December, 2016


What is Regulation of Online Casinos?

The term “regulation” as it applies to online casinos has two distinct meanings.  First, any casino that wishes to be considered in the top echelon of online casinos, willingly submits to the regulatory requirements of several locations, the best known of which are Malta and Kahnawake.  But the whole issue of online casino regulation began in the mid 1990’s when Antigua and Barbuda passed a law giving itself the authority to license companies that own online casinos. Fuzzy Law in Canada A few years later, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission wasRead More

If Slots are the Backbone of an Online Casino, Then Casual Games are the Funny Bone

When you join an online casino, you usually do so for the slots, the table games, or the video poker.  These are the main categories at any big-time online casino.  But all of these huge casinos feature a nice-sized collection of games they call arcade games, parlour games, or, most commonly, casual games.  Your online casino gaming experience is not complete until you’ve tasted the sweet nectar of the casual games offered by all the bets online casinos.  Casual games are simply a different breed from the other games offeredRead More

The Era of Japanese Integrated Resorts Has Begun

The Japanese gambling law that finally permitted casino gambling after so many years of controversy, discussions in Parliament, forward steps, backward steps, and no steps at all has passed the Diet.  It now needs to be implemented.  This brings to a close the long process of constructing a law that could pass the legislature and opens a new chapter in the history of Japanese society. The law that passed calls for Japan to build Integrated Resorts (IRs), following the recent lead of Singapore which has had IRs for only aboutRead More

Donald Trump’s Gambling Crystal Ball

Donald Trump

  How will President-Elect Trump deal with the gambling industry and why that matters.   It’s a given that everyone will be looking toward the new US Administration to further their unique set of interests.  The gambling industry in the US was seriously affected by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006.  That law did not make gambling in the US illegal; it made it illegal for banks or credit card companies to transfer money for the purpose of online gambling.  If this seems like hair splitting, itRead More

Casinos in Japan — Moving Ahead

Preparing for Casino Gambling in Japan By 2023, if all goes as expected, there will be Japanese legalized casinos with all of the casino amenities that gamblers have come to expect from luxury casino venues located around the world. The Japanese government has never had a comfortable relationship with gambling and until this month most forms of gambling were considered illegal in Japan. All that changed when the Diet, the Japanese Parliament, voted to allow casinos to operate legally in the country. The decision was based on economics more than anything else. EveryRead More

The Gambling Industry and President-Elect Trump in the Trump Gamble

Casinos in America

The Future of Gambling in America Many issues were raised during the 2016 presidential election campaign but the subject of gaming reforms was barely mentioned. That doesn’t mean that the question about whether gambling can expand in America is a dead subject. To the contrary, as the industry grows worldwide, American politicians and public issues experts are carefully considering how, if and when to expand gaming in the USA. The Present At present the laws regarding gambling vary widely within the United States. Each state is responsible for creating itsRead More

VIP Gaming

What does it Mean to Play at the Casino as a VIP Player? Casinos put a lot of effort into offering a convenient and friendly gaming experience for all players. In particular, casinos want to encourage big stakes players to patronize their casino venue. Studies have shown that a casino’s profit margin rises when big rollers play. In fact, casinos achieve bigger profits by hosting a smaller number of VIP players than they do when they accommodate large numbers of low- or moderate-stakes casual gamers. For this reason the casinosRead More

Lottery Casino Games

Lottery Games Lottery type games have entertained humans since pre-historic times. Anthropologists and archaeologists have found ample evidence of lottery-type gambling activities that date back thousands of years in almost every area of the world. Through the years many of these lotteries evolved to encompass government-run lotteries that fund public works projects and private charity lotteries where the proceeds to to help local aid organizations. Today people continue to buy their lottery tickets at kiosks and other lottery outlets but most lotteries are played online, either at government-sponsored lottery sitesRead More

Leading Gaming Software Developers

Casino Choices Making a decision about your casino involves considering many different elements. You should review the features offered by each casino as you decide where you want to play. Some elements of a casino to evaluate involve the game options, possibility of Live Dealer gaming, available casino platforms, tournament options and the casino bonuses. Obviously you’re going to want to enjoy the most convenient, rewarding and satisfying gaming event possible.  For most players, the choice rests on the games that are being offered. Casino experts suggest that you pick a casino wherRead More

Important Aspects of New Japanese Law Permitting Casinos

On December 15 the Parliament of Japan approved a law long in the making that will allow construction of “integrated resorts” (IRs).  The law follows the lead of Singapore which developed the concept of integrated resorts.  The integrated resorts in Singapore have been in operation only a few years but the model has been studied carefully by governments and business promoters in Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, and elsewhere. The decision to allow casinos in Japan was predicated upon their being part of integrated resorts.  IRs are bigRead More