June, 2015


A Challenge and an Opportunity

I was going to write about my dream that the NHL would adopt the international rink size.  That discussion will have to wait because I just came across a survey done last February that indicates both challenges ahead for the CFL and a golden opportunity for the league. Followers of my blog on gamingpost.ca will recall that I prefer the CFL over the NFL because of the different rules and the larger field both of which make the CFL more exciting than the NFL even if CFL players generally areRead More

Club Regent Casino to Expand

  Winnipeg’s premier casino, the Club Regent, is set to expand, following the successful opening of its new Event Centre. The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries commission has begun to plan even further expansion of the casino, drawing up plans for two new restaurants and a boutique hotel. The next stage of the expansion calls for 100 to 150 guest rooms in the hotel as well as up to 250 seats in two new privately-owned restaurants. The expansion is set to be built on the west side of the casino andRead More

Insider wins jump at Atlantic Lottery for big prizes

The Atlantic Lottery is under pressure to explain a recent jump in insider wins. The Atlantic Lottery offers lottery games on behalf of the governments of Canada’s four Atlantic provinces — Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland/Labrador and Prince Edward Island. Over the years, the Atlantic Lottery has grown significantly. From its beginning 1976 it has expanded. Today the ALC offers a wide range of games through its lottery distribution points – everything from Lotto, Lotto Max, bingo and other draw games to break-open tickets to sports wagering; social media games andRead More

Torontonian Sam Greenwood Wins WSOP Event

Toronto native Sam Greenwood has become the first Canadian to win a Gold Bracelet in the 2015 World Series of Poker. He did it with a spectacular win in Event #22 of the 2015 WSOP, the No-Limit Hold’em Tournament at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Along with the bracelet, Sam won the first-place tournament prize of USD $318,977. Day One: Two Thousand Poker Players The three-day poker tournament started on Tuesday with 1,915 serious poker players who had each paid the $1,000 buy-in and received 5,000 inRead More

Possible Woodbine Track Expansion in Toronto

The Toronto City Council is poised to reconsider the expansion of Woodbine Track, located in northwest Toronto, to bring jobs and investment to the area. Woodbine Track Expansion Following the Toronto City Council’s refusal to allow a new casino to be built in Toronto, the question of whether to allow expanded gaming at the Woodbine racetrack is set to be reintroduced to the municipal lawmakers. Members of the City Council were united in their agreement that Toronto did not need or want a new downtown casino, but many councilors seemRead More

Anonymity for Canadian Lottery Winners?

A Dream Come True Almost everyone dreams of winning the lottery. It’s a fantasy of paying off debts, indulging in some luxuries, helping out family and, basically getting a break from today’s ever-present financial worries. In Canada, some Canadian lottery winners are debating whether it’s worthwhile to collect. The Canadian lottery rules state that an individual must identify him/herself in order to collect the prize and, for some people, that’s more of a burden than they can tolerate. – Try Keno, the online lottery game – Visit All Slots CasinoRead More

The Star Wars Game Fans Dream of Playing

The latest incarnation of the Star Wars series is going to break the box office – if not the entire Internet – before the end of the year. But gamers who love the series can get a taste of the action ahead of time with Star Wars: Battlefront, a massive multiplayer adventure that puts players into battle scenes right out of the movie. And they don’t have to wait for the movie’s release to start playing. Star Wars: Battlefront will be available more than a month before the film, justRead More

I Like Bingo Just Because

Last week I wrote a somewhat heavy piece about charitable gaming, as good a cause as there is in gaming.  This week I would like to be a bit lighter.  So, let me attempt to answer the burning question: Why, Susan, do you like bingo so much? I Have No Beef with the Incredible Hulks I appreciate superior athletic skill.  But the only fast breaks in bingo are to the bathroom after a long game.  In any case, I think that athletics have become far too competitive.  The most competitiveRead More

CFL is More Fun to Watch than the NFL

The Canadian Football League season is about to start so it’s time I rehash the many reasons why I prefer Canadian football over American football.  First, let me discuss one reason that is often cited for preferring the CFL that I don’t ascribe to. Class Warfare Comes to Pro Football Some CFL fans hate the NFL because the minimum salary is far higher than the highest salary in the CFL.  Class antagonism never gets me going.  The NFL has more fans, more teams, a big television contract, and more eliteRead More

Revitalized Charitable Gaming will Provide Millions for Hundreds of Organizations

I love to play bingo online as do so many thousands of other people.  I also love playing bingo in a bingo centre, with the sounds of bingo numbers being called out by a real person and the moans, groans, and happy shout-outs by real flesh and blood players in my ears.  Playing bingo online is nothing like playing endless slots or other casino games.  They have their place but they’re not for me.   Playing bingo in a bingo centre is also nothing like playing at a land casino.  NoRead More