Century Casinos And BetMakers Join Forces

Ben Hamill - March 06, 2022

Century Casinos is known for owning some of the most prestigious properties in Canada, including the acclaimed Century Downs Racetrack and Casino and the Century Mile Racetrack and Casino. The venues are known for hosting exciting horse rac...Read More

IGT’s Wheel Of Fortune Bingo Goes Live In Ontario

Ben Hamill - February 25, 2022

Award-winning digital gaming and entertainment giant International Game Technology (IGT) continues to expand and go from strength to strength. IGT announced this week that it has now brought its popular Wheel of Fortune Bingo offerings to...Read More

Quebec Casino Properties Now Due To Reopen

Ben Hamill - February 15, 2022

Anyone wanting to go to a casino in Quebec has been out of luck. Since last December every establishment has had its doors firmly closed, much to the dismay of gambling enthusiasts. But now, at last, it seems as if doors are finally ready t...Read More

Single Event Betting Arrives In Nova Scotia

Ben Hamill - February 14, 2022

After months of speculation, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) finally made it official. Nova Scotia adopted single event wagering on Friday, February 11th, 2022. Some would say the decision was a long time coming, especiall...Read More

Ontario Announces The Return Of Sires Stakes

Ben Hamill - February 14, 2022

The Ontario Sires Stakes is recognized as one of Canada and North America’s most exciting horse racing stakes programs, but has been on hiatus for some time. But now, at last, Ontario Racing has announce its return. Come Confederation...Read More

Poker Pro Layne Flack Found Dead In His Home

Ben Hamill - July 24, 2021

Layne Flack is a well-known name in the world of professional Poker. The 6-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner is recognised as having an incredible wit, exceptional skill for the game, and a winning attitude. But profession...Read More

Famous Arlington Bus Stop Discontinued

Ben Hamill - April 20, 2021

Wolseley resident Sally Papso may not be a regular on the bus, but she’s probably more intimately acquainted with the world of inner-city transit and bus stops than most Canadians. What makes Papso’s journey with bus stops so ...Read More

Ottawa Pushes For On-Demand Busses

Ben Hamill - March 12, 2021

A new transit model is being called on by an Ottawa city councillor. As OC Transpo continues to experience low ridership numbers resulting from the new normal ushered in by the global health crisis, a ride-on-demand model not unlike those...Read More

Canadian Condos Are Going Green With Geoexchange

Ben Hamill - February 17, 2021

The reason so many condominiums in Canada are considerably more green than those that went before them, is that many of the high-risers being built right now are kitted out with the technology necessary for turning natural heat or cooling...Read More

Police Rule Out Poker Ties In Zhao Death

Ben Hamill - August 21, 2020

Police have now released fresh new findings regarding the tragic death and horrendous murder of top-performing and well-known career Poker player Suzie Zhao, most prominent of which is that there appear to be no ties between Zhao’s ...Read More

Susie “Q” Zhao Murder Suspect Charged

Ben Hamill - August 14, 2020

Authorities have confirmed having charged convicted sex offender Jeffery Bernard Morris with the death of murdered WSOP Poker-pro Susie “Q” Zhao. The victim’s body was discovered in a car park at Pontiac Lake Recreation ...Read More

YGAM Calls For Inclusive Player Involvement

Ben Hamill - August 04, 2020

Social charity and education-focused organisation the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) has called on a more inclusive approach being followed whenever initiatives are staged for the purpose of gaining user-focused experien...Read More

Authorities Issuing Warning About Mystery Seeds

Ben Hamill - August 04, 2020

Canadian agriculture and food inspection authorities are cautioning local gardeners about unsolicited seeds received by post, ordering recipients not to plant anything they did not specifically order. Reports related to packages of which ...Read More

Superior Court Rules In Favour Of Breeders

Ben Hamill - August 04, 2020

The Superior Court of Canada, in a recent landmark ruling, ordered those individuals affected by the cancellation of government’s Slots at Racetracks program, deserving of monetary compensation for damages suffered. The way in which...Read More

MATCH Eatery Reopens At Cascades Chatham

Ben Hamill - August 04, 2020

Gambling at the premises of Gateway’s Cascades Casino Chatham may for the moment remain closed, but the good news is that the entertainment venue’s on-site food courts are about to be re-opened to the general public – bo...Read More

WSOP Player Susie “Q” Zhao Dead At 33

Ben Hamill - July 31, 2020

World Series of Poker player Susie “Q” Zhao, 33, has died. Last seen by her mother on July 12, Zhao’s badly burned body was discovered in a car park at Pontiac Lake Recreation Area in Oakland County, Michigan, only a da...Read More

Meghan Markle On Challenging The Norm

Ben Hamill - July 19, 2020

No longer on a palace-controlled royal leash, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex and wife of Prince Harry, was able to add a touch of challenge to her first speech since the couple’s royal divorce from Buckingham Palace. Markle d...Read More

Gateway & Unifor Reach Benefits Agreement

Ben Hamill - July 10, 2020

Gambling industry labour union Unifor and Canadian operator Gateway Casinos & Entertainment have after protracted negotiations and a threat of legal action reportedly reached an agreement in regard to the extension of employee benefit...Read More

Netflix Pride Event To Include Canadian A-Listers

Ben Hamill - June 29, 2020

Since we’re each of us part of a re-invigorated digital revolution, we’re basically doing online what we used to be able to enjoy in person. And that includes this year’s Pride festivities on Netflix. The streaming giant...Read More

partypoker Overhauls Its MILLIONS Online

Ben Hamill - June 12, 2020

Popular Poker operator partypoker’s MILLIONS weekly online tournaments were even before the cancellation of all major live Poker tournaments and games, a super success. MILLIONS Online is presented in the style of a flighted tournam...Read More

New Animal Crossing A Nintendo Sales Driver

Ben Hamill - May 11, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons proved a massive driver of revenue income in terms of actual sales registered for the period leading up to March 31st for Japanese video games giant Nintendo. Despite current market difficulties, ...Read More