Plans for Toronto Smart City Ignite Privacy Concerns

Ben Hamill - March 03, 2020

Various privacy concerns have been raised ever since Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs (a sister-company to Google) first announced its plans for creating a “smart city” along ’s eastern waterfront area back in October of 2...Read More

Konami Gaming To Roll Out Facial Recognition Tech

Ben Hamill - October 24, 2019

Casinos face a daily battle trying to suss out and keep tabs on folks either trying to cheat the system or violating exclusion or self-exclusion rules. In order to embrace a system way more effective than a typical loy...Read More

Xbox Accused of Recording Personal Conversations

Ben Hamill - August 28, 2019

Issues like performance-limiting Gamerscore caps and players no longer being able to freely buy and sell games were the least of our Xbox One problems, even though back in 2013/2014 these topics and similar were the ta...Read More

Biometric Data Pushes Privacy Law Progress

Ben Hamill - April 06, 2019

Biometric recognition is becoming increasingly common. Fingerprint scanning capabilities are seen on more smartphones, and airports are using fingerprint and facial recognition technology to identify people. Home security cameras can lear...Read More

Smart Ads A Major Privacy Issue

Ben Hamill - December 20, 2018

The industry refers to them as smart marketing ads, but some online ads are just so spot-on in all that they reveal about their target audience, that they give a great deal away about just how little privacy we have left, and just how lar...Read More

Parents Sharing Kids Data an Issue

Ben Hamill - December 04, 2018

On average, the parents of today post more than a thousand images and videos of their kids online before they’re old enough to register social media accounts of their own. This shocking revelation comes according to a brand new repo...Read More