November, 2016


The Excellent, Modern Online Casino Platforms Make Gaming More Fun Than Ever

I wonder if the whole aspect of online casino platforms for PC and mobile is as confusing to you as it is to me.  To start off, there are some terms that are actually the same thing; they are simply used interchangeably by different casinos or casino game developers.  So, we have instant play or java, or browser-based, or flash!  As far as I can tell these are all the same. Let’s Give a Rousing Cheer to Our Favourite Browser The term browser alone threatened to send me to theRead More

Trying Out all Sorts of Slots Varieties

The five real video slot is the undisputed champion of the online casino. More people play slots games than any other casino games, and there are more slots games to choose from, by a long way. There are hundreds of games, all with outstanding graphics, great themes, and immersive features that keep players spinning and spinning. But the five real slots is not the only game in town. There are numerous other slots varieties at major casino sites like All Slots Casino. In fact, the five real was not evenRead More

How to Choose the Best Blackjack Game

There are many variations of blackjack.  Most have small differences in the rules that govern the main actions you can take as a player.  These actions are standing or hitting, of course, plus doubling down, splitting, insurance, and surrender.  In some blackjack variations, the dealer must stand on soft 17; in others he must hit on soft 17. Online Beats Brick-and-Mortar Casinos Let’s put these rules differences aside for the moment; we will come back to them later.  Let’s focus a bit on the game itself.  Before you choose theRead More

Will Donald Trump be Good or Bad for the Legalization of Online Gambling in the USA?

Now that Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States, many US citizens are questioning whether he will work toward ending the illegality of online gambling in most US states.  Those who wax optimistic say that Trump owned Las Vegas casinos and has expressed his approval of gambling in general.  However, supporting land-based casinos is a far cry from supporting online gambling.  The two are in direct competition with each other and if the playing field were completely level, online gambling would far exceed land-based gambling.  Legalized onlineRead More

Progressive Games Provide a Unique Form of Gaming Fun

One of the most exciting ways to play online casino games is to go for it all at a progressive game.  Any casino game can be made into a progressive game; most are slots, blackjack, or roulette. Worldwide Phenomenon No single casino has the financial means to cover the large number of progressive games they offer and the large jackpots that grow apace with every bet made.  The progressive jackpots grow to dizzying heights because they cover an entire network. Hundreds of Progressive Games There are actually about 500 progressiveRead More

Expect Top Game Variety from the Best Online Casinos

When you look for the online casino best suited to your tastes and needs, you’ll certainly want to investigate the games being offered by any casino you are considering.  Online casino game variety is not a given; many casinos have fewer game choices; and others that have a wide range of games have few game choices in each category.  Why, then, are both game choices and online casino game variety so important? The list of game categories is relatively short: Slots Table games Poker Video poker Casual games Progressive gamesRead More

Slots Features

Playing slots is one of the most popular casino activities in land-based and online casinos throughout the world. The slots offer a combination of luck-based gaming entertainment, both high-stakes and low-stakes betting options and real money payouts. People have been playing slots for over 100 years, starting with the “one-armed bandit” Liberty Bell slot machine that was developed by Charles Fey in 1895. The Liberty Bell morphed into the fruit machines of the early 20th century which paid out prizes in pieces of fruit-flavoured candies and chewing gum. One ofRead More

Three Reel Slots or Five Reel Slots?

If you’re a newcomer to slots gaming you may be wondering about your choices for slot machine entertainment. The industry today has developed to the point that slots aficionados have hundreds of options that range from simple fruit machines to 3D video slots. Today slot machines are divided into two main sub-groups – three-reel classic slot machines and five-reel video slots. The differences between the two types of slot machines go far beyond the number of reels that are featured on the screen. Once you understand the differences between theRead More

Fruit Machines

When you enter the casino slots room you might find “fruit machine games” as one of the slots alternatives. Some players specifically search for fruit slots which they find to be easier to play and offer a more well-rounded slots event. So exactly what are fruit machines? How do they differ from the video slots to which you are accustomed? Identifying the Freemarket Casinos for Canadians Slots History The first slot machines were developed by Charles Fey who created the “Liberty Bell” in the late 19th century. The machine featuredRead More