June, 2016


Good Bingo News Abounding

In my last post I was admittedly a bit over the top so this time I’ll simply report on some interesting bingo news from around the world and Canada. John Morson and 15 other members of the Gentleman’s Club of Kirkland, held a bingo fundraising event at the Kirkland Chartwell Manor.  Happily, the fundraiser garnered $3182 for the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre. Morson founded the Gentleman’s Club in 2014 as a place for men to get together socially and to become more active in the larger society. The youngestRead More

Mississauga Seniors Involved in Lottery Masquerading as Bingo

The Ontario Gaming Board is well aware of the fact that senior citizens are by far and away the majority of bingo players at land based bingo centres.  It is specifically because young people aren’t as enamored of bingo that the centres have been under such economic pressure in the last couple of decades We are talking here about a decades-long crisis of sorts in bingo centres as the average age of players increases and more players become either physically unable to attend bingo events or pass on. It isRead More

Windsor Downtown Lions Club Leaves Suit Against the City

The class action suit against Windsor and Tecumseh which alleges that the cities charged excessive fees to license bingo is reaching a certain critical juncture. A Smidgen of Good News The good news is that the Lions Club of Windsor has announced that it is no longer a participant in the lawsuit. Good News: Read an Excellent Review of Royal Vegas Online Casino What Does the Bingo Chairman Have to Say? Bill Onslow, whose title is bingo chairman, wrote as the representative of the full Lions Club executive board.  HeRead More

How to Play Keno at the Canadian Lottery

Keno is one of the most popular games at the Canadian lottery. All of the regional lottery corporations offer keno options which give local gamers the opportunity to play this fun-filled game as part of the lottery. It’s easy to learn how to play Keno and once you learn, you’ll never forget. Check out Freemarket Keno East Meets West When you play keno you’ll experience the exhilarating feeling of East meeting West as you compete in this ancient Chinese game challenge. Keno is a game of chance – winning isRead More

Online Sports  and Casino Gambling Options for Canadians

Canada’s gambling laws don’t mention online gaming by name, but legal experts agree that there are no laws prohibiting playing at freemarket sites.   Canadians can enjoy offshore casino entertainment at their leisure. What about casino sites and sports betting venues that are based in places like the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Malta or Antigua?  The same laws that apply to the regular freemarket casinos apply to the these sites as well. Lawyer Michael Lipton, a gaming law expert with Dickinson Wright in Toronto and has been involved in legal issuesRead More

Summary of Canadian Gaming

With all of the recent legal wrangling that has been going on in various Canadian provinces regarding the legality of various types of gambling, it seemed like it would be a good idea to clarify some of the issues. Read about Canada’s Freemarket Casinos Gambling in Canada Since the Canadian Criminal Code was codified in 1892 the Canadian government has tolerated gambling but in the 1970s the Canadian Government amended the Code to specify that gambling would recognized as legal – if conducted under specific circumstances. The law was amendedRead More

More Lottery Myths

We received a lot of response from people who had read our Lottery Myths post that was published a few weeks ago, and we realized that we weren’t finished yet. There are a lot of misconceptions that surround lottery gaming activities, especially in Canada where corporations which are affiliated with the provincial governments manage the province’s lotteries. Some Truths about Lotteries Some additional myths include: Myth: the government uses the lottery as a form of taxation. It’s an implicit tax, with high administrative costs, which directs money to institutions whichRead More

Manitoba Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery

  Have you ever considered buying a lottery ticket but hesitate, because you don’t want to pay money with only a small percentage of possibility that you’ll see a result from the outlay? Charity lotteries are the answer. Dozens of charities for good causes operate in Canada on a regular basis, giving you multiple opportunities to put your money towards a good cause as you hope for a win. Some of the most exciting Canadian charity lotteries include: Read about Canada’s Freemarket Casinos Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery of Manitoba Three WinnipegRead More

4 Facts About Casino Dealers

If you’ve spent time at a casino you probably have had a chance to observe the casino dealers at work. Their job seems glamorous and exciting, but is it really? It’s interesting to hear some behind-the-scenes descriptions and comments from the dealers themselves. Overview Being a casino dealer may seem like the best job in the world, especially if you love to gamble. You get paid for playing games and experience the same sense of competitive interaction as you do as a player, only from the other side of theRead More

Comparing Online Poker to Other Casino Games

Casino games have been around for many years, and the most popular games from one era tend to remain popular in other ears as well. But every shift in the medium leads to a new set of considerations that could push one game slightly ahead of others. For example, with the move to the online casino, the humble slots game has suddenly emerged as the big winner. Game developers have taken advantage of the simple structure of the game to use it as a platform for some of the wildestRead More