ASA Issues Warning Over Bingo Advertising

Ben Hamill - July 01, 2021

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has officially put out a warning to operators. After an advertisement for Bingo seemed to suggest that lottery games could solve debt problems, the watchdog group wasted no time in pouncing. Accor...Read More

Calgary Research Could Send Canada To Space

Ben Hamill - October 03, 2020

If history has taught mankind anything about rocket science and space travel, then it’s that the first few seconds immediately following launch are crucial – not to mention highly volatile. Rocket launches really can only go t...Read More

Phosphine Traces May Indicate Life On Venus

Ben Hamill - September 16, 2020

Since an atmospheric presence of the chemical phosphine typically indicates the simultaneous presence of microbes, astronomers are venturing out on a limb regarding the possibility of there existing a form of life on Venus. But while the...Read More

Astronauts Complete 2nd Battery-Spacewalk

Ben Hamill - July 03, 2020

NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy and Bob Behnken have just completed their 2nd spacewalk in under a week – this time round to replace old and worn-down batteries outside the International Space Station. The bulky box-batteri...Read More

Canadians Tune In As Bob & Doug Go To Space

Ben Hamill - June 04, 2020

Space adventure enthusiasts from Canada and all over the world huddled together separately but in solidarity on Saturday as they tuned in for a historic NASA and SpaceX launch. The Falcon 9 rocket was a successful lift-off from pad 39A at...Read More

Apollo 13 Experience Finally Relived

Ben Hamill - April 22, 2020

When James A. Lowell Jr., Fred W. Haise Jr. and John L. Swigert Jr. stepped into the what they had deemed to be safe enclosing of the Apollo 13 fifty years ago, the last thing they had expected was that they had just become part of one of...Read More

NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson Has Died

Ben Hamill - February 27, 2020

mathematician Katherine Johnson, the woman famously known as the ‘human computer’, has died at the blessed old age of 101. Not too many people know all that much about Johnson or that if it had not been for her super-human ma...Read More

Google Calls Dibs On Quantum Supremacy

Ben Hamill - October 26, 2019

Google, among others, has been chasing the quantum supremacy dream for years. And if a statement of findings published very recently in the scientific journal Nature is anything to go by, then the search engine giant a...Read More

NASA And ESA Want To Nudge An Asteroid

Ben Hamill - October 08, 2019

A “planetary defence” mission is no longer a thing of Star Trek fiction. Planet Earth last year only just barely escaped a disastrous encounter with an asteroid the size of a football field. Had an actual near miss...Read More

Dior Pulls Sauvage Ad Starring Johnny Depp

Ben Hamill - September 11, 2019

Exploiting Indigenous people to make money. Fragrance and fashion house Dior is being accused of appropriating Native American culture and imagery for commercial gain, and has as a direct result of the widespread Inter...Read More

NASA Aims for the Moon Again

Ben Hamill - July 18, 2019

NASA’s plans to return to the moon by as early as 2024, instead of the previously proposed 2028, may be overreaching just a bit. The American space agency has been talking about and trying to budget for it for the past 20 years, bu...Read More

Canadian Astronaut Heads Back To Earth

Ben Hamill - July 01, 2019

Many Canadians will only ever progress as far as dreaming about life at zero gravity as, for the moment at least, travelling to outer space isn’t a privilege afforded to many. But weightlessness has its drawbacks, which is something...Read More

Trump Puts A Damper On Canadian Space Dream

Ben Hamill - May 07, 2019

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on 28 February that Canada was about to go to the moon thanks to its involvement with NASA’s Lunar Gateway Project, many people celebrated what they deemed to be ...Read More

ASA Dismisses Betfred Bingo Ad Complaint

Ben Hamill - April 24, 2019

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has published a ruling involving a complaint received relating to a Betfred advertisement showing a three individuals engrossed in everyday activities whilst enjoying a game of Bingo on...Read More

Mars Opportunity Rover Declared Dead

Ben Hamill - February 20, 2019

NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover has explored many final frontiers on the red planet, and in August 2018, presumably also the last of its own. After repeated attempts to establish contact with the rover over the course ...Read More

Groundbreaking Space Ventures Set for 2019

Ben Hamill - January 05, 2019

In terms of space exploration, 2018 was quite a prestigious year. The SpaceX Falcon Heavy was successfully launched, and NASA’s InSight spacecraft landed on Mars for the first time ever. Another NASA spacecraft, OSIR...Read More

Groundbreaking Space Ventures Set for 2019

Ben Hamill - January 05, 2019

In terms of space exploration, 2018 was quite a prestigious year. The SpaceX Falcon Heavy was successfully launched, and NASA’s InSight spacecraft landed on Mars for the first time ever. Another NASA spacecraft, OSIRIS-Rex, arrive...Read More

William Hill Ad Deemed Acceptable by ASA

Ben Hamill - November 08, 2018

British gambling and betting superpower has narrowly escaped possible punishment from the local Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after a complaint was filed about one of its recent advertisements. The writer of the complaint, who w...Read More

Wasaga Beach Casino Complex Confirmed

Ben Hamill - October 18, 2018

A new casino venture has just been confirmed, with the establishment likely to be built in the town of Wasaga Beach in Ontario. According to Mayor Brian Smith of Wasaga Beach in a recent press release, a...Read More

Midland, Wasaga Beach Hit by Cyber Attacks

Ben Hamill - September 21, 2018

Two small towns in Ontario, Wasaga Beach and Midland, have paid over hefty ransoms in order to retrieve data after their computer systems were hacked by computer criminals. According to town officials in Midland, they paid the ransom to rec...Read More