July, 2016


Charitable Bingo Raises Money for the Deker Bauer Foundation for the Prevention of Suicide

Although I have begun to discuss the virtues of online bingo, I am moved today to write about a wonderful charity that held a fund raising bingo event yesterday.   The Deker Bauer Foundation for the Prevention of Suicide was founded in the aftermath of a tragic suicide by a troubled 17-year old Ontario native named Deker Bauer. Online Bingo Best at Free Market Casinos Deker Bauer Foundation Does Necessary and Exemplary Work Yesterday, the Jackpot City Gaming Entertainment Centre in Sarnia held a bingo event to raise money for theRead More

Avoid Some Common Gaming Pitfalls and Enjoy Gaming More

We spoke about learning the nuances of correct play in order to even the playing field between the player and the house.  In this blog I’ll discuss a few actions you can either take or avoid to enhance your chances of winning even if you don’t use a strategy card. Before beginning your playing session, it behooves you tremendously to determine the expected payout of any video poker variation you want to play. Casinos will use two techniques to lower the payout rate.  These involve reducing payouts a coin orRead More

The Positive Side of Online Bingo

The news coming out of bingo halls is becoming less and less positive.  A woman and her son were shot outside a bingo hall near Manchester, England.  This might be an isolated incident and unrelated to the goings on inside the bingo centre.  But as bingo centres come to resemble casinos more and more, they will attract a far different type of clientele than the kind I always expected to see at any bingo hall in the not so distant past. This is quite a departure for me, to speakRead More

Learn the Amazing Esoterica of Baseball

One of the most popular activities associated with sports is online sports betting.  This being the baseball season, I decided to devote a few blogs to the science of baseball analysis, usually referred to as sabermetrics. The Old Fashioned Stats Tell Only Part of the Story Sabermetrics came about because many students of baseball felt that the classic statistics didn’t tell the story of each player’s actual value to his team.  So, for these analysts, such statistics as batting average gave way to on base percentage, on base percentage wasRead More

Quebec Passes Bill to Block Online Gambling Operators ‘ IPs – Now What?

For over a year members of Quebec’s parliament have been debating proposed legislation that would force local servers to block unauthorized online gambling sites. Now, the legislation has become law and a legal fight is looming, pitting the provincial government against local internet service providers (ISP) and free Internet advocates. Canadian Casinos   On May 17, Bill 74 was approved by the Quebec legislature. The bill authorizes the ministry of finance to order ISPs to IP-block any online gambling site that competes with EspaceJeux, the site run by provincial LotoRead More

Drop in Sales of Lotto Max and 6/49 Tickets for OLG

  OLG reports that, based on the figures in its annual report, there’s been a sharp drop in sales of Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 tickets. Additionally, there’s been a drop (albeit a smaller one) in sales of scratch-and-win tickets, All totaled, for the 2014-15 fiscal year the lottery revenues from Ontario Lotteries and Gambling sales were $259.7 million lower than expected. Playing Canadian Lotteries The corporation’s annual report was made public last month. OLG explains the slump by saying that winners won jackpots more frequently than expected which prevented the prizes fromRead More

When You Think about Casino War, What Comes to Mind?

I would like to diverge from my usual style of blogging to report on a great creative project going on at All Slots Online Casino.  They are calling it the Casino War Propaganda Project.  This is an ongoing project open to professional illustrators to create a rendition of Casino War as they see it. All Slots Casino has already enlisted the efforts of several illustrators who All Slots has paid for their work.  The project is open to all professional illustrators who will also be paid if All Slots choosesRead More

When Gaming at an Online Casino: Eschew Alcohol; Chew Gum

Last time we began a discussion about learning the nuances of correct play in video poker in order to even the playing field between the player and the house.  Correct play in video poker or in any online casino game also involves maximizing the potential payout for a big win.  So, before beginning your playing session, it behooves you tremendously to determine the expected payout of any video poker game you wish to play. Always Get the Most for Your Bet Casinos will use two techniques to lower the payoutRead More

Winning the Lottery – a Lifechanging Event

Just ask a group of Canadians from around the country to tell you how the unexpected wins changed their lives Quebec Jessica Lefrancois almost never plays the lottery. But to celebrate the end of the school year, the 19-year-old bought a Gagnant a vie! ticket along with her ice cream cone as a celebratory treat at the Dépanneur de la Piste on Rue Notre-Dame in Montreal. Now, Jessica can look forward to receiving $1000 for life which will be a great help to her as she pursues her studies inRead More

Second Victoria Casino

The city of Victoria is one step closer to getting a new casino. The greater Victoria area may be in line for a new casino, thanks to a City Council decision to move forward with the casino proposal. Locals, by and large, support the establishment of a second casino venue which would probably be built either at Crystal Garden, in Saanich, Esquimalt or Along Belleville Street in James Bay. Controversy The people at the View Royal Casino, which is also in Victoria, say that another big casino would devastate theRead More