Why Caring About Your Looks Isn’t Being Vain

Ben Hamill - October 08, 2020

There exists a terrible misconception that if true beauty comes from within, then by some strange and twisted logic, it must also be true that spending too much time looking our outer best must be vain. This isn’t true and is actual...Read More

Michael Hogan Recovering From Brain Injury

Ben Hamill - September 28, 2020

Really tragic news recently revealed is that Canadian actor Michael Hogan is currently fighting hard to recover from a potentially life-altering brain injury sustained earlier this year in February. According to the beloved actor’s...Read More

How Therapy Is Helping Men Become Mentally Healthy

Ben Hamill - September 25, 2020

Nearly four times more men die each year by suicide than women. And in Canada, almost as many men die by suicide than by prostate cancer. This is obviously a crisis that’s been made only all that much worse by the endless challenge...Read More

Quebecer Campaigns For Lip Reading Masks

Ben Hamill - September 06, 2020

Face masks, though necessary and potentially lifesaving, aren’t exactly bags full of fun to wear. They tend to be hot and stifling, have been known to slide all over the show when not correctly sized, and even cause our specs to bec...Read More

Queen’s Brian May Tells Of Heart Attack

Ben Hamill - May 27, 2020

Queen’s Brian May has reportedly revealed details around his recent emergency trip to hospital after the legendary suffered what he described in typical May-form as his having had a “small” heart attack. The famous guit...Read More

New #selfcare Game a Mental Health Hit

Ben Hamill - April 15, 2020

We could all do with a bit of peace and quiet right about now. But to many of us, “traditional” means of destressing can create even more tension, achieving the exact opposite of what we had set out to do in the first place. B...Read More

Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek Talks About His Health

Ben Hamill - March 09, 2020

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek recently updated his fans about his general state of health after having been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer about a year ago. The 79-year-old is loved and revered by fans of the gameshow, which he has ...Read More

California Declares Covid-19 State Of Emergency

Ben Hamill - March 06, 2020

California has officially declared a state of emergency following 53 cases of the now having been confirmed by health officials in the state. Early Wednesday morning saw the confirmation of the first death resulting from infection report...Read More

CDC Warns US Of Possible Covid-19 Pandemic

Ben Hamill - February 28, 2020

The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, has urged US citizens to prepare for the worst-case Coronavirus scenario. The CDC obviously does not share the optimism voiced by the US president and has said that the time has ...Read More

Will You Catch The Corona Virus?

Ben Hamill - February 21, 2020

is shutting down the world. As millions of Chinese are quarantined, the rest of the world is struggling to comprehend the impact of this threat. Around the world, isolated groups of people are being shut inside hospitals and even cruise ...Read More

How You Can Beat The Winter Blues

Ben Hamill - January 27, 2020

Fighting off the general low mood and varying degrees of lethargy during the cold winter months can be a dreary affair indeed. The winter blues isn’t anything uncommon and according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, at leas...Read More

McDonalds & The Coffee Cup Conundrum

Ben Hamill - January 23, 2020

Canadians have over the course of the past number of years grown increasingly more concerned about the environment, and specifically about the impact of single-use plastics on the . The fact that coffee cups and lids are among the top 5 i...Read More

Fitness Need Not Be Daunting – Here’s Why

Ben Hamill - January 08, 2020

The majority of us know the drill. We’re fully aware of the mental and physical benefits associated with regular exercise, but we just can’t get ourselves to get out there and get started. All in all; for many of u...Read More

Injured Player Calls On Health Canada For Policy Changes

Ben Hamill - December 24, 2019

When former Humboldt Broncos player Ryan Straschnitzki stepped onto a Broncos team bus April of 2018, the last thing on his mind would have been even the vaguest hint of an idea suggesting that he would not be getting ...Read More

Canadians Are Dead-Set On Living Healthy

Ben Hamill - December 09, 2019

Canadians are more now than ever before particularly concerned about the state of their health. This is according to a report on consumer trends compiled by BDC, a local bank famously dedicated to entrepreneurs. A stud...Read More

Kombucha’s Health Benefits Applauded

Ben Hamill - December 08, 2019

What’s in a name really? A whole lot of confusion apparently, especially when that name is kombucha. The problem with the fermented tea beverage and the cause of all the confusion is that the name of the tea, when tr...Read More

Study Reveals Depression Can Be Linked To Poor Nutrition

Ben Hamill - November 14, 2019

Results of a new study of the Canadian population, overseen by the University of Toronto, have been released. Among the numerous statistics revealed, two key points have raised concern. The first is that senior citizen...Read More

Plain Cigarettes Coming To A Store Near You

Ben Hamill - November 01, 2019

Manufacturing and selling cigarettes in Canada? Well then any colour packaging is a good one, just as long as it’s dab-brown. The colour for the new ciggie-season is popping up all over the nation on retailer-shelves...Read More

Ninja Theory Focuses On Mental Health Games

Ben Hamill - November 01, 2019

Mental health issues have been explored in variety of wonderful ways that have in turn led to simple and practical solutions leading to the overall improvement of the lives of many. And let it not be said that the gami...Read More

FlowPlay Launches Gamers vs. Cancer Charm

Ben Hamill - October 21, 2019

All throughout the month of October players frequenting American games developer FlowPlay’s Vegas World will have the opportunity to buy a special American Cancer Society-branded in-game charm. The special initiative...Read More

Study Shows Millennials Put Mental Health First

Ben Hamill - October 14, 2019

Not only are millennials more discerning about which boundaries to lay down in the workplace, a recently published study shows, but more than half of those who participated in the US study have quit their jobs due to o...Read More

The Red Meat Controversy Rages On

Ben Hamill - October 09, 2019

A team of international researchers are feeling the heat and getting the flack from all sides by having published a report that literally goes against everything assumed to be correct about the heart health and cancer risks associated ...Read More

16 Year Old Helps Fix Vet’s Broken Bingo Machine

Ben Hamill - September 05, 2019

The benefits locked up in Bingo are too many to mention and the stories populating gaming news headlines often revolve around the benefits of the game from the players’ points of view. Bingo is officially recognised by mental healt...Read More

Canada Alert Following US Vaping Health Scare

Ben Hamill - August 31, 2019

Nearly 200 cases of acute pulmonary illnesses and at least 1 death. This is the reality associated with vaping in the US. And Canada Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada are anxiously waiting and implementing ...Read More

WHO Classifies Bottled Water As A Low Health Risk

Ben Hamill - August 27, 2019

The presence of microplastics in bottled drinking water has been a topic of heated discussion. But according to studies conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the actual levels of contamination appear to be ...Read More

Canadians Say Yes To High-Tech Health Care

Ben Hamill - August 14, 2019

We are a people obsessed with good health. A recent Ipsos survey reveals that Canadians will do anything in their power to facilitate instant access to medical care and medical advice, even if that means willingly relinquishing control (o...Read More

Vancouver’s Planet Bingo A Beacon Of Hope

Ben Hamill - August 13, 2019

Planet Bingo in Vancouver is the largest hall in the Lower Mainland region and its management is particularly proud of the sheer size of the 400-seater venue. But this BCLC owned powerhouse is about much more than just a place where peopl...Read More

Bingo May Considerably Lower Dementia Risk

Ben Hamill - August 06, 2019

Imagine stumbling upon a pill capable of reducing the risk of developing dementia and other neuro-cognitive diseases by up to 12% – guaranteed. A thought-provoking idea indeed; especially when you consider the fact that around 850,0...Read More

CA Government To Invest $20M In Health Tech

Ben Hamill - August 05, 2019

Canada is moving along swiftly in a committed attempt to ensure a leading role in the medical-tech marketplace of the future. And government is doing all it can to ensure that the country remains relevant and prepared to assume this role,...Read More

Toronto Teen Creates Alzheimer’s Health App

Ben Hamill - July 26, 2019

There’s much to be learnt from a person’s gait. More than just each individual’s unique style of forward movement, one’s gait contains valuable telltale information about an entire catalogue of health issues and po...Read More

Health Canada Pulls Two Goop Products

Ben Hamill - June 16, 2019

Natural health products not exactly supported by medical substance have attracted a lot of bad publicity. And actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop line of products is no exception. Doctors and health experts all over the world have been k...Read More

Canada Used As An Example In Healthy Gambling

Ben Hamill - June 16, 2019

So renowned has Canada become in terms of being a country considered to have set an exemplary standard when it comes to healthy gambling practices, that Japan is now looking to emulate what Japanese officials describe as a “golden s...Read More

Colorado Heads Towards Legal Sports Betting

Ben Hamill - June 10, 2019

A public vote with regards to an increase in taxes is the final hurdle to be crossed for the US state of Colorado to offer fully legalised retail as well as online sports betting. Lawmakers are no doubt exhaling a sigh of relief as they ...Read More

Gaming Disorder Now A WHO-Classified Disease

Ben Hamill - June 07, 2019

Does gaming take precedence over some other areas of your life to the point that your playing continues even when you know that you really should be doing something else instead? Then, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), you...Read More

How 2019 Is Shaping Health And Eating

Ben Hamill - May 18, 2019

The healthy-food, healthy-lifestyle movement has gained popularity as well as a whole lot of momentum and 2019 is shaping up to be a year that will completely change the trajectory of the worldwide health movement. The bulk of the transit...Read More

Living Healthy – Look For What Works For You

Ben Hamill - April 16, 2019

Information overload. It’s nothing new, its everywhere and most of all, its exceptionally frustrating, not to mention demotivating. The healthy food industry, perhaps more so than any other industry, is especially prone towards lend...Read More

New Limitations On Children’s Football Enforced

Ben Hamill - April 13, 2019

Most of us have, thanks to the widespread publicity enjoyed by the topic, over the last couple of years become familiar with the term “concussion controversy” when talking Football. Like it or not,  players are hi...Read More

Doctors Agree Bingo Promotes Mental Health

Ben Hamill - December 13, 2018

Doctors working in 11 of Canada’s Community Health Centres are starting to realise and implement what the gaming community has known all along: playing games is good for the mind and for the soul and the perfect antidote to loneline...Read More

Bingo Becomes a Lifesaver

Ben Hamill - December 12, 2018

Who would ever have thought that Bingo would one day be considered a form of therapy, and Bingo-night a worthy and effective alternative to a session at the therapist; the perfect antidote to suicide, even? Statistics show that men are mu...Read More

Curbing Air Pollution Will Save Lives

Ben Hamill - December 12, 2018

As foolish a thing as it may be to do, people gladly ignore warnings of global warming because it’s considered to be something that may or may not have negative consequences in the future. But as soon as a problem becomes an immedia...Read More

Social Games Study Reveals Interesting Facts

Ben Hamill - November 05, 2018

A recent study published by the Canadian Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has shown that free games with gambling themes could be a gateway to playing for real money for youngsters. Furthermore, the study also linked gameplay...Read More

50% of Canadians Keen To Cut Down On Meat

Ben Hamill - November 04, 2018

Over the years, study after study has demonstrated that animal agriculture and meat-laden diets are detrimental both to our environments and to us. Canadians seem to be warming to the idea of lowering their meat consumption nowadays, wit...Read More

Social Games Popular Among Canadian Teens

Ben Hamill - November 01, 2018

A study published by a group of Canadian researchers has revealed that free social casino games are surprisingly popular among teenage high school students. According to the data, about one in eight local teens have enjoyed playing them o...Read More

Microgaming Mental Health Training Raises Awareness

Ben Hamill - October 16, 2018

Over in the Isle of Man, developer has been working closely with the Lisa Lowe Center to bring mental health awareness training to its staff. The company has created the program as part ...Read More

Bingo to Beat Loneliness

Ben Hamill - October 05, 2018

The brain-boosting power of Bingo, as well as its versatility as a learning tool, is well known. What has not really been considered in much detail until now is its potential to aid physical and mental well-being, especially when it comes...Read More

Boost Your Mood in 2 Minutes

Ben Hamill - September 30, 2018

There is good news for Canadians whose long commutes to work and long working hours mean they know only too well that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. A boosted mood – and improved physical fitness – are only 2 minu...Read More