Canada Wants Tech Giants To Pay For News

Ben Hamill - February 08, 2021

Tech giants such as Google and Facebook may have played a significant and positive role in making news more readily and widely accessible, but this doesn’t mean publishers should not be compensated for their work. News isn’t f...Read More

Apple’s Arbitrariness Yet Again Scrutinised

Ben Hamill - October 30, 2020

Technology giant and iPhone-maker Apple Inc.’s arbitrary rules of inclusion and exclusion are behind Facebook’s cloud games launch on Android, but not on iOS. Facebook’s failure to launch on Apple devices is the latest s...Read More

Facebook QAnon Ban Left Too Late

Ben Hamill - October 13, 2020

Facebook’s recent announcement regarding its planned removal of any accounts associated with or affiliated to conspiracy theory QAnon is necessary and welcome – but at the same time also a case of too little, too late, say exp...Read More

How Facebook Plans To Move In On E-Commerce

Ben Hamill - May 25, 2020

Not only does Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook own Instagram, and more recently too, but the social media mogul now wants to control the online shopping experience as well, a privilege currently enjoyed mainly by Jeff Bezos’ Amazon...Read More

Facebook Launches Gaming Ahead Of Schedule

Ben Hamill - April 22, 2020

At a time when the world appears suddenly a little too interested in crowning the next big banana bread baker, Facebook has been making the most of its time in an entirely different way. The social media giant has now gone live with its F...Read More

The Town Heroes Present Isolation Bingo

Ben Hamill - April 07, 2020

In times of anxiety and even self-isolation at home, sometimes all you need to keep you going is to take your mind off the new normal for just an hour. Which is exactly what Halifax-based alternative rock band The Town Heroes are doing wi...Read More

Facebook’s Oculus Now Owns Beat Games

Ben Hamill - November 29, 2019

Zuckerberg’s Facebook is doing a one-up on recent movements in the gaming industry and has now acquired Beat Games. The latter has been bought into the ranks of Facebook’s Oculus and is of course a well-know virtual reality...Read More

PayPal Withdraws From Libra Association

Ben Hamill - October 09, 2019

Facebook’s Libra Association is down from 28 international members to 27. This following PayPal’s recent announcement that it had decided to withdraw from the social media giant’s cryptocurrency association becau...Read More

Instagram Trial-Runs A Healthier Platform

Ben Hamill - August 20, 2019

Instagram wants to help us quit our fixation on likes. And it plans on doing so by hiding the number of likes attracted by posts. Or as least, hiding them to the public eye. You will still be able to see the likes on y...Read More

Bookie Spot-On About Area 51 Event Cancellation

Ben Hamill - August 19, 2019

The possibility of meeting one’s maker in an untimely manner appears to be more than enough motivation to dissuade most people from executing a plan. And so, what with the proposed September 20 invasion of Nevada’s...Read More

Facebook Making Big Whatsapp & Instagram Changes

Ben Hamill - August 15, 2019

The word on the street; and by street we mean Bloomberg; is that WhatsApp is getting a brand new name. Facebook, forever eager to stamp its territorial mark of ownership all over its belongings, has reportedly announced that the messaging...Read More

Area 51 Event Attracts Bettors Interest

Ben Hamill - August 08, 2019

Members of a Facebook group supposedly intent on actually raiding Area 51 have caught the attention of an unlikely party in its house of nonsense and theatre of comedy. Online bookmaker Bovada is intent on playing ball and making a buck o...Read More

Facebook Wants To Read Your Mind

Ben Hamill - August 06, 2019

Not only did Facebook show itself to be completely inept and grandiosely incompetent at playing the self-appointed custodians of our private data, but it now wants to have a go at reading our minds too. As if outsourcing everything from o...Read More

$5Bn Fine Likely On The Cards For Facebook

Ben Hamill - July 25, 2019

Social media giant Facebook will in all likelihood as soon as during the course of the next couple of days learn what the exact nature of its Cambridge Analytica fate will be. The expectation is that the social media giant will have to co...Read More

Pluribus The AI Bot Rocks The Poker Word

Ben Hamill - July 16, 2019

AI bots have become rather expert at beating humans at their own games. Poker is the latest game to have travelled down this particular road and apparently nobody bluffs quite like a motherboard. Researchers from Facebook’s AI lab r...Read More

Behind The Facebook & Whatsapp Crash

Ben Hamill - July 05, 2019

Facebook has managed to a large extent restore the peace after what was supposed to have been a routine maintenance session turned into a nightmare that in some global contact regions lasted almost two days. Users of Facebook, Instagram, ...Read More

Candy Crush Blasted About In-Game Spend

Ben Hamill - July 04, 2019

A senior executive with video games creator King, the product owner of the popular mobile-first game Candy Crush, recently made the shocking revelation that one of its players had spent $2,600 on in-game purchases on a single day. King ex...Read More

Facebook’s Libra Gives Bitcoin A Step Up

Ben Hamill - July 03, 2019

The confidence factor appears to be cryptocurrency Bitcoin’s greatest driver of value. Bitcoin investors recently laughed all the way to the bank when Facebook’s announcement of its plans to launch Libra; its own cryptocurrenc...Read More

Meet Libra – Facebook’s Own Crypto-Currency

Ben Hamill - June 24, 2019

Facebook is launching its very own currency. It’s called Libra and the social media platform’s official reason for going branded crypto is that it wants to provide an alternative to traditional banking systems, and especially ...Read More

Facebook Rolls Out Electoral Safeguards

Ben Hamill - June 19, 2019

It appears as if Facebook is finally stepping up to the challenge of a fair and untampered-with Canadian elections process. The social media giant has announced that it has officially rolled out what it refers to as it...Read More

3 Billion Fake Facebook Accounts Removed

Ben Hamill - May 28, 2019

While many Facebook users are aware that fake accounts are a problem, they probably are not aware of just how bad it really is. The social media company announced it removed 3.4 billion of them in just 6 months. Perhaps even more surpris...Read More

Facebook In Hot Water Over Micro-Targeting

Ben Hamill - April 23, 2019

Facebook’s marketing filters may have come back to bite the social media giant in a very unexpected way. A prominent law firm in Montreal, IMK LLP, has filed an application to institute a class action lawsuit against Facebook for wh...Read More

Facebook Refuses To Confirm EU Election Policy

Ben Hamill - April 12, 2019

No-promises Zuckerberg. Facebook’s co-founder and CEO is, as always, covering for the social media platform’s wickets and refusing to really commit to anything; all the while ensuring that his words are carefully chosen in ord...Read More

Why More US Tech Companies Are Heading to Canada

Ben Hamill - April 09, 2019

HR leaders love them, Canada embraces them, and the Trump administration does everything in its power to keep them out: foreign tech workers. But, as the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Never has th...Read More

Facebook Policies Under Fire Ahead of Elections

Ben Hamill - March 26, 2019

Facebook’s privacy policies and advertising strategies have been hot topics of discussion for quite some time now. Whilst the social media giant is doing everything in its power to be seen walking the straight and narrow, especially...Read More

Social Media Gives Bingo A Brand New Lease On Life

Ben Hamill - March 07, 2019

It was around 2012 that Bingo made its first appearance as a social sub-genre on Facebook. Since then, it has exploded into a royal frenzy, and we’re not in the least bit surprised. In fact, anyone willing to give it a spin would mo...Read More

Daniel Negreanu Puts a Ring on It

Ben Hamill - January 08, 2019

Canadian star and top professional poker player Daniel Negreanu shared some truly exciting news with his fans late last week. The card whiz is now officially engaged to Amanda Leatherman, the iconic host of Friday Night Poker on the Faceb...Read More

Facebook Launches Canadian Dating Feature

Ben Hamill - November 14, 2018

Over the past few years, it has become evident that Facebook’s growth is slowing. It isn’t fully apparent why, but one theory is that the world has reached something of a saturation point. Essentially, this means that everyon...Read More

Social Games Study Reveals Interesting Facts

Ben Hamill - November 05, 2018

A recent study published by the Canadian Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has shown that free games with gambling themes could be a gateway to playing for real money for youngsters. Furthermore, the study also linked gameplay...Read More