Mar Arrested At Illegal Gambling Den Tied To Canadian PM

Ben Hamill - October 09, 2020

One of the individuals associated with the illegal gambling den raided by police this summer as part of Project Endgame has now been confirmed as having what appears to be commercial development ties with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Tr...Read More

Galfond & Co Out To Prove Postle A Cheat

Ben Hamill - October 02, 2020

Stones Gambling Hall supervisor and Postlegate-sympathiser Justin Kuraitis may be convinced of the Poker community’s apathy regarding alleged cheat Mike Postle. But some of the biggest names in the industry aren’t about to sim...Read More

Isai Scheinberg Sentenced

Ben Hamill - September 26, 2020

A U.S. federal judge has sentenced online Poker offender and PokerStars founder Isai Scheinberg to a $30,100 fine and suspended prison time over his involvement in online gaming operations after the coming into force of America’s Un...Read More

Penny Gambling Ring Father And Son Charged

Ben Hamill - September 22, 2020

A Pennsylvania-based father and son alliance recently pled guilty to several charges related to everything from illegal betting on state Lottery numbers to unlicensed bookmaking. Pittsburgh’s Robert “Bobby I” Iannelli, ...Read More

Tesla Narrowly Escapes Russian Hack Attempt

Ben Hamill - September 08, 2020

The FBI has reportedly foiled an attempt by a team of Russian hackers to extort millions from Elon Musk’s Tesla factory in Sparks, Nevada. The hackers had allegedly offered to a member of staff employed at Tesla’s Gigafactory ...Read More

Barton Facing Vida Smith Manslaughter Charge

Ben Hamill - September 07, 2020

A man described by members of the Poker and Blackjack communities as a regular on the scene and someone who largely preferred to keep to himself, notorious Canadian card-counter Kevin Barton has been charged with 27 firearm offenses as we...Read More

Tory Lanez Named In Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

Ben Hamill - August 26, 2020

Rapper and songwriter Megan Thee Stallion (born Megan Jovon Ruth Pete) has for the first time in nearly a month broken her previous silence over who had been responsible for hiving shot her in the foot after a Hollywood Hills party in Los...Read More

Police Rule Out Poker Ties In Zhao Death

Ben Hamill - August 21, 2020

Police have now released fresh new findings regarding the tragic death and horrendous murder of top-performing and well-known career Poker player Suzie Zhao, most prominent of which is that there appear to be no ties between Zhao’s ...Read More

Peter Foster Arrested Over Sports Betting Scam

Ben Hamill - August 21, 2020

The August 20 arrest of habitual fraudster and all-round crook Peter Foster is proof again that crime never pays – at least not in the long run. On Thursday, Foster was taken into custody for his having allegedly run a multimillion-...Read More

Susie “Q” Zhao Murder Suspect Charged

Ben Hamill - August 14, 2020

Authorities have confirmed having charged convicted sex offender Jeffery Bernard Morris with the death of murdered WSOP Poker-pro Susie “Q” Zhao. The victim’s body was discovered in a car park at Pontiac Lake Recreation ...Read More

Florida Teen Behind July Twitter Hacks

Ben Hamill - August 05, 2020

A 17-year-old teen from Florida in the US has been identified as the alleged mastermind behind the massive July Twitter hack that saw the accounts of several high-profile individuals and corporations compromised. The alleged teen masterm...Read More

Illegal Sports Book Arrests Made In Ontario

Ben Hamill - August 04, 2020

Illegal gambling and sportsbook operations remain a major challenge for Canadian lawmakers. This once again made news headlines when Ontario Provincial Police charged several people following an illegal gambling ring raid conducted provin...Read More

Man Uses Prosthetic Mask To Rob Casino of $100k

Ben Hamill - July 28, 2020

The 55-year-old man accused of having donned prosthetic face masks in order to disguise himself as an old man and rob VIP casino customers out of more than $100,000, has been arrested and is currently being detained in Kansas. The man sin...Read More

Pennsylvania Family Sentenced Over Illegal Gaming

Ben Hamill - July 15, 2020

A Pennsylvania family has been sentenced by a US district court judge following their having operated illegal video poker machines for more than four decades. Patriarch Robert Biros (85), son Andrew Biros (54), son John Biros (58), and da...Read More

Ivey Settles Protracted Dispute With Borgata

Ben Hamill - July 12, 2020

Controversial Poker player Phil Ivey has allegedly finally reached a settlement agreement with the Borgata, Atlantic City. The supposed settlement relates to a nearly decade-long dispute between Ivey and the popular MGM-owned casino over ...Read More

Casino Execs Sue Drew’s Witkoff For Millions

Ben Hamill - July 01, 2020

Controversial New York City real estate developer Steve Witkoff and his Witkoff Group have once again been named at the centre of a legal spat involving millions, as well as alleged fraudulent activities. A group of high-profile casino ex...Read More

Paw Patrol And The Police Scrutiny Spotlight

Ben Hamill - June 17, 2020

Canadian American hit preschool television series Paw Patrol, a furry franchise themed around a German Shepherd police dog named Chase and his team of rescued canine helpers tasked with keeping their neighbourhood safe, is a multi-million...Read More

The Senseless Killing Of Ahmaud Arbery

Ben Hamill - May 08, 2020

African American Georgia (U.S.) resident Ahmaud Arbery, only barely 26, was completely unarmed when he was gunned down by two white American men. In fact, Arbery had been out jogging, effectively minding his own business, when he was for ...Read More

Weinstein May Spend 25 Years Behind Bars

Ben Hamill - February 26, 2020

27 hours of deliberation spread out over 5 days and the fate of film mogul Harvey Weinstein has at long last been sealed. The 67-year-old, who also happened to have inspired the controversial worldwide #metoo movement, was on Monday found...Read More

Details of Pop Smoke’s Tragic Death Emerge

Ben Hamill - February 25, 2020

In the short time since up-and-coming rap star Pop Smoke was fatally shot at the Hills mansion where he was staying, new details of the tragic event have come to light. Smoke, whose real name was Bashar Barakhar Jackson, was just 20 year...Read More

Poker Cheats Who Made 21st Century History

Ben Hamill - January 10, 2020

There’s an enormous difference between being famous and being regarded as infamous. With the latter being far less desirable that the first-mentioned as far as having one’s name permanently entered into the pages of Poker hist...Read More

Massive Illegal Betting Ring Bust By OPP

Ben Hamill - January 08, 2020

The value of the global sports betting market is expected to reach an incredible $8 billion by the time 2025 comes around. This according to the general consensus among panellists at last year’s New York City Sports ...Read More

Unlikely Vandal Arrested At MGM Springfield

Ben Hamill - November 19, 2019

When reports of a vandal having caused what appeared to be malicious damage to MGM Springfield’s restaurant were telephoned through to the offices of local state troopers, the last person law enforcement officials wo...Read More

House Hippo Returns To Warn About Fake News

Ben Hamill - October 13, 2019

A beloved childhood icon from way back when has been resurrected by Media Smarts; and for a very honourable purpose too. House Hippo is back, and this time round wants to create awareness about cyber-scams like fake ne...Read More

Two Women Arrested Over Bingo Card Scam

Ben Hamill - October 09, 2019

All is fair in love and war, and Bingo apparently. Police have confirmed a Thursday night New Jersey incident during which two players had supposedly taped the missing winning number needed for a win on to their card. ...Read More

Sleight Of Hand Casino Cheat Caught In The Act

Ben Hamill - September 27, 2019

Whilst it may be true that Poker is first of all a game of skill, it certainly doesn’t mean that all odds are instantly out the window. The same goes for dealer-derivatives like High Card Flush. This may be regarded ...Read More

Saskatoon City Scammed Out Of $1M Online

Ben Hamill - August 25, 2019

The city of Saskatoon has been working hard at trying to get its own back after it was scammed out of $1 million by an online fraudster. The fraudster had electronically impersonated the CEO of Allan Construction and h...Read More

Bingo Bag Thief Nabbed

Ben Hamill - July 21, 2019

The last thing anyone expects on a fun Monday night out is to be robbed of one’s belongings whilst playing 9 p.m. Bingo, especially when those belongings are carefully placed next to one’s walker. But a daredevil no-good-doer ...Read More

No Casino for Victoria, British Columbia

Ben Hamill - December 17, 2018

The mayor of Victoria, British Columbia is quickly changing her tune on the idea of a new downtown casino. Where she once may have been lukewarm on the idea, she is now firmly against the notion and its possible impacts on the region. Ma...Read More

iGaming Fraud Solution Headed For ICE London

Ben Hamill - December 14, 2018

We’re all, each and every one of us, very much at risk of falling prey to fraudsters and their unsavoury activities, especially in the age of the Internet, when most of us leave some form of a digital footprint out there. Online cas...Read More

MGA Announces New Dispute Directive

Ben Hamill - December 11, 2018

Whilst most of us try our best to make love and not war, sometimes, disputes are inevitable. The reality is that we do not always see eye to eye because we’re viewing the same situation from different angles. We’re not talking...Read More

Cybercrime Now as Simple as Constructing Ikea Furniture

Ben Hamill - November 19, 2018

If you have ever ordered furniture from Ikea and successfully put it together without throwing a hammer through a wall, then you have the patience, intelligence and simple instructional know-how to commit cybercrime. It may not seem like ...Read More

Exploring BC’s Infamous ‘Vancouver Model’

Ben Hamill - November 07, 2018

It was just days after David Eby started his new role as British Columbia’s attorney general (AG) in 2017 that local casino operators issued a warning to him. “Get ready,” they said, informing him upfront that what they ...Read More