December, 2015


How Do I Decide Which Canadian Charity to Support?

This blog is a follow-up to the one in which I discussed Christmas bingo promotions online, acknowledging that many bingo players won’t go outdoors to get to a centre to play and will, reluctantly perhaps, play bingo online. As such, reality is reality. Charity Nation Canadians are big givers to charity.  We give billions of dollars to charities around Christmastime alone but we give not only during the Christmas Season.  The vast majority of Canadian adults give to charities during the year.  This is, of course, aside from charitable bingoRead More

The Pete Rose Conundrum

There are a few undisputed facts: Pete Rose was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Pete Rose gambled on sports and on baseball whilst he was playing and managing. Pete Rose denied having gambled on baseball until he admitted it in 2004. A. Bartlett (Bart) Giamatti pronounced a lifetime ban on Pete Rose in 1989 and died of a heart attack a very short time later. Many people want Pete Rose to be reinstated so he can be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Many people wantRead More

Problem Gamblers and Casino Responsibility

Gambling addicts in BC have turned to the courts in an attempt to hold casinos responsible for their gambling habits. In British Columbia, gaming addicts are suing casinos and the B.C. Lottery Corporation, claiming that, as part of the BCLC’s Responsible Gaming Program, they had signed up to be kept out of the casinos. Instead, the casinos allowed them in where they lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. BCLC Obligation The BCLC has developed a GameSense program that is designed to help casino players with problem gambling behaviors. GameSense aimsRead More

How to Play Lotto Max

Lotto Max is a Canadian lottery which is available in all Canadian provinces via each province’s Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Lotto Max is a national lottery which is coordinated by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation. The Interprovincial Lottery Corporation represents the regional lotteries for the purposes of operating the national Canadian 6/49 Lottery and the Lotto Max lottery. Wins are determined by draws held every Friday night. To play Lotto Max the player purchases a $5 ticket and selects seven numbers from a field of 49 numbers. Each purchased ticket also includes twoRead More

Rainbow Six: Siege is Much More Than a Shooting Game

Some shooting games are really just elaborate set-ups for essentially simple missions that come down to aiming at and shooting a target. The better you get at controlling the guns and the their aiming mechanisms, the better you score in the games. And there is certainly a great deal of fun in that. Shooting games have been around since the very beginning of video games, and the appeal is obvious. But some games, most notably Rainbow Six: Siege, take the shooting concept to the next level. Instead of simply aimRead More

Canadian Skiers Doing Well In World Cup Events

I began last time by writing about sports other than the top four, hockey, football, baseball, and basketball.  I’m continuing this time with more of the same but I would like to announce now that next time I am going to write about the continuing ban against Pete Rose. Absence Makes the Body Perform Better Viva Kelsey Serwa’s courage to heal.  Kelsey took off one year, from her silver medal win at Sochi in the Winter Olympics in 2014, to fully recover from injuries, especially knee injuries that required surgery. Read More

It May Be Advantageous to Venture Outdoors in a Snowstorm

I last spoke about the convenience and comfort of playing bingo online when the weather gets cold and snowy and icy.  To ease your temporary changeover from bingo centres to bingo sites, I reported that the online sites celebrate Christmas the way it should be celebrated—with excellent promotions. I am very glad that most online bongo sites are not yet afraid to say Christmas.  I don’t mind the euphemism “Holiday Season” because I know that Hannukah and Kwanza are also celebrated in December.  But it is still Christmas time andRead More

Many Christmas Promotions Make It Warm Inside When It’s Cold Outside

The Christmas season is the best time of the year to play bingo online.  First of all, the weather starts to turn truly wintery and many bingo players who, like me, prefer playing at centres, choose to stay home rather than buck the elements.  Another big reason to play online is that every online casino has a major Christmas season promotion.  These promotions give online players a lot of Christmas cheer even though it’s hard to win a big jackpot in any of them. I also like playing online whenRead More

Believe it or not: Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball are not the Only Sports in North America

The NBA season is only just past the quarter post, the NHL season is also still young, the NFL is has so many playoff possibilities that it’s almost as boring as most NFL games are.  You might recall my screed against the NFL a ways back!  Nevertheless, come playoff time, I will pay attention and comment as it becomes appropriate. MLB has had an exciting week at the General Managers’ Convention but Spring Training is still two months away. There is a lot of Excitement but… There are a lotRead More

How to Improve your Chances of Winning the Lottery

In a recent post, I wrote about lottery winners who had won multiple times, including one Alberta man who won 5 lotteries in 5 years. Although the mathematicians assure us that there are no winning lottery strategies, the stories of these multiple winners suggest otherwise. So I did a little research and discovered some of the most popular lottery strategies employed by both serious players and people who play infrequently. They include: Tracking Tracking is a popular system for lottery players who want to apply a technique to their lotteryRead More