September, 2015


Lottery Odds and Lottery Pools

Everyone has a different type of relationship with the lottery. Some people just buy a ticket every once in awhile and hope for the best. For them, it’s a lark, though they dream of winning. For others, the lottery is serious business. They purchase multiple tickets on a regular basis and generally make back enough to cover their ticket purchases while they hope to hit the “big one.” Regardless of how you play the lottery, it’s a good idea to maximize your lottery activities. The best way to do thatRead More

Choosing Your Casino Game

North American Casinos There are hundreds of casino venues in North America. The big ones, in Las Vegas, are the best-known because, basically, the whole city – even the whole state of Nevada — is built around the casino industry where gambling entertainment was pioneered in the 1940s. But today there are many other options for casino gambling including large brick-and-mortar casinos, casino cruises, small rural casinos and more.   Each casino tries to draw in visitors by offering the kinds of attractions that they believe that the patrons willRead More

Another Sad Moment in Canadian Men’s Basketball

The Canadian Men’s Olympic Basketball team finished third at the FIBA Americas tournament in Mexico.  That would be considered a fine accomplishment except that finishing first or second would have guaranteed a spot for the team in the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro next August and, most devastatingly, they failed to reach the championship game by losing 79-78 to a Brazilian team that had no chance to win the tournament and should have been fairly easy to defeat. NBA Experience The Brazilian squad has no players from the NBA,Read More

A Never Ending Stream Of Unusual Bingo Themes for Charity

There are so many ways people use our wonderful kids’ game!  Some of these ways raise money for excellent causes as for instance musical bingo to raise money for local hospitals.  Bingo can also be used to simply have fun at the expense of people who are usually protected from being laughed at by normal, everyday people.  Here I mean politicians.  So, we now have Republican Debate Bingo!  I hope the candidates get a chance to see themselves in a more human light instead of in the light of, taRead More

Lots of Excitement at the Edmonton Poker Classic

The Edmonton Poker Classic has concluded with lots of great Canadian poker excitement and lots of great events culminating in the Main Event won by Steven Worr. It all took place at the beautiful Casino Edmonton on Argyll Road. Turbo Time The Edmonton Poker Classic opened with the $165 no-limit hold’em turbo tournament. This is a fast-action tournament played at a turbo-charged pace with speedy 12-minute blinds. One hundred and thirty players participated, and the first-place prize of $4,860 was won by a home-towner, Edmonton native Ron Lauzon. Bounty HuntersRead More

Canadian Billionaire’s Interests in Caribbean Casino Venture

While Canada’s casino industry is growing, some Canadian investors are spreading their sites further in their efforts to become involved in far-flung casinos. The ventures are coming under Canadian legal scrutiny, as evidenced by the activities of billionaire Michael DeGroote. According to recent reports, DeGroote paid $500,000 to a Vito Rizzuto associate during a legal battle over a failed investment in a Caribbean casino venture. In 2013 DeGroote swore under oath that no such payment was ever made. But, investigative reporters discovered that $500,000 was transferred in 2013 to SashaRead More

New Winners!

  The third Albertan to win the $50-million lottery in just over three years collected on his win this week. Raymond Scott, of Fort Kent Alberta, a hamlet of 220 people about 200 miles northeast of Edmonton, is Canada’s newest $50 million LOTTO MAX winner.  Scott purchased the Lotto Max tickets for the August 7th draw. Raymond Scott When Scott first told his wife that he was a winner, she didn’t believe him. Scott doesn’t blame her — he admits that he’s always joked about winning the lottery. So thisRead More

Ontario Lottery

  The Ontario Lottery is the largest of Canada’s provincial lotteries, awarding more than $1.9 billion* in lottery prizes to players during the fiscal 2013-2014 year. The lottery is open to all Ontario residents and visitors aged 18 and over. It offers so many different types of lottery options, including online gaming alternatives, that it draws participants from all Ontario ethnic groups, age populations and educational backgrounds. Statistics show that half or more of the adults in Ontario play lottery or online casino games at least once a month – a quarterRead More

Sports Betting in Canada

  Betting on sports has been legal in Canada since the 1970s, but only those Canadian sites which operate under the auspices of the provincial Gaming Commissions may offer sports betting. These sites include land-based casinos and race tracks, and such gambling venues exist in almost every Canadian province, under the supervision of each province’s designated gaming corporation. Canadian provincial gaming corporations include Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission BC :Lottery Corporation Manitoba Lottery Corporation Atlantic Lottery Corporation (includes gambling activities in New Brunswick, Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island andRead More

Fighting the Monsters With Van Helsing: Final Cut

Some games take you to fantasy worlds with dragons and wizards, while other games take you to a space-age future. And then there are the games that bring to life landscapes of literature, and Van Helsing: Final Cut is just type of game. It animates with great care and creativity the world of the famous vampire hunter from the novel, Dracula. More precisely, it brings you into the world of his son, also known as Van Helsing, who lives in the same 19th century gothic Europe that was the irreplaceableRead More