January, 2016


Revival of the Casino of Montreal

Building a casino generally involves a consideration of planned games, floor plan, locale and the other types of entertainment that the casino owners wish to offer. In the case of the Casino du Montreal, Canada’s largest casino venue, much more was at stake when the project was conceived. The casino, planned to be set on the Notre Dame Island in Montreal, involved a massive renovation project. The island had been originally built up  as part of the Montreal Expo ’67. Expo ’67 was a huge World’s Fair with pavilions thatRead More

How to Protect Yourself in a Lottery Pool

  Lottery pools are becoming increasingly popular in Canada, but there are some unchartered areas of lottery pool activity that the Lottery Corporations and the courts have just begun to explore. Lottery Pools The idea of playing the lottery as part of a communal lottery pool sounds simple. A bunch of people get together and agree on the lottery that they want to play and the amount that each participant will put in. Sometimes it’s an informal pool and at other times the pool draws up an agreement which everyoneRead More

About Those Bothersome but Needed Play Through Requirements

Whenever you land on an online casino’s home page, you will be invited to take advantage of their great Welcome Bonus or Bonuses for signing up, depositing, and playing.  There are thousands of online casinos so competition is steep. Many online casinos don’t have the financial backing to give out lavish sign-up bonuses.  They would quickly go bankrupt if new players had a run of good luck using the house’s money!  So they offer smaller enticements with more garish graphics just to get your attention. For Some Getting Your AttentionRead More

Bingo Supports Charities of All Types: Play Bingo to Support the Community

Last time I spoke about how charitable bingo centers are retooling to attract younger players. This week I want to talk a bit about the charitable organizations that receive funding through charitable bingo.  It is because of these groups that I have very reluctantly accepted the New World Order of charitable bingo: electronic games that more resemble land-based slot machine banks than the games heretofore available at bingo centres! – If You Can’t Play at a Centre Play Bingo at All Slots- Rip Van Susan The times seem to haveRead More

Cam Newton Will Show the New Face of The NFL in Super Bowl 50

My position on the NFL is well-known.  I prefer the CFL for all the right reasons: the rules make the game more open and more complex.  The NFL is to football as the NHL is to hockey.  They are both good, fast games abut are constricted by the rules in the case of the NFL and by rink size in the case of the NHL. Youth Will Be Served This blog is about the American Football Conference Championship Game between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots.  I wasRead More

Electronic Games to the Rescue

Last time I said that I would write about the Charitable Bingo and Gaming Revitalization Initiative.  There is a veritable alphabet soup of organizations that are involved in the Initiative, be it directly or indirectly.  I apologize for throwing so many acronyms at you. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) began the Initiative in 2014 to help revitalize gaming and especially bingo at centres that use some of the proceeds to help local charitable groups. They did so in cooperation with the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association (OCGA).  The OCGARead More

Sic Bo and French Roulette: Two Good Game Choices

Today I would like to explain two casino games that are considered off the beaten path. The first is sic bo.  It’s ironic that sic bo is played with three dice but the words mean “a pair of dice” in Chinese. There are quite a few bets you can make in sic bo.  In this sense it resembles roulette but that’s where the similarity ends.  In sic bo, you bet on the outcome of a toss of three dice. To begin the game you must choose your bet size andRead More

Lottery News Round-Up in Canada

  The lottery in Canada has been very active lastly with big winners collecting their prizes around the country. Edmonton Bradley Ogurian of Sherwood Park, just outside of Edmonton, is used to choosing his own numbers when he plays the Lotto 6/49. That habit, plus a couple of mistakes, netted him $2 million in the Western 649 lottery. Ogurian buys national Lotto 6/49 tickets at Britnell Husky Market in Edmonton every week and marks his own numbers, usually numbers that have some special meaning for him. In November Ogurian accidentlyRead More

How Casinos Protect Themselves Against Cheaters

  For as long as people have played at casinos there have been individuals who try to increase their take-home payouts through shady methods. Casinos dedicate a lot of their resources to catching cheaters. Throughout history there have been a few cases of people who have won fortunes through cheating. Most were eventually caught but some got away with it. The most successful are those that we have never even heard about. – Real money online games at All Slots Casino – Even with modern methods of detection, there are stillRead More

Durham Live in Pickering Ontario Goes Up Against Ajax Casino

There’s a big fight brewing between gambling proponants in Ajax and Pickering Ontario, where both towns are vying to claim the title as the area’s gambling centre. In January 2015 the Pickering city council voted 6-1 to give final approval to a zoning bylaw which would allow Pickering Developments to proceed with its development plans for the Durham Live Entertainment Center. Durham Live is envisioned as a 220-acre, mega-entertainment tourist destination. If the Ontario Lotteries and Gambling Corporation approves the second part of the plan, the venue would also includeRead More