May, 2016


Casino Promotions at Canadian Casinos

Casino promotions can add a significant amount of earnings to a player’s gaming experience. Casinos try to offer the best promotions possible in order to draw in the largest number of people. Casino promotions generally include credits for the casino’s drinks, credits to the casino’s restaurants, tickets to the casino’s entertainment events and even credits for casino hotel accommodations. Some people enjoy their promotional bonuses as a welcome addition to their gambling adventure while others consider each casino’s promotions carefully before deciding in which casino to gamble. Roulette, Baccarat, CrapsRead More

Canada Lottery Winners

  The last few months have been busy among Canadian lottery players, with lottery wins ranging from hundreds of dollars to tens of millions of dollars. A selection of some of the most exciting wins includes: Toronto A $60 million powerball lottery was won in March by Maurice De Gennaro, a 68-year-old Toronto resident who came out as the big, single winner in the March 18th Lotto Max draw. De Gennaro works as an engineer. He purchased the ticket at the St. Clair News and Lottery on St. Clair AvenueRead More

Bingo News From Around the World

In April, a listener heard a number incorrectly, thought she had bingo, called it in and started a bingo firestorm in the northern Canada hamlet of Rankin Inlet.  The mistake caused many listeners to tear up their cards.  Some people later claimed to have burned their cards.  I have no idea why anyone would burn a losing bingo card.  In my adult life, I have had far more losing bingo cards than winning ones but I have never felt compelled to burn a loser. The game was being played byRead More

Stan’s Top 13 Rules for Maximizing Fun and Profit Playing Online Blackjack

Many gamers play blackjack because they feel that blackjack offers them the best chances to win.   Video poker usually has the best odds but you still have to make the right decisions to beat the house in online video poker.  Today I’ll discuss several techniques you can use to greatly enhance your chances of winning at online blackjack. In Online Blackjack It’s Not Cheating To Use a Cheat Sheet First, you must understand that I am talking exclusively about online blackjack.  Why?  Because no brick and mortar casino will letRead More

12th Grader Chris Patterson-Piquette Has an Idea Worth Hearing About

Bingo continues to prove its enormous flexibility.  Far from being “just” a birthday game, bingo is constantly being used to create offbeat games under a bingo rubric.  Thus, Jimmy Kimmel had a fat baby bingo game on his show recently.  From Chicago we hear about a one-woman play called Bible Bingo.  There are the ubiquitous ho-hum bingo offerings such as NFL Draft Bingo. You Never Know When a Great New Idea Will Come Calling Every so often we hear about a wonderful new bingo idea that transcends what we hadRead More

An Overdo Report on the Sad State of Canadian NHL Teams

For the first time in 46 years, since the abject ignominy of the Canadiens’ 10-2 loss on the last day of the season to the Blackhawks, when Claude Ruel pulled his goalie repeatedly in a desperate attempt to score five goals and qualify for the playoffs via a tie-breaker with the Rangers, no Canadian team has qualified for the Stanley Cup playoffs. What Youth Rejoices Age Laments Lest I be less than fully honest with my readers, I must admit that 46 years ago I reveled in the Canadiens’ humiliation. Read More

Casino Etiquette

Casino’s want your business. Therefore, it would stand to reason that they’ll put up with a lot in terms of different kinds of behavior. This is true…..the people who work at the casino are there to make sure that you have a good time and – most importantly — that you return. But playing with casino etiquette can go a lot way towards making your gaming event more enjoyable and more successful. Everyone benefits when you adhere to the rules of gambling protocol. Not only that, but the dealers andRead More

Atlantic Lottery Warns Players about Scam

  In July of 2015 the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, which operates casinos, lotteries and other gambling activities in the Atlantic provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland/Labrador and Prince Edward Island, found itself at the heart of the newest lottery con. Scammers were using ALC as a backdrop for a scam. The incident, which was widely reported in the press in July of 2015, serves as an example of what can happen when individuals accept the word of an official-looking letter and send money without investigating the circumstances of theRead More

What Happens in Cases of Slot Machine Malfunctions at Casinos?

  It’s a casino player’s worst nightmare. The reels are in sync, the paylines line up and the symbols show that you’ve won a massive payout. You start to dream….then, the casino management comes over and tells you “sorry, it was a malfunction. No payout.” Can they do that? Unfortunately, yes, they can, as demonstrated by a few recent cases in North American casinos where seemingly million dollar wins turned into a small sum, a handshake and best wishes for the future. Paul Kusznirewicz, who was playing in Innisfil OntarioRead More

World Lotteries Association Responsible Gaming Awards Winners

  Since 2006 the World Lotteries Association, a recognized international lotteries association of more than 140 member organizations which promotes responsible play along with policies that will grow sales and returns to good causes , presents yearly awards for lotteries that actively promote responsible lottery play through its Responsible Gaming Framework. WLA Awards In 2014 the WLA presented two Canadian lotteries with coveted awards. These included Best Overall Responsible Gaming Program Awardto the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Best Innovation in Responsible Gaming to the Atlantic Lottery   – Award-Winning Online GaingRead More