. This we know. This was once again written in the stars in a new and refreshing way when two-spirit couple Anthony Johnson and James Makokis proved their steel and determination by w...Read More

Seniors Tackle Ageism in Technology

Ben Hamill - September 12, 2019

Seniors are doing it for themselves. Or at least, they very badly want to. Technology is notorious for its want of selectively excluding older members of society, a tendency referred to as “ageism”. But seniors, bl...Read More

Dior Pulls Sauvage Ad Starring Johnny Depp

Ben Hamill - September 11, 2019

Exploiting Indigenous people to make money. Fragrance and fashion house Dior is being accused of appropriating Native American culture and imagery for commercial gain, and has as a direct result of the widespread Inter...Read More

Justin Bieber Opens Up About Mental Health

Ben Hamill - September 09, 2019

Justin Bieber is a textbook case for every conceivable type of social ill; or at least, he used to be. The star recently and for the first time ever “faced his demons” in an honest and open manner when he shared in...Read More

The Secret Psychological Side To Selfies

Ben Hamill - September 07, 2019

It’s not what you say that matters most, but how you say it. We know this to be true. Turns out the same logic applies to Instagram posts. Or more specifically, selfies posted on Instagram. A recent study revealed th...Read More

Ontario Slang May Soon Be Quality OED English

Ben Hamill - September 06, 2019

There’s no disputing the fact. Ontario residents may soon be getting their vernacular spunk back thanks to the endeavours of a dialect research project spearheaded by the University of Toronto. Those not familiar wit...Read More

Barenaked Ladies Musician In Art Scam

Ben Hamill - September 05, 2019

Being famous, it turns out, doesn’t necessarily exempt one from being scammed. Just ask indigenous artist and musician Kevin Hearn of the band the Barenaked Ladies. Hearn was allegedly sold a fake Norval Morrisseau p...Read More

How The Trade War Affects Everyday Canada

Ben Hamill - September 04, 2019

A right financial trade war is upon us and it’s eating away at our interest rates, our bonds and our savings. The ongoing US/China trade war is taking its toll on the stock markets and investors aren’t budging this...Read More

Apple’s iPhone 11 May Be Full Of Surprises

Ben Hamill - September 02, 2019

Despite the leaks, tip-offs and right royal saucy rumours doing the rounds about what we are to expect of Apple’s new 2019 iPhone 11 release, the only certainty seems to be the release date. September 10 will reveal ...Read More

P.K. Subban And Lindsey Vonn Get Engaged

Ben Hamill - September 01, 2019

Canadian Olympic gold medallist duo and power-couple P.K. Subban and Lindsey Vonn are officially engaged to be wed. The stunning couple announced their upcoming union only days before this year’s 2019 MTV Video Music Awards and nee...Read More

Canada Alert Following US Vaping Health Scare

Ben Hamill - August 31, 2019

Nearly 200 cases of acute pulmonary illnesses and at least 1 death. This is the reality associated with vaping in the US. And Canada Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada are anxiously waiting and implementing ...Read More

Wreck of the Titanic Falling Apart

Ben Hamill - August 30, 2019

In many ways the RMS Titanic has become entwined with a sort of global history and heritage, and if retired Dalhousie University civil engineering professor Henrietta Mann’s estimations are on the money, the ship’s...Read More

Initiative Hopes To Create Media Inclusivity

Ben Hamill - August 29, 2019

A new campaign hopes to focus anew the world’s attention on people who daily face navigating life in the face of limiting disabilities. The “Dear Everybody” initiative is essentially concerned with the media and ...Read More

Red Bull To Pay Up Following Broken Promises

Ben Hamill - August 28, 2019

If, not unlike Benjamin Careathers, you’re following a decade’s worth of faithfully waiting on Red Bull to make good on its promise to “give you wiiings”, by now feeling rather flat and demotivated and have starte...Read More

How Social Media Does Its Bit For Earth

Ben Hamill - August 26, 2019

Social media, not unlike most other things in life, isn’t all good. But then again, the opposite is true too in that it most definitely isn’t all bad either. Many regard social media as the ultimate go-to for narcissists, but...Read More

Saskatoon City Scammed Out Of $1M Online

Ben Hamill - August 25, 2019

The city of Saskatoon has been working hard at trying to get its own back after it was scammed out of $1 million by an online fraudster. The fraudster had electronically impersonated the CEO of Allan Construction and h...Read More

Taylor Swift Steps Up For Canadian Student

Ben Hamill - August 19, 2019

Ayesha Khurram, a 20-year old Toronto student, has long been a fan of country-pop singer Taylor Swift. So when the renowned musician stepped in to help her pay outstanding university fees, it’s safe to say that’s s...Read More

Facebook Making Big Whatsapp & Instagram Changes

Ben Hamill - August 15, 2019

The word on the street; and by street we mean Bloomberg; is that WhatsApp is getting a brand new name. Facebook, forever eager to stamp its territorial mark of ownership all over its belongings, has reportedly announced that the messaging...Read More

The Many Hidden Dangers Of The “Gig” Economy

Ben Hamill - August 14, 2019

Fancy enjoying the freedom of being your own boss and banging your own drum? Then “partnering” with companies the likes of DoorDash and Uber probably isn’t for you, even though at first glance, they may appear to be perf...Read More

Canadians Say Yes To High-Tech Health Care

Ben Hamill - August 14, 2019

We are a people obsessed with good health. A recent Ipsos survey reveals that Canadians will do anything in their power to facilitate instant access to medical care and medical advice, even if that means willingly relinquishing control (o...Read More

Young Couples Embrace The Downsizing Trend

Ben Hamill - August 12, 2019

It’s a now widely accepted truth that we could all do with a smidgen more sunlight. Getting up and going outside; and even more so spending time outside; has become somewhat of a luxury. This is especially true when the burden of a ...Read More

Studying Millionaires – The Roads To Wealth

Ben Hamill - August 09, 2019

Want to create financial wealth? Then study the rich and emulate their behaviour, says self-made millionaire Steve Siebold in his book, “How Rich People Think”. Interesting to note is that the book isn’t titled, “H...Read More

Victoria’s Secret’s First Transgender Model

Ben Hamill - August 09, 2019

Lingerie fashion house Victoria’s Secret appears to have at long last cottoned on to the fact that not everyone’s fantasies are the same. The company is officially casting its first transgender model, in the shape of Brazilian...Read More

Facebook Wants To Read Your Mind

Ben Hamill - August 06, 2019

Not only did Facebook show itself to be completely inept and grandiosely incompetent at playing the self-appointed custodians of our private data, but it now wants to have a go at reading our minds too. As if outsourcing everything from o...Read More

Meghan Markle To Launch Smart Works Fashion Line

Ben Hamill - August 02, 2019

Megan Markle is more than just another starry-eyed royal with something to prove. The former Suits actress will soon be launching a very special fashion clothing line that has nothing to do with London pomp and glitz and everything with w...Read More

Tim Hortons Explores The Millennial Market

Ben Hamill - August 02, 2019

The urban millennial is the new bread and butter demographic and eateries and coffee shops / bistros all over the world are slowly but surely starting tot cotton on to the latest secret of the trade. Consider the newly revamped Tim Horton...Read More

6 Million Canadians Among Capital One Hack Victims

Ben Hamill - August 01, 2019

The fact that data is the new oil when talking big-value commodities should by this point in time no longer come as a surprise. When the revelation came that yet another financial services big-corp had fallen victim to a big-scale hack in...Read More

Dan Bilzerian Claims To Have Invented LAG

Ben Hamill - July 29, 2019

Claiming not to care two hoots and a tick what the Poker community thinks and publicly making known one’s refusal to even be seen around a table with Poker’s best doesn’t seem to quite square off with a claim of being th...Read More

Keanu Reeves Is The Image Of Human Kindness

Ben Hamill - July 26, 2019

Canadian actor Keanu Reeves is, as it turns out, everybody’s favourite favourite. And this has less to do with his acting skills and motion films (which by the way, everybody adores) that what it does with the fact that he’s o...Read More

$5Bn Fine Likely On The Cards For Facebook

Ben Hamill - July 25, 2019

Social media giant Facebook will in all likelihood as soon as during the course of the next couple of days learn what the exact nature of its Cambridge Analytica fate will be. The expectation is that the social media giant will have to co...Read More

Canadian Simu Liu To Play Marvel’s Shang-Chi

Ben Hamill - July 23, 2019

Superheroes do exist, and they can even be Canadian. Marvel announced at a recent San Diego Comic Con that its latest superhero will be played by none other than Kim’s Convenience star Simu Liu. The Canadian will embody the characte...Read More

Cats –The Movie Trailer Met With Mixed Reactions

Ben Hamill - July 22, 2019

Cats. You gotta love’em. The Internet certainly does. And soon, on December 20 to be exact, cat lovers will be feasting their eyes on the ultimate feline celebration when a star-studded cast congregate on the big screen to present t...Read More

Uber for Boats Now In Canada

Ben Hamill - July 20, 2019

Fancy having a boat for a day or weekend but not enough of a die-hard boating enthusiast to actually fork out thousands of dollars for the pleasure of owning one? Then read on because the company referred to as the Airbnb or the Uber of b...Read More

The FaceApp Controversy – Friend Or Foe?

Ben Hamill - July 19, 2019

FaceApp isn’t exactly a new craze but it is in fact enjoying new popularity among users of social media. The app initially surfaced about 2 years ago when it enabled users to upload a photo of their face and discover what they would...Read More

Toronto Teen To Star In New Netflix Series

Ben Hamill - July 17, 2019

Toronto-based teen Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is more than just a pretty face with big plans to become a famous actress. Ramakrishnan only recently graduated from Meadowvale Secondary school but is obviously up to the challenge of taking on th...Read More

Behind The Justin Bieber – Tom Cruise “Feud”

Ben Hamill - July 15, 2019

Anyone looking forward to betting on something like the Money Fight between Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise is going to be sorely disappointed. It looks like all those reports about a possible feud between the pop star and the actor are all ...Read More

Kerrisdale Class of ‘69 Opens Time Capsule

Ben Hamill - July 13, 2019

Five decades after leaving elementary school, a class of graduates from 1969 returned to their school’s beloved halls on June 26 to open the time capsule they left there during their childhoods. The capsule contained plenty of item...Read More

Canadians Of All Ages Are Embracing The Grey

Ben Hamill - July 10, 2019

Whilst “going grey” is naturally and traditionally associated with growing older, many people, women as well as men, notice the appearance of silver strands at an early age. And then spend most of the rest of their lives tryin...Read More

Canadian Employment Stats Both Good and Bad

Ben Hamill - July 08, 2019

The Canadian job market is currently stronger than what has been the case for going on 5 decades. The measuring stick is the 1970’s when the term “world-wide recession” wasn’t yet the buzzword that it is today. Bac...Read More

Alexa Under Fire for Saving Data

Ben Hamill - July 07, 2019

Chances are Amazon’s Alexa knows more about the neighbour’s wife that the neighbour himself. And what’s more, sharing is caring, because Alexa isn’t at all hesitant to let the cat out the bag, and neither is she qu...Read More

Why Salal Is Nature’s Best Kept Non-Secret

Ben Hamill - July 06, 2019

The cancer-preventing, anti-ageing powerhouse properties of the salal berry may be the latest big-news heart-health reveal responsible for currently populating medical health headlines, but as it turns out, its heavenly properties aren&rs...Read More

Nike Pulls 4th of July Shoe Due To Symbolism

Ben Hamill - July 05, 2019

Sportswear manufacturing giant Nike has pulled a specially branded 4th of July shoe after an outcry from former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick alerted the company to the fact that the image of an earlier American flag, the Be...Read More

Behind The Facebook & Whatsapp Crash

Ben Hamill - July 05, 2019

Facebook has managed to a large extent restore the peace after what was supposed to have been a routine maintenance session turned into a nightmare that in some global contact regions lasted almost two days. Users of Facebook, Instagram, ...Read More

Trenton Sets New Human Maple Leaf Record

Ben Hamill - July 04, 2019

There is nothing that says Canada and everything the country stands for than the iconic maple leaf. Which is why the municipality of Trenton, Ontario now has every right to brag and celebrate. The municipality is now officially the older ...Read More

Behind The Wheel of a Tesla Model S

Ben Hamill - July 02, 2019

When delivery starts to exceed production, it can either be very good or extremely bad. When talking Tesla it’s a little bit of both. According to sales figures, the company delivered a total of 33,000 Model 3s to the US and Canadia...Read More

Canadian Astronaut Heads Back To Earth

Ben Hamill - July 01, 2019

Many Canadians will only ever progress as far as dreaming about life at zero gravity as, for the moment at least, travelling to outer space isn’t a privilege afforded to many. But weightlessness has its drawbacks, which is something...Read More

Canadians Spill Their Happiness Beans

Ben Hamill - June 30, 2019

Happiness may come mainly from within, but as it turns out, and if a recent broad-based online survey is to be believed; it is after all still affected by certain external factors. Age, reveals the survey, is a biggie. According to survey...Read More

Forbes Names Rihanna Richest Female Singer

Ben Hamill - June 21, 2019

Forbes has just revealed the identity of the wealthiest female musician and its none other than the beautiful Rihanna. The singer is supposedly worth a crazy $600 million. This means that Rihanna is worth more than Beyoncé ($200 mi...Read More

Saskatchewan Centre Creates “Joy” Exhibition

Ben Hamill - June 17, 2019

It’s a modern-day dilemma that would not have been understood by our ancestors. If a selfie isn’t part of an event, did that event actually happen? We have grown (some would take issue with this particular term) into a people ...Read More

Health Canada Pulls Two Goop Products

Ben Hamill - June 16, 2019

Natural health products not exactly supported by medical substance have attracted a lot of bad publicity. And actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop line of products is no exception. Doctors and health experts all over the world have been k...Read More

Lilly Singh Looks For Diverse Team for TV Show

Ben Hamill - June 15, 2019

Indian-Canadian YouTube sensation and comedian Lilly Singh is getting her very own late night show. And says Singh; she’d very much like her team to be representative of the world. Quite befitting actually, as Singh is the very firs...Read More

Bank Of Canada To Terminate Older Bank Notes

Ben Hamill - June 13, 2019

Canada is giving some of its older bank notes the boot. As from January 1st, 2021, the $1, $2, $25, $500 and $1,000 bills will no longer be accepted as legal tender. The phasing out of the current more rarely used bank notes fo...Read More

Toronto Headed Towards A New Housing Crisis

Ben Hamill - June 11, 2019

The city of Toronto is growing at rate more rapid than any other city in Canada and the US combined. This may seem like good news when thinking in terms of general growth, but property experts now warn that it’s quite the opposite o...Read More

US-China Tech-Divorce – Consumers Will Pay

Ben Hamill - June 08, 2019

If the US and China were to go ahead with what is shaping up to be a dirty tech-divorce, just like with any other nasty divorce, it will ultimately be the children who will face the brunt of the consequences; with “children” i...Read More

Why Disney Appears To Be Stuck On Repeat

Ben Hamill - June 07, 2019

Disney’s recent re-make marathon has raised the question of whether the company has finally officially run out of good ideas. But apparently the reason behind all of the re-imaginations is slightly more sinister; and yet in a way, g...Read More

Gambling As A Legitimate Career Path

Ben Hamill - June 06, 2019

Whether or not it’s actually possible (read: profitable) to make a full-time career out of gambling is a question that has captivated and also boggled the minds of many. To the person who just loves a good old bet; whether standard ...Read More

Drake Gifted Diamond-Clad Sports Jacket

Ben Hamill - June 05, 2019

Bling just got an entirely different meaning and rapper Drake is the lucky celeb that will be sporting it out in diamond-decorated OVO jacket. Drake was recently gifted the jacket; which is decorated with no fewer than 235 diamonds, the v...Read More

Brexit Bets Bomb as May Quits

Ben Hamill - May 30, 2019

In an emotional statement on 24 May 2019, Theresa May announced her resignation as Britain’s second female prime minister. Political commentators have said that May, like Margaret Thatcher before her, ultimately met her downfall thr...Read More

Internet Sensation Grumpy Cat Has Died

Ben Hamill - May 24, 2019

The cat that, according to US news giant CNN achieved more in 7 years than most people do in a lifetime has died. Grumpy Cat’s human family recently took to photo and media share platform Instagram to announce that the Internet&rsqu...Read More

Talking Food With Dream-Team Virtue And Moir

Ben Hamill - May 22, 2019

Canadian ice-skating duo Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue know all about making magic on ice, but what about life away from the competitions and the arena? Ever since the ice dancing pair became known as Canada’s dream-team, Canadians ha...Read More

James Charles Is Getting Canned – Here’s Why

Ben Hamill - May 22, 2019

Semi-celeb Internet sensation and make-up artist James Charles is getting the heat from all sides. Charles seems to be mucking about with the type of zeal that makes bad publicity to remain bad publicity. Thanks to his blatant disregard f...Read More

Why The WhatsApp Hack Is A Cause For Concern

Ben Hamill - May 22, 2019

A recent WhatsApp cyber attack affecting both Apple as well as Android smart phone users is suspected to be the work of a private agency that has in the past been used by governments in order to deliver spyware. The Facebook-owned chat se...Read More

How 2019 Is Shaping Health And Eating

Ben Hamill - May 18, 2019

The healthy-food, healthy-lifestyle movement has gained popularity as well as a whole lot of momentum and 2019 is shaping up to be a year that will completely change the trajectory of the worldwide health movement. The bulk of the transit...Read More

Canada’s Best Cities For New Start-Ups

Ben Hamill - May 17, 2019

There may not be a magic recipe or any one special combination of factors that makes any city to be more ideal for the establishment of smaller start-up businesses than any other city, but the results of economy-focused impact studies are...Read More

Met Gala 2019 – A Celebration Of Camp

Ben Hamill - May 15, 2019

When in search of a top talking point, it’s hard to beat the annual Met Gala. Its big, its bling and its one of the largest celebrations of camp, pomp and the sheer magnificence of the art of the costume, in the world. And what bett...Read More

Justin Bieber Surprises Fans at Coachella

Ben Hamill - April 30, 2019

It may not have been planned, and one performance of a single song may not seem like much of a big deal to most, but to Justin Bieber’s fans it was the stuff that magic is made of. Bieber recently made a surprise appearance on stage...Read More

Nanaimo Bar Tops Popular Postage Stamps

Ben Hamill - April 26, 2019

Canada’s Nanaimo Bar isn’t just any old sweet treat. In fact, so popular is the bar that consists of graham crackers, custard, coconut and chocolate, that it’s earned its rightful place in Canadian post-stamp history. Ca...Read More

Worlds Biggest Bee Not Extinct After All

Ben Hamill - March 05, 2019

Bees. We often read about their supposed strange behaviour and almost everyone knows by now that without bees, life on earth may in all likelihood cease to exist. But what about a bee that grows to be the size of a walnut and boasts a rat...Read More

Why Knowing Your Hearts Age Can Save Your Life

Ben Hamill - October 23, 2018

Knowing the age of your heart might put you on the path to a longer, happier life. According to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), 80% of heart attacks and strokes in those younger than 75 can be prevented by improv...Read More

Boost Your Mood in 2 Minutes

Ben Hamill - September 30, 2018

There is good news for Canadians whose long commutes to work and long working hours mean they know only too well that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. A boosted mood – and improved physical fitness – are only 2 minu...Read More