Fruit Stickers Are Global Warming Culprits

Ben Hamill - February 19, 2020

Plastic stickers affixed to fruit and veg may soon become a thing of the distant past. The latest significant move in the war on is the removal of produce stickers from fresh produce. The fresh produce stickers have up until now typicall...Read More

Extinction Rebellion Gaining Momentum

Ben Hamill - October 12, 2019

A London-based group going by the name of Extinction Rebellion (XR) is risking livelihood and legal limb in an attempt to awaken the minds of government officials as well as civilians to the fact that essentially, time...Read More

Global Warming Hitting Canada Hard

Ben Hamill - April 08, 2019

Many people, when asked to raise an opinion on environmental issues like global warming, climate change and endangered animal species, will respond by saying that they are not blind to environmental challenges, but tha...Read More

New Satellites Shed New Light On Emissions

Ben Hamill - March 27, 2019

The use of satellite technology in determining which countries are responsible for sending the highest volumes of greenhouse gasses into earth’s atmosphere is nothing new. But up until recently, this was no particula...Read More

Curbing Air Pollution Will Save Lives

Ben Hamill - December 12, 2018

As foolish a thing as it may be to do, people gladly ignore warnings of global warming because it’s considered to be something that may or may not have negative consequences in the future. But as soon as a problem becomes an immedia...Read More

Trump Reconsiders Global Warming Hoax

Ben Hamill - October 20, 2018

On Sunday October 14, an interview with was aired on the CBS program 60 Minutes. In it, he sat down with correspondent Leslie Stahl and gave his latest insights into global warming, W...Read More

Mountain Goats Influenced By Climate Change

Ben Hamill - August 11, 2018

Climate change is on everyone’s lips, and one of . It’s a serious issue, and one that is being approached from multiple different angles. United States wildlife scientist Katarzyna Nowak is taking her own approach, using her s...Read More