Toxic Chemicals In Cosmetics Under The Spotlight

Ben Hamill - June 26, 2021

Those who use waterproof and long-lasting cosmetic products could be exposing themselves to toxic chemicals, dubbed “forever chemicals” by scientists. New research from the US, Canada and Switzerland has revealed that traces o...Read More

Urban Gardeners Mitigating Climate Change

Ben Hamill - May 25, 2021

What could be more exciting than transforming something from dull and grey to alive and green? Today, the concept of urban gardening is about so much more than growing flowers or herbs in a windowsill. In fact, experts in urban gardening ...Read More

Court Dismisses Climate Change Lawsuit

Ben Hamill - October 31, 2020

A Federal Court judge this week dismissed an application pushing for the Canadian Government to be held responsible for its role played in contributing to climate change. The lawsuit was brought before the court by a group of 15 young Can...Read More

How Denim Jeans Could Be Polluting Our Water

Ben Hamill - September 07, 2020

A trusted pair of jeans is to many people the ultimate go-to clothing item. Whether the requirement is to dress up or down, given the right accessory or t-shirt, there simply isn’t anything quite like it.  Which is why most pe...Read More

Climate Change Doesn’t Have To Cost The Economy

Ben Hamill - June 09, 2020

A global health disaster is too big a price to pay for positive climate change and a really painful system of working toward decreased carbon emissions. A cool hard truth as voiced by Corinne Le Quéré, who is a Canadian prof...Read More

Climate Chaos to Blame For Bumblebee Decline

Ben Hamill - February 11, 2020

Bumblebees face an uncertain future. And according to a new study led by climate change and specifically region-specific heat waves, are to blame. Bumblebees are less abundant in areas that have become hotter in recent times and research...Read More

Climate Change Becomes a Sticky Political Issue

Ben Hamill - October 31, 2019

If ever there were a situation that actually fits the bill of being an actual “sticky situation” then it’s a recent unfortunate series of events that have led to government-mandated anti-carbon stickers falling o...Read More

Ottawa Youths Head To Court Over Climate

Ben Hamill - October 29, 2019

Young Ottawa residents and climate change activists are attempting to re-write how their own stories unfold by resorting to extreme measures in an attempt to get federal government to listen up and take action. The group is demanding t...Read More

Bank Of Canada Releases Climate Change FSR

Ben Hamill - May 27, 2019

For the first time ever, the Bank of Canada has released a special report focusing on climate change. More specifically, the report details the many ways in which climate change poses a definite and real threat to the country’s financ...Read More

Trump Rejects More Proof of Climate Change

Ben Hamill - November 30, 2018

President of the United States of America Donald Trump has reportedly rejected the projections of a recent report on climate change and its expected effects. The POTUS has opted to turn a blind eye to the report’s findings, which a...Read More

Great Lakes’ Temperatures Continue to Soar

Ben Hamill - September 13, 2018

The Great Lakes of Canada are getting rapidly hotter, with some parts seeing a rise of three degrees or more in the past months. And while a mere three degrees may not seem all that concerning, it certainly has local s...Read More