May, 2015


Canada’s Five Biggest Top Casino Venues

Canada’s casino industry continues to grow, with more online and live Canada casino sites opening every year. In Canada, the individual provincial governments determine gambling possibilities for their province. Nine of Canada’s 13 provinces now offer supervised gaming alternatives for their citizens. Dozens of land-based casinos are available for Canadian gamers. These casinos range from large, luxury casinos which are located in and near large Canadian cities to small rural casinos which serve local populations, casinos which cater to tourist needs and expectations and others. Thanks to Canada’s liberal gamblingRead More

Seven Seconds Separates Player from Part in $27M Lottery Jackpot

In January of this year the Supreme Court of Canada notified a Quebec man that the court would not agree to hear his appeal against the Canadian 6/49 Lottery. The case involved the 2008 purchase of a lottery ticket that displayed the week’s winning numbers. The ticket had been disqualified because it was printed seven seconds after the cut-off time.   Joel Ifergan, the ticket’s owner, battled for seven years against the Canada Jackpot. In May of 2008 Ifergan visited a local convenience store just before 9:00pm and bought ticketsRead More

Rural Canadian Casinos

Gambling in Canada is governed by provincial governments. Each province has its own Gaming and Lotteries Commission (sometimes a Gaming and Liquor Commission) which oversee all gaming activities in its respective province.  Canada is relatively liberal in its gambling policies. A Canadian Lotto operates a nationwide lottery and the country’s brick-and-mortar and online casinos operate freely. In recent years, Canada has encouraged some First Nations to pursue the establishment and operation of Canadian Casinos within their communities. The introduction of on-reserve gambling is viewed as an important opportunity that canRead More

Tips for Winning the Canadian Lotto

Lotto 6/49 has been operating in Canada for over 30 years, offering thousands of payouts every week that range from $50 to, for lucky jackpot winners, wins totaling millions of dollars. Players choose their own numbers in the Lotto 6/49 with the winning numbers are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday. The price of a ticket is $3 per line and any player who matches two numbers is awarded a free ticket for the next draw. There’s a guaranteed $1 million raffle prize which is paid out during each draw. TheRead More

Different Game Options at Atlantic Canada Lotto

The Canadian National Lotto offers a wide variety of different game options at Atlantic Canada Lotto. Lotto Atlantic operates lottery games in the Canadian provinces which are located along the Atlantic seaboard. The Atlantic Lotto of Canada is owned jointly by the New Brunswick provincial government, the provincial government of Prince Edward island, the Nova Scotia provincial government and the provincial governments of Newfoundland and Labrador. Together, these provinces facilitate the Atlantic lottery whose profits are divided into the provinces’ general funds for public service programs and projects. Players willRead More

Montreal Casino

Gambling at a brick-and-mortar casino in Quebec’s largest city has not always been something that locals could take for granted. Today, tourists and locals enjoy high-quality casino entertainment right in the heart of Montreal.   The Montreal Casino is an iconic landmark, drawing both tourists and native Québécois. Whereas, before the establishment of the Montreal Casino, Quebec had been faced with a loss of capital as residents traveled south to gamble in Atlantic City, there is, today, a revival of city life for residents and visitors alike who can gambleRead More

Toronto Raptors: Underdogs No One Wants to Play

It is an understatement to say that the Toronto Raptors are reeling.  They are not quite yet in a free-fall situation but that situation is fast approaching.  The Raptors great early-season start, when their record stood at 24-7 on December 28, has been brought into stark question by three long stretches in which they were either great or bottom feeders.   From December 30th until January 21st the Raptors went 3-8.  Then they seemed to shake out of their funk and won six straight games and ten of twelve overall.  ButRead More

Canadian Women and Men Compete in World Curling Championships

The World Women’s Curling championship ended last week with Switzerland defeating Canada 5-3 in the finals.  The Canadian women’s showing was nevertheless stunning.  The near-miss merely demonstrates how difficult it is to reach the ultimate pinnacle in any sport when competing on a world stage. The Canadian women lost only three matches in the tournament but all three losses were to Switzerland! One Great Shot Begins Canadian Comeback The finals was a tight game in which Switzerland took an early 4-0 lead but couldn’t add points.  The Canadian women wereRead More

This Year May be the Year the Jays Return to the Playoffs

The Toronto Blue Jays opened their 2015 season last week and already, after only five games, we can see a pattern emerging.  The Blue Jays will score runs.  They could lead the American League in runs scored.  They will continue to have a questionable pitching staff, both starters and bullpen.  But, given the general weakness of the American League East, the Blue Jays have a reasonable chance to win the division and make it back to the post-season for the first time since their World Series repeat in 1993. OffenceRead More

The Hockey Second Season has Started

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are a 28-game marathon. With no back-to-back games, the Finals usually take place in June. So from here, the middle of April it might seem a bit premature to predict the outcome of the playoffs. So I won’t make any predictions. But I will ask the question on everyone’s mind: How do our Canadian teams stack up going into the playoffs? The Eastern Conference In the East, Montreal and Ottawa are the only Canadian teams, thanks to the season-long collapse of the Maple Leafs. If CanadaRead More