Loto-Québec Launches Reels On Instagram

Ben Hamill - October 21, 2020

Crown corporation and gaming giant Loto-Québec is officially on Instagram. The local gaming and entertainment supplier says that it hopes to step up its presence on social media, and by so doing, connect more effectively with local...Read More

Why Adele’s Weight Loss Is Unsettling

Ben Hamill - May 08, 2020

It goes to show, you can’t please everybody. When singing sensation Adele first burst onto the music scene 12 years ago, she was only 19, and considered heavily overweight. What’s worse, people not only noticed, but had a who...Read More

Schitt’s Creek Says Thank You

Ben Hamill - April 20, 2020

When the stars of Schitt’s Creek recently let fly a stream of lives that has so far raised more than $200,000 for Canadian and U.S. food banks, the idea was to do something truly meaningful as a way to say thank you for six seasons...Read More

Instagram Trial-Runs A Healthier Platform

Ben Hamill - August 20, 2019

Instagram wants to help us quit our fixation on likes. And it plans on doing so by hiding the number of likes attracted by posts. Or as least, hiding them to the public eye. You will still be able to see the likes on y...Read More

Dan Bilzerian Claims To Have Invented LAG

Ben Hamill - July 29, 2019

Claiming not to care two hoots and a tick what the Poker community thinks and publicly making known one’s refusal to even be seen around a table with Poker’s best doesn’t seem to quite square off with a claim of being th...Read More

Behind The Facebook & Whatsapp Crash

Ben Hamill - July 05, 2019

Facebook has managed to a large extent restore the peace after what was supposed to have been a routine maintenance session turned into a nightmare that in some global contact regions lasted almost two days. Users of Facebook, Instagram, ...Read More

Instagram Wants To Hide Your “Like” Count

Ben Hamill - May 13, 2019

Most social media users are familiar with the feeling: the rush of blood to the head when a photograph or a video or just about any old post is “liked” by other social media users.  But photo and video sharing platform In...Read More

Prince Harry Calls For Complete Fortnite Ban

Ben Hamill - April 16, 2019

It certainly seems as if the bonds of marriage has had a sobering effect; for lack of a better word; on Prince Harry, the affable Duke of Sussex. The prince recently took to his and Megan Markel’s new joint Instagram account to expr...Read More

Restaurant Bingo Hits Instagram

Ben Hamill - January 28, 2019

It’s easy to see why bingo and social media are a match made in heaven. While the game is highly social in nature and also extremely versatile, websites like Facebook and Instagram have enough of a following to take the pastime to n...Read More

Top Food Trends You Need to Instagram in 2018

Ben Hamill - August 22, 2018

Every year sees trends come and go. No aspect of life is immune to them, and that goes for food as well. Not that many people mind, because, let’s face it – trendy foods give us something to Instagram. 2017 gave us post after...Read More