Research Shows The Canadian Dream Is Fading

Ben Hamill - February 15, 2021

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to realise the ideal of improving your material well-being for the sake of giving your children a better shot at success than you had, new research seems to suggest. This means it’s be...Read More

Hyperloop May Prove Too Big A Deal For Canada

Ben Hamill - December 19, 2020

2020 witnessed high-speed ground level transportation history in the making when humans for the first time ever travelled at airline speeds in a hyperloop pod across a half-kilometre stretch of Nevada terrain. Success meant that the Virgi...Read More

Researchers Discuss Right Whale Plight

Ben Hamill - October 29, 2020

This week, virtual gatherings were conducted and attended by researchers from all over the U.S. and Canada - with the focus being on the preservation the endangered right whale. The North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium invites input from...Read More

Dale Selection Gets Women’s Football Trending

Ben Hamill - October 06, 2020

Football is a sport enjoyed by many Canadians. And to some, it’s a sport enjoyed by entire families, and in many cases, families made up of mostly women. One example of a family of female football players and enthusiasts is WWCFL st...Read More

WNBA Star Marries Ex-Prisoner She Helped Free

Ben Hamill - September 20, 2020

WNBA superstar and two-time Olympic gold medalist Maya Moore is married to Jonathan Irons, a man she’s spent the last 13 years helping to free from prison. Moore, named the league’s Most Valuable Player in 2014, in February 2...Read More

No WC Alpine Event In Lake Louise This Year

Ben Hamill - August 23, 2020

Canada will this season, for the first time in many years, not hold an alpine ski race on the World Cup circuit. This news followed the Thursday announcement by the Lake Louise event regarding its plans to sit the current season out due t...Read More

Alpine Canada To Soon Resume Training

Ben Hamill - July 17, 2020

Timing really is everything, apparently. Not only was the Alpine skiing season one of the few sports seasons largely unphased by the global outbreak of an epic health crisis, but the 2020-21 season is scheduled to get underway in Austria ...Read More

Canada Now Trumps US On Top Economies List

Ben Hamill - July 01, 2020

So brightly burning a trash fire has Trump’s US trade war with China become that small (but certainly forceful) countries are for the first time ever sticking it to the US’ reputation as the world’s most competitive econ...Read More

New Tyrannosaurus Found in Canada

Ben Hamill - February 15, 2020

Two fossilised skulls on Canadian soil proved a charm to researchers trying to figure out what one of the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex’s cousins must have looked like when having first prowled the badlands of Alberta. Not that the gu...Read More

Glassdoor Ranks Microsoft As Top Employer

Ben Hamill - December 31, 2019

At the end of each year, career website Glassdoor lets the cat out the bag about which companies are the best ones to work for, as nominated by the folks who actually work or used to work for those businesses. The fact...Read More

Communities Are Choosing Greener Energy

Ben Hamill - December 09, 2019

There’s nothing quite like those icy Canadian winter months to cultivate anew a precious appreciation for any conceivable device able to generate heat. Heaters and furnaces and boilers become our new best friends, equipment we re...Read More

Coming To Netflix Canada This December

Ben Hamill - December 01, 2019

Winter is upon us and so is December. Which of course traditionally means curling up under a blanket, watching the snowfall and enjoying a warm drink. Oh, and more recently, Netflix and chill. And as for this holiday s...Read More

Bake Bread And Feel Your Stress Disappear

Ben Hamill - December 01, 2019

As it turns out, there’s more to baking bread than, well, eating bread. It now seems to hold therapeutic advantages too; and that goes for the baking as well as for the eating. Even the aroma of freshly baked bread s...Read More

How Bingo Continues To Spread Happiness

Ben Hamill - November 20, 2019

Mecca Bingo’s Aylsham Road venue in Norwich in the UK may very well be just about the luckiest Bingo spot yet. And this has less to do with the fact that the venue is known to attract crowds of 800+ on busy evenings, and more with ...Read More

Powell Pushes For Canadian Basketball Olympic Berth

Ben Hamill - November 20, 2019

Basketball at the Olympics. Is there even a notion more exciting than Canada playing it up at Tokyo 2020? But what of the fact that Canada missed a berth during a September attempt at qualifying in China? The fact that...Read More

Ryan And Blake Celebrate Remembrance Day

Ben Hamill - November 18, 2019

Popular Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds; most recently adored for his persona as the amicably lopsided Marvel superhero Deadpool; may have seemingly effortlessly reached the highest rung of success on the film industry...Read More

Older People Are New Cannabis Fan-Base

Ben Hamill - November 02, 2019

It used to be that older people were the ones dead-set on vilifying the use of Cannabis; irrespective of whether for medicinal or recreational purposes. But the tables have mostly turned, according to Statistics Canada...Read More

Air Canada To Ditch All References To Gender

Ben Hamill - October 21, 2019

Air Canada has deviated from the beaten path. The airline has announced that in an attempt to adopt a more inclusive approach, it will no longer be referring to “ladies and gentlemen” when greeting passengers and m...Read More

Student Housing Is A Real Crisis In Canada

Ben Hamill - October 08, 2019

Let it never be said of Canadians that we prefer to stick our heads in the sand hoping for a situation to be resolved all on its own. We’re instead a rather tenacious bunch and generally quite willing to problem-solv...Read More

Justin And Hailey Go All Out On Big Day

Ben Hamill - October 07, 2019

Justin and Hailey Bieber may not have opted in on tying the knot (for the second time round) in the singer’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario, but there was quite the Canadian presence at the South Caroline wedding cer...Read More

1st Case Of Vaping-Induced Illness in Quebec

Ben Hamill - October 02, 2019

The US Centre for Disease Control is on a vaping high alert following some 805 cases and 13 deaths now confirmed as being connected to the controversial supposedly healthier alternative to smoking. Moreover, Health Can...Read More

Why We Love Playing The Lottery

Ben Hamill - September 30, 2019

Granted, the probability of winning a Lottery jackpot prize is significantly smaller than most other games of chance but even so, when that big-win money does hit all the way home, it changes life as we know it in the blink of an eye. Th...Read More

Mississauga Hosts Rally For Bianca Andreescu

Ben Hamill - September 17, 2019

If I can do it, so can you. These are the words of Bianca Andreescu to the young people living in the tennis super-star’s hometown of Mississauga, Ontario. And this is the reason Canadians all over the country; the w...Read More

Lottery Games Turn Canadians Into Winners

Ben Hamill - September 15, 2019

Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 have turned Canadians into a Lottery-crazed people. Its no surprise either, considering the incredible cash jackpots won every week. Both games feature regular weekly draws and each week the names of more lucky p...Read More

How The Trade War Affects Everyday Canada

Ben Hamill - September 04, 2019

A right financial trade war is upon us and it’s eating away at our interest rates, our bonds and our savings. The ongoing US/China trade war is taking its toll on the stock markets and investors aren’t budging this...Read More

Edmonton’s TELUS World Of Science To Expand

Ben Hamill - September 03, 2019

Edmonton’s TELUS World of Science will soon be in a position to offer even more to its visitors thanks to funding allocated to the centre by Canada’s federal government. The funding is earmarked for expansion and a...Read More

Rogers Cup Highlights The Gender Wage-Disparity

Ben Hamill - August 22, 2019

Despite our modern and liberated day and age, the gender pay-gap remains as contentious an issue as ever before and not even pro-sports is exempt. In fact, the international sports world often has much to reveal about the general state o...Read More

Chris Sale Reaches 2,000 Strikeout Record

Ben Hamill - August 20, 2019

Chris Sale, the legendary lefty of the Boston Red Sox, has reached a brand new career milestone. The talented player is being celebrated for having reached 2,000 career strikeouts faster than any other pitcher in the h...Read More

Bianca Andreescu Making Canada Proud

Ben Hamill - August 19, 2019

Bianca Andreescu has won the women’s Rogers Cup, thereby clinching her second title for the year. It may have been a win not quite earned in the traditional way, what with opponent Serena Williams having had to cop out only 20 minu...Read More

Canadians Say Yes To High-Tech Health Care

Ben Hamill - August 14, 2019

We are a people obsessed with good health. A recent Ipsos survey reveals that Canadians will do anything in their power to facilitate instant access to medical care and medical advice, even if that means willingly relinquishing control (o...Read More

Vancouver’s Planet Bingo A Beacon Of Hope

Ben Hamill - August 13, 2019

Planet Bingo in Vancouver is the largest hall in the Lower Mainland region and its management is particularly proud of the sheer size of the 400-seater venue. But this BCLC owned powerhouse is about much more than just a place where peopl...Read More

Uninterrupted Is Coming To Canada

Ben Hamill - August 04, 2019

Curious about what Canada’s top athletes get up to when away from the fields and events? Then look no further because a new collaboration between music superstar Drake and the Lakers’ LeBron James has something special and ve...Read More

New Black Shark 2 Pro Gaming Phone Hits the Market

Ben Hamill - August 01, 2019

Gaming phones may be a concept that is at this stage yet to be explored by the gaming masses, but judging by the rise in popularity, it’s a concept that isn’t showing any signs of a sudden death. The uninformed can often be he...Read More

Canada Aiming to Beat Own 2015 Pan Am Performance

Ben Hamill - July 25, 2019

Any athlete will readily admit that the most daunting and difficult of records to beat are one’s own. Canada will have to really take the bull by the horns at the upcoming Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, if it has ...Read More

Medical CBD Users Now Draw The Short Straw

Ben Hamill - July 16, 2019

Regular users of Cannabis oil for verified and legitimate medicinal reasons have started to bemoan the fact that the use of Cannabis; also commonly referred to as Marijuana; is now completely legal in Canada. Its now going on 9 months sin...Read More

Arctic Fox Walks From Norway To Canada

Ben Hamill - July 06, 2019

A feisty female arctic fox recently had researcher-scientist Arnaud Tarroux checking and rechecking everything from his tracker-tech to the actual data generated by the equipment. Neither Tarroux nor fellow researcher ...Read More

McBean Named Canadian Chef De Mission for Tokyo 2020

Ben Hamill - July 05, 2019

Now retired 3-time rowing gold medallist Marnie McBean has been named Canada’s chef de mission for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The appointment as chef de mission is considered a top honour in sports circles. McBean will be acting...Read More

Canada Shines At This Year’s E3 Conference

Ben Hamill - July 03, 2019

With another E3 video games conference now successfully done and dusted, it’s interesting to look back on who this year’s big game-changers were. With so much focus every year being placed on what the big games corporations li...Read More

Local Tech-Corp May Win The Hyperloop Race

Ben Hamill - July 02, 2019

Hyperloop technology has been a hot but also very controversial topic of debate for quite some time. Tech-companies have been running the race with vigour, hoping to be the first to come up with the technology needed t...Read More

Canadians Spill Their Happiness Beans

Ben Hamill - June 30, 2019

Happiness may come mainly from within, but as it turns out, and if a recent broad-based online survey is to be believed; it is after all still affected by certain external factors. Age, reveals the survey, is a biggie. According to survey...Read More

Health Canada Pulls Two Goop Products

Ben Hamill - June 16, 2019

Natural health products not exactly supported by medical substance have attracted a lot of bad publicity. And actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop line of products is no exception. Doctors and health experts all over the world have been k...Read More

Bank Of Canada To Terminate Older Bank Notes

Ben Hamill - June 13, 2019

Canada is giving some of its older bank notes the boot. As from January 1st, 2021, the $1, $2, $25, $500 and $1,000 bills will no longer be accepted as legal tender. The phasing out of the current more rarely used bank notes fo...Read More

Munroe City To Review e-Bingo Restrictions

Ben Hamill - June 09, 2019

Monroe’s City Council has proposed an important change to be made to its electronic video Bingo machine law. Council is currently engrossed in an operator-vote process with regards to the abolishment of geo-restrictions imposed on t...Read More

Canada’s Rise To Tennis Glory

Ben Hamill - June 08, 2019

What do Felix Auger-Aliassime, Denis Shapovalov and Bianca Andreescu have in common? Two words: “Canada” and “Tennis”. The Great White North has slowly but surely established itself as a tennis superpower, and in ...Read More

SG Corporation Co-Founds New All-In Project

Ben Hamill - June 06, 2019

Diversity, gender-equality and a culture of inclusivity in the work place. These are the elements that make up the worthy cause that is the latest partnership between Scientific Games Corporation and the All-In Diversity Project, of which...Read More

Science Says Beware The Neuro-Wearable

Ben Hamill - June 04, 2019

Use with caution. Such is the nature of the message preached by neuroscientists following a broad-based overview of some of the wildly fantastic claims made by the manufacturers of wearable “neuro-devices”.  Neuro...Read More

Canada Sports Hall Of Fame 2019

Ben Hamill - June 01, 2019

It’s an honour that befalls only but a few during the course of a lifetime. And it celebrates a lifetime’s worth of achievement in sports. We’re referring of course to the Canada Sports Hall of Fame. Olympic City in Calg...Read More

Redditor Creates Victoria Traffic Jam Bingo Card

Ben Hamill - May 30, 2019

After obviously having had his fill of frustrations with Victoria’s infrastructure-related challenges, one Reddit user recently took to the popular social media platform to vent his feelings on the matter. But it was the mode of con...Read More

Ontario Cuts Back On Research Funding

Ben Hamill - May 29, 2019

Two of Canada’s top research institutes will not be receiving what was promised to them by Ontario’s former provincial government. The Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Resear...Read More

Bank Of Canada Releases Climate Change FSR

Ben Hamill - May 27, 2019

For the first time ever, the Bank of Canada has released a special report focusing on climate change. More specifically, the report details the many ways in which climate change poses a definite and real threat to the country’s financ...Read More

The Stars Group Owns Up To Chinese Affair

Ben Hamill - May 25, 2019

Now may not have been the best time for The Stars Group to have been caught with its pants down and entangled with unregulated Chinese site Red Dragon Poker. All was revealed when a group of Chinese nationals were stripped of their coins ...Read More

Raptor Kawhi Leonard Beats The Game 7 Buzzer

Ben Hamill - May 22, 2019

Wise old folk often say that too much of a good thing is no longer any good. We’re taking the liberty of adding: unless your name is Kawhi Leonard. The Toronto Raptors forward recently proved that the legacy of the f...Read More

Stephanie Dixon Named CA Chef De Mission

Ben Hamill - April 27, 2019

19-time Paralympic medallist Stephanie Dixon has been named Canada’s chef de mission at the Paralympic Games for the next two years. Dixon will lead Canada into the 2019 Parapan American Games in Lima, Peru, as well ...Read More

Bingo Trends Around The World

Ben Hamill - April 26, 2019

Whilst it’s true that the UK is widely regarded as the center of the Bingo world, the game of numbers has actually been played all over the globe for many centuries. The rise of Catholicism and to some extent even the Church of Engl...Read More

Government Not Fooled By Empty Tech-Promises

Ben Hamill - April 17, 2019

If tech giants Facebook, Google and Twitter hope to enjoy free regulatory reign in Canadian territory to the extent that they have up until now, then they had better shape up and start to take the value of the country’s democracy a ...Read More

Salon De Jeux & Casino De Charlevoix At War

Ben Hamill - April 12, 2019

This town isn’t big enough for the both of us. This is what immediately came to mind when we first learned of plans by the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) to transform the popular Salon de Jeux in Quebec City into a fully operational ...Read More

Gender Pay Gap – Women Feel It, Men Don’t

Ben Hamill - April 10, 2019

8 out of 10 Canadian women answered in the affirmative when confronted with the question of whether or not they believed the gender pay gap to be a serious issue. Not surprisingly, only 51% of men agree that it is indeed a problem that re...Read More

Sault’s Rosie Guzzo Turns 100 Playing Bingo

Ben Hamill - March 30, 2019

Age is just a number and continuing to do what you love the most seems to be a sure-fire recipe for longevity. Just ask Rosie Guzzo, a soon-to-turn 100 years old mother of 10 and resident of Sault Ste. Marie. Rosie turns a century old thi...Read More

Bianca Andreescu Makes History By Winning Indian Wells

Ben Hamill - March 25, 2019

Canadian teen Bianca Andreescu has made tennis history. The 18 year-old on Sunday won her very first tournament at Premier Mandatory level when she won the women’s final at Indian Wells. But the most amazing part is ...Read More

Canada Paves The Way For Young Tennis Stars

Ben Hamill - March 12, 2019

Not quite as excitable as the US, as full of swag as Australians, or as stiff upper lip as the British, Canadians have always managed to stay relatively grounded in sports, no matter what the rest of the world appeared...Read More

Canada Games’ Gender Inclusion Policy Welcomed

Ben Hamill - February 28, 2019

The option to choose which gender one identifies with is one that should be declared a basic human right. It’s a personal decision, and should never have been turned into any kind of controversy, as has been the want in many sports ...Read More

AIDP Teams Up with Responsible Gambling Council of Canada

Ben Hamill - February 22, 2019

The All-In Diversity Project (AIDP) has been making plenty of news headlines of late. Now, the project has revealed its latest strategic partnership after teaming up with the Responsible Gambling Council of Canada (RGCC). The move has see...Read More

Alberta’s $60m Jackpot Still Unclaimed

Ben Hamill - January 10, 2019

If you’ve stashed away last year’s lottery tickets in a dusty hiding spot, officials are hinting that it might be a good time to double-check your numbers. The record-breaking $60 million Lotto MAX jackpot ticket that was sol...Read More

12 Canadians Score PSPC Platinum Passes

Ben Hamill - January 09, 2019

The hype all began late in 2017 in Prague when Team Pro Daniel Negreanu officially announced the PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC). The $25k tournament was slated to run at the start of the yearly PokerStars Caribbean Adventure this ...Read More

$5 Million Lotto 6-49 Jackpot Still Up For Grabs

Ben Hamill - January 07, 2019

According to officials in Toronto, no winning ticket has been sold for the mouth-watering $5 million jackpot on offer in Saturday night’s Lotto 6-49 draw. For gambling enthusiasts who still want a shot at the dream prize, now is the...Read More

Canadian Wrestlers Call For Independent Body

Ben Hamill - January 01, 2019

A malicious complaint whispered in the wrong ear can be deathblow to any professional sportsperson’s career. The fact that complaints of harassment and abuse aren’t always even justified, only makes matters worse. One of Wrest...Read More

CGA Launches New Gaming-Related Initiative

Ben Hamill - December 31, 2018

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) has revealed its plans to launch a fresh new education and credential-revealing initiative by the name of ‘Get To Know Gaming Canada’. The goal of the program is to highlight the numerous,...Read More

Canada’s Stadiums Plagued By Food Violations

Ben Hamill - December 30, 2018

Food health violations. Not exactly the kind of terminology one would enjoy associating with a fun day out at a professional sports event. And yet, this particular beast is rearing its ugly head at Canadian pro-sports events at increasing...Read More

Jennifer Jones Makes Career-Defining Shot

Ben Hamill - December 13, 2018

“Oh really? That’s kind of cool.” This was the response offered by four-time Canada Cup curling champion Jennifer Jones after having been informed that she had just made one of the best shots of her career, as we...Read More

Doctors Agree Bingo Promotes Mental Health

Ben Hamill - December 13, 2018

Doctors working in 11 of Canada’s Community Health Centres are starting to realise and implement what the gaming community has known all along: playing games is good for the mind and for the soul and the perfect antidote to loneline...Read More

Research Receives A Massive Cash Injection

Ben Hamill - December 13, 2018

We knew this all along, but it’s always nice to be reminded of the fact: Canadians know how to step up to the plate and rise to any challenge considered worth the effort. Thanks to this being a trait that is present amongst the este...Read More

Sir Mix-a-Lot To Star In New Bluberi Slot

Ben Hamill - December 12, 2018

Celebrity super-stars are warming up to the idea of being associated with casino brands, which is good news as it indicates higher levels of acceptance of the industry. The latest celeb to have added his name to the growing list of star-a...Read More

Nominations Open for Canada’s Sports Hall Of Fame

Ben Hamill - December 11, 2018

Being included in Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is one of the most prestigious honours to befall any sportsman or –woman. The nominations for 2019 are currently still open, and to date, 56 of a total of 66 sports slots have re...Read More

Canada Qualifies For Basketball World Cup

Ben Hamill - December 08, 2018

It’s been almost a decade since Canada’s last participation in a FIBA World Cup, but thanks to the obvious resolve to make it happen by players like Kyle Wiltjer, Canada’s men’s Basketball team will be competing i...Read More

Business Booms for Bede Gaming in 2018

Ben Hamill - December 07, 2018

Bede Gaming, the popular developer of online and mobile gaming software, has hailed 2018 as its ‘most successful year’ to date, thanks in part to its completion of no less than ten content integration deals. Another developme...Read More

Player Posts Complaint About Bingo Canada

Ben Hamill - December 01, 2018

A player at local online gaming operator Bingo Canada (BC) recently approached the brand’s team with a complaint about the service she received at the website. According to the complainant, she had followed all of the website&rsquo...Read More

$60m Lotto Max Winner Yet to Step Forward

Ben Hamill - November 28, 2018

The winner of a record-smashing $60 million Lotto Max jackpot during the month of October has still not come forward to claim their fortune, according to local officials. However, surprisingly, this kind of occurrence is far from rare. I...Read More

Abuse Scandals Prolific in Canadian Sports

Ben Hamill - November 13, 2018

The Canadian sports scene is sadly no stranger to abuse. When Sheldon Kennedy’s sexual abuse lawsuit against hockey coach Graham James rocked the industry during the late 1990s, the country stepped forward to write up one of the str...Read More

Science and Sweets Make the Perfect Mix

Ben Hamill - October 11, 2018

Mapmaker and tech whizz Karen Morley became interested in chocolate after moving to Canada from the USA and being diagnosed with cancer. She was given only a 30% chance of survival, but survive she did, and...Read More

$6.1m Lotto Winner to Travel the Globe

Ben Hamill - September 22, 2018

There are millions of folks in Canada alone who would love nothing more than to pack a suitcase and jet across the globe for a few years, seeing some of history’s greatest landmarks, trying exotic foods, and having a generally fanta...Read More

Store Owner Sentenced for $257k Lotto Fraud

Ben Hamill - September 18, 2018

As helpful as lottery games are as a tool to help a few lucky punters win huge, they are also often a conduit for fraudulent activity. Most recently, one of Canada’s largest lotto-related fraudsters has officially been sentenced to ...Read More

Great Lakes’ Temperatures Continue to Soar

Ben Hamill - September 13, 2018

The Great Lakes of Canada are getting rapidly hotter, with some parts seeing a rise of three degrees or more in the past months. And while a mere three degrees may not seem all that concerning, it certainly has local s...Read More

Lucky Winnipeg Man Lands Two Lotto Prizes

Ben Hamill - September 12, 2018

Over in Winnipeg, one exceptionally lucky local man has claimed a fantastic $2 million lottery prize. While there is nothing particularly notable about this event, it should be kept in mind that the win was landed by the same man just fiv...Read More

Automation Slowly Replaces Vegas Staff

Ben Hamill - September 12, 2018

The gambling mecca of Las Vegas is all but recognizable from its past glory days of the Riviera and Stardust. The city has undergone countless aesthetic overhauls over the decades, with casinos coming and going and changing up their looks...Read More

Hydrogen Set To Replace Fossil Fuels

Ben Hamill - August 23, 2018

Hydrogen has been drawing hype as a potential replacement for gasoline and diesel for decades now. And while its use as a substitute for fossil fuels is still in its early stages, hydrogen’s popularity is burgeoning rapidly in Canad...Read More

WSOP-C Coming to Canada’s Playground Club

Ben Hamill - August 02, 2018

WSOP-C’s two-year absence from the Canadian scene has certainly not gone unnoticed. However, the World Series of Poker Circuit will finally once again be returning to the country this year, and will be taking place at the Playground...Read More

Toronto Students Reach for the Stars

Ben Hamill - July 31, 2018

Four Toronto-based youngsters, two of them still in school, have become published scientists. The study they suggested in a competition run by the University of Toronto Schools was selected, and the experiment they designed was sent to ...Read More

Friends Win Friday 13th $60m Lotto Jackpot

Ben Hamill - July 31, 2018

Friday the 13th has always traditionally been regarded as a day of bad luck. However, that definitely wasn’t the case for five Ottawa-based friends in the federal government’s IT department, who managed to win a who...Read More