January, 2017


Will Online Casino Gambling Rise or Fall Under President Donald J. Trump?

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There remains a great deal of uncertainty as to in which direction new U.S. President, Donald J. Trump will go regarding online gambling be it through an online casino or some other form of gambling.  Given that the President does not make laws in the United States but enforces the law, the President has the power to lobby Congress to pass legislation he favours. Will Confidants Influence the President? President Trump has expressed support for online gambling in the past but two of his closest confidants and contributors, Sheldon AdelsonRead More

Men and Women are Gloriously Different, Even in Online Casino Gaming

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This tantalizing infographic shows the great potential for growth of creative online casinos looking to expand their Canadian fan base.  Here’s one amazing example: women play mostly slots, bingo, and other luck-based games, 72% of all the games at All Jackpots Online Casino are slots, yet only 20% of Canadian online gamers are women.  So online casinos have a built-in marketing goal: attracting more women!  If I may offer one possible way to do so: Given that women are the overwhelming majority of bingo players and that it’s cold inRead More

How Much Does All Jackpots Offer? Let us Count the Ways

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All Jackpots online casino brings top-notch casino gaming to you in innumerable ways.  New players benefit from a Welcome Package that includes up to $1600 in deposit bonuses and 150 free spins starting with a no deposit bonus of 25 free spins just for signing up. All Jackpots’ loyal gamers get many deposit bonus offers.  Some bonus offers appear every day; others wait for your birthday or other occasions.  Loyal players also earn loyalty points for every bet they make.  These points accumulate fast and can be converted into bonusesRead More

Illegal Online Casino in East New Delhi Closed; Owner on the Lam

New Delhi Market Krishna Nagar

In another stunning case of illegal gambling in the Indian capital of New Delhi, an illegal online casino operating in East Delhi out of the Anand Plaza Shopping Centre located in the Krishna Nagar Market was exposed by police on January 10th.  This is the third big illegal casino bust in the past three months.  In October police raided two illegal land casinos, confiscating millions of dollars of chips, plus private property belonging to some of the gamblers. The illegal online casino was exposed because a New Delhi policeman, workingRead More

Online Casino Games Lift Atlantic City Revenues

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Online Casinos originally threatened Atlantic City, now they are keeping those same casinos afloat. There is a noteworthy irony taking place in the Atlantic City gambling industry as the land-based casinos that opposed with all their might the legalization of online gambling in the State, are now seeing more gamblers and are earning larger profits in large part because of the very success of the formerly opposed online casinos. At one time, it was illegal to run land-based casinos in New Jersey.  This changed in 1976 after a long battleRead More

Facebook Apologizes for Sucking the Power out of Your Phone

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Facebook has been called a time suck for many years but recently users were railing against Facebook Messenger calling it a battery suck.  It had developed another bug in a long line of bugs that through Facebook Messenger was draining the juice out of fully charged batteries and making the phones incredibly hot. The head of messaging services at the social networking giant, David Marcus, Tweeted barely one day ago, in the clipped tones of modern social networkers, that the problem had been isolated and resolved: “Issue was isolated andRead More

SpaceX Ready to Send Ten Satellites into Orbit Via Falcon 9 on Saturday

Elon Musk of SpaceX

Although SpaceX has recovered from the sudden fire that destroyed a Falcon 9 rocket while it was sitting on the launch pad awaiting a routine engine check on September 9th, rain, winds, and a scheduling conflict at the launch site the company uses at Vandenberg Air Force Base have delayed until at least Saturday the launch of a Falcon 9 that will bring ten Iridium NEXT satellites into orbit. It is not yet certain that weather will permit a Saturday launch, as this week California is enduring the most severeRead More

Flying on a 747 from a Basement Runway

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747 Flight Simulator One flying enthusiast has discovered a way to indulge in his fantasy life without ever leaving his home. Marco Governali of Calgary built a 747 flight simulator, in his basement, that allows him to replicate the a pilot’s moves and decisions. Through the simulator Governali flies in real time and contends with the kind of issues that a real pilot may face. Marco Governali lives in Calgary and has been an airplane aficionado since childhood. His enthusiasm is simple “I love airplanes.” Governali says that airplanes have alwaysRead More

Artificial Intelligence Overwhelms Pros at Poker

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Whilst we humans must suffice with swimming with dolphins, our “companions” with artificial intelligence (or AI) can play chess with world champions, calculate faster than any human, and now they can play and win at poker against some of the best players in the world. Amazing Artificial intelligence never ceases to amaze us.  Computers can make calculations in a split second.  They can scan an unlimited number of data and give us the exact information we want. For writers, they can auto-correct our most common typing mistakes.  They have allRead More

Philippine President Duterte Seeks to Make Online Gambling Illegal; or Does He?

President Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines has ordered the closing of all online gambling operations in his island nation.  Of course, President Duterte has not called for the execution of purveyors or players of online casino games as he did for drug dealers.  He famously called for death to as many as 100,000 drug dealers.  It seems that he simply doesn’t like online gaming and wishes to prevent his countrymen from enjoying some harmless gambling. Fast Acting President President Duterte was sworn into office in June 2016 and by JulyRead More