February, 2016


Round Up of February Canadian Lottery Winners

  The waning days of 2015 and the first weeks of 2016 was a great time for dozens of Canadian lottery winners who took home prizes that totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars. – Lotteries Galore at the All Slots Casino – So far the big winner of 2016 is Robert Goertzen who won $21.9 million in the February 20th 2016 Lotto 6/49 draw. Goertzen, a heavy equipment driver, bought his ticket at the Real Canadian Superstore on Baron Road in Kelowna. He checked his ticket at the Superstore and,Read More

How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a favourite among professional gamblers because it’s a straightforward, game in which the rules are fair and easily understood. Many people, however, are intimidated by blackjack. It’s a very old game which gives it an aura of mystery. It’s played by the top gamers of the world which makes it seem inscrutable and unapproachable. And the multiple variations make many people turn around and walk away before they even start playing. – Try real money online Blackjack at All Slots Casino –   Yet anyone can play blackjackRead More

Big Time Win: It’s Free Market Online Casinos Hands Down!

Canadian online gamers are understandably enthusiastic about the introduction of Provincial online casinos.  There are still some major differences between the Provincial casinos and the privately-regulated free market casinos, giving the privately-regulated casinos a large edge over our provincial online casinos. Payout Percentage Favors the Free Market The government run online casinos have less incentive to follow the indicators that the free market casinos must follow to stay in business.  There are thousands of free market online casinos and their survivability is dictated by the changing desires of online gamers. Read More

Get out Those Paddles: Women’s Canoeing is Finally an Olympic Sport

Canoeing and kayaking are similar sports but the boats involved are different.  There are also two different races in the Olympics: slalom and sprint.  Canoeing and kayaking have been Summer Olympics events for men since the Berlin Olympics in 1936.  Until 1972 Olympic Canoeing and Kayaking was exclusively a men’s sport.  Women were told that the rigours of these two similar rowing sports were dangerous to their overall health and especially to their fertility! Motherhood Befits Many Female Canoeists and Kayakers As Laurence Vincent-Lapointe now says, “Who knows how manyRead More

Best Advice to Roulettians: Play French Roulette Only

This column is for all the die-hard roulette fans out there.  I know that there are many roulette fans who would like us to talk about roulette more often.  There are reasons why we talk about other online casino games more than we talk about roulette.  Blackjack is far more cerebral; slots are more varied in their themes and storylines; video poker requires you to make decisions; parlour games are goofy and fun. Snore More than anything else, roulette is slow!  However, if you like to watch the virtual wheelRead More

It’s Time to Make Fun of the American Presidential Race

In the light of the cringing and cowardly apologies offered by Kerry Diotte and Kelly McCauley about social media postings critical of “liberal buzzwords” and the companion bingo card, I’ve decided to be very politically incorrect especially for a Canadian and especially with regard to our giant neighbor to the south. Even we, way up here in the frozen tundra, can’t help but be inundated with American political discourse in this Presidential election year.  So, I herewith present my American Presidential Politics Bingo Card.  I hope to cause an internationalRead More

Does PlayOLG measure up? We don’t think so….

Ontario casino players have a wide range of online gambling options from which to choose. Some gamers play at the PlayOLG site which is administered by the local Ontario Gambling and Lotteries Cooperation while others choose to play at free market casinos. There are some (small) similarities and some (larger, more important) differences between the two options. The starting difference, which may well be the reason for the lacking of the PlayOLG online casino – is that it has has only been operating since 2012. It, therefore, does not haveRead More

PlayNow — a life-saver or lemon?

The PlayNow casino offers online gamers in British Columbia a local, regulated gaming alternative that they can enjoy from the comfort of their own home. The PlayNow venue was created as a way for the British Columbia Lotteries and Gaming Corporation to compete with the highly successful free market online casinos. But does it really compete? Does it really offer BC residents a competitive alternative. We don’t think so. Via PlayNow, BC gamblers can buy their lottery products online – and that’s great! But when it comes to the onlineRead More

Playing at Casinos using Numerology

Casino players are always looking for strategies that will allow them to experience more success at their lottery endeavors. Some gamers are turning to numerology with various degrees of success. – Try your Luck at the All Slots Casino – Numerology Numerology involves the belief that there’s a relationship between numbers and coinciding events. The science of numerology has been practice for thousands of years including by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The early Christian Church decreed that numerology was an “unapproved belief” but throughout the last 2000 years theRead More

Buying your Lottery Tickets — Canada vs. US

  One of the biggest recent news stories for lottery enthusiasts involved the massive Powerball Lottery that was held in California last month. The 1.6 billion dollar jackpot was said to be the biggest lottery jackpot ever offered anywhere in the world. Yet lottery experts point out that Canadians can enjoy better value and better odds when they play one of their provincial lotteries. Even without the billion dollar plus tag, if they win, they end up taking more more money. Lottery Odds If you had purchased a ticket forRead More