Apple’s Arbitrariness Yet Again Scrutinised

Ben Hamill - October 30, 2020

Technology giant and iPhone-maker Apple Inc.’s arbitrary rules of inclusion and exclusion are behind Facebook’s cloud games launch on Android, but not on iOS. Facebook’s failure to launch on Apple devices is the latest s...Read More

Apple’s Craftiness Called Out By Ex-Director

Ben Hamill - October 10, 2020

Apple Inc. is the epitome of the double industry standard. So says former Apple App Store Director Phil Shoemaker of Apple’s keep-out policies responsible for preventing Xbox Game Pass and Google Stadia from selling their wares to i...Read More

Microsoft Launching New Xbox Connect For iOS

Ben Hamill - October 03, 2020

An upcoming new update by Microsoft will enable iOS users to stream Xbox One games directly to their iPhones. The update will form part of a big new Xbox App update created specifically for iOS. Scheduled to be available soon via Apple&rs...Read More

Epic Games Asks Court To Stop Apple Monopoly

Ben Hamill - September 10, 2020

Apple may be locked and loaded and ready for a so-called retaliation, but that doesn’t mean Fortnite creators Epic Games are simply going to sit back and wait to hear the shrapnel drop. Not if a request recently brought before court...Read More

Microsoft Sides With Epic In Apple Spat

Ben Hamill - August 28, 2020

Apple is currently facing a whole lot of pushback over the terms enforced by its App Store. Epic Games, for one, creators of popular Battle Royale video game Fortnite, have clearly had their fill of Apple’s manipulative whiles and m...Read More

Apple Makes An Enemy Of Epic Games

Ben Hamill - August 19, 2020

Software giant Apple appears intent to make more enemies than what it does friends in the mobile video games industry. The latest victim of its attempts to monopolise the smartphone gaming industry is none other than Epic Games, the creat...Read More

Apple In Crossfire Over Gaming Manipulation

Ben Hamill - August 12, 2020

Technology giant Apple may be typically associated with its iPhones and tablets and smartwatches as opposed to being recognised as a giant in gaming, but it certainly appears to hold an internal contrasting view in relation to that held b...Read More

Apple More Interested In Gaming Than Ever

Ben Hamill - July 01, 2020

It’s official: Apple is interested in gaming. As in big-industry gaming. Also – as in iPad gaming. Not that the tech-giant’s intensified focus on gaming support should come as any surprise. This is after all the same ind...Read More

Apple Under Fire Over Mobile App Monopoly

Ben Hamill - June 24, 2020

Tech and software giant Apple have since as recently as February this year, no fewer than 5 times rejected Facebook’s application to have its Facebook Gaming app included in Apple’s App Store. The fifth and most recent applica...Read More

Apple Next In Loot Box Line Of Fire

Ben Hamill - June 22, 2020

It now seems as if is the latest company to have landed in the regulatory line of fire over the controversial nature of loot boxes. According to an Apple insider news source, the tech giant may have to answer to a California class action ...Read More

What To Expect At CES Las Vegas 2020

Ben Hamill - January 07, 2020

It’s time again to feast our eyes and imaginations on everything new and promised (not to be confused with promising!) planned for the year ahead at the 2020 CES Las Vegas (CES being derived from the show’s former ...Read More

3 Top Gadgets Of The Past Decade

Ben Hamill - December 30, 2019

We’re most of us in what can only be described as a dysfunctional, if occupational, relationship with our gadgets. We complain about having to “hold the line” or spend a few extra minutes hanging around waiting f...Read More

Apple Reveals Its Best Of 2019 List Of Apps

Ben Hamill - December 13, 2019

Each year, tech giants Google and Apple reveal to the world their lists of top games and apps for that particular year. And this year, Apple decided to make an event out of the announcement. The tech and smart phone gi...Read More

Google & Apple Wage War On Chameleon Apps

Ben Hamill - October 01, 2019

Alphabet’s Google and mobile phone tech-giant Apple have stepped up efforts relating to limiting the number of illegal real-money gambling apps trending on the information super-highway. Tougher rules and restriction...Read More

Google Play Pass Quick On Arcade’s Heels

Ben Hamill - September 26, 2019

Google isn’t about to let Apple get on with business without giving the tech-giant a run for its gaming revenue money. The search engine giant recently launched its own subscription-based gaming platform on Google Pl...Read More

Apple TV Plus To Launch In Canada On November 1

Ben Hamill - September 19, 2019

Apple TV Plus is joining the Canadian television content streaming war come November 1st. The tech-giant hopes to lure subscribers away from competitors like Netflix by offering more original content in retu...Read More

Apple Arcade May Be The Future Of Mobile Games

Ben Hamill - September 18, 2019

On September 19, Apple officially makes the shift from a typical once-sold-once-paid-for revenue model to a much more lucrative way of doing business: monthly subscriptions. Apple Arcade will be launched for iPhone pla...Read More

Apple Extends September Native iOS Deadline

Ben Hamill - September 14, 2019

Apple has postponed its 3 September native iOS deadline by six months. The tech-giant had the entire casino games development industry running around in flat panic when it announced a slew of significant App Store poli...Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Apple Arcade

Ben Hamill - September 11, 2019

Apple is on the verge of launching its brand-new Apple Arcade subscription gaming service and by the looks of it, it’s going to be everything but your average subscription-based free-to-play Joe. If anything, Apple r...Read More

Apple’s iPhone 11 May Be Full Of Surprises

Ben Hamill - September 02, 2019

Despite the leaks, tip-offs and right royal saucy rumours doing the rounds about what we are to expect of Apple’s new 2019 iPhone 11 release, the only certainty seems to be the release date. September 10 will reveal ...Read More

Apple Orders 17+ Age Restrictions On Gambling

Ben Hamill - August 26, 2019

Apple has further tightened its regulations governing apps that contain gambling-related content The tech-giant, in an obvious move to prevent underage players from accessing mobile and online gambling content, has said that all games fe...Read More

Canadians Say Yes To High-Tech Health Care

Ben Hamill - August 14, 2019

We are a people obsessed with good health. A recent Ipsos survey reveals that Canadians will do anything in their power to facilitate instant access to medical care and medical advice, even if that means willingly relinquishing control (o...Read More

Playtech Ready To Launch New iOS Product Line

Ben Hamill - August 12, 2019

Multi-channel gambling games and operator-tech provider Playtech has announced that it now has its finger firmly on the pulse of the global industry’s regulated heartbeat in as far as games offerings relate to future availability, w...Read More

Apple’s Credit Card Not Gambling Friendly

Ben Hamill - August 07, 2019

Apple is finally ready to launch its long-anticipated credit card. Apple’s first foray into the world of commercial banking, announced in earlier this year in March, is made possible thanks to a partnership with investment bankers G...Read More

Apple Re-Launches Texas Hold’em In App Store

Ben Hamill - August 01, 2019

Ever wonder what the very first game ever to have been sold on Apple’s App Store was called? Poker fans will be happy to know that it was none other than a game of Texas Hold’em. Better yet, Apple has just announced that a com...Read More

Apple To Release New Inclusive Emojis

Ben Hamill - July 24, 2019

Celebrating diversity is one of life’s privileges. How very mundane an existence we would lead if we all came issued in standard format, so to speak. But fortunately for us, this isn’t the case. The human race is a many splend...Read More

Rush Street Sites Now Compatible With iOS

Ben Hamill - July 24, 2019

Mobile casino games and sports betting applications developer Rush Street Interactive has re-launched its two online gambling and betting sites, namely and, so as to enable iOS users in Pennsylvania to enj...Read More

Only 4 Phones Set To Support Stadia

Ben Hamill - July 10, 2019

It appears as if Google may have been overreaching a little when it initially proclaimed that the very essence and attraction of its soon-to-be-launched Stadia games streaming service is the fact that thanks to Stadia, players will be abl...Read More

Apple’s New Rules Wreaking Havoc

Ben Hamill - July 01, 2019

When tech giant Apple announced some weeks ago that it had planned to make important changes in order to better align itself with being primarily an entertainment provider instead of throwing all of its resources at manufacturing and hard...Read More

Apple’s New iOS Rules Mean No More Gambling

Ben Hamill - June 12, 2019

Tech giant Apple has announced that it is in the process of making some important changes in order to better align itself with its new chosen mandate of primarily entertainment provider, instead of primarily hardware-tech brand owner and ...Read More

Apple Hints At CA Heart Health App Approval

Ben Hamill - June 05, 2019

Apple smart watch owners in Canada will eventually; and supposedly soon; be joining the tech giant’s heart health revolution. Apple’s heart health app is geared to track Electro Cardio Gram (ECG) signals, as well as to alert w...Read More

Microsoft Joins The $1 Trillion Club

Ben Hamill - May 04, 2019

Thursday the 25th of April was a good day; in fact, depending on whom you ask, it was a great day. It was after all the day on which Microsoft officially became the third big-tech company to have reached the $1 trillion mark; t...Read More

Apple’s New Apple Arcade Service Coming Soon

Ben Hamill - April 19, 2019

Apple is raising the bar yet again. The tech giant has announced that it will be officially launching its new Apple Arcade gaming service later this year. But being the coolest kid on the games block won’t come cheap. According to t...Read More

Why More US Tech Companies Are Heading to Canada

Ben Hamill - April 09, 2019

HR leaders love them, Canada embraces them, and the Trump administration does everything in its power to keep them out: foreign tech workers. But, as the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Never has th...Read More

Global Poker Adds Extra Options

Ben Hamill - November 13, 2018

If you’re interested in exploring the world of poker beyond the traditional Texas Hold’em offerings, then Global Poker might just have what you’re looking for. The social online gaming site that runs patented Sweeps Cash...Read More

Apple Caught Overcharging for Device Repairs

Ben Hamill - October 29, 2018

Tech giant Apple has long been accused of overestimating the costs of repairs to its devices, not to mention threatening third party repair shops that are willing to fix iPhones and iPads for a fraction of their prices, according to CBC N...Read More

Apple Cans Hundreds of Gaming Apps

Ben Hamill - August 14, 2018

Numerous gambling-related mobile apps have been removed from the Apple App Store – and hundreds more are likely to follow – after the implementation of Apple’s new App Review policy. In a bid to address illegal online g...Read More

Apple Removes Dodgy Gambling Apps for Norway

Ben Hamill - August 12, 2018

Norwegian players who get their thrills from unlicensed gambling apps for iOS are going to have to make better choices from now on. The country’s gaming authority successfully petitioned Apple to remove offending applications from i...Read More