Trump Avenue In Ottawa To Get Renamed

Ben Hamill - February 05, 2021

A street in Ottawa’s Central Park area may soon get the name change many residents have been banking on for a very long time. Those who live on “Trump Avenue” may very well have their wish granted now that U.S. President...Read More

Trump Commutes Billy Walters’ Sentence

Ben Hamill - January 21, 2021

Former U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday, his official last day in the White House, commuted former insider trader and Las Vegas gambler Billy Walters’ sentence. Walters was found guilty and convicted on insider trading charges...Read More

BCLC Expecting Record Bets On U.S. Election

Ben Hamill - November 02, 2020

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has said that it is expecting a record number of individuals to bet on whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden will win the November 3 U.S. presidential election. The Crown corporation also said t...Read More

First U.S. Debate Leads To Bolt For Border

Ben Hamill - October 01, 2020

If Tuesday’s presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump resulted in anything, then it’s a realisation among Americans that the U.S. is probably no longer the best place to be. So much for the land of the brave and ...Read More

Trump And Adelson Kiss And Make Up

Ben Hamill - August 19, 2020

When Las Vegas tycoon and multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson earlier this month telephoned US President Donald Trump to discuss a piece of legislation related to the country’s stimulus relief bill, Trump did he does best by turning t...Read More

Trump In Possible Federal Violation Re Goya

Ben Hamill - July 17, 2020

US President Donald Trump, ever the rogue scoundrel in business, appears to be setting himself up for whatever happens after the US elections this November. And judging by the zeal with which he now appears to be backing Hispanic-focused ...Read More

Trump Temporarily Booted By Twitch

Ben Hamill - July 02, 2020

The world of social media has apparently had its fill of hate-speech and overall hateful conduct voiced by US President Donald Trump. Gaming live streaming platform Twitch, a subsidiary of online sales powerhouse Amazon, earlier this week...Read More

Donald Trump Appoints 4th Secretary Of Press

Ben Hamill - April 13, 2020

U.S. is hogging news headlines yet again. The businessman and former Apprentice reality-TV star now turned president continues to lead one of the most controversial White House communications operations to date, having just hired one of ...Read More

Trump To Look Into Aid For Casino Workers

Ben Hamill - April 13, 2020

has reacted to a plea levied by a group of senators regarding the exclusion of gambling and gambling-related businesses from being legible to benefit from the country’s Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, by saying that ...Read More

Donald Trump Continues To Tout Wonder-Cure

Ben Hamill - April 08, 2020

U.S. is particularly fond of latching onto an idea and then selling that idea off as gospel. And according to medical health experts, this is exactly the case with his current opinions expressed about hydroxychloroquine, a cheap and quit...Read More

Trump Refuses to Foot Harry And Meghan’s Bills

Ben Hamill - March 31, 2020

As if the fact that Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle moved from Canada to Los Angeles during a time of tight airspace lockdowns isn’t controversial enough, simply had to try what can only be described as stealing the limelight. ...Read More

Donald Trump Wants An Open Easter

Ben Hamill - March 26, 2020

U.S. has said that he wants the country open and functional to the point of folks being able to pack churches to the brim on Easter Sunday. To be clear, Easter Sunday is less than 3 weeks away. Trump spoke about his dreams for a “n...Read More

Trump Announces EU Travel Ban

Ben Hamill - March 14, 2020

U.S. President is playing the blame game yet again and has now said that the European Union, to his mind, has failed horribly regarding halting the spread of the Coronavirus. Trump has furthermore said that as from 11:59 p.m. (eastern ti...Read More

Joe Biden Owns Super Tuesday II

Ben Hamill - March 12, 2020

Joe Biden has taken command of the Democratic race for U.S. presidency. Which of course means that may just as well give up all hope of holding on to Michigan and a comeback in a state where he’d all but stuck it to Hillary Clinton...Read More

White House - Trump Not Tested For Covid-19

Ben Hamill - March 11, 2020

Having shown no flu-like symptoms, US President Donald Trump has not been tested for the , despite his having been in close contact with a group of lawmakers concerned about their own prior proximity to someone infected with the dreaded C...Read More

Joe Biden Does A Double On Super Tuesday

Ben Hamill - March 05, 2020

practically owned Super Tuesday. Exceeding all expectations, Biden scored an absolute blowout result in the south, and very nearly stole Texas from Bernie Sanders. In fact, he still might as the race for Texas eventually resulted in a dr...Read More

Pete Buttigieg Quits Presidential Race

Ben Hamill - March 03, 2020

Pete Buttigieg, for reasons mostly known to him only, has exited the race for Democratic presidency, saying not too much more than his stepping down had been motivated by his desire to help bring the party and the country back together. B...Read More

Joe Biden Chalks Up a Much-Needed Win in South Carolina

Ben Hamill - March 03, 2020

There’s much to be learnt from the South Carolina Primary. And there’s much to be learnt from Joe Biden. The democratic presidential candidate and former vice president of the United States racked up quite the comfortable win ...Read More

Eddie DeBartolo Presidentially Pardoned

Ben Hamill - February 23, 2020

It’s seemingly unachievable to even begin to imagine what $400,000 would look like when laid out on a table in $100 bills. That’s four thousand $100 bills, to be exact. It also happens to be how former San Francisco 49ers owne...Read More

Sportsbook Now Offering Betting On Trump’s Mistruths

Ben Hamill - November 14, 2019

Imagine being a man best known for being the ultimate fact-checker buster. And in no good sense of the word either, meaning that one tends to err on the side of the lie instead of the truth. If this sounds American, an...Read More

BCLC Goes All In On Trump Novelty Bet

Ben Hamill - October 05, 2019

An unholy alliance between two presidents has now turned into the makings of a rather superb novelty bet. The BCLC is taking full advantage of the big whistleblower reveal involving US President Donald Trump and his Uk...Read More

Trump Blames Violent Games For Shootings

Ben Hamill - August 07, 2019

Video games are to blame for the recent mass-shootings in El Paso, Texas. Video games, white supremacy and racism, said US President Donald Trump, are the main elements at play in violent America. Rather fresh coming from a man who at the...Read More

Canada Brain Gain About Much More Than Trump

Ben Hamill - July 29, 2019

The Trump administration is making it increasingly more difficult for foreign nationals to obtain the H1-B visa necessary to apply for tech-based employment in the US. Many US companies rely heavily on outside expertise to fill the US tec...Read More

Huawei To Remain On US Trade Blacklist

Ben Hamill - July 04, 2019

US President Donald Trump has never been a poster child for sticking with his story but now it appears as if he’s completely lost the plot. Following a recent meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping Trump has announced a partial lift...Read More

Trump-Tweet Leads To Tribal Casino Delay

Ben Hamill - May 23, 2019

The casino industry has an enemy in Trump, it seems. Not that Trump is in need of any more enemies, what with his already being at odds with just about every non-republican living being, including China. Trump’s latest social media ...Read More

Motives Questioned As Trump Honours Woods

Ben Hamill - May 16, 2019

US President Donald J. Trump has bestowed upon pro-golfer Tiger Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Trump awarded the nation’s top honour to Woods during a ceremony that took place in the Rose Garden of the Whit...Read More

Trump Puts A Damper On Canadian Space Dream

Ben Hamill - May 07, 2019

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on 28 February that Canada was about to go to the moon thanks to its involvement with NASA’s Lunar Gateway Project, many people celebrated what they deemed to be ...Read More

Facebook Refuses To Confirm EU Election Policy

Ben Hamill - April 12, 2019

No-promises Zuckerberg. Facebook’s co-founder and CEO is, as always, covering for the social media platform’s wickets and refusing to really commit to anything; all the while ensuring that his words are carefully chosen in ord...Read More

Controversial Artist Creates Cheesy US Border Installation

Ben Hamill - April 08, 2019

United States president Donald Trump might get his Mexico border wall after all, even if it is not built entirely according to spec. Montreal-born artist Cosimo Cavallaro started building the wall on 25 March, using little more than 200 b...Read More

State of the Union Bingo A Big Hit

Ben Hamill - February 11, 2019

Being a democrat is all about keeping it wholesome whilst keeping your cool. Just ask California Democrat and congressman Mark Takano. Whilst drinking games have become tradition during every State of the Union address, Takano decided to ...Read More

Trump Reconsiders Global Warming Hoax

Ben Hamill - October 20, 2018

On Sunday October 14, an interview with was aired on the CBS program 60 Minutes. In it, he sat down with correspondent Leslie Stahl and gave his latest insights into global warming, W...Read More

Trump Pushes Abe to License Las Vegas Sands

Ben Hamill - October 15, 2018

is now in the midst of yet another controversy. Reports have poured in about his attempts to persuade Japan’s prime minister to choose US casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson as the winning bidder in the Asian nation&rsqu...Read More

Will Online Casino Gambling Rise or Fall Under President Donald J. Trump?

Ben Hamill - January 24, 2017

There remains a great deal of uncertainty as to in which direction new U.S. President, Donald J. Trump will go regarding online gambling be it through an online casino or some other form of gambling. Given that the President does not make...Read More

Donald Trump's Gambling Crystal Ball

Ben Hamill - December 29, 2016

  How will President-Elect Trump deal with the gambling industry and why that matters.  
It's a given that everyone will be looking toward the new US Administration to further their unique set o...Read More

The Gambling Industry and President-Elect Trump in the Trump Gamble

Ben Hamill - December 27, 2016

The Future of Gambling in America

Many issues were raised during the 2016 presidential election campaign but the subject of gaming reforms was barely mentioned. That doesn’t mean that the question about whether gambling ca...Read More

Trump - Good or Bad for Online Gambling?

Ben Hamill - November 22, 2016

Now that Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States, many US citizens are questioning whether he will work toward ending the illegality of online gambling in most US states. Those who wax optimistic say that Trump owned ...Read More