October, 2015


Charitable Bingo Game Moving

I’ve spoken a lot about charitable bingo.  I’ve even made the moral case for spending one’s bingo money on charitable bingo.  Every so often a news item points out a sad but true element in the broad charitable bingo story: bingo is still primarily a pastime for older people and as older people get older they have less ability to play bingo. The news item that gave me the bingo blues comes out of suburban Boston in the U.S.  A synagogue in Brockton is joining up with a synagogue inRead More

Hear Ye Hear Ye The World Series is upon Us

The World Series will be between the Mets and the Royals.  The Royals were the epitome of consistency, winning 95 games and cruising to the playoffs.  The Mets started the season hot, cooled off dramatically and then ran to the playoffs on the strength of hard throwing young pitchers and an offence that needed a big bat and found it in Yoenis Cespedes. Royals No Longer Surprising; Just Good Last year the Royals surprised most casual fans by reaching the playoffs for the first time in 29 years.  Few fansRead More

It’s Zombie Time for the Halloween Spirit

For most gamers, Halloween is the best time of the year. When else do you get to dress up in ridiculous costumes and not only get away with it but earn the admiration of people who are not associated with the world of gaming and gaming conventions? It’s also a great time to revisit some of the all-time best and most exciting zombie-themed games ever made, because if there is ever a time for a zombie apocalypse, you know that it would happen on that most zombie-friendly day of theRead More

What Do People Do With Their Lottery Winnings?

We’ve all done it. Daydreamed – or even had real dreams – about winning the lottery. Anywhere from a $1 million provincial 649 win to a massive, all-Canadian 6/49 win – it doesn’t matter that much. The fun of considering a tax-free infusion of cash is too much for anyone to ignore. Does winning the lottery REALLY change the winner’s life for the better?  Studies and anecdotal accounts of lottery winners give an answer. Maybe. Winning the lottery doesn’t, by any means, assure happiness. There are definitely people whose livesRead More

New Liberal Government in Canada – What does it Mean to the Gaming Industry?

Last week the Liberal party achieved a significant upset victory in Canada, rising to the position as Canada’s majority party. Big changes are in store for Canada and, as part of the process, I wondered about how the new Liberal party will relate to the gambling industry. The National Liberal Party doesn’t seem, as far as I can see, to have formed any positions regarding gambling laws or expansion in Canada. However, if the experiences individual provinces are any indication, the gambling industry is in for a period of prosperityRead More

Baseball Intangibles

Last time I started talking about the difficulty baseball teams face in evaluating young men who the teams hope will develop into productive major league players.  I spoke about a few late blooming players because Jake Arietta got me thinking in that direction.  The blog moved toward an area that encapsulated everything unmeasurable in the evaluation process.  So I googled “baseball intangibles” and lo and behold if there isn’t already a book on the subject! It made me realize that I was on the right track in my own thinking. Read More

Is Player Evaluation Like a Roll of the Dice?

We’re in the MLB playoffs and I’m encouraged to write about how we evaluate players.  The Cubs have a starting pitcher, Jake Arietta, who has had a sensational year.  His second half of the season may be the most dominant for a pitcher in baseball history.  Yet, Jake Arietta was not considered a number 1 starting pitcher at any time in his career until now.  In fact, the Cubs signed Jon Lester over last winter’s off season to be their number 1 starter.  By now, we all know that LesterRead More

Friday the 13th Gets the Full Game Treatment

Friday the 13th, the film that started the slasher movie craze in the eighties and nineties, hasn’t served as the basis for a video game since 1989. So it’s about time that Jason, the iconic killer with the hockey mask got the full game treatment. And according to Gun Media and Illfonic, the companies that are planning to put the game out, Friday the 13th will get just what it deserves – a game with enough violence and gore to satisfy any slasher fan, young and old. Early samples ofRead More

NBA 2K16 Gets You Ready for the Basketball Season

With the NBA season only weeks away, it’s time to get into a basketball mindset. And there is no better way to feel like you’re a part of the action than to play a wildly-successful simulator game like NBA 2K16, the latest release that deserves a good look from anyone who loves video gaming and loves basketball. The game lets you experience how it feels to be at the center of the action against NBA opponents in a way that is not only fulfilling on a gaming level but alsoRead More

Illegal Casino Gambling in Canada

Gambling is enjoying increasing popularity in Canada. The lottery is healthy in all provinces and new casinos are opening yearly. Just in the last year alone there have been new race tracks and casino venues that have opened including the New Kamloops Casino which opened in Kamloops, BC this past summer and the Elements Casino which is set to open this winter in Surrey, BC. In addition, the Toronto City Council has given its approval for the expansion of the Woodbine Casino in Rexdale ON. Yet even with these new legal gamblingRead More