April, 2016


How to Tip at a Casino

  If you don’t tip the casino staff when you’re at the casino, you should consider doing so. Casino dealers and other staff members often rely on the tips to supplement their not-so-significant wages. Some players tip in cash while others tip in casino chips – how you tip depends a lot on what game you’re playing. But in the end, it all comes down to showing your appreciation to the people who work hard to make sure that you have an enjoyable and satisfying casino experience. – Casino EntertainmentRead More

Selling Charity Lottery Tickets Online in Canada

  Canadian charities are benefitting from a new law that now allows them to sell their lottery tickets online. Canadian charity lotteries account for a significant portion of charitable revenues in Canada, but the charities, until now, have been hampered by regulations that forbid them from selling their lottery tickets via the internet. That means, in a day in which the main method of communication is facilitated via social media and other websites, charity lotteries in Canada have not, until now, been able to make use of this important tool.Read More

Unclaimed Canadian Lottery Tickets – What Happens?

  In 2014 Canada was captivated by the tale of an unclaimed $50 million lottery ticket that had been sold in Langley British Columbia. For almost a year, the lottery identify of ticket’s owner remained a mystery. Days before the ticket was set to expire, the winners came forward. It turned out that the winners, Friedrich Mayrhofer, his wife, Annand, and son, Eric, had known for most of the year that they were the winners, but they had delayed claiming the prize – first to ascertain whether they could claimRead More

How to Beat the Odds at the Casino

  Casinos are a high tech business these days. They carefully calculate every penny that they pay out and are constantly looking for ways to increase their profits (and reduce the payouts to their clients). Casinos have become experts in applying strategies that work on your emotional and psychological weaknesses which they then exploit for their own benefit. Yet players aren’t completely at the mercy of the casinos. There are some tactics that you should know before you start playing which can give you an edge. The House always holdsRead More