Nintendo To Release 4 More Retro Games

Ben Hamill - September 18, 2020

It’s Nintendo-official: the next lot of games set to be added to the Japanese games-maker’s Nintendo Switch Online retro library will include Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest and Mario’s Super Picross &nda...Read More

Vancouver’s Moth Influx No Cause For Panic

Ben Hamill - September 17, 2020

They’re not exactly butterflies and represent to many people somewhat of an “acquired taste” as far as in-house hospitality goes. And what’s worse – they’re literally all over Vancouver from seemingly o...Read More

Phosphine Traces May Indicate Life On Venus

Ben Hamill - September 16, 2020

Since an atmospheric presence of the chemical phosphine typically indicates the simultaneous presence of microbes, astronomers are venturing out on a limb regarding the possibility of there existing a form of life on Venus. But while the...Read More

BTG Inks Megaways Deal With Playzido

Ben Hamill - September 09, 2020

Big-industry player Big Time Gaming, the company behind the popular Megaways game mechanic, has confirmed having inked a deal that will authorise platform solution specialist Playzido to make use of the famous Megaways patent in future en...Read More

Quebecer Campaigns For Lip Reading Masks

Ben Hamill - September 06, 2020

Face masks, though necessary and potentially lifesaving, aren’t exactly bags full of fun to wear. They tend to be hot and stifling, have been known to slide all over the show when not correctly sized, and even cause our specs to bec...Read More

Musk’s Neuralink Shows Off PC-Chipped Animal

Ben Hamill - September 03, 2020

Neuralink, a neuroscience start-up belonging to billionaire businessman Elon Musk, has formally introduced the world to a pig that has had a computer chip – roughly the size of a coin – successfully implanted in its brain for ...Read More

Sony Focused On Accelerated Content Roll-Out

Ben Hamill - September 01, 2020

Whilst PlayStation maker Sony says it recognises the presence of fierce and increased competition in the console and computer games market, it also believes that the key to achieving ongoing success and holding on to its current position ...Read More

Huawei Rolls Out New GameCenter Platform

Ben Hamill - August 17, 2020

Chinese technology and smart phone giant Huawei has officially gone live with its all-new Huawei GameCenter in 33 countries. A platform designed specifically to bring mobile gaming communities together by making available to them content...Read More

Apple In Crossfire Over Gaming Manipulation

Ben Hamill - August 12, 2020

Technology giant Apple may be typically associated with its iPhones and tablets and smartwatches as opposed to being recognised as a giant in gaming, but it certainly appears to hold an internal contrasting view in relation to that held b...Read More

Resorts World Las Vegas To Join Loop System

Ben Hamill - August 11, 2020

Not only does Resorts World Las Vegas remain on track for a summer 2021 opening, but it also a little over a week ago received confirmation of approval of its application to become an official passenger stop on Elon Musk’s Las Vegas...Read More

New Instant Roulette From Evolution Gaming

Ben Hamill - August 08, 2020

Live casino specialist and live dealer entertainment giant Evolution Gaming has officially launched an all-new multi-wheel-style Roulette game. Instant Roulette, initially teased and introduced at ICE 2020, is the latest exciting Roulette...Read More

Bee Shortages Affecting Crops In B.C. & U.S.

Ben Hamill - August 03, 2020

Bees are among the hardest-working creatures on earth, ensuring the reproduction of a variety of wild and cultivated plants by pollination, thereby protecting everything from biodiversity to global food production and security. And accord...Read More

Elon Musk Has Royal Aspirations For Baby X

Ben Hamill - July 28, 2020

Elon Musk may be best known for Tesla and his SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies) program, but there’s apparently much more to the man described by his mother as a “little boy genius” for having read and memorised en...Read More

How Kanye West Shortened His Presidency Odds

Ben Hamill - July 07, 2020

The same guy who in 2018 sent the internet into a fit of rage and confusion when he tweeted a call for the abolishment of the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, has just made known his intention of running for president. In...Read More

Pariplay Unveils New Spin ‘n’ Hit Slot

Ben Hamill - July 07, 2020

Pariplay’s new Spin ‘n’ Hit slot is 50 paylines of pure reel spinning fun. The 3x5 reel game features an RTP of 96.25% and offers players the chance to trigger an exciting bonus game and a free spins bonus feature. Wilds...Read More

Astronauts Complete 2nd Battery-Spacewalk

Ben Hamill - July 03, 2020

NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy and Bob Behnken have just completed their 2nd spacewalk in under a week – this time round to replace old and worn-down batteries outside the International Space Station. The bulky box-batteri...Read More

Trump Temporarily Booted By Twitch

Ben Hamill - July 02, 2020

The world of social media has apparently had its fill of hate-speech and overall hateful conduct voiced by US President Donald Trump. Gaming live streaming platform Twitch, a subsidiary of online sales powerhouse Amazon, earlier this week...Read More

iSoftBet Digs Deep With New Gold Digger Slot

Ben Hamill - July 01, 2020

Fancy yourself a talented gold-digger? Then be sure to give iSoftBet’s latest mining-themed slot a go. Gold Digger is the latest attempt at iGaming brilliance by the leading online slots developer. And judging by the inclusion of 8 ...Read More

Apple More Interested In Gaming Than Ever

Ben Hamill - July 01, 2020

It’s official: Apple is interested in gaming. As in big-industry gaming. Also – as in iPad gaming. Not that the tech-giant’s intensified focus on gaming support should come as any surprise. This is after all the same ind...Read More

New England Fined For Illegal Film Scandal

Ben Hamill - June 30, 2020

New England coach Bill Belichick has denied having at any point as much as laid eyes on the video footage that has now resulted in the Patriots having been fined US$1.1 million by the NFL, along with a third-round pick penalty in the 2021...Read More

Google Reveals Plans To Pay For News Content

Ben Hamill - June 28, 2020

So dedicated is to high-quality news content, that the search engine giant intends to start paying qualifying news publishers for their stories beginning later this year. The plan, announced Google on Thursday, is to launch the licencing...Read More

Red Tiger Unveil New Reel Keeper Slot

Ben Hamill - June 24, 2020

Red Tiger Gaming has only just gone live with its new Reel Keeper online slot, and already it’s shaping up to be one for the history books. The game is the very latest to have been released by the award-winning developer and promise...Read More

Apple Under Fire Over Mobile App Monopoly

Ben Hamill - June 24, 2020

Tech and software giant Apple have since as recently as February this year, no fewer than 5 times rejected Facebook’s application to have its Facebook Gaming app included in Apple’s App Store. The fifth and most recent applica...Read More

Genting To Close All UK Poker Rooms For Good

Ben Hamill - June 22, 2020

Really sad news recently handed down to UK-based card playing enthusiasts is that major operator Genting will not be reopening any of its . All rooms situated across Genting’s 42 UK casinos will therefore remain permanently closed e...Read More

Meet Harper’s Bazaar’s New Editor-In-Chief

Ben Hamill - June 19, 2020

American fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, first published in 1867, was the very first fashion magazine that focused exclusively on fashion viewed through the lens of a woman. And since the classic publication has just appointed its...Read More

George Russell Wins Virtual F1 Canadian GP

Ben Hamill - June 18, 2020

On Sunday, British racing driver George Russell secured a fourth successive virtual Formula One victory for team Williams. And with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc absent, Russell easily beat Red Bull’s Alex Albon into a neat second...Read More

Microgaming Releases Stunning June Slots Lineup

Ben Hamill - June 18, 2020

Big-gun online casino software developer Microgaming has released quite the new-games lineup for June. This includes the release of more than 20 new slots developed by Microgaming’s award-winning family of partner studios. Themes he...Read More

KFC’s KFConsole Gets Quite The Reaction

Ben Hamill - June 17, 2020

Fast-food giant KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is regrettably not really planning on giving console masters Sony and Microsoft a run for their new-consoles money. But that’s not to say that the fried-chicken franchise didn’t man...Read More

Musk’s Vegas Loop Gets First 2 Casino Stops

Ben Hamill - June 11, 2020

Elon Musk’s Boring Company has completed digging a second tunnel underneath the Las Vegas Convention Centre, and news that emerged this week is that Wynn Resorts and Resorts World Las Vegas have both lodged applications to become st...Read More

Khari Jones Knows All About Racism

Ben Hamill - June 05, 2020

Montreal Alouettes head coach and former Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback Khari Jones says he’s all too familiar with George Floyd’s tragic story – or at least with the sort of racism that’s obviously alive and we...Read More

Canadian National Hockey Star Haley Irwin Retires

Ben Hamill - June 05, 2020

Canadian women’s national hockey team forward and two-time Olympic gold medallist Haley Irwin is retiring from national pro-hockey. The 31-year-old Thunder Bay, Ontario, native during her career playing Canadian pro-hockey compiled ...Read More

How Video Games Grew To A $100 Billion Global Industry

Ben Hamill - June 05, 2020

Strange though it may be in our day and age to imagine a world without gaming, it’s true that as recently the 1950s games and the first gaming machine was regarded with a suspicion of sorts. To the minds of most, video games were no...Read More

Canadians Tune In As Bob & Doug Go To Space

Ben Hamill - June 04, 2020

Space adventure enthusiasts from Canada and all over the world huddled together separately but in solidarity on Saturday as they tuned in for a historic NASA and SpaceX launch. The Falcon 9 rocket was a successful lift-off from pad 39A at...Read More

Mayfair Casino Wants Saudi Sheikh To Pay

Ben Hamill - May 31, 2020

Saudi business mogul and Sheikh Salah Hamdan Al Balawi, thought to be at least £100 million strong in liquefiable assets, has reportedly proved successful at convincing a UK High Court judge to suspend a applied to his assets follo...Read More

SG Corp Reveals Contactless Gaming Solution

Ben Hamill - May 31, 2020

Scientific Games, forever at the very forefront of innovation in , is officially rolling out a portfolio of 100% contactless gaming and casino solutions. These, declared the solutions provider, are as a whole designed to assist operators ...Read More

Niantic’s Pokémon Fest To Go Virtual

Ben Hamill - May 31, 2020

The annual Fest will this year be held online instead of the usual hosting by select cities the world over. The fest previously allowed players to meet up at physical locations around the globe, which locations typically involved large p...Read More

New BoltBet® Casino Game At Spin Casino

Ben Hamill - May 28, 2020

The seasoned professionals at Spin Casino have launched a brand to bring the entertainment home to Canada’s online slots enthusiasts. A fresh look and reimagining of the Vegas Flush™ online slot, with some of the best in tech...Read More

King Of Gambling Stanley Ho Dies

Ben Hamill - May 27, 2020

The man who became famously known as the ‘king of gambling’ for having transformed into the modern and world-class casino gambling capital it is today, the enigmatic Stanley Ho, has died at the advanced and celebrated old age...Read More

How Bumper Tables Are Keeping Diners Safe

Ben Hamill - May 23, 2020

A Baltimore company has come up with a rather ingenious plan to get diners to keep their distance whilst engaged in eating and chatter at outdoor-style and café venues. Revolution Event Design & Production debuted their bumper...Read More

Microgaming Reveal Trio Of Sports Slots

Ben Hamill - May 23, 2020

Online casino games colossus has gone the full Monty on an exclusive range of sports-themed titles. The gaming and entertainment giant have announced that it is ready to debut a fantastic trio of football-themed slots as early as this su...Read More

Lightning Box Is Back With New Eagle Sun Slot

Ben Hamill - May 21, 2020

We’re barely clear of a month since we saw casino games developer Lightning Box Games debut its Blown Away online slot, and the developer is back again with something new. Last week, Games confirmed in a press release that they wou...Read More

Queen’s Plate Rescheduled To September 12

Ben Hamill - May 20, 2020

Dating back as far as 1860, ’s Queen’s Plate is Canada’s oldest Thoroughbred horse race. What’s more, the annual Queen’s Plate is also the oldest continuously run race in all of North America. Which is why th...Read More

Quickspin Unveil New Diamond Duke Slot

Ben Hamill - May 17, 2020

Feeling on the down-low with precious little left to do? Then worry not, because has just released its new Diamond Duke online slot and it’s the ultimate boredom buster. And who couldn’t do with a healthy dose of good old fee...Read More

Corey La Barrie Dead On 25th Birthday

Ben Hamill - May 13, 2020

Tragic news this week is that celebrity figure Corey La Barrie has passed away on his birthday. La Barrie, only 25, died in a car accident on Sunday. His brother Jarrad revealed the tragic news on Monday in a post on social media platfor...Read More

Actor Jerry Stiller Dies Aged 92

Ben Hamill - May 12, 2020

Celebrated actor Jerry Stiller, perhaps best known for his role playing the hilariously borderline-offensive father of George on the comedic television sitcom Seinfeld, has died.  Actor and son Ben Stiller confirmed the news of his p...Read More

Andre Harrell Dies At Only 59 Years Old

Ben Hamill - May 11, 2020

Sad news confirmed by Universal Music Group late last week is that R&B producer and founder of Uptown Records Andre Harrell, has passed away. He was only 59. The label at the time of the tragic announcement described Harrell to have b...Read More

Livestream Reveals All About Xbox Series X

Ben Hamill - May 10, 2020

A recent livestream allowed a sneak-peek into what we can expect to play once the new Xbox Series X console is released later on this year. Microsoft previously let on that it would be available in the run-up toward Christmas 2020 and no...Read More

Netflix’s “Becoming” Is Right On Time

Ben Hamill - May 09, 2020

New documentary “Becoming” not only shares its name with former first lady Michelle Obama’s memoire – it’s the actual documented footage that was recorded at the time of her having book-toured to present the...Read More

Why Adele’s Weight Loss Is Unsettling

Ben Hamill - May 08, 2020

It goes to show, you can’t please everybody. When singing sensation Adele first burst onto the music scene 12 years ago, she was only 19, and considered heavily overweight. What’s worse, people not only noticed, but had a who...Read More

Viral Controversy Over Strange Kawasaki Disease

Ben Hamill - May 07, 2020

Kawasaki illness. Every bit as mysterious as a recent wave of folks losing all sense of touch and smell, let alone vascular inflammation. As for what causes the mysterious illness, thought to only affect children, have not yet been able ...Read More

Elon Musk Cryptic About Coded Baby Name

Ben Hamill - May 07, 2020

Elon Musk’s Canadian songstress girlfriend Grimes has given birth to a perfect healthy baby boy. Now, the name of the child, as divulged shortly after the birth by dad Elon has been questioned as it seems a bit odd. Not that “...Read More

Miami Dolphins’ Don Shula Dies Aged 90

Ben Hamill - May 06, 2020

NFL legend and former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula has died. The 90-year old inspired terms like “winningest” being coined within the ranks of professional league football and is widely regarded as a man who helped write the...Read More

Amazing Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Ben Hamill - May 05, 2020

With Mother’s Day on the fast approach, folks have been wondering what to get mom this year, especially since not all supplies are currently in full circulation. But thanks to some pretty awesome suggestions compiled by concerned on...Read More

Asian Murder Hornets On The Way To NYC

Ben Hamill - May 05, 2020

China is supposedly to blame for an enemy of a different kind now that a giant Asian “murder hornet” has made its way into U.S. airspace. And on the topic of whether the murderous flesh-eating hornets are really all that dange...Read More

Beloved Actor Irrfan Khan Dies Aged 54

Ben Hamill - April 30, 2020

  Popular Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan, who starred in dozens of Hindi-language films and shot to round-the-world fame after he appeared in movies like Jurassic World, Slumdog Millionaire and Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, has died ...Read More

Google Doodle Games Aim To Beat Boredom Blues

Ben Hamill - April 29, 2020

Search engine giant is doing its bit to bust an unexpected modern-day peril: stay-at-home boredom. What many originally anticipated would feel something like a holiday on the bargain, is quickly beginning to turn into a battle that invol...Read More

The Stars Group Rebrands BetStars

Ben Hamill - April 28, 2020

The Stars Group is slowly but surely building its brand into a name to be reckoned with. And since knowability is the name of the Fortune-500 game, the group’s recent rebrand applied to its online sports book BetStars – which...Read More

Southern California Rattled By 3.7 Quake

Ben Hamill - April 27, 2020

Southern California this year experienced not your typical Earth Day – not by a long shot. In addition to folks being stuck mostly indoors due to the ongoing global health crisis, nature had quite the bagful of tricks in store for t...Read More

Halle Berry Spills The Beans About Nahla’s Hair

Ben Hamill - April 26, 2020

Hollywood actress Halle Berry (53) has had her hands full with hair-health troubles after her daughter Nahla (12) promptly stopped brushing hair. Nahla apparently did not divulge this bit of information to her mom and according to Berry, ...Read More

Fox’s Empire Says Goodbye Without Jamal

Ben Hamill - April 25, 2020

Six seasons of music and drama led to a season-finale hype of note as the music dynasty of the decade came to an Empire-cal close on Fox primetime on Tuesday evening.  And even though it turned out to be not quite the ending many wou...Read More

Carolyn Goodman Embarrasses Herself In CNN Interview

Ben Hamill - April 24, 2020

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman is every news anchor’s biggest nightmare. She’s the type of fuel that causes the fire of decent conversation to rage completely out of control and into the realm of the positively barbaric, some...Read More

Demi Moore Shelters In Place With Ex & Kids

Ben Hamill - April 24, 2020

A never-before-seen side of long-time Hollywood Demi Moore recently popped up on Instagram – much to the hilarious amusement of her fans. Moore can be seen donning a fake moustache and a wiry thin-framed pair of copper spectacles a...Read More

Rob Gronkowski To Trade Fox For Tom Brady

Ben Hamill - April 23, 2020

The show isn’t over for retired NFL footballer Rob Gronkowski. The 30-year-old former Patriots tight-end caused quite the stir when on Tuesday afternoon he made the shock announcement that he is officially coming out of retirement. ...Read More

Special Tribute Celebrates The Life Of Prince

Ben Hamill - April 23, 2020

Tuesday night on CBS would have been an emotional affair for fans of the legendary Prince and his . And to say that former Saturday Night Live comedian Rudolph, whose Prince cover-band Princess performed the tribute to the magnificent art...Read More

Kim Jong-Un Could Very Well Be In Bad Health

Ben Hamill - April 22, 2020

North Korean officials are vehemently denying all reports that the country’s leader, Kim Jong-Un, is in a serious and grave state of following emergency heart surgery. And it’s all beginning to look a whole lot like way too m...Read More

Nova Scotia Killer Not Your Typical Shooter

Ben Hamill - April 21, 2020

The small-town Portapique neighbours of 51-year-old denturist Gabriel Wortman, the man who over the course of a 12-hour violent shooting spree killed at least 16 Nova Scotia residents, including RCMP officer and mother of two Heidi Steven...Read More

How The Last Dance Sparked A Twitter Frenzy

Ben Hamill - April 21, 2020

If Twitter is nuts over prime television viewing content, then it’s going absolutely bonkers over ESPN’s new documentary series documenting the life and career of NBA enigma Michael Jordan, with a special focus on Jordan&rsquo...Read More

One World Concert Thanks Health Care Workers

Ben Hamill - April 20, 2020

Saturday’s One World: Together At Home special music event, curated by Lady Gaga and presented in collaboration with the World Health Organisation and the Global Citizen, will in all likelihood remain as fixed in our memories as the...Read More

Apple’s New iPhone SE To Hit The Market On April 24

Ben Hamill - April 19, 2020

.’s new iPhone SE is symbol of a failing global economy. At $399, its nothing short than a basic bargain model aimed at a tight-budgeted struggling target market. In fact, one cannot help but experience feelings not all that differe...Read More

Beloved Actor Brian Dennehy Dies

Ben Hamill - April 18, 2020

Beloved U.S. Hollywood actor and strong-man figure Brian Dennehy has died. The 81-year-old actor, who will be fondly remembered for his firm jaw and towering hero-style figure, died of natural causes, his agent has confirmed. But not many...Read More

Jalen Green Set To Be The Next Big NBA Star

Ben Hamill - April 18, 2020

wonder-boy Jalen Green is the class of raw basketball talent that warrants giving the traditional college route into the NBA a complete skip and joining the NBA’s developmental G League directly. And no one appears to be more thril...Read More

Denise Richards Brings the Drama Back to Reality TV

Ben Hamill - April 17, 2020

Not being able to leave the house for just any old reason hasn’t stopped Real Housewives of Beverley Hills star Denise Richards from cooking up, in her words, “a breakfast for champions”. The actress recently spilled the...Read More

Yankees Co-Owner Hank Steinbrenner Dies

Ben Hamill - April 16, 2020

Henry “Hank” Steinbrenner, who co-owns the New York Yankees, has died. He was only 63. The official reason provided by the team was that of his having suffered from a longstanding illness. Hank and brother Hal Steinbrenner too...Read More

Former Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson Has Died

Ben Hamill - April 15, 2020

Ex-NFL player and former Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson, 36, died in a car crash on Sunday evening, Alabama authorities have confirmed. The former quarterback’s car had reportedly left the road whilst driving on Pike Road, which is abo...Read More

Severe Storms Kill At Least 32 In The South

Ben Hamill - April 14, 2020

At least 7 people are now confirmed dead and several more hospitalised after several severe tornado-like storms ripped through various parts of George in in the early hours of Monday morning. The fatalities all occurred among residents of...Read More

Andrea Bocelli’s Solo Easter Concert Moves Millions

Ben Hamill - April 14, 2020

On Easter Sunday, beloved opera tenor Andrea Bocelli performed the type of concert - or “prayer”, according to the singer - that most of us will only witness once in our lifetime. His for Hope concert was first broadcast on th...Read More

A Sneak-Peek At PokerStars’ Anti-Cheat Team

Ben Hamill - April 13, 2020

It may be argued that the majority of Poker players can reasonably be expected to be aware of the anti-cheat safeguards implemented by online operators like . And yet, thousands of transgressions are reported each year, ranging from playe...Read More

Tampa Bay Bucs Unveil New Colours

Ben Hamill - April 11, 2020

 won’t be resembling orange creamy puff pies during his debut season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs revealed their new attire on Tuesday, and fans no doubt let out a collective sigh of relief that the franchise won&rsq...Read More

Sony’s New DualShock PS5 Controller Revealed

Ben Hamill - April 10, 2020

Sony’s PS5 console may only be making its way to our shores sometime between October and December this year, but this week the gaming giant treated its loyal band of fans to a first glance of its new . And to say that Sony has truly...Read More

John Prine Dies Of Coronavirus

Ben Hamill - April 09, 2020

Country and midwestern-folk singer/songwriter John Prine has died due to -related complications after spending a little under two weeks in hospital under intensive care. Pine was, in the weeks leading up to his death, treated at the Vande...Read More

Donald Trump Continues To Tout Wonder-Cure

Ben Hamill - April 08, 2020

U.S. is particularly fond of latching onto an idea and then selling that idea off as gospel. And according to medical health experts, this is exactly the case with his current opinions expressed about hydroxychloroquine, a cheap and quit...Read More

Fans Treated To Special Country Music Awards

Ben Hamill - April 07, 2020

  Americans may have to wait until September 16th for this year’s in-person live Academy of Country Music Awards, but that doesn’t mean that fans will have to go without all of the special performances that ha...Read More

Bronx Zoo Reports Covid-19 Symptoms In Tiger

Ben Hamill - April 07, 2020

New York City is one of the hardest-hit cities of all by the deadly . And it now seems as if not only humans, but also innocent animals, are being made to suffer as a result of the outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China, late last year....Read More

Luckin Coffee A Financial Fake

Ben Hamill - April 05, 2020

There are vital lessons to be learnt from ’s Luckin Coffee disaster. Most importantly perhaps that the simplest explanation nearly always tends to be the correct one. Or in layman’s terms: if it seems too good to be true, it p...Read More

Draper James Gifts Free Dresses To Teachers

Ben Hamill - April 05, 2020

So touched has Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon been by the creative and exceptionally selfless efforts displayed by teachers in the U.S. in order to enable children to keep on learning even when stuck at home during the Coronavirus pa...Read More

Google Honours The Life of Dame Jean Macnamara

Ben Hamill - April 04, 2020

April 1st is a date that’s proved particularly poignant this year during a time that sees humanity once again fighting for survival. Search engine giant on April 1 honoured the scientist who developed a vaccine for one o...Read More

Florida Lockdown Won’t Affect Religion

Ben Hamill - April 04, 2020

Controversial Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has at long last ordered the state’s residents to stay at home after a number of nerve-wracking weeks of absolute inaction in the midst of a global pandemic of monstrous proportions. DeSan...Read More

Joe Diffie Dies from Covid-19 Complications

Ben Hamill - April 01, 2020

Country music legend Joe Diffie has died. The 61-year-old chart-topping musician died of complications caused by the . Diffie was an absolute force in country music all throughout the 90s and beyond, and throughout his career released a t...Read More

Covid-19 Has John Prine Critically Ill

Ben Hamill - April 01, 2020

Long-time singer/songwriter John Prine is critically ill with and is currently fighting for his life in hospital. Prine’s wife Fiona Whelan Prine took to Twitter on Sunday and announced that Prine had contracted the Coronavirus and...Read More

Trump Refuses to Foot Harry And Meghan’s Bills

Ben Hamill - March 31, 2020

As if the fact that Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle moved from Canada to Los Angeles during a time of tight airspace lockdowns isn’t controversial enough, simply had to try what can only be described as stealing the limelight. ...Read More

Andrew “DrDisRespect” Dean Wins WSOP 15

Ben Hamill - March 31, 2020

A little over two weeks ago the launched its own tailor-made response to covid-19 and a global lockdown: an 18-ring online series consisting of as many events for all online players residing within the borders of Nevada, Delaware and New...Read More

Tornado Sows Mayhem In Jonesboro, Arkansas

Ben Hamill - March 30, 2020

The world – and in particular the U.S. – is in a state of absolute chaos and crisis due to the death and destruction caused by the deadly Coronavirus. And as if a global pandemic threatening to completely destroy entire econom...Read More

U.S. Approves Record $2.2 Trillion Stimulus Package

Ben Hamill - March 28, 2020

The U.S. Senate has officially made history by having passed a $2.2 trillion emergency relief package in an attempt to save the economy from a complete collapse amid the Coronavirus global pandemic. The stimulus package is officially the ...Read More

“Until Tomorrow” – A Very Human Challenge

Ben Hamill - March 28, 2020

is a thing and truly is trending in the oddest of ways on social media platform Instagram. Gen Z’s may be steering clear of public spaces, but they’ve now taken their unique variety of crazy online. And anyone who has over th...Read More

Taylor Swift Relives Kanye West Feud

Ben Hamill - March 27, 2020

Singer has had her fair share of high-profile feuds, and some stretch back an entire decade. Which makes it all the more unsavoury that she is once again at loggerheads with fellow celebrities over seeming trivial matters. And trivial th...Read More

Prince Charles Tests Positive For Covid-19

Ben Hamill - March 27, 2020

The Coronavirus obviously has no preference when it comes to choosing between king and ordinary countrymen. Buckingham Palace this week confirmed the news that Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and air to the British throne, has tested posi...Read More

China’s Hantavirus No Cause For Concern

Ben Hamill - March 26, 2020

As if battling one isn’t devastating enough, it now seems as if mankind has another even more deadly viral strain on its hands. Whether or not the new hantavirus is something to be concerned about is still up for debate and its exa...Read More

Playson Releases Sunny Fruits Online Slot

Ben Hamill - March 26, 2020

Playson truly nailed it with their Funky Fruits series of slots. And the good news is that the developer has just released a third title to the popular series. Sunny Fruits is just in time to get us ready for those long and warm summer mo...Read More

Phil Galfond Trying To Turn Poker Challenge Around

Ben Hamill - March 25, 2020

Run It Once poker pro has gone from utterly defeated to what some might describe as a mixture between stupidly positive and positively stupid. But money talks and tells its own story and the story being told right now is that Galfond has...Read More

Play’n GO Releases Riches of Robin Slot

Ben Hamill - March 25, 2020

It’s not even been a full month since leading games developer released its superb Dawn of Egypt slot, and already the developer is back again with yet another top title. This time round, its Riches of Robin making online casino new...Read More

Country King Kenny Rogers Dies

Ben Hamill - March 23, 2020

Long-time country music and industry sweetheart Kenny Rogers has died. Rogers (81) died of natural causes at his home in Sandy Springs, George, on Friday night, the family has confirmed. The three-time Grammy awards winner is the 10...Read More

Tom Brady Shocks With Exit Announcement

Ben Hamill - March 19, 2020

Back in the early 2000s rookie became the unlikely new face of the New England Patriots when he was selected by head coach Bill Belichick to replace the then injured Drew Bledsoe, very few saw any future beyond a short-term solution for ...Read More

First Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Now Underway

Ben Hamill - March 18, 2020

The first people to have signed up for the purpose of experimental vaccination against the say that they are hoping to do something of significance as the world continues to fight the deadly pandemic. The volunteers are healthy and will ...Read More

Tips for Coping with Covid-19

Ben Hamill - March 17, 2020

With so much hype around the doing the rounds it’s easy to become confused. And it’s even easier to struggle to differentiate between what is true and what is fake. And now that Covid-19 has been labelled a global pandemic by...Read More

Covid-19 Travel Bans Causing Chaos And Uncertainty

Ben Hamill - March 17, 2020

In an attempt to drastically slow the spread of the dreaded , governments across the globe have rapidly imposed various travel bans. U.S. President Donald Trump is even considering domestic travel bans and believes that this will help sto...Read More

NYC Announces Covid-19 New Rochelle Barrier

Ben Hamill - March 15, 2020

The City of New York has created a Coronavirus “barrier” supposed to act as a containment area around a small community in New Rochelle. The idea is to limit the capacity of the virus to spread any further from that particular...Read More

Trump Announces EU Travel Ban

Ben Hamill - March 14, 2020

U.S. President is playing the blame game yet again and has now said that the European Union, to his mind, has failed horribly regarding halting the spread of the Coronavirus. Trump has furthermore said that as from 11:59 p.m. (eastern ti...Read More

WHO Declares Coronavirus A Global Pandemic

Ben Hamill - March 14, 2020

The World Health Organisation finally on Wednesday declared the a global pandemic. The leading global medical authority has up until now been hesitant to classify the virus as such, for fear of the panic that this type of designation has...Read More

Floyd Mayweather’s Ex Josie Harris Dead At 40

Ben Hamill - March 13, 2020

Josie Harris, ex-girlfriend of boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and mother to the boxer’s three children, is dead. The 40-year-old was found dead outside of her home in Valencia, California. She was pronounced dead at around 10 p.m. by...Read More

Tom Hanks & Wife Test Positive For Covid-19

Ben Hamill - March 13, 2020

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson have both tested positive for . The 63-year-old Hollywood actor is working on a new currently still-untitled production about singer Elvis Presley on the Gold Coast in Queensland and has been sight-seeing Au...Read More

Joe Biden Owns Super Tuesday II

Ben Hamill - March 12, 2020

Joe Biden has taken command of the Democratic race for U.S. presidency. Which of course means that may just as well give up all hope of holding on to Michigan and a comeback in a state where he’d all but stuck it to Hillary Clinton...Read More

Coronavirus Runs Amok With Dow, S&P500

Ben Hamill - March 11, 2020

The deadly this week continued to run circles around the markets and so much so that the Dow Jones has officially plunged more than 2,000 value points – the largest plunge and decline since the 2008 recession. The plunge furthermor...Read More

White House - Trump Not Tested For Covid-19

Ben Hamill - March 11, 2020

Having shown no flu-like symptoms, US President Donald Trump has not been tested for the , despite his having been in close contact with a group of lawmakers concerned about their own prior proximity to someone infected with the dreaded C...Read More

Why Buttigieg Meant More Than A Campaign

Ben Hamill - March 10, 2020

may no longer be part of the current presidential campaign, but what the man many had hoped would become the first gay president of the most powerful country in the world did, far outweighed running for the next US leader. Husband Chaste...Read More

Great Canadian Gaming Posts Stellar Report

Ben Hamill - March 09, 2020

has released details about its financial performance for the 12-month period leading up to December 31st, 2019. It’s good news all round for the operator thanks to a 15% revenue spike. Quarterly improvement proved a char...Read More

Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek Talks About His Health

Ben Hamill - March 09, 2020

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek recently updated his fans about his general state of health after having been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer about a year ago. The 79-year-old is loved and revered by fans of the gameshow, which he has ...Read More

Alex Karev Says Goodbye to Grey’s Anatomy

Ben Hamill - March 09, 2020

His was a story of how being human is the ultimate lesson in survival. And from a television writer’s point of view, proof that raw and unbiased vulnerability of the variety that isn’t polished for entertainment value’s ...Read More

Katy Perry Reveals Her Pregnancy in New Music Video

Ben Hamill - March 08, 2020

A four-second teaser clip is all it took to convince Katy Perry’s fans that she may in fact be pregnant. The 35-year-old music superstar teased her latest music video “Never Worn White” on Twitter and Instagram earlier o...Read More

What Covid-19 Means When Talking Mortgages

Ben Hamill - March 08, 2020

The isn’t only wreaking havoc with humanity’s state of health; with the World Health Organisation moving ever closer toward changing its tune about Covid-19 not yet qualifying to be called a global health pandemic; the litera...Read More

Nicki Minaj’s Husband A Defaulting Sex Offender

Ben Hamill - March 07, 2020

As if it wasn’t bad enough that hip-hop star Nicki Minaj felt the need to defend the dark and dubious past of then-new-boyfriend Kenneth Petty when the celebrity couple first started dating, the singer will now have to navigate comm...Read More

California Declares Covid-19 State Of Emergency

Ben Hamill - March 06, 2020

California has officially declared a state of emergency following 53 cases of the now having been confirmed by health officials in the state. Early Wednesday morning saw the confirmation of the first death resulting from infection report...Read More

Tulsi Gabbard Refused Action Against Google

Ben Hamill - March 06, 2020

Tulsi Gabbard’s free speech suit against search engine giant has been rejected by a federal court judge. The Hawaii presidential hopeful last year instituted legal proceedings against Alphabet’s Google for what she considered...Read More

24 Confirmed Dead After Tennessee Tornado

Ben Hamill - March 05, 2020

At least 24 people have died, and more than 30 businesses have been destroyed as a result of the tornado that ripped through central Tennessee in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Severe storms and gale force winds wreaked havoc to hund...Read More

Joe Biden Does A Double On Super Tuesday

Ben Hamill - March 05, 2020

practically owned Super Tuesday. Exceeding all expectations, Biden scored an absolute blowout result in the south, and very nearly stole Texas from Bernie Sanders. In fact, he still might as the race for Texas eventually resulted in a dr...Read More

Hardball Anchor Resigns On Air

Ben Hamill - March 04, 2020

There’s something to be said for quitting live and on air. Enter Hardball With Chris Matthews; soon to be known as Hardball with who-ever-next. The surprise on-air resignation by the leading anchor was supposedly driven full circle ...Read More

Clare Crawley Is The New Bachelorette

Ben Hamill - March 04, 2020

Many 28-year-olds can only dream of looking anything like Clare Crawley. The 38-year old has just been named the next star to feature on The Bachelorette, and ironically, her age is exactly what drew the producers to her. Aside of course ...Read More

Pete Buttigieg Quits Presidential Race

Ben Hamill - March 03, 2020

Pete Buttigieg, for reasons mostly known to him only, has exited the race for Democratic presidency, saying not too much more than his stepping down had been motivated by his desire to help bring the party and the country back together. B...Read More

Bingo Raises $13.2M For Pickering Charities

Ben Hamill - March 03, 2020

Bingo has been doing it for charity since right from its humble beginnings. And thanks to the evergreen popularity of the game, sixty-two local Pickering charities now stand to benefit from the cool $13.2 million raised by the Pickering C...Read More

Joe Biden Chalks Up a Much-Needed Win in South Carolina

Ben Hamill - March 03, 2020

There’s much to be learnt from the South Carolina Primary. And there’s much to be learnt from Joe Biden. The democratic presidential candidate and former vice president of the United States racked up quite the comfortable win ...Read More

Eric Afriat Has Won His 3rd WPT Big Title

Ben Hamill - February 28, 2020

Poker master Eric Afriat has won the 2020 World Poker Tour Fallsview Poker Classic $5,000 CAD No-Limit Hold’em event. One of Canada’s best Poker players, Afriat outlasted a sweltering field of 549 entries and bested them all. ...Read More

3rd Push For Legal Sports Betting In Canada

Ben Hamill - February 28, 2020

The push for a legal Canadian appears to be a never-ending one. Legalised single-game sports betting is yet again under the looking glass following a third attempt at successfully passing a bill and this time round by politicians and spo...Read More

It’s Zion Williamson’s Time To Shine

Ben Hamill - February 28, 2020

Zion Williamson has what it takes. And not only according to LeBron James. The kid seemingly primed to be named Rookie of the Year appears to have been conditioned for exactly this accolade. Williamson, a former Duke player, has been rack...Read More

Coronavirus Vaccine Development Causes Conundrum

Ben Hamill - February 28, 2020

Now that the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that there are indeed confirmed cases of the in no fewer than 6 US states, the heat is well and truly on to not only try and contain cross-infection, but also to de...Read More

CDC Warns US Of Possible Covid-19 Pandemic

Ben Hamill - February 28, 2020

The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, has urged US citizens to prepare for the worst-case Coronavirus scenario. The CDC obviously does not share the optimism voiced by the US president and has said that the time has ...Read More

My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising Hits Screens

Ben Hamill - February 28, 2020

Love ? Who doesn’t? And what better way to spend time anime-ing away than by indulging in the latest creation by Kohei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising. This is a theme that lends itself to anime across the anime-engageme...Read More

Mazzy Star’s David Roback Dead At 61

Ben Hamill - February 28, 2020

Mazzy Star co-founder, guitarist, songwriter and the haunting but velvety voice that can be heard in what is perhaps the band’s biggest hit, Fade Into You, David Roback, has died of metastatic cancer. Roback’s management team ...Read More

Blueprint Presents Mighty Griffin MegaWays Slot

Ben Hamill - February 27, 2020

Big Time Gaming’s MegaWays mechanic is all the rage right now and has just announced having completed its Mighty Griffin MegaWays online slot. But not only will the game feature the popular MegaWays mechanic, but it will also offer...Read More

Coronavirus Only A Catalyst of Tesla Stock Drop

Ben Hamill - February 27, 2020

The reality-mongers and the unbelievers will be the first to say that they practically saw it coming. But not everyone is equally overjoyed by the fact that the coronavirus; coupled by a definite economic wake-up call of note; has caused ...Read More

NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson Has Died

Ben Hamill - February 27, 2020

mathematician Katherine Johnson, the woman famously known as the ‘human computer’, has died at the blessed old age of 101. Not too many people know all that much about Johnson or that if it had not been for her super-human ma...Read More

Relax Gaming Debuts BTG’s MegaWays Mechanic

Ben Hamill - February 26, 2020

When first patented its MegaWays mechanic in the US, the innovative gaming giant would probably not have been able to foresee the major impact that the concept would eventually have on a modern-day iGaming industry. But it did. And the l...Read More

Endorphina Releases Cash Tank Battle Slot

Ben Hamill - February 26, 2020

Leading software developer Endorphina Gaming is ready for some battle tank action and has just released the latest game to be added to its impressive portfolio of slots: Cash Tank. Simple and uncluttered but most definitely more than up ...Read More

Weinstein May Spend 25 Years Behind Bars

Ben Hamill - February 26, 2020

27 hours of deliberation spread out over 5 days and the fate of film mogul Harvey Weinstein has at long last been sealed. The 67-year-old, who also happened to have inspired the controversial worldwide #metoo movement, was on Monday found...Read More

Google Rolls Out Its Hottest Invention Yet

Ben Hamill - February 26, 2020

has just unleashed just about the best damn feature ever. And best of all, it’s nothing new. Even so, most people would not have noticed as much as Google Docs’ new Smart Compose functionality has been doing the rounds on Gma...Read More

Ryan Newman Lives To Race Another Day

Ben Hamill - February 25, 2020

sensation Ryan Newman is a walking miracle. But when race team Roush Fenway seemed hesitant to reveal too much about Newman’s state of health following a terrifying Daytona 500 crash on Monday evening, fans feared for the worst. Ne...Read More

Bernie Sanders Celebrates Nevada Caucus Success

Ben Hamill - February 25, 2020

Its official, Bernie Sanders has won the Nevada caucuses. Which really isn’t all that different from saying that Bernie Sanders has won Nevada. But Sanders is far from done fighting for what he wants. The man from Vermont now has hi...Read More

Showdown at Las Vegas Democratic Debate

Ben Hamill - February 24, 2020

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg made his first onstage appearance alongside his presidential rivals on Wednesday, February 19th, at Town Hall in Nevada. He landed the spot after winning 10% support or more in 4 nationa...Read More

MGM Ramps Up Security Following Massive Hack

Ben Hamill - February 24, 2020

The personal data of more than 10.6 million people to have stayed at resorts during the period leading up to the summer of 2019, is confirmed as having been breached. Even though no credit card information was successfully accessed by th...Read More

Eddie DeBartolo Presidentially Pardoned

Ben Hamill - February 23, 2020

It’s seemingly unachievable to even begin to imagine what $400,000 would look like when laid out on a table in $100 bills. That’s four thousand $100 bills, to be exact. It also happens to be how former San Francisco 49ers owne...Read More

Why Fitness Is A Deeply Personal Thing

Ben Hamill - February 23, 2020

The hardest part about anything is constantly showing up. Getting started isn’t nearly as daunting as faithfully keeping at it, day after day (after day!) over a long period of time.  This is true whether we’re talking sh...Read More

Evoplay Entertainment Announces New Retro Slots

Ben Hamill - February 23, 2020

Retro is big; in fact, when talking gaming and entertainment, its bigger than big – it’s positively humungous. Which is why the news that Entertainment is bringing Vegas-style retro back is of the simply fantastic variety. Ev...Read More

Macau Casinos To Re-Open Subject To New Rules

Ben Hamill - February 21, 2020

Some may argue that its way too soon, but Macau casinos are expected to reopen for business within the next couple of days following a 15-day period of no trade for fear of the possibility of further spreading the deadly . But the propose...Read More

Will You Catch The Corona Virus?

Ben Hamill - February 21, 2020

is shutting down the world. As millions of Chinese are quarantined, the rest of the world is struggling to comprehend the impact of this threat. Around the world, isolated groups of people are being shut inside hospitals and even cruise ...Read More

Convicted Felon Blagojevich Walks

Ben Hamill - February 21, 2020

Walking out the front gates of The Federal Correctional Institution, Colorado, Ron Blagojevich wore a smirk that throbbed with defiance and no remorse after serving a reduced prison sentence, which has been of 8 years.  Thanks t...Read More

New Yorkers Boosting New Jersey Betting Revenue

Ben Hamill - February 21, 2020

New Yorkers are as it turns out, full-on into online and mobile sports bets. No surprises there. The latest market statistics show that New York-based sports bettors spend between US$203 million and US$286 million betting on New Jersey mo...Read More

BCLC To Face VLT Class Action Lawsuit

Ben Hamill - February 20, 2020

There’s seemingly no leaving VLTs alone. And now that yet another class action lawsuit has been made to loom on the horizon by one Corina Riesebos of Kelowna, it’s this time round the that is being made to scramble for its we...Read More

Sahara Las Vegas Reopens Its Poker Room

Ben Hamill - February 19, 2020

This Valentine’s Day marked a special occasion for Vegas-based enthusiasts. After 9 long years of having been closed, on February 14th the Sahara Las Vegas reopened its Poker room. The grand opening celebration is yet to ...Read More

Online Thrift Revolution Brings In The Big Bucks

Ben Hamill - February 19, 2020

Thrift has officially gone . E-commerce sites have been around for many years, but their main target market didn’t exactly regard a second-hand pair of classic sneakers or even a vintage coat to be anything close to a “main at...Read More

Fruit Stickers Are Global Warming Culprits

Ben Hamill - February 19, 2020

Plastic stickers affixed to fruit and veg may soon become a thing of the distant past. The latest significant move in the war on is the removal of produce stickers from fresh produce. The fresh produce stickers have up until now typicall...Read More

Blueprint Impresses With New Megaways Slot

Ben Hamill - February 19, 2020

Digging for diamonds has just become a great deal more exciting than ever before. And it’s all thanks to the creative genius of the design team at leading online casino software developer . Diamond Mine Megaways Extra Gold is the la...Read More

Sony Still Silent On PS5 Price

Ben Hamill - February 19, 2020

The truth is that simply cannot afford to get it wrong. And by “it” we mean the Japanese gaming giant’s PlayStation 5 console. Notable too is the fact that the gaming giant has not yet come to the party regarding a pric...Read More

Canada Leads The Way With Global Digital Gaming

Ben Hamill - February 19, 2020

Not only is Canada officially now the 10th largest economy in the world after the China-US trade war managed to knock South Korea from 10th position on the list, but significant to mention too is the fact that the ga...Read More

BCLC Conference To Focus On No-Harm Future

Ben Hamill - February 18, 2020

The BCLC fully committed to a future that is complete free from gambling harm. And future-proofing the gambling industry against the dangers posed by problem gambling will to this end be the main focus of the upcoming New Horizons in Resp...Read More

How Lyme’s Disease Nearly Broke Shania Twain

Ben Hamill - February 18, 2020

Lyme disease may have caused a substantial amount of damage to her vocal chords and voice, but singer-songwriter Shania Twain wasn’t about to allow anything to get the better of her ability to sing, let alone a disease caused by an ...Read More

Gamers Disappointed By 5 New Stadia Games

Ben Hamill - February 18, 2020

Gamers are difficult bunch to please. But the unhappiness following Google’s announcement of 5 new games coming to may not be rooted in unreasonable expectations. Subscribers have not had a great deal to be sinking their teeth into...Read More

Caesars Windsor A Boost To Mental Health

Ben Hamill - February 17, 2020

The promotion of mental health in Windsor is about to receive a massive financial boost thanks to a new Social Prescription Program offered by the Hospice of Windsor-Essex County being made possible by an investment by none other than Cae...Read More

partypoker Announces Cash Game Leaderboards

Ben Hamill - February 17, 2020

Cash game leaderboards are all the rage right now. And if Poker is your thing then the good news is that online Poker operator a couple of days ago announced that cash game leaderboards will soon be implemented as a means by which to rew...Read More

Microgaming Dominates ICE With New Content

Ben Hamill - February 15, 2020

Leading casino games developer positively shone at this year’s ICE London international casino games expo. The team all but dominated the new games presentation action and to sweeten the deal even more, attendees were actually able...Read More

Why Men Struggle To Say I Love You To Each Other

Ben Hamill - February 14, 2020

It’s no secret that the majority of men find it particularly hard to say I love you to one another when not within the boundaries of a romantic or relationship setting. Quite the pity too because when men do express love within the ...Read More

Coronavirus May Cause NHL Gear Shortage

Ben Hamill - February 14, 2020

It’s the unfolding of a plot not all that different to having read an entire mystery drama and with only five pages remaining in the book, there being not even the hint of an indication of how the author could possibly tie together ...Read More

Martin Piik Wins The Very Last MPN Tour

Ben Hamill - February 14, 2020

It’s said that most good things must eventually come to an end. That this applies to Microgaming’s last-ever tournament is a sure thing. The very last MPN competition and 23rd MPN Poker Tour recently came to an end...Read More

Lack of Nintendo Direct Updates An Issue

Ben Hamill - February 14, 2020

Google search “Nintendo Direct” and you’re bound to see results like, “When is the next Nintendo Direct?” and, “Will there be a Nintendo Direct in November 2019?”. It would be an understatement to...Read More

Canadian Court Rules On Taxable Tips

Ben Hamill - February 14, 2020

Canada may not impose taxes on winnings generated by gambling activities but according to recent court ruling, the same doesn’t apply when it comes to tips earned by local casino workers. The reason for winnings not being taxed is t...Read More

Toronto’s Ujiri Says Lawsuit Is Malicious

Ben Hamill - February 14, 2020

Even though prosecutors decided it fair and just not to press criminal charges against Raptors president Masai Ujiri following a brawl with a police officer during the moments right after Toronto won last year’s championship, the o...Read More

Nevada Gaming Report Full Of Surprises

Ben Hamill - February 13, 2020

Nevada’s casinos appear to have for the most part recovered from 2018’s collective dismal financial situation caused at the time by s forced reorganisation, pending bankruptcy. This certainly appears to be the case considering...Read More

Evolution Gaming Unveils Lightning Baccarat

Ben Hamill - February 12, 2020

industry leader Evolution Gaming has just added a brand-new title to its Lightning series of games: Lightning Baccarat. Following in the footsteps of the smash-hit Lightning Roulette and the equally popular Lightning Dice live casino rel...Read More

Blueprint Announces New Pirates’ Frenzy Slot

Ben Hamill - February 12, 2020

British casino software developer needs no introduction. The Gauselmann Group subsidiary has after all given us some of the best games available on the market today and has just confirmed the release of yet another stunning new slot. Pir...Read More

Cascades Casino Construction Nearly Complete

Ben Hamill - February 12, 2020

The word is out and everyone’s excited. ’s Cascades Casino North Bay is at long last ready for a grand opening this summer. This is a venue that has been a very long time coming, with first ground broken as far back as May las...Read More

Switch Game Release Delay Caused by Coronavirus

Ben Hamill - February 11, 2020

Few people realise the sheer volume of work, money and creative prowess that go into the making of a single video game. And suffice to say, a lot goes on behind the scenes too. Which is why it’s a complete stump when something as se...Read More

Pete Rose Re-Applies for Lifetime Ban Lift

Ben Hamill - February 11, 2020

Let no one accuse former manager and player Pete Rose of not having cast a vote of confidence in favour of his own team. If only Rose hadn’t done this whilst managing and playing for the Cincinnati Reds and with real gambling money...Read More

Climate Chaos to Blame For Bumblebee Decline

Ben Hamill - February 11, 2020

Bumblebees face an uncertain future. And according to a new study led by climate change and specifically region-specific heat waves, are to blame. Bumblebees are less abundant in areas that have become hotter in recent times and research...Read More

Online Poker in Favour Of Facial Recognition Technology

Ben Hamill - February 11, 2020

When businessman and partner Rob Young recently posted a poll on Twitter requesting votes in favour of facial recognition technology being employed by the site in order to rule out issues related to ghosting, multi-accounting and general...Read More

NetEnt Kicks Off 2020 With FashionTV Deal

Ben Hamill - February 10, 2020

Leading games and solutions provider are on an all-out mission to continually diversify its portfolio. NetEnt’s Connect platform at the end of last added three new suppliers to its existing range of service providers. Games Inc, Sco...Read More

Celeb Gambler Gorodetsky Guilty Of Fraud

Ben Hamill - February 10, 2020

When big-time celebrity sports better and gambler Robert Gorodetsky appeared before Chicago Federal Court Judge Elaine Bucklo on February 5, his was a silhouette far removed from the grandiose persona portrayed by the one and same up to n...Read More

Shepherdstown Bingo Isn’t Only About Winning

Ben Hamill - February 10, 2020

fans all over the world know that this is a game of which the guilty pleasures and sheer value far outweigh the joy of winning a cash prize. Winning some unexpected cash is a charm for sure but being part of a regular community is worth ...Read More

Evolution Gaming Teases 12 New Live Games

Ben Hamill - February 07, 2020

Those who missed out on this year’s ICE London missed out on quite a bit. Live casino experts , for one, had quite a bit hanging from the wheel of big reveal. Evolution this year will be launching no fewer than 12 new live casino ti...Read More

Poker Central Now Owns High Stakes Poker

Ben Hamill - February 07, 2020

Poker Central recently confirmed having acquired the famous High Stakes Poker brand, along with all of its assets. The good news for players is that Poker Central’s PokerGO subscription streaming platform will over the course of the...Read More

Millennials Are Living At Home – Here’s Why

Ben Hamill - February 07, 2020

were arguably hit hardest of all by the Great Recession. And since outrageous rent is a monster most Canadians have no other option but to either embrace with great difficulty and tremendous effort, or totally avoid by living with parent...Read More

Coronavirus Causes Macau Casino Shutdown

Ben Hamill - February 07, 2020

In an attempt to stop the deadly Coronavirus; now declared an international crisis; from spreading from spreading to the point of international disaster, gambling authorities have now ordered a complete closure of all Macau-based casinos...Read More

Why Online Gaming in Canada Continues to Thrive

Ben Hamill - February 07, 2020

Just about everybody is playing some sort of online video game. Which is why today, is a multi-billion-dollar industry world-wide. It’s no surprise to learn that the Canadian online gaming industry is a leading contributor to the g...Read More

Canada’s AI Boom A Foreign Free-For-All

Ben Hamill - February 07, 2020

Artificial Intelligence is without a doubt the next big creator of wealth. So much so that Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban famously pointed out that in his opinion, the world’s first trillionaires are bound to be those who master the ...Read More

Playground Poker Club To Host Valentine’s Day Dinner

Ben Hamill - February 07, 2020

Love Poker enough to want to spend with your significant other in true Poker club style? Then Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake is just the place to spend this February 14th in the company of your loved one. A special romanti...Read More

Dealer Schools Currently Thriving In Japan

Ben Hamill - February 06, 2020

Japan’s emerging industry may not be all smooth sailing or budding roses, but this hasn’t stopped a handful of dealer schools from popping up like mushrooms all over the country. Despite the various scandalous stories involvi...Read More

Good Shepherd Players Win $1M Playing Lotto

Ben Hamill - February 05, 2020

Doing good unto others; especially those who are down and out or less fortunate; acts like a boomerang and that it always comes back round. Just ask the pool of 14 co-workers at Hamilton’s Good Shepherd Centre because it’s a l...Read More

NFL Sponsorships Driven By Gambling Industry

Ben Hamill - February 05, 2020

The NFL is nothing short of a royal cash cow. This is also the biggest reason behind its 32 football franchises having attracted in excess of $1.47 billion in sponsorship revenue for the period 2019-2020 alone. That’s a single seas...Read More

Microgaming To Launch deadmau5 Branded Slot

Ben Hamill - February 05, 2020

Microgaming has a number of top gaming ideas in the pipeline for 2020 and the announcement was made early on already that the year to come will be dominated by branded slot releases. The latest news is that the leading developer is curren...Read More

Vegas Casino’s Poised To Go Cashless

Ben Hamill - February 05, 2020

The benefits of cashless gaming are too many to mention and casinos appear to be catching on in a big way. The Palms Casino Resort, along with Red Rock Casino & Resort, were the first to gambling venues to have given Automatic Cashle...Read More

Byfuglien All Set For Permanent Jets Exit

Ben Hamill - February 05, 2020

When Winnipeg Jets fan-favourite defenseman Dustin Byfuglien failed to pitch for camp training in September, the last thing on his mind would have been an imminent divorce settlement being on the cards as far as his long-time marriage to ...Read More

MPN Tour Grand Finale Heads To Madrid

Ben Hamill - February 04, 2020

The time has come to celebrate the end to an era; to say goodbye. From the 6 – 9 February the Poker Tour will make a super stop for the very last time. The grand finale, which will be hosted by Spanish capital Madrid, will mark the...Read More

Wazdan Announces 9 New Slots

Ben Hamill - January 29, 2020

is preparing to hit a new-games homerun in celebration of the start of a new year. The developer/supplier will not only be showcasing three new slot titles at the upcoming ICE London gaming expo but has also announced that it will soon b...Read More

Larry Walker Waiting for Hall of Fame Nod

Ben Hamill - January 29, 2020

If anyone is perfectly able to imagine the different emotions experienced by Canadian legend Larry Walker ahead of this year’s Hall-of-Fame new inductees announcement, its without a doubt ex-fellow-teammate Tim Raines. Raines is af...Read More

Dan Bilzerian Loses $1M in MMA Bet

Ben Hamill - January 28, 2020

The fact that Irishman and king of MMA had not set foot in the ring; at least not to officially fight; for 14 months prior to Saturday’s stand-off with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, proved the undoing of a supposedly massive...Read More

Why Harry & Meghan Will Be Happier In Canada

Ben Hamill - January 27, 2020

If the are primarily concerned with escaping a life that involves being constantly ostracised by the press (case in point: typical British journalism) then their planned move to Canada may very well prove to be the best thing for them ye...Read More

Kobe Bryant’s Death Shocks the Basketball World

Ben Hamill - January 27, 2020

NBA star LeBron James was spotted weeping inconsolably on the tarmac at LAX after he and Kobe Bryant’s former teammates landed in Los Angeles. He’d just been informed that not only had the Basketball legend passed on, but th...Read More

Why Online Bingo Is Enjoying A Revival

Ben Hamill - January 25, 2020

may very well be headed in the direction of a global resurgence as online gaming in general continues to make headlines. This is very much a case of one sector garnering support for all related sectors and as far as the game of Bingo goe...Read More

Griffin Paul Makes WPT History

Ben Hamill - January 24, 2020

Griffin Paul is a legend. The type of legend capable of achieving the impossible by winning both a  Main Event, and a WPT500 Main Event. A piece of masterly trickery incidentally only ever achieved once before in the history of the W...Read More

Harrah’s Reno To Halt Casino Operations

Ben Hamill - January 24, 2020

The merger of is in all likelihood the biggest reason behind the legendary Harrah’s Reno preparing to cease all casino and gaming operations later this year. The iconic casino has been around for some 82 years and is currently oper...Read More

IIGET Dead And Buried Due To B.C. Fail

Ben Hamill - January 24, 2020

The fact that industry watchdog Integrated Illegal Gambling Enforcement Team (IIGET) was declared dead and buried in 2009 is now being blamed on B.C.’s budding money-laundering industry, and also indirectly, on the . The manner in w...Read More

How Chat Apps Are Saving Dads Sanity

Ben Hamill - January 23, 2020

It is said that but that at the same time, in a truly ironic twist of fate, only technology can save them. It’s all about balancing the good with the not-so-good. But it’s a balancing act of time vs. tech that has left many o...Read More

SkillOnNet Now Offers Relax Gaming Titles

Ben Hamill - January 23, 2020

That SkillOnNet is fast clawing its way up the popularity ladder is no secret. The casino software provider’s tireless expansion efforts are beginning to pay off in a big way and its quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for everything f...Read More

McDonalds & The Coffee Cup Conundrum

Ben Hamill - January 23, 2020

Canadians have over the course of the past number of years grown increasingly more concerned about the environment, and specifically about the impact of single-use plastics on the . The fact that coffee cups and lids are among the top 5 i...Read More

Scientists Date Dust Older Than The Sun

Ben Hamill - January 23, 2020

Whatever your personal belief system about how Earth was made or came to be, scientists believe that the material discovered inside the meteorite that crashed into Australia’s rural outlands back in 1969, is older still. So old in f...Read More

MGM’s Flagship Grand Casino Is Sold

Ben Hamill - January 22, 2020

When first announced its intentions of including the real estate on which its flagship Grand Casino proudly stands tall on the Las Vegas Strip in a slew of sales aimed at lightening fixed assets load, it all seemed almost too drastic a m...Read More

Genting Staff Accused Of Discrimination

Ben Hamill - January 22, 2020

Rupaul Race finalist Leo Loren, better known by stage-name Baga Chipz, may wear make-up, but that doesn’t mean that the entertainer appreciates being referred to as a “fella in make-up” by casino door staff, let alone be...Read More

Encore Boston Accused of Replacing Staff With Robots

Ben Hamill - January 21, 2020

When Boston’s Harbour Casino first opened its doors in the Greater Boston area in June last year, much excitement prevailed. Excitement mainly due to the promise of the many new job opportunities that the newest business in the reg...Read More

BCLC Offers GameSense For Free To North America

Ben Hamill - January 21, 2020

Lining up a unified Lottery games community of partners with a shared commitment to player health. Such is the nature of the motivation behind the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s decision to permit all members of the North Am...Read More

Court May Have Been Misled in Kingsway Saga

Ben Hamill - January 20, 2020

The name Tom Fortin is one that has become synonymous with the controversial Greater Sudbury’s Entertainment District (KED) topic of conversation, and not exactly in the most honourable of ways either, especially not following rece...Read More

Starlight Casino London To Break Ground Soon

Ben Hamill - January 20, 2020

Its all systems go now for new Starlight Casino London. Following months of elaborate planning, the official ground breaking ceremony is at long last set to take place by no later than the end of the month. The $75 million Wonderland Sou...Read More

National Lottery Hacker To Serve Prison Time

Ben Hamill - January 20, 2020

No crime is ultimately without a victim. And nobody should ever think that they’d end up just automatically getting away with it, even if the crime in question was committed online. So cautioned National Crime Agency (NCA) senior in...Read More

NetEnt Announces Live Roulette Upgrades

Ben Hamill - January 20, 2020

Creating an already-fantastic product isn’t enough; at least not when you’re a major global casino games giant like AB. The developer/supplier recently announced a massive and exciting new update to its existing live dealer po...Read More

WPT Announces Venetian Stop For 2020

Ben Hamill - January 19, 2020

Big news to have recently hit Poker circuit news pages is that the legendary Venetian will this year yet again feature as a tour stop on the World Poker Tour schedule. This, said organisers at the time of the announcement, would be in ord...Read More

January Jones Badly Wanted Birthday Bingo

Ben Hamill - January 18, 2020

Not only is American actress January Jones the face and persona of popular series Mad Men’s Betty Draper, but she’s also a self-professed fan of . Playing Bingo while drinking wine, in a church basement to be exact. Jones rece...Read More

Yggdrasil Awarded Isle of Man B2B Licence

Ben Hamill - January 16, 2020

Good news on the growth front is that top casino supplier Yggdrasil Gaming has been successful in its application for a B2B software licence from the Isle of Man Supervision Commission. This serves to secure a situation of long-term prese...Read More

Twitter Goes Nuts Over Royal Split Announcement

Ben Hamill - January 11, 2020

How times have changed. Instead of reacting in a manner typical of 1950s British disappointment, upon having learnt of the announcement by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that they had reached the decision that the best thing for them invo...Read More

How To Master The Art Of Complaining Well

Ben Hamill - January 10, 2020

There are those among us who appear to have truly fine-tuned the art of complaining effectively. And if complaining isn’t something you’d previously considered to be something that anyone should be good at, then Colorado Unive...Read More

Gordon Ramsay To Launch Branded Casino Games

Ben Hamill - January 10, 2020

Hell’s Kitchen Group owner and potty-mouthed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is supposedly planning on launching a series of casino games and online casino offerings based on and themed around his Hell’s Kitchen restaurant and ce...Read More

Bingo Inspires Award-Winning Musical

Ben Hamill - March 25, 2019

Bingo has been the inspiration behind everything from raising funds to social programs aimed a relieving loneliness in the lives of the aged. But treat of all treats; the game has now also inspired its very own musical! Bingo! The Winnin...Read More