August, 2015


The Look of Bingo Means a Lot

Bingo is at its core a kids’ game.  I call bingo at bingo centres a birthday party game for adults because that’s exactly what it is.  Just as it’s pure entertainment for kids celebrating a birthday, so is it pure entertainment for adults at a bingo hall if the adults don’t invest too much money and especially if some or all of the proceeds can go to charity. Nevertheless, many of us, myself included, also like to play bingo online.  Last time I began to talk about important things toRead More

Choosing an Online Bingo Site: Things to Consider

I’ve been away for two weeks but now I’m back.  Since I started this blog I’ve spoken almost exclusively about playing bingo at bingo centres.  This was because my overall focus is on charitable bingo.  But, as I said in my first blog, I also enjoy playing bingo online.  It’s convenient and if I want just a few games or just don’t want to get dressed and go out, online bingo is a great alternative way to play. I’m not going to plug any single online bingo sit but IRead More

Hey Carter! There are Other Sports Besides Baseball, Football, and Hockey

Yes, there are indeed and thanks for reminding me.  While I’ve been preoccupied with other sports happenings—the Parapan Games, Major League Baseball especially the Blue Jays, and hockey—other sports have been played in Canada.  So, I will devote this and the next article to the sports that generally don’t make the headlines. Bowling: A Family Game with Tournaments The 45th annual National Classified Bowling Championships took place in June in Toronto.  Bowlers from all over Canada participated in the tournament and Manitoba and Saskatchewan were the big winners. The teamRead More

Where Does Your Lottery Money Go?

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery. The prizes get bigger and better and your chances are as good as they’ve ever been. But let’s be honest….most people don’t win the lottery, and the lottery organizers aren’t in the lottery business to entertain you – they want to make a profit. So it makes sense that there’s a lot of profit to operating a lottery. Where Do the Lottery Revenues Go? Lottery activities in each province are under the auspices of that province’s Lottery and Gaming Commission. These include the OntarioRead More

How to Win At Casinos

  The newspapers are full of stories of card-counters who are expelled and banned from casinos. Casinos, which are notoriously secretive and competitive, actually join forces to identify card counters. They share their information and take great precautions to keep the card counters out of their casino venues since these individuals are able to break the odds and win on a consistent basis. You may have read some books on how to count cards and want to try your hand at it, but with all of the precautions that casinosRead More

Jonathan Sanborn Wins the Summer Super Stack Main Event

Summer Super Stack

Jonathan Sanborn of Edmonton has defeated 278 opponents to win the Main Event of the Summer Super Stack Tournament at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino in Calgary. The victory brought a prize of CA $86,000 to the exhilarated Sanborn. The Summer Super Stack is a tradition at the Deerfoot. It comprises a series of exciting poker tournaments, climaxing in the Main Event. This year’s Main Event drew 278 competitors, each of whom paid a $1,500 buy-in to join the tournament. Prizes were allocated to the top 28 finishers, with aRead More

Where is Online Casino Gambling Headed in Canada?

Almost 20 years ago Internet Casinos Inc. launched the first online casino in Canada. Today, there are an estimated 2000 online gaming websites which offer a wide assortment of gambling opportunities which include casino games, bingo, poker, sports betting and other options. In 1994 Internet Casinos Inc. established the first casino which featured a few basic games of roulette, blackjack and poker. The demand quickly grew and within a few years there were dozens of online casino sites offering everything from lotteries to slot machines. Today there are more thanRead More

Casino at Sea

Casino aficionados who are looking for something a little more exciting than the standard casino fare can join a casino cruise where the focus is on the beauty and excitement of a cruise along which combines with gambling entertainment. The Norwegian Cruise line offers casino cruises which give gamblers a venue with no outside distractions where they can enjoy their casino entertainment in a luxurious environment. Cruise passengers enjoy the same high quality cuisine, the same shipboard activities and the same ports of call that other cruises provide, but theRead More

Gaining Confidence by Losing Two of Three Games

When the Blue Jays traveled to New York for the first of two weekend series with the Yankees, they were riding a winning streak born in the euphoria of the trading deadline moves that brought Troy Tulowitzki, David Price, LaTroy Hawkins, Ben Revere, and Mark Lowe to the Jays.  The Jays surprised everyone by sweeping the Yanks and followed with a three-game sweep of the A’s setting up the second weekend series with the Yanks. A Sudden Change from Ignored to Swamped with Attention I wanted to see how theRead More

From Rags to Riches

Indeed, the turnaround in Toronto has been truly amazing.  A few weeks ago I spoke about the Toronto Blue Jays who at that time were in the midst of an eleven game winning streak.  The gist of my article was that while the Jays have a potent offence, the best in baseball, their pitching was highly suspect.  At that time, their starters were a combination of older players who were never big stars but who had experienced some success at the major league level and young pitchers with little orRead More