March, 2016


Will the New American President Affect Online Casinos in Canada?

As the American Presidential elections get closer and closer—Americans will vote in November—people are asking if and how these elections might affect online casinos. Rewrite a Law The most significant effect of this election would be if the United States Congress rescinds the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) that was passed in 2006 and caused many online casinos and game developers, such as Microgaming, to pull out of the U.S. market entirely. – Canadians Are Free To Play at All Slots Casino – Whilst the matter is one forRead More

Every Dollar is Valuable in Charitable Bingo

The people of Revelstoke, BC packed the local Taco House to play bingo in support of the Revelstoke Adaptive Program.  This fine initiative helps people with physical or mental barriers to get on the ski slopes at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort.  The fund raiser pulled in $3700. Small is Big This might not seem like a big sum but it demonstrates the power of bingo as a fund raising vehicle. Had volunteers gone door to door they may have raised a similar sum but maybe not.  One wealthy donor canRead More

What do Chelsea Donelon and Steph Curry Have in Common?

A fortuitous article appeared here last week by my colleague Susan Clark in which she extolled the efforts of students at Strathcona High School in Edmonton to raise money for worthy causes. The annual Strathcona High School charity event began, as Susan reported, when a student, identified only as Chelsea, was severely injured in an auto accident. Her Classmates Became Pro-active for Her The students banded together and raised $27,000 to build a wheelchair ramp in the school and to convert Chelsea’s home to wheelchair accessibility. My curiosity was peakedRead More

Offshore Gambling in Canada

  Offshore gambling is a grey area in Canadian law. It’s not exactly legal but it’s not exactly illegal either and the Canadian government doesn’t seem eager to test the waters. Gambling falls under the jurisdiction of the individual provinces in Canada. Since the Internet is not bound by provincial boundaries, thousands of offshore gaming sites, based in locales such as the Isle of Man, Cyprus and Gibraltar where such gambling enterprises are welcome, operate freely in Canada. Michael Lipton, a lawyer with Dickinson Wright of Toronto and a recognizedRead More

One Day, Two Winners in the OLG Lotto 6/49 Jackpot

Things are always exciting at the OLG headquarters when a big payout is scheduled, but recently, the excitement was multiplied x2 when two lucky winners each picked up $60 million after winning Lotto $60 million jackpots. John Henry and Joan Patterson, both from Ontario, accepted $60 million checks at the OLG headquarters in Toronto. Mississauga Produces Another Winner Mississauga has produced more than its share of OLG winners over the past several years and now it has another one – a big one. – Try real money online lotteries at All SlotsRead More

Dying Light Brings You the Zombie Apocalypse

There is no doubt that Zombies have achieved an important place in the minds of the general public. We can see it in the popularity of television shows like the Walking Dead, and the abundance of movies with the theme of Zombie apocalypse. So it’s not surprising that Zombies would be amply represented in the world of video games as well, and one of the most satisfying ways to experience the apocalypse itself is though the Dying Light series of games. Dying Light, and especially the latest incarnation, known asRead More

Can Poker Strategy Defeat Donald Trump?

Ever since he joined the race for the Republican nomination for President, Donald Trump has held a bizarre underdog/frontrunner status. He has led in the polls almost from the very beginning of the race, but because his views are so often at odds with mainstream Republican positions, political commentators have been speculating on his inevitable fall from the top almost just as long. But after Trump’s strong Super Tuesday showing, it seems that his run for the nomination is virtually unstoppable. Well, it seems to be resistant to the tacticsRead More

Ballyhooing Canada’s Athletes

I know that the NBA and NHL playoffs are coming soon.  I know that there are high hopes for the Blue Jays as the MLB season gets underway soon.  I’ll have something to say about the Raptors once the regular season ends.  I’ll write my impressions of the Maple Leaf’s season when it ends.  I’ll discuss the Blue Jay’s prospects when we know which “prospects” are being elevated to the big league roster. Until then, I want to sing the praises of Canadian athletes who usually don’t get their dueRead More

The Wonderful World of Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most popular categories of online casino games for many good reasons.  It’s likely that the most important reason for video poker’s success as an online casino game is its payout rate. At most online casinos, the overall payout rate for video poker is between 98-99%.  Depending on the game you’re playing and other perks the casino gives you, the adjusted payout rate could actually exceed 100%.  This, of course, does not mean that every video poker player will win; that’s never the case noRead More

Charitable Bingo Has Untapped Potential

In 2008 a student from Strathcona High School in Edmonton named Chelsea was seriously injured in an auto accident, becoming a paraplegic.  Neither the school nor Chelsea’s home had wheelchair accessibility at the time.  Chelsea’s classmates organized a charity drive which raised $27,000.  The money was used to install an elevator in Chelsea’s home and to build wheelchair accessibility ramps in the school. – Bingo is Both Fun and Exciting at All Slots Casino – You might think that charitable bingo was the avenue through which the money was raisedRead More